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Issue No. 63 - 2 January 2012
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Happy New Year!
Discussion on E-Mail
reCAPTCHA and duolingo
Concurrent Programming Seminar
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Happy New Year!
c�b� IT & Knowledge Management wishes the readers of the KIT continued personal and professional success. Let us know how we can better bring you the information you need in this new year.
A Discussion on E-Mail Eradication
Following the article in No. 62 about the ATOS CEO's intent to move internal communication away from e-mail, St�phane Dumothier sent some pertinent comments, which we discuss here.

SD: "Wouldn't it be great to regroup directories, profiles, instant messaging, employee communications, etc., functions onto a single Corporate Social Platform?"

c�b�: Search for "Cisco Quad." They don't seem to be getting much traction, but that's definitely their concept. The product may be ahead of the corporate awareness of exactly the need you express.


SD: E-mail usage has changed over time. It was/is a fantastic communication vector, but has now became merely a digital tracking record tool. E-mail is mostly used these days to cover one's track. 

c�b�: E-mail is significantly (but in a very perverted way) used as a workflow management system. People route documents for approval that way. Instead, an organization should have a real WfM system, which would provide better traceability, accountability, notification of status change, reminders, storage of process documents, etc.


SD: It would be interesting to measure the ratio between e-mail, posts , IM and tweets posted in a day and look at metrics. 

c�b�: It would also be useful to study some people's e-mail flow, and count how many messages fall in different categories: meeting coordination, newsletters, acknowledgments of a previous message, spam, genuine knowledge exchange (questions and answers), CC to bosses to protect yourself, etc. Then a company could decide what changes in communication practices and tools make sense. 

Massive Knowledge Crowdsourcing
In his TED talk, Carnegie-Mellon professor Luis von Ahn talks about getting Internet users to contribute time to the digitization of books (the reCAPTCHA project) and to the translation of Web pages (the duolingo project) -- without spending any additional time over what they're already doing! Every time you see a CAPTCHA (one of these annoying online verifications that you are a human, consisting of squiggly words you have to type into a box) that consists of two separate words, you are helping digitize a book. Learn how by watching this fast-paced, fascinating 20-minute video.
(Thanks to Thomas Fischer for spotting this)
Coming Soon Near You... Bertrand Meyer's Concurrent Programming Seminar

The "end of Moore's law as we know it" (flattening of the clock speed curve) means that further increases in performance require the use of multi-core architectures. This one-day course presents the state of the art in concurrency and parallel programming, including:

  • Challenges and applications of concurrency
  • Main approaches to concurrent programming
  • Reasoning about concurrent programs with formal approaches
  • Concurrency and object-orientation
  • The SCOOP model
  • New concurrent languages

The course will be given in the following cities from 8:30 to 17:30:

  • Palo Alto, Calif., USA (February 15)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (March 2)
  • London, UK (March 22)
  • Paris, France (May 10)
  • Munich, Germany (May 31)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (July 18)
Visit the conference page for more information and registration.
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"Authenticity is not a paragraph in a business plan. It is crucial to the success of the enterprise."

-- Guillaume Semp�, freelance systems dude (@gsempe)


"One of the biggest networking mistakes? Being selfish. Give before you get and you'll be rewarded down the line."

-- WickedStart's Bryan Janeczko (@WickedStart)

based on Jeff Haden's "Top 5 Most Common Networking Mistakes