June 8th, 2023
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The Old Baldy Foundation Community Newsletter
The Old Baldy Foundation’s
North Carolina Treasures Weekend
By Stacy Kopp, Communications and Development Coordinator;
The Old Baldy Foundation
Join the Old Baldy Foundation this weekend, June 9th-11th, to celebrate North Carolina Treasures with a roster of activities showcasing the best of the state’s arts, history and spirits!
 The weekend’s highlights will be a themed Evening under the Stars, “1970’s and the Generator Society" with a presentation and book signing by “Author Mary-Kathryn Moore. She wrote Bald Head Island: The Early Years: Memories, Mishaps, and Merriment.

Immerse yourself in the equally entertaining and inspiring true stories of the people who stewarded the transition of Bald Head Island from an isolated barrier island into a relaxing destination oasis – one appreciated today by visitors from around the world. This event will take place Friday, June 9th at 6:00 p.m on the picturesque grounds of Old Baldy. Enjoy craft beer, wine and spirits from NC breweries and distillers. Heavy hors d’oeuvres presented by The Shoals Club.

 Saturday, June 10th, between 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. stop by Old Baldy for our Bring Home the Light Meet & Greet! Preview plans for our new Interpretive Center!

In addition, Sunday, June 11th, will feature a North Carolina Marketplace on the Old Baldy grounds from 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. This artisan gathering will feature local food purveyors, décor, arts, and more! Stop by to shop for the freshest local ingredients to whip up dinner in your coastal kitchen or look for the perfect new piece to go in your home. This event will celebrate the talented vendors who represent North Carolina’s rich history and landscape
with their work.
The event is made possible by the sponsors and volunteers who support the Old Baldy Foundation.
It is back- The 4th of July Golf Cart Parade is almost here!

This beloved island tradition is back! Starting at 10:00 a.m., on the 4th of July, a parade of Golf Carts festively decorated in island and Patriotic spirit will make their way around Bald Head Island. Make plans to watch the parade or sign up to include your cart in the parade. Follow the link below for information on how to register your golf cart and details about the parade!
The 7th Annual Run for the Light 5k/10k
Sunday, August 6th 6pm
Our annual race is a scenic run near coastal dunes and through the maritime forest on
Bald Head Island, NC.

Enjoy the sweeping views while running at dusk toward the light of The Old Baldy Lighthouse.

Make your participation in this race an entire day trip your whole family can enjoy by taking part in an afternoon festival celebrating National Lighthouse Day featuring games, crafts, music, beer and more! 
This event is perfect to showcase one of North Carolina’s most beautiful beaches and historic sites– it will be one to mark off your bucket list!
(Must sign up by July 1st to be guaranteed a tee shirt!)
Collections Spotlight

Written by Jake Grossman
Happy June everyone! For this month’s collections spotlight lets investigate an object that we are hoping (someday) to send off to undergo a conservation – Our 1910 (ish) Du Pont United States Life Saving Service Gunpowder Canister. But, what was the USLSS? During the 1870s the USLSS was formed to “help those in peril upon the seas”.[1] Stations were constructed up and down the coasts, and in the largest of our lakes. Generally, stations had 6 or 7 surf-men and a Station Keeper. In 1883 a station was constructed on East Beach near the Shoals. From that station the crew conducted rescues with their 27ft surfboat, or the Lyle Gun with Breeches Buoys.

A Lyle Gun was a small bronze cannon that fired a missile like projectile over a sinking vessel. Attached to the missile was a rope anchored to the beach. The sailors would grab the rope then fasten it to the highest remaining part of the vessel. Meanwhile, our life savers would use a series of ropes and pulleys to send out a life ring with pants sewn into it called a Breeches Buoys. Each sailor would hop into the Breeches Buoys and (almost like a zip-line) cruise to the safety of dry land. To propel the projectile, the USLSS used gun powder that came in a unique canister, such as the one we are spotlighting now. As you can tell by the picture, it has seen better days. Perhaps that will not always be the case though. Semi-recently the Old Baldy Foundation contacted the
NC Maritime Museum Conservation lab about conserving our canister.

Museum Conservator, Michelle Crepeau prepared the report detailing the steps and processes necessary for conservation. I will try and paraphrase that report down here.
The canister is made of tinned iron alloy covered with an oil based black paint. It has a unique paper label with oil based ink printed on it. The main hope is to stabilize the canister and clarify the image and writing on the label. The canister itself is riddled with corrosion and staining. Most of the paint has worn away, as well. The label has many small tears and stains. Ms. Crepeau determined two approaches, one with minimal intervention and one with maximum intervention. Whether or not the label can be safely taken off and re-attached is essential to the process.

Assuming the label can be removed-

 First, “Dry clean” the canister using brushes, sponges, and erasers. Next, “hard clean” spots of heavy corrosion using scalpels, dental tools, or even porcupine quills. Place lightweight conservation grade tissue paper to the front of the label. This supports the label during removal and keeps any torn or detached pieces together. Scalpel the label off. “Dry clean” the back of label. Place label on a polyester backing then wash in reverse osmosis (RO) water to wash away any water soluble debris. The wash also removes the fronting which is no longer necessary now that it is backed with polyester. Next, bathe the label in an iron reducing agent for 2 – 24 hours. This will leech out iron staining and hopefully clarify the image and writing. Rinse. Move to alkaline bath to restore proper PH balance. Dry between lightly weighted blotting paper. Soak in a gelatin/ RO water to smooth surface of label, strengthen, and fill in tiny gaps where paper is missing. Affix another layer of tissue paper to the back of the label using reversible wheat starch paste. This strengthens and provides a barrier between the metal canister and our newly cleaned label. Re-adhere label to the canister using reversible wheat starch paste. Meanwhile, care for the canister.

The parts of the canister where there is paint needs to be handled slightly different than the unpainted parts. Let us start with the unpainted parts. Dry clean using the same method as earlier. Next, wet clean using swabs and cloths soaked in water with (maybe) a mild detergent. Finish cleaning with hard tools to smoothen the surface and remove iron build up. Once clean, apply a protective coating all over. For the painted part do the same as unpainted, however, we can (if the solution mixes with the paint) apply ammonium citrate to reduce the iron staining of the paint. That’s it if the label can be removed.
Assuming the label cannot be safely removed- the minimal intervention method is quite simple. With the label still on; dry, wet, and finally use hard tools to clean the entire canister. Tissue paper may be applied directly to the label with wheat starch paste to replace material loss.

Projected conservation would take about 60 hours with an estimated price of about $3,841 with $350 spent on supplies.

Thank you to Michelle Crepeau and the NC Maritime Museum for preparing the report this article is based off of.
[1] York, Wick; Shanks, Ralph C. The U.S Life-Saving Service. Mcgraw-Hill, 1996 
June Old Baldy Book Club Selection-

Bald Head Island The Early Years:
Memories, Mishaps, and Merriment

by Mary-Kathryn Moore
This important collection of firsthand narratives introduces readers to little-known, and sometimes never before told, stories of Bald Head Island's earliest residents.

Here, in their own words, the Generator Society of the 1970s and the Outriggers of the 1980s share the memories, mishaps, and merriment of creating a close-knit, laid-back community amid windswept dunes and lush maritime forest.

Enjoy the Generator Society stories in this month's Book of the Month! Stay tuned for discussion posts on our Facebook and Instagram!

Purchase your autographed copy in store at the Old Baldy Gift Shop
or online!
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