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Issue No. 91 - 1 March 2013
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ESN Use Cases White Paper
ScienceDirect eBook Collection
Onvelop: Mobile Collaboration App
Agility and Discipline in Business Processes
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Enterprise Social Networking Use Cases
An interesting white paper was published in 2012 by the University of Sydney business school. "S.O.C.I.A.L. - Emergent ESN Use Cases: A Multi Case Study Comparison" looks at five companies: Communardo, IREKO, Capgemini, Deloitte Australia, and NAB. Two of them use Communote, the other three use Yammer. The study examines the use cases practiced by these companies, such as problem solving, idea generation, document sharing, work coordination, meeting organization, etc.
ScienceDirect 2013 eBook Collection
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann has announced a lineup of new titles in its ScienceDirect Computer Science eBook Collection, including:
  • "UI is Communication" by Everett McKay, a practical guide to interaction and visual design.
  • "Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement" by Laura Sebastian-Coleman, which covers in particular the Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF), which was developed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to assess the quality of economic data supplied by countries.
  • "Professional Penetration Testing, 2nd edition" by Thomas Wilhelm, which includes lab exercises with live simulations of vulnerabilities.
  • "Social Media Security" by David Etue, which covers policies, training and technologies for secure adoption and deployment of social networks.
News from AgreeYa Mobility
AgreeYa Mobility, a California startup, has progressed well since we mentioned it a year ago in The KIT No. 64. Its flagship product, Onvelop, is a "unified collaboration and communication suite" for mobile devices. AgreeYa partnered with device makers (Samsung, Nokia, etc.) to provide smartphone/tablet applications that present a unified view of a user's e-mail, calendar, documents, instant messaging, and voice communication. Using a native application rather than a browser hides the complexities or inconsistencies of the back-end systems (such as SharePoint, Office 365, and Lync). In a Microsoft-based environment, there is no need to install anything on the back-end server. The product addresses mobile workers in organizations as diverse as an oil company and a city council.

The idea behind Onvelop is somewhat similar to that of Cisco Quad, an originally ambitious product which led to the much narrower Webex Social (The Kit No. 81). The key difference is that Quad was envisioned as a PC application, leveraging in particular the connection between a user's Cisco IP phone and his desktop PC, right at the time when mobility was becoming a key trend. Onvelop leapfrogs to the fully mobile work environment that is becoming prevalent.
Agility and Discipline in Business Processes
This 5-page case study, written by Claude Baudoin and just published by the Cutter Consortium, examines how Dimagi, a Boston-based mobile health technology company, has managed to put in place a set of methods and tools that allow it to be very agile, yet require its employees to adhere to a strong business process discipline. This is an example of the "false paradox of agility": the Agile Manifesto says that people should value "individuals and interactions over processes and tools," but the two are not incompatible, and the mantra of agility is often just used as an excuse to ignore processes.
Cutter clients can download the paper here, others should let us know if they wish to obtain a copy.
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"Total IT spending on hardware, software and IT services reached $2 trillion, while ICT spending (including telecom services) increased by 4.8 percent to $3.6 trillion."

-- IDC Press Release, 25 Feb 2013, detailing a 5.9% increase in 

worldwide IT spending (in constant currency terms) in 2012