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Issue No. 84 - 15 November 2012
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A Discussion on Cloud Standards
Privacy and Security in CLoud Agreements
Office 365 Privacy for Universities
Catch the Wave of Business Video
Enlightened Social Media Guidelines
Cutter Reports: Special Offer
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A Discussion on Cloud Standards
In this Cutter E-Mail Advisor, Beth Cohen and Claude Baudoin discuss the speed of adoption of the cloud, and which segments are moving faster toward standards adoption.
Privacy and Security in the Cloud
We just finished a study, to be published in March 2013 in the next deliverable of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, on the security and privacy terms contained in typical cloud service agreements.

After studying 30+ documents from 14 providers, we found a very unbalanced situation, in which providers impose strict obligations on customers but do not accept any similar constraints on themselves. The study should help clients (and providers) negotiate mutually acceptable rules. Write us for a pre-release version of the study.
Office 365 Meets Universities' Privacy Needs
In more news related to privacy in the cloud, Microsoft and several universities have agreed to a standard privacy agreement that allows the universities to use Office 365 (e-mail and collaboration in the cloud) while satisfying their needs to comply with several U.S. federal regulations.
Catch the Wave of Business Video
As early as Issue No. 2 of the KIT, dated 15 June 2009, we discussed the use of video in capturing corporate knowledge. In this E-mail Advisor, Cutter's Curt Hall writes that "video can benefit several business activities, including training, corporate communications, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and CRM."

Remember that c�b� and its partners are able to help you design and produce multimedia content for knowledge sharing, and that you can start small with a proof-of-concept pilot project.
Enlightened Social Media Guidelines
Many companies initially reacted (and some still do) to social media by forbidding their employees from participating and blocking access from the company network. We've discussed at length, in the KIT and in Cutter publications, why such a negative reaction is neither smart nor ultimately effective (in a world of smart phones and tablets with 4G connections).

The IBM Social Computing Guidelines are a pretty good model for an "enlightened" policy on how employees should use social media and represent themselves. It promotes "responsible engagement in innovation and dialogue," and while it asks IBM employees to state that they are expressing their own ideas, not the company's, it also asks them to identify as IBMers and state their role in the company.
Cutter Report Special Offer
Until November 26, you can buy any of these "Top 10" Cutter reports at a 25% discount by entering the discount code TOP10 when you checkout. Pre-discount prices range from $50 to $360. Order here.
  1. 10 Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value
  2. Business Architecture: Creating Game-Changing Opportunities for Your Organization
  3. The Business Capability Map: The "Rosetta Stone" of Business/IT Alignment 
  4. Avoiding Agile's Hidden Pitfalls
  5. Has Agile Crossed the Chasm?
  6. How to Settle Your Technical Debt: A Manager's Guide 
  7. Cloud Computing Standards
  8. Creative Destruction: How to Keep From Being Technologically Disrupted
  9. Modern IT Leadership: Surviving Chaos and Delivering Value
  10. Putting Real-Time Data Streams to Work
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