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March  2016
Message from our Attorneys

The current presidential campaign is certainly unlike any other! Whether you're fascinated, infuriated, or just left flat by it all, there's no doubt that the outcome could have a dramatic impact on our lives. As always, you can rely on our attorneys to keep an eye on developments, now and in the future. For the most recent legal developments, check out our just-released 2016 newsletter, Planning Points. Click here.

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Joseph S. Karp
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Adele S. Harris
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In This Issue
Senior Survival Workshops
Despite the name, The Karp Law Firm's Senior Survival Workshops are useful not just for seniors. They are valuable for  any adult with people and assets to protect! There is no charge to attend, and no reservations are necessary.
IRA Charitable Rollover made permanent
The PATH Act of December 2015 made it permanent: If you are age 70 1/2 or older, you can now contribute directly from your IRA to a qualified charity, without the contribution counting as income.
Beware new phishing scam
There may be a new peril lurking in your email: A very authentic-looking message that says "Get Protected" and claims to be from the Social Security Administration. It's not!

The stripper and the HBO executive
His family claims he was a sick, lonely and vulnerable 50-year-old, seduced into leaving his assets to a stripper he knew only briefly. She claims she had nothing to do with his decision to leave her his money - but collected her inheritance anyway. Now it's up to the court to straighten out the mess. 
Your medical records are just that - yours
HIPAA is the federal law that protects the privacy of your medical records. It also ensures that you can access them. However, getting hold of your own records still doesn't always go as smoothly as it should. 

"Promise you'll never put me in a nursing home..."
Caring for a disabled loved one? If so, you may find yourself caught in a battle between your loyalty and the limits of your own endurance. This Washington Post article will be heartening and helpful to anyone dealing with these difficult circumstances.  

Alzheimer's educational conference in March
The Karp Law Firm will be at the 19th annual Alzheimer's Educational Conference, March 17-18 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Caregivers and professionals alike can benefit from attending. Among this year's speakers is Dr. Kenneth Kosik, co-author of   The Alzheimer's Solution

When litigation can't be avoided, turn to us
The death or incapacity of a loved one doesn't always bring out the best in every family. If disputes arise, they are best resolved without resorting to lawsuits. But if that doesn't work and a lawsuit is the only remedy, The Karp Law Firm can represent you. 

Key Dates for retirees in 2016
Tax filing day this year is April 18, not April 15. It's also the last day to contribute to your IRA. This Kiplingers article alerts you to several important dates for retirees and those nearing retirement.

The label says "natural." Really?
Those foods marked "all natural"? Not so fast, says Consumer Reports, noting there's a bunch of not-so-natural stuff in many foods with that label.  
WASPs deserve recognition: You can help!
The Women Airforce Service Pilots helped us win World War II. Although their work was classified as non-combat, 38 died in the line of duty. Now, the surviving WASP's need your help.

Can you get a tax break for being a caregiver?
Depending on your circumstances, certain tax breaks may be available to you if you're caring for an elderly or disabled relative. Check out this article from AARP.

Thank you for your referrals!
We can't think of a nicer compliment than your recommending us to family and friends. Please encourage your referrals to mention your name. We want to thank you for thinking of us!