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Issue No. 69 - 2 April 2012
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Intelligent Energy 2012
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About This Issue
This issue of the KIT draws from a single event, the Intelligent Energy conference held last week in Holland. There is a practical reason: the event took so much time to prepare and execute that the editing of the KIT suffered. In addition, the event addressed issues of collaboration, communication and knowledge management that transcend the boundaries of the energy industry. So we hope you'll enjoy the points below; a more varied KIT will resume with the next issue.
Intelligent Energy 2012

c�b�, IO-Hub and Kiron Consulting partnered to help the co-chairs of the Society of Petroleum Engineers' (SPE) Intelligent Energy 2012 conference, held in Utrecht (Netherlands) on March 27-29, increase the level of interaction and the use of multimedia technologies.


Instead of a "Death by Powerpoint" opening, co-chairs Derek Mathieson (Baker Hughes) and Edwin Verdonk (Shell) introduced a newscast from the year 2020 about a revolutionary discovery in how to produce energy from an oilfield. The audience then watched clips of today's experts, commenting on the technological, social and economic implications of changes in oil/gas supply and demand.


While the rest of the event reverted to the tradition of slide-based presentations, we kept demonstrating new ways to capture and share knowledge. A team of 8 "student reporters" from the Technical University of Delft roamed the hallways armed with Flip cameras and recorded thoughts from the attendees. These were replayed a few hours later at our "Vision 2020" booth, as well as during the closing session.


Finally, we created a free online community (which you can still join) in collaboration with Igloo Software. The discussion posts and the video clips can be found there. We expect to maintain this site to keep the momentum going through successive events (Digital Energy 2013 near Houston in March, Intelligent Energy 2013 in Bahrain in October, and beyond).


Intelligent Energy is not just about real-time data acquisition and modeling software, it is also about knowledge management. We hope the work we did opened some eyes about non-traditional way to foster interaction and knowledge sharing.  

Seen Recently...

"Culture change takes engaged leadership. We have lots of managers, many fewer leaders."

-- Mike Hauser, Chevron


"Knowledge bases aren't merely Web sites you visit after you finish your normal job; knowledge sharing tools should be integrated into the applications we already use."

-- Trevor Hicks, Baker Hughes


"Communities of practice using modern collaboration tools have led to substantial cost savings and improvements in production efficiency"

-- Reid Smith, Marathon Oil


"In the future, they key intellectual property [in the Oil & Gas industry] will not be IP about technology, but IP abour processes."

-- A panelist at Intelligent Energy 2012