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Issue No. 38 - 15 December 2010
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Cutter Predicts
Not Enough EA Frameworks Yet?
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Cutter Predicts
We're at it again. Urged on by our "blogmistress" Anne Mullaney, the Cutter consultants are going out on their annual limbs to give their forecasts for 2011 and beyond.
Once you pass the first hurdle, which is to discover that the path to the forecasts is to click on the title above the gray date bar (under "Contact Us"), you will find a growing list starting with:
  • Integrated Collaboration... Finally? by Claude Baudoin
  • In my Crystall Ball I See..., 7 predictions by Mike Sisco
  • A Surge in Demand for Mobile Apps -- and Developers, by Catherine Szpindor
  • Even Less Distinction between Work and Personal Time, by Carl Pritchard
  • A Move Toward Value Innovation, by Masa K. Maeda
  • Greater Agile Adoption for 2011, by Gil Broza
  • Cloud Computing Will Transform Business Applications, by Jeffrey M. Kaplan
  • Mobile Devices Will Become the Primary Web-Access Devices, by Robert Scott
  • Development Environments for Specific Architectural Styles, by Oliver Sims
  • It's the Tipping Point for Semantic Web Linked Open Data! by Mitchell Ummel

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Are You in the DZone?
DZone ( is, according to PC Magazine, "a technology publishing company that produces valuable content for software architects and developers worldwide." It publishes news, articles, video interviews, tutorials, reviews, and announcements in seven "zones" or topical areas: .Net, Java, servers, architecture, Agile, SOA, Web building.
From the Department of Frivolous Patents
Thanks to Peer-to-Patent, we discovered a recent application for "sets of systems and tools that drive complex enterprise execution logic top to bottom, end to end and site to site through the discrete execution and control of ten levels of mission-critical enterprise structure." Enterprise Architecture frameworks have been multiplying since Zachman's seminal paper defining EA in IBM Systems Journal in... 1987. New perspectives may be useful, but they hardly meet the "novel and non-obvious" criteria for a patent. Otherwise, patents could issue for n-level architectures, with n=1, 2, 3, ... ad infinitum.
Seen Recently...
"The first thing we need to understand about the Zachman Framework is that it isn't a framework [... It] is actually a taxonomy for organizing architectural artifacts (i.e., design documenta, specification, models) that takes into account both who the artifact targets (e.g., business owner, builder) [are] and what particular issue (e.g., data, functionality) is being addressed."
-- Roger Sessions, "Comparison of the Top Four
Enterprise Architecture Methodologies," May 2007

"You have reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
("La perfection est atteinte non quand il ne reste rien � ajouter, mais quand il ne reste rien � enlever")
-- Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry