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Issue No. 35 - 1 November 2010
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In Memoriam: Watts Humphrey
Future of Software Engineering Symposium
Cutter Summit 2010
Peer-to-Patent Relaunch
SC '10 Exhibit Hall Passes
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In Memoriam: Watts Humphrey, Software Quality Champion and Inventor of the CMM

Watts Humphrey died on October 28 at age 83. He is famous for having almost single-handedly revolutionized how we think about software quality, in particular through his work at Carnegie-Mellon's Software Engineering Institure (SEI) that led to the universally recognized Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

For a more complete biography of Watts Humphrey, see his obituary on the Carnegie-Mellon Universite Web site.

Reminder: FOSE Symposium in Zurich

The Future of Software Engineering (FOSE) Symposium will take place in Zurich on Nov. 22-23, involving again some of the great thinkers in this field, such as David Parnas and Niklaus Wirth (who invented the Pascal language).

Cutter Consortium Summit 2010
The Cutter Summit took place on October 25-27 in Cambridge, Mass. As usual, it was a high-quality event attended by 100+ people from varied backgrounds. In a forthcoming issue, we will offer some highlights from the keynotes, panel discussions and workshops. For a quick summary, see Claude Baudoin's tweets.
Peer-to-Patent Relaunch
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced on Oct. 11 that its popular Peer-to-Patent program, a community effort to identify "prior art" that patent examiners could oppose to patent applications, is going to be relaunched.

Many corporate lawyers are weary of letting employees participate, fearing that a company whose patent application is denied could sue unfavorable reviewers and their employers. However, subject matter experts have generally been quite willing to participate. Many agree with the USPTO that they can contribute to a system that will favor better patents and prevent frivolous ones from being approved by examiners who lack key knowledge of the concerned technologies.
SC '10 Exhibit Hall Passes
The SuperComputing 2010 conference will be held in New Orleans on Nov. 15-18. ATEJI, suppliers of the Ateji PX Java language extension for parallel and multicore programming, and of the OptimJ extension for optimization problem solving in Java, may still have exhibit hall passes for readers of The KIT on a first-come, first-served basis.

Of course, you may want to attend the whole conference, but if you work in Houston and would like to drive or fly over for the day, this is a great opportunity to find out what's new in the world of high performance computing. Claude Baudoin will be helping the ATEJI people at their booth in the "disruptive technologies" showcase area.
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"Changing the world of anything is an outrageous personal commitment. I knew I couldn't do it alone, and I wanted to be in an environment where I could work with folks and do that."
- Watts Humphrey,
software quality pioneer at the SEI and inventor of the Capability Maturity Model, who died on Oct. 28, in an early 2010 interview, talking about his 1986 decision to leave IBM and join the SEI