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Issue No. 46 - 15 Apr 2011
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OMG Meeting Highlights
Deloitte Goes Social
EA Skills Framework
Privacy and Data Mining
ConstantContact 2010 "All Star" Award
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OMG Meeting Highlights
The first of this year's four regular technical meetings of the Object Management Group (OMG) was held in Arlington, Va., March 21-25. Lots of things happen at OMG meetings, but some key discussions revolved around:
  • Simplifying or at least improving the consistency of the modeling notations that have been proliferating. Government stakeholders want the ability to model processes within their UML tool of choice, instead of having to switch to a different tool to model processes with BPMN. Others want to retire the "mess" of profiles and metamodels added to version 2 of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and replace them with a sounder way to extend UML.
  • A group of software engineering thought leaders propose to create a structure and language to allow methodologists and practitioners to assemble a method from a modular set of practices. So far, this "Essentials of Software Engineering" (EssenSE) approach has generated more heat than light, but the June meeting in Salt Lake City could result in the issuance of a Request for Proposals.
Deloitte Goes Social... Mate!
Deloitte Australia has issued a very compelling report (both in terms of substance and an appealing format, unusual for a white paper) on the social media projects they conducted in 2010. In the authors' own words, they "have sculpted a cohesive message about Deloitte Australia's use of social media that is resonating around the world." Their use of social media has ranged from the use of Twitter in recruiting, to the creation of a Fantasy Football League for their clients during the World Cup, to internal Yammer groups.

(via Pete Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital, @rexster on Twitter)
Enterprise Architecture Skills Framework
The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a very large document -- about 700 pages -- but you can find in it many useful ideas, including reasonably short sections that can be used by themselves. Such is the case of Chapter 52 in Part VII, "Architecture Skills Framework." It lists about 75 individual skills, 9 distinct roles, 4 skill levels (background, awareness, knowledge, expert) and gives matrices mapping the roles to the skills they should possess at which level.
(alerted to this by a tweet from Stuart Macgregor, @RealiRM)
Privacy and Data Mining
Readers of TIME Magazine usually skip over the narcissistic columns of writer Joel Stein, but in this March 10 column, "Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You," Stein actually went serious on us and wrote a solid piece of research, well worth a read, on how companies track what we do on the Internet, how they sell it and for how much, what concerns are legitimate vs. paranoid, what you can do about it, and the limits of the measures you can take.
ConstantContact 2010 "All Star" Award
As you may have noticed, this newsletter uses ConstantContact, a cloud-based marketing solution. c�b� is one of the organizations that received the 2010 "All Star" award for its regular use of the system, and for such metrics as the low number of bounces and opt-outs.
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"OK, one last time: it's not what enterprise architecture IS that matters, it's what enterprise architecture DOES."
-- Brenda Michelson, ElementalLinks, via Twitter (@bmichelson)

... and Written Recently:

"People who have a clear idea say it once to convince others. Those who have an unclear idea repeat it three times to convince themselves."
-- Claude Baudoin on Twitter, after reviewing some article drafts