The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends
December 23, 2019

Painting by Thomas Kinkade

Grow by Sandy Sun  Clay & Glazes
Swim for It by Gary W. Sloan  Acrylic
Part 5 The Florida Keys Council of the Arts Exhibition
"Trees of the Keys"

The 8th. 2019 Annual Key West Film Festival Ended Last Month. Another Spectacular Year.  Our Magazine as we Do Every Year :  A 3 or 4 Part / Week Extensive Post Event Coverage.  This Issue is Part 4 of 4; and will contain Just A Few Photos from Last week's Issue to Help with Continuity; and of course Many New Photos in this Issue. The links to the Dec 2nd., Dec 9th & Dec 16 Entire Issues and to See Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the Extensive Post 2019 KWFF Event Coverage will be Below

Mayor Teri Johnston was invited to tour the United States Coast Guard Sector Key West (More Below + a NYE Traffic Message from The City of KW) + The KWFD Hands Out Toys Collected from the Community

The 2019 FKSPCA Parade of Paws ( More Below)

The Two New Exhibitions at the KWAHS Custom House is "The Literary History
 of Key West" LOOK at a much Younger Kirby Congdon Above. The Other Exhibition is"Key West Collects"  (More Below in Part 1) Great Job Cori / Michael and the Rest of the Crew.

SURE To Be a Remembered Classic Artist for Centuries Alexei Butirskiy Frequently Visits Where He Hangs Year Round in Florida The Key West Gallery. Pt 1 Below.. Adam Scott Rote in Town Dec. 21-26
Adam Scott Rote

Pt. 1 Photo Feature : Rare & Historical Photographs

The South Florida Symphony Orchestra here in Key West with Violinist Tynkos Bruckner at TWT January 15 (Read All About It)

The Key West Gallery has One of the World's Largest Peter Max Collections and Many Hang Year Round.  See this Exciting Offer : More Below

Part 17 :   WWW.GOLDCOATCRUISERS.ORG   Had Their Annual Classic Automobile Show at Morgan Park in Glen Cove & Featured Over 750 Cars. Just a Few More issues to Go. 

Pt. 2 Our Tour of the Key West Art Center on Front St. + 60th. Year Gala Celebration on Jan. 15 ( More Below)

"Single Occupancies" at TSKW Sat. Jan 4 & Sunday Jan.5 (More Below)

Eric Anfinson had a Launch Party at The GingerBread Square a few Weeks Ago.  He'll be having an Exhibition in February (More Below). This Issue includes a few Photos from the Launch Party & A Few Paintings with Many Paintings in the Dec 30th. Issue

Fringe Theater Dec 26-31 "Baxter"
Fringe Theater jan. 8-11 and Jan. 15-18 "Folly"
Pt. 2 Richard "Dick" Matson Exhibition at Salt Island Provisions Gallery Opened a Few Weeks Ago. (More Below)

Violinist Blake Pouliot  Season Premiere of the 2020 Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West at St. Paul's Church January 12 4pm

Alosurgre :A Journey Across Time by
Onajide Shabaka

Dollars & Dancers :Behind the Velvet Curtain by Donna Nadea u

Stillness by Josefina Cavalina

Eddies by Jim Racchi

The Studios of Key West (TSKW) Winter Member's Exhibition 12/5-26 & 4 January 2020 Exhibitions (More Below)

WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Every Week we Enjoy Linking their Newspaper with our Magazine. They provide Hundreds of Local Features-Photos & Videos


So Many Exhibitions at the KWAHS : Permanent and Temporary at their 4 Museums  Custom House Museum, Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters, Fort East Martello Museum, and Tennessee Williams Museum.

Skipper Kripitz and The Many Musicians He Works with Spend Lots of Time Giving Their Time and Talents to the many Non-Profit Groups that Count on these Musicians to Enhance Their Events.  For that Reason; I try to devote Space to Promote Their Commercial Gigs. (More Below in This Issue)

"Women of Soul" Concert Produced by Ralph DePalma  Dec 29 at The Key West Theater (More below)

An Annual NYE Key West Tradition : Sushi Dropping Down on a Stiletto on Duval Street at Midnight

The TDC (Tourist Development Council) Does an Excellent Job Every Month in Producing an On-Line Supplement to their Outstanding Website; called "Keys Traveler".  As Usually we Feature their Material and Give you ALL the Links


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends ; Going out to 8180 Weekly. December 23, 2019.  I'm Skipping the Lead Tease Verbiage Again This Week.  We have a lot of Very Extensive Features Promoting Upcoming Events + Some Great Photo Features & and As Usual Lots of Great Art. This Issue has Pt. 4 of 4 our Extensive Post 2019 KWFF Event Coverage. Thanks for Reading and Have an Outstanding Week;  Ed.

