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November 2015
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Joseph S. Karp
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Adele S. Harris
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In This Issue
Senior Survival Workshops
We offer Senior Survival Workshops this month in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie. You do not need a reservation. Please let your friends and neighbors know about these valuable events.

Florida revises health care surrogate law 
Effective October 1, Florida's Health Care Surrogate laws have changed. If you are the parent or guardian of a minor child, certain changes to your plans may be in order. Some individuals who do not have minor children may also be impacted.

Be cautious with carrots and sticks
Many people build "carrots" and "sticks" into their estate plans as incentives for their heirs. Incentives can be a good thing, but don't take it too far.

Firm's attorneys, staff at Alzheimer's walks
Karp's Kommandos - attorneys, staff and their families - were out in force at the Walks to End Alzheimer's fundraisers in Jensen Beach and West Palm Beach.

Hot holiday toys
Wondering what to get the kiddies for the holidays? Check out this article on the season's most-wished-for toys.
Hired a home caregiver? New wage law in effect
Effective October 13, new federal rules require Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides to be paid at least minimum wage, plus time-and-a-half for any hours worked over 40 per week. Even if you are paying someone privately, you may be affected by the new regulations.

Medicare open enrollment ends December 7
Another reminder that open enrollment ends December 7. You have until then to make changes to your Medicare plan. 

Supporting adult children, shortchanging yourself?
More and more retirees and near-retirees are facing the challenge of supporting adult children, while trying to build and maintain their own nest egg.  The New York Times explores this increasingly common dilemma.

Deductions increase for LTC insurance premiums
The IRS has increased the amount that you may deduct from your federal income taxes in 2016 for long-term care insurance premiums. Your policy must be a qualified one, though. 

Personal Representative's job a serious one
Out of love and loyalty, many people automatically agree when asked to serve as someone's Personal Representative. But administering an estate is serious business, and you can even be personally liable for missteps. Here are some issues to consider before you say yes. 

Staying sharp 101: Take care of your hearing
There is no shortage of advice on how to stay mentally sharp, but one guideline is fundamental: Promptly address any hearing loss.

Can't find your original will?
In a recent Palm Beach Post article we answered a question from a writer who could not locate her original will. What should you do if this happens to you?

Elder financial abuse explained
October's Consumer Reports ran an excellent, in-depth article on the growing crime of financial abuse of the elderly. There is plenty of practical information here, plus links to a variety of useful resources.

Need a speaker for your event?
Our attorneys are happy to share their knowledge with your civic, social or religious organization. Our talk can be tailored to your needs. To inquire about a speaking engagement, email Debbie Karp, or call her at 561-472-6062.