Shared Vision Rising

It is a time to celebrate and a time to look forward. All friends and brothers are encouraged to attend the Annual Key Foundation Dinner and Art Auction. This year's event will be held at the University of Massachusetts Lowell on March 5, 2016.
In less than a year a new Scout Council was formed with the objective to make Scouting thrive in our communities. Today that mission is moving forward with great speed. The Council is implementing radically innovative ways to grow its membership and expand its programs. Gone are the days when we can sit back and accept the decline of Scouting. The Spirit of Adventure Council's leadership is not sitting on the sidelines waiting; rather they are actively confronting the challenges head on.
The Key Foundation is being asked to help and is actively supporting these efforts. There is a Shared Vision Rising that will lead to a stable, growing and exciting program for children and young adults. On March 5 th you can learn how you can support and participate. We have come a long way in one year but we have a long journey ahead of us.
The night will have updates on the current projects and programs of TKF. Featured will be the bestowal of the Craig Ryder Excellence Awards to four outstanding individuals. Also to be presented are the Livoli Scholarships and The Francis J. Barre CIT Awards.
It is also an evening to enjoy with friends and brothers. This event draws members from all over the country to one again share the fun that is always associated with our gatherings.  The Conference Center's lounge is staying open till 1:00AM for the "party after the party".
For those members who are staying over a limited number of rooms have been set-aside for our traveling friends and brothers. Reservations should be made before February 19.  Contact Ryan Flynn at 978-500-1949 or George Kouloheras at 978-319-3645 for further information and details as well as any other information regarding the dinner.
See you in Lowell on March 5!
For over a decade the highlight of The Key Foundation dinner has been the Annual Art Auction. The auction features outstanding works of art from several TKF visual artists. This event is one of the principal fundraisers for the foundation supporting a wide range of activities and programs.
Individual pieces have sold for hundreds of dollars and the bidding has brought both entertainment to all who attend and participate. This year nearly 20 pieces of beautifully framed art will offered and end up on the walls of our collectors.
This year a new feature will be added. "The under 21 auction" will be held for the many young people who attend. Several pieces will be available for students who are a valued part of the TKF network and are often priced out by their older friends and brothers.
So come early a scope out the great art you can own while supporting TKF's mission to encourage, inspire and empower.
Gulf Ice- 4K photo at TKF 2016 Art Auction
First Milestone In Northern NeXus Project Reached-$14,000 raised in December.
In October 2015 leadership from Spirit Of Adventure attended the TKF Board meeting to request support for the council's capital campaign.  Specifically they requested TKF to raise $50,000 for the Northern NeXus Of Adventure.
The Foundation's board met in November to review the request.  The Key Foundation board voted unanimously to pledge $100,000 over four years, doubling the request made by the Council for its capital campaign. Moreover, the board pledged to raise and contribute at least $10,000 before the end of 2015.
TKF is proud to report that the first milestone was met and surpassed. Members of our network stepped up and contributed nearly $14,000 in the month of December, thus surpassing our initial goal of $10,000. We are grateful to the generous contributions of our friends and brothers who saw the need and met the challenge.
TKF Vice President for Vervaert Programs and Projects Joshua Ratty is meeting with representatives of the Spirit Of Adventure Council to scope out and begin the process of project selection. An announcement is expected to be made at the March 5 annual meeting.

Pennacook Lodge's first Banquet- It couldn't have been better or bigger!

In a merged Council it is usually the last thing that comes together. On its second day of existence the Spirit Of Adventure Council's Pennacook Lodge broke all conventional thinking. Under the theme of "Forward As One", the new White Wolf set new standards for youth involvement and inspired over 400 people that where in attendance.
One of the largest OA banquets in history, (and certainly larger than any of its predecessor lodges); members and families were inspired by the direction of the Lodge and its plans for the future.
TKF was proud to support the new Lodge with graphic and audiovisual support. The theme show, "Legend of the Spirit Keepers", entertained while offering insight to the mission of the Lodge in the Council. The enthusiasm for the Order gave hope to a bright future for those who wear the Arrow.
Chief Justin St. Louis describes Forward As One
The Spirit Of Adventure Council is a "graphic experience". The new council extensively uses visual media for to promote and tell the story of Scouting. The council has perhaps the greatest social media presence of any council in America. The council has been heavily using the TKF archives for these projects and efforts. Additionally the foundation has produced dozens of videos for the Council.
Currently the TKF holds over one million photographs of Scouting dating as far back as 1910. Most of these were taken in the Yankee Clipper Council and its camps. In January members of the foundation held a meeting with key Spirit Of Adventure Council staff to discuss expanding the library.
The Spirit Of Adventure 360 project has been started with the mission of photographing Scouting programs and activities in the Council. TKF photographers will travel around the council in the next year to digitally capture Scouting in action. From unit meetings to all the camping programs TKF will provide photo coverage to help Scouting tell its story.
Additionally the foundation is exploring methods to catalog and store these photos in a way that the council staff can quickly access them. Smile for the camera!

Adding 6 City Blocks Of  Bling to the Spirit Of Adventure

Take all the printing The Key Foundation did for the Spirit Of Adventure Council since September 2015 to New York City and line it up end to end. You will have enough to cover 6 blocks of the city 42 inches high.
For almost 30 years TKF has been providing Scouting with printing and multimedia capability. The foundations wide format digital printing capability has been expanded in recent years but is being extensively used by the Council.
For the last six months the foundation has produced banners, posters, flags, displays and other material to add color and bling to the Council's programs, facilities and events. From Wood badge to the Eagle Recognition dinner, from Program Launches to the Lodge Banquet as well as colorful banners for New England Base Camp, TKF resources have been used by The Spirit Of Adventure.
All these materials were produced at no charge to the Council. TKF is proud to contribute to our new Council's efforts to grow Scouting.
Want to check the math? Click HERE.

2015-2016 Key Foundation Calendar
May 9, 2015 7:30 PM

March 5, 2016 TKF Annual Art Auction & Business Meeting, UMass Lowell
July 30, 2016 Andrew Curry Lake Swim XII

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