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Issue No. 8 - 16 September 2009
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The Art of Software Architecture
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My ever-alert readers have already noticed that the date on this issue is Sept. 16, not 15. Why? To allow me to include the winners of the 2009 SOA Case Study contest, revealed today during the SOA Consortium meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

In other news, I started with a list of 497 subscribers on June 1, and this has now grown to over 620.
-- Claude Baudoin
And the Winners Are...
The SOA Consortium's 2009 Case Study Contest is over, and the winners are Cisco, BlueStar Energy Services, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, and the F inancial Industry Regulatory Authority.  More details will be available very soon on the SOA Consortium site, or contact Claude for more information.
From the Blogosphere
Michael Elkins: " 8 Things You Need to Know about Developing an ECM (Electronic Content Management) Information Architecture"

Claude Baudoin: " My First Hundred Days and the Birkman Method"

The CloudAve blog contains a very interesting debate about the "Enterprise 2.0" phenomenon, and the use of social tools in companies.
ACM TechNews for the Masses
ACM TechNews, the tri-weekly digest of computing and technology news gathered from leading sources, is now available to non-ACM members. ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), created in 1947, is the leading professional society for computer scientists, software engineers and IT practitioners worldwide. TechNews summaries include links to the news items' original sources.
What?!? You Mean It's Not a Science?
Stephen Albin's 2003 book "The Art of Software Architecture: Design Methods and Techniques" was featured in the August ACM Library newsletter. It was highly rated by Computing Reviews and on Amazon. It is available from the ACM Library, Amazon, Books 24x7, or from eBookMall.
Visualize This!
Lengler and Eppler's Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is a brilliant way to document 100 different ways to present data or information graphically. What makes it particularly handy is that when you mouse over each "element" in the table, a description and example pop up.
Stanford on YouTube
During the Fall 2008 Stanford EE Department's Colloquium series:
It costs $1300 to audit this Colloquium in person... but you can watch the lectures for free on YouTube less than a year later !
Seen Recently...
A: "It was interesting to see differences in IT maturity, let alone SOA, by region."
B: "Especially with respect to business participation. Immature IT is about applying technology; mature IT is about solving business problems."
-- Twitter dialog between two judges of the SOA Case Study contest

"It is reported by our friends in the hype-cycle department that cloud computing is at the pinnacle of being overblown. This is characterized by vagueness in the marketplace, many different definitions of what it means, everyone and their brother jumping on the bandwagon, and of course the pathetic marketing literature with claims of being 'in the cloud, cloud friendly, cloud based' and more. Note to marketers: here's a dollar; buy yourself a clue!"
-- Mike Rosen, in a Cutter Consortium "E-Mail Advisor"

"Oh, I knew [Lord Patrick] Blackett, he was always very nice to me. He said he didn't know anything about computers and that was perfectly true. He was of an age. Above a certain age people are never really happy with computers."
-- Sir Maurice Wilkes, EDSAC inventor, interviewed in "Communications of the ACM"