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Issue No. 57 - 3 October 2011
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Reader Feedback: Google+ and Dart
The last issue of The KIT was skeptical about Google's new language, Dart. Under the title "Are You Serious This Time?" we referred to other Google efforts, including "Google+, whose trajectory from hype to fizzle may be one of the shortest in history."
Ewan Makepeace, who is (or should be) famous among Schlumberger readers as the pioneer who created a social network for current and past employees of the company almost ten years ago, before most of us knew what "social networking" meant, responded:

"I disagree on Google+ I believe it is poised to displace Facebook and be the dominant platform on the Internet. They stopped accepting new members after about 2 months, with a membership already over 20 million, a new record for adoption rates. My own application has been pending since then. So -- they are refining their service and will launch properly when they are ready, but in the meantime all the evidence points to this being a huge success. Of course time will tell."

On Dart, however, Ewan is skeptical too:

"No matter how good Dart is, it stands no chance of displacing Javascript. Unlike Go which can be adopted on a server by server basis with full control, scripts embedded in web pages need to work on all browsers including legacy platforms."

ACM Enterprise Architecture TechPack
All ACM members now have access to the latest "TechPack," an annotated collection of documents, from ACM or from other sources, on Enterprise Architecture. The collection is divided into sections:
  • Foundational concepts
  • Organizational alignment and EA
  • The EA "stack"
  • Planning for EA
  • The EA governance process
  • EA change management
  • Building and maintaining EA
  • Leadership, decision making and team formation for EA
  • EA success factors / Value and risk analysis for EA
  • Comparative analysis of popular EA frameworks and methodologies
  • EA book sources

Each section in turn contains 5 to 8 reports or papers (except the last section, which has entries for 34 books).  


The New York Times of Aug. 31 had an article about WickedStart, an organization founded by Bryan Janeczko to provide advice on how to start up a company, and about BizTree, a repository of templates for business documents. While WickedStart also provides templates, it focuses more on giving step-by-step process guidance than on the documents.

The "Cloud rEvolution" and Adaptive Case Management
Peter Fingar, an expert and author on business strategy and BPM, has created a very compelling video (made up of narrated slides) that weaves together the concepts of adaptive case management, open innovation, and the cloud. The 22-min. video is on YouTube.
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"At first, working with taxonomies seems as exciting as watching paint dry. But the fact is that a good taxonomy is valuable and easy to sell."

-- Anna Mar, Simplicable