The Key West Gallery
WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339

A World Famous Artist Come to Key West a Few times a Year to Visit the Key West Gallery to Give Painting Demonstrations & Sell Lots of Art. The Classic Portrait Landscape Russian Artist Alexei Butirskiy. The Key West Gallery has at least 20 Hanging with access to his Entire Inventory (Links to his Website Pages Shortly)

A Cold Winter's Night : 27 X 41.5 Highly Embellished Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

An Evening in Rome : 27.5 X 34 Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
More Alexei Butirskiy Up Shortly

Sunday January 19-25 

Lucy Paige & Cricket Desmarais Sent Over some GREAT NEWS about One of My Favorite Annual Events 

Tibetan Monks to Arrive in Key West featuring week-long celebration of culture and Buddhist teachings.
On Sunday, January 19 through Saturday, January 25, 2020, sponsor Tara Mandala Key West meditation group and host St. Paul's Episcopal Church invite the public to help celebrate the "2020 Sacred Arts Tour" at the church's 401 Duval Street location on the corner of Eaton Street. The seven-day Tibetan festival will be led by eight visiting Tibetan monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery-students of H.H. Dalai Lama- and includes noontime dharma talks, a Tibetan Marketplace,  classes in the Tibetan Arts, varying music and dance demonstrations of Tibetan culture,  a nd morning and afternoon blessings for the monk's week-long creation of a Medicine Buddha sand mandala for world healing, which will conclude with a procession down Simonton Street to the bayside ocean for a closing ceremony. 
The tour aims to spread the message of peace, loving kindness, wisdom, and compassion while sharing their traditional Tibetan arts and culture, and to raise support for their monastery in south India, where their traditions and culture are preserved.  Community and personal arranged blessings by the monks are available.  For more information, visit or email


  301 Front St. 305-294-1241

Windsor Lane by David Klein  Etching

Hemingway in Bloom by Joanne Sloan  Acrylic

Bourbon Street by Elizabeth Devries  Mixed Media

Many More Mangoes by Rachel Feinberg  Acrylic

Family Meeting by Helen Kordon  Acrylic

Sarabeth by Nancy Henning  

Hogfish Reef by Mary Blackman  WaterColor
Up Shortly More Paintings from the Many Keys Artists at KWAC + Plus the 60th Gala Anniversary Party for KWAHS Jan. 15.


The 2019 KWFF was the Most Exciting Ever. It just Keeps on Getting better Each Year.  Here is an Extensive Look at the 2019 Awards Ceremony. A Line Item Awards Listing is at the End of the Many Sections in our Part 4 of 4 Featuring our Annual Post Extensive KWFF Coverage. Great Job to ALL Involved.

Master of Ceremonies and Key West Film Commissioner Chad Newman & KWFF's Ruth Reitan
World Narrative Short & Documentary Short : (L) "Always Remember Me" Director Neil Teare (R)"Underwater Senses" Director Leonardo Sergiani (Accepting Award Producer Vicki Thomas)

World Student Narrative Short & Documentary Short : Dir. John E. Quatroche "Deaf Reach : Hope for Pakistan". 

Florida Student Narrative Short & Documentary Short : Director Hollis Rosenkranz "Freewheel"

More KWFF Up Shortly

Pt 4 : Florida Keys Council of the Arts: 2020 Members Show "Trees of the Keys"  WWW.KEYSARTS.COM 1110 Simonton St. (Gato Cigar Bld.) 305-295-4369.

 "The Trees of the Keys"

Windy Day by Gale Upmal  Acrylic on Tin

Nature's Palette by Linda Egan  Acrylic

A Vintage Christmas Tree by Carol Osborn  Collage

Grow Pt. 2 Clay & Glazes by Sandy Sun (Top)
Moonrise by Jane Grannis  Raku (Bottom)

Third From the Left by Jessica Webster  Acrylic on Board

More "Trees of the Keys" from The Florida Keys Council of the Arts Up Shortly


More from Part 4 of our Extensive Post 2019 KWFF Event Coverage Up Shortly.  Here is the Link to the entire Dec 2, 2019 Issue and Part 1 of Our 2019 KWFF Post Event Coverage. 
Here is the Link to the Entire Dec. 9, 2019 Issue and Part 2 of Our 2019 KWFF Post Event Coverage
Here is the Link to the Dec 16th Issue and Part 3 of Our 2019 KWFF Post Event Coverage



One of Our Favorite Photographers : Matt Stock Opening an Exhibition in  Florida

Watch for another Matt Stock On-Line Exhibition in 2020


We'll have Just 1 Section of this Photo Feature in This Issue Due to Space Constraints & The Many Photo Features we Have in This Issue. Many Additional : Most Rare & Powerful Historical Photographs in the Next Few Issues ( Although Not Sure a 1951 Chevy in a Swimming Pool or Edwardian Dresses should be in this Category; still Pretty Interesting.


Ran into the Washburn's Last Week at Eric and Emma's Annual Holiday Party at their Complex with Exