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Issue No. 4 - 15 July 2009
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Connections Exhibit at MIT Museum
New and Improved... Who Says?
Powerpoint Souffle Delite
Misery Loves Company (Sharepoint Governance)
PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition
Yes, "Retweet" is a Verb
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Hello... I hope summer allows you to slow down a little bit, catch up on your reading and reflect on our world, and get ready for, we all hope, some good signs of recovery in the near future.  Enjoy!
-- Claude Baudoin

P.S. Yes, I know, you all want me to have a real Web site and a "real" professional email address. I've hired Zenplicity Design to do all this for me. I like their crisp and elegant designs, and hope to have the site ready, or almost complete, by the end of July.
"Connections" Exhibit at MIT Museum
Don't miss the Connections exhibit, running at the MIT Museum (265 Mass. Ave., Cambridge) until Sept. 13. It features the work of Judith Donath and her students in the Sociable Media Group of the MIT Media Lab. Their "art installations and research projects challenge visitors to think about the rapidly changing world of social interaction and the ramifications for the future. Avatar chairs, data portraits and an immersive information cityscape are just some of the exciting aspects of this new exhibition."
New and Improved... Who Says?
Read my post on the Cutter blog in which I rant about people who change a design with no apparent consultation of the users.  I also manage to take a dig at people who create a custom social network instead of creating a group using one of the mainstream sites. But seriously, I propose some lessons from this. Feel free to respond on the blog site itself, or to me privately.
Powerpoint Soufflé Delite
"Fold whipped mixture into first bowl until informative content is no longer discernible": that's only one of the tongue-in-cheek steps in the Cutter Consortium article, or should I say recipe, written by Bill Robertson of Schlumberger.  Many have complained about the importance given to the tool's artifacts over the content of most presentations, but few have done it with as much humor.
Misery Loves Company
From the home page  of "If you're here, SharePoint growing pains may already be felt in your organization. With unprecedented popularity and use, many around the world are left asking "How do we effectively manage our SharePoint environments?" has been created to answer that question."
PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition
The Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK), Fourth Edition is now available on Books24x7, which means you can get it for free if your organization is a subscriber (e.g., Schlumberger) or if you are a member of the ACM.
Yes, "Retweet" is a Verb
Brenda Michelson (ElementalLinks, SOA Consortium) is very active on Twitter, and because she frequently "retweets" her preferred posts from other gurus, in addition to providing her own opinions, she has almost become a one-stop shop on Business-IT alignement, enterprise architecture, and SOA.  Follow her here.
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