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October 2015
Message from our Attorneys

Over the next weeks you will notice The Karp Law Firm website has changed. The same valuable information, plus continuing updates, will remain, but the "look" will be new. There will also be a direct link to the firm's blog.

Our Snowbird clients will arrive soon. If you need to meet with one of our attorneys while you are here, please do not wait until the last minute to make an appointment. Contact us well in advance so that we can accommodate you and complete any work that may be required before you return North. We're always busy, but when our Snowbirds clients arrive, even more so.  Safe travels!
   All the best,

Joseph S. Karp
Genny Bernstein
Joseph S. Karp
Genny Bernstein
Adele S. Harris

Adele S. Harris
Brad Henry

Chad l. Steskal
Rachel G. Zetouni

In This Issue
Senior survival workshops
Senior Survival Workshops return this month. These sessions cover elder law and estate planning topics that every Florida resident should know. Reservations are not required; just show up. Please spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors!

Medicare open enrollment begins this month
Medicare open enrollment begins Oct. 15. From then through Dec. 7, you may make changes to your plan for 2016.  U.S. News & World Report provides tips on choosing the plan that best meets your needs.

What happens to your home when you need Medicaid benefits for long-term care?
What becomes of the home of an incapacitated person who is applying for, or already receiving, Medicaid long-term care benefits? Families find this one of the most confusing and challenging aspects of the Medicaid planning process. Here are some answers. 

Hated in-law inherits millions 
Even if you love your child's spouse, chances are you want your assets to end up with your child and his/her children - not your in-law. For the late socialite Brooke Astor, that's not quite how it worked out.

Bowling, bidding goodbye to summer
Our firm is always busy, but as we head into autumn we get even busier. Lawyers and staff marked the waning days of summer and the approach of "season" with a get-together: a Friday afternoon bowling party. 

New surgeon database 
A new online database may be helpful when selecting a surgeon. It lists complication rates, by surgeon, for eight common elective procedures.

ALF residents can now get help with routine health tasks
Many otherwise healthy ALF residents have been forced to move into nursing homes because of a rule preventing staff from helping them with routine health tasks, such as insulin monitoring. A new law removes this barrier and should allow more ALF residents to remain where they are.

DIY okay for painting, plumbing - not your estate plan
Do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects? That's fine, but not when planning your estate. As a recent case demonstrates, doing it yourself can produce dire consequences.

Should you keep your adult child on your health plan?
If your child has graduated and landed a job, congratulations to both of you. But if he/she has no health benefits, you may want to consider other coverage options, including keeping him on your policy.

This estate plan is for the birds
We've helped numerous clients establish pet trusts to ensure their animal companions will be well cared for. So when we say that this estate plan is for the birds, we mean it in the nicest possible way.
"Life throws us curve balls..."
Attorney Joseph Karp was recently interviewed by the  Treasure Coast News , sharing his views on assisting clients, his personal history and the history of The Karp Law Firm.   

Speakers Bureau
Our attorneys welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge with your civic, religious, social or business organization, and can tailor their talk to your group's interests. To inquire about a speaking engagement, contact Debbie Karp at 561-472-6062.