Once again it is time for Friends and Brothers to gather together for the 29th Annual Dinner Meeting & Art Auction of the Key Foundation Inc. Since 1988, TFK has been an effective advocate and contributor to the outdoor programs of the Boy Scouts of America. We have  given over $1 million dollars in  grants, project support, and materials to help Scouting thrive. On Saturday March 4, 2017 members of our extended network will come together once again to look at our most recent achievements and focus on the future.
This year's dinner will be held at the University Of Massachusetts Conference Center in Lowell. At the dinner  TKF will present the Craig Ryder Excellence Award to recognize individuals who have been exceptional leaders and advocates for getting young people outdoors in meaningful programs. Also to be presented is the Francis J. Barre Awards to outstanding Counselors in Training at T.L. Storer and Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservations as well as public recognition for recent Livoli Camp Staff Scholarships.
TKF will present its 2017 annual report and will give an update on its efforts regarding the NeXus Capital Project Fund.
For members of our Network who are traveling great distances a limited number of rooms have been reserved at the UMass Conference Center for overnight accommodations.
Just like every TKF event everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! 

The most memorable and entertaining feature of the Annual Dinner of the Key Foundation Inc. is the Art Auction. This year we have an extensive collection of framed photos and canvas pieces that will go to the highest bidder.
Several distinguished photographers of our network will be offering truly outstanding pieces of art from the NeXus and beyond.  This year's collection includes; Morning Fires, aerial landscapes, stunning sunsets, newly discovered historical prints as well dazzling displays of nature. 

All of these items will be auctioned by Adam Cunningham, TKF's official comic, philosopher, commentator, accountant, and equine enthusiast. His presentation is truly worth the price of admission! Once again several pieces will be offered to only those less than 21 years of age to assure everyone has a chance to obtain a piece of history.
So get ready to bid early and often. Proceeds from this auction help fund TKF programs and grants.

Camping With The Spirit Of Adventure
Your Chance To Be Part Of The New Book

The Key Foundation Inc. is working with the Spirit Of Adventure Council to produce a book for Fonthill Media. The book is part of Fonthill's America Through Time series- Then and Now.
On February 11, 2017 from 9AM to 5PM, the TKF Archives will be at New England Base Camp in Milton to help celebrate the 107th Anniversary of Scouting. At that event TKF will be scanning and archiving photos- many of which will be used in the new book. Also TKF/FStar Productions will be on hand to record oral histories from young and old. These recording will be placed in the archives.
Everyone is encouraged to participate. Tell your favorite camp story. Share photos and items from you scrapbook. Be part of the effort to preserve the history of camping in the Spirit Of Adventure and it's predecessor councils. Remember that everyday is history and the story you tell, no matter how old you are, should be shared with future generations.

The Key Foundation Inc. is proud to contribute to the production of NeXus Magazine. Click on the image above to read the latest news regarding the Northern NeXus Of Adventure.  


February 6, 2017. 7:30 PM
EDCO Bedford MA
March 4, 2017, 6:00  PM
TKF Annual Meeting and Art Auction
UMass Lowell, Lowell MA
May 8, 2017, 7:30 PM
EDCO Bedford MA
July 29, 2017 LAKE SWIM XIII
Northwood Lake/WTCSR
Key Foundation meetings and events are open to all interested parties.
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