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Issue No. 39 - 3 January 2011
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Happy New Year
Agile Succession
IT Transformation
Free UML 2 Online Training
TOOLS 2001 and LASER 2011
Simon Wardley on Innovation and the Cloud
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Happy New Year!
Thank you for being a faithful reader in 2010! I'll try to keep bringing you another 26 issues mixing news, reports, useful links, and some whimsical remarks throughout 2011. Don't hesitate to send  back your comments or suggestions.
Agile Succession
Jim Highsmith, widely considered one of the thought leaders of the Agile movement, has moved to IT consulting firm ThoughtWorks, where he joins another well-known methodologist, Martin Fowler.
Dr. Israel Gat, who led the agile transformation of BMC Software and specializes in "technical debt," lean and agile methods, and applying Kanban to IT, will become Director of the Agile Product and Project Management Practice at the Cutter Consortium.
Cutter Consortium Webinar
Cutter Senior Consultant Bill Ulrich (who also co-chairs the OMG's Business Architecture Special Interest Group) will give a live webinar on January 13 at noon, Eastern U.S. Time, on "An Executive Guide to Information Systems Transformation." He will present practical approaches to business-driven, IT architecture transformation using real world case studies and examples.
For more information and to register, click here.
Free UML 2 Online Training
No Magic announced recently that it is offering a free online UML 2 overview course. The course takes an estimated total 24 hours, and the participants will have access to the training materials for 90 days. For more information and to register, click here.
A European Software Summer
Start the summer in beautiful Zurich, a thriving business capital that has also become a technology center? Or finish it in idyllic Elba Island off the coast of Tuscany, from which, contrary to Napoleon, you will never want to escape? Ah, choices, choices...
TOOLS Europe 2011 takes place in Zurich on June 28-30. Over the years, it has become a set of associated conferences, workshops and user groups run in parallel, including the International Conference on Tests and Proofs (TAP), the International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT) and the International Conference on Software Composition (SC2011). Papers to TOOLS 2011 can be submitted until Jan. 28.
LASER 2011 takes place in Elba on Sep. 4-10, and will be devoted to software verification tools. Registration is open until April 1 and the number of attendees is strictly limited to ensure an interactive and in-depth discussion between the participants and the expert leaders.
Simon Wardley Explains Innovation, Lifecycles, Cloud... and is funny
Thanks to a Twitter post by Ed Seymour, I discovered this funny and fast-paced (30 minutes) YouTube video from the 2010 Open Source Convention (OSCON), entitled "Situation Normal... Everything Must Change," in which Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum and CSC) explains how innovation and commoditization cycles occur, and how they apply to Cloud Computing in particular and services in general.
Seen Recently...
"Twitter will release yet another revamped user interface in 2011. Users will complain about it for a few weeks before they get used to it. [...] Google will continue to try to figure out the social media marketplace by releasing Google Me in the first half of 2011. There will be much fanfare and excitement from the tech media pundits and the public will once again be puzzled while they try to figure out what it's good for."
-- Dave Higgins, Senior Consultant at the Cutter Consortium,
in Cutter's "Predicting the Year Ahead"