Hi All!

We hope June is treating you well so far. It was a short week for us because of Memorial Day, but somehow short weeks always feel long because you have to cram so much in!

This week on the blog, we focused on readin and writin, but no 'rithmetic. Our Monday post offered a plethora of summer reading suggestions. We would love to hear your recommendations, too. 

Hump Day inspired us to think about stories. We hear so often from manufacturers that they have nothing interesting to say for a blog or an e-newsletter. "Our products are boring." Have you ever said that about your own products? Here is the fact. Any product can be the subject of an interesting story. Even Kleenex found a way to make the king of all commodity products the center of a tear jerker tale.

Finally, today, Larry reported on an interesting dynamic in the marketing world. When we talk about "creatives" we're usually referring to designers. Aren't writers creative, too? 

There's a lot of crazy weather across the country and snakes seem to be popping up everywhere, so stay safe out there this weekend. We'll see you next week, if not sooner.

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