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Issue No. 60 - 15 November 2011
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Capturing Tacit Knowledge
Security and Privacy Issues
Sharepoint Blues
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Capturing Tacit Knowledge
This presentation by Gary Cairns, of Corporate Risk Associates, for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is entitled "Concept of Prioritization of Tacit Knowledge," but it is mostly focused on the techniques that can be used to externalize tacit knowledge, including interviews but also concept mapping, taxonomy building, and others.

As a reminder, c�b� IT & Knowledge Management offers knowledge capture services in partnership with iCap Leverage.
A Tour of Security and Privacy Issues
The latest issue of Vince Polley's Miscellaneous IT-Related Legal News (MIRLN, pronounced "Merlin") contains as usual a number of interesting items about:
  • the use of social networking information by law enforcement and judges
  • privacy issues (including how authorities use systems that act as fake cell phone towers to intercept mobile phone traffic) 
  • cloud services security 

Computer science students at Lafayette College (located in Easton, Pennsylvania) have developed an application, initially for the Android operating system (but they have plans to also put it on an iPad) that allows geologists to combine field notes and photos or videos taken during field trips, automatically recording the location using a GPS receiver. Geology students testing the app estimated that the time required each night to complete their data entry was cut from two hours to 15 minutes.

Sharepoint Blues
Between a discussion thread on an inter-enterprise Yammer group on collaboration, and other "vibes" from clients, here are some of the current concerns about Sharepoint deployments:
  • Most companies allocate too few resources to Sharepoint governance and standards. As a result, governance is very light by necessity. 
  • Sites tend to proliferate with very little unity in their design, and often duplicate or overlap with each other, which is very confusing to end users. 
  • Many of these sites die very quickly, but there is often no "garbage collection" to remove them.
  • Training classes for site owners and content editors are key, but getting people to attend them is hard.
  • Migration from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 is much harder than Microsoft would like you to believe, unless you use some good third-party tools.

These observations are in line with "Sharepoint exposes a lack of information management commitment," the result of a poll at a very recent Sharepoint Symposium. With these friends of Sharepoint calling it "complex," "clunky," "misrepresented," and "a bottomless pit," who needs enemies? Alan Pelz-Sharpe's remarks imply that while Sharepoint may have been oversold by you-know-who, the failure to do sufficient process analysis and information architecture lies with the adopting organizations' management. 

Seen Recently...

"Cisco surveyed 2,800 college students and recently employed graduates and discovered that two thirds will actively enquire about a firm's social media policies during a job interview, with some 56% refusing to work at a company that bans social media."

-- Shea Bennett, Infographic (tweeted by @davepeck)

based on Cisco's Connected World Technology Report