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Issue No. 7 - 1 September 2009
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Agile Project Management v2
Emotional Quotient at Work
Mark Your Geek Calendars
A Touch of Class
Maps in the Cloud
ACM CareerNews
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I hope you're rested and ready to slog through what may be a long, slow recovery. It will be interesting to watch how companies decide to staff back up as activity resumes. The recession could induce a step function in the transition from the traditional model of full-time employment to a generalization of the "contingent workforce" model. I guess my own perspective on this changed dramatically last May when I became... contingent!
-- Claude Baudoin
And We'll Be Right Back After This...
Time for a commercial break: iCapLeverage helped me create this " infomercial" about cébé IT & Knowledge Management.
Agile Project Management v2
Jim Highsmith, the highly respected advocate of  agile project management and software development, published in July the second edition of his book Agile Project Management, including several revisions and three new chapters.  Details here.
Emotional Quotient at Work
We all know that what happens on a project or in a team is not all rational: our personalities affect our outcomes. Gail Sussman Miller has made this the core of her consulting services. She helps people who are typically not "people persons" boost their "emotional intelligence" so they can collaborate better, reduce conflict, and be more productive. She wrote an ebook on the topic and delivers a training program on it to corporations.
Mark Your Geek Calendars
Conferences in the south of Spain might not be very popular right now, but we can hope that a recovering economy, combined with the need to stay informed on the latest developments, will allow software experts to attend these events, collocated in Málaga, Spain, on June 28 to July 2, 2010:
  • TOOLS Europe 2010 (originally meaning "Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems")
  • ICMT (International Conference on Model Transformation)
  • TAP (Tests and Proofs)
Claude Baudoin has been on the Program Committee of TOOLS for several years and can provide more information and past notes.
A Touch of Class
Bertrand Meyer, inventor of the Eiffel programming language, developer of the concept of "contract programming," and Professor at ETH in Zurich, has just published "Touch of Class: An Introduction to Programming Well Using Objects and Contracts." The richly illustrated book is derived from six years of teaching introductory programming at ETH.  Click here for more details.
Maps in the Cloud
MapAList is a free service that creates a custom Google map from a list of addresses contained in a Google Docs spreadsheet. It's pretty clever at "geotagging" addresses entered in fairly free format in the spreadsheet. You can use it to map your friends, your clients, places you have been, etc.
IT Career News from ACM
Published biweekly, ACM CareerNews provides summaries of articles on career-related topics of interest to students and professionals in the computing field.
Seen Recently...
"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge."
-- Daniel Boorstin, historian
The cébé Web site is now live, including flyers on several of the services we offer (more will be added later). Your feedback will be appreciated, and you're welcome to send the URL to your friends and colleagues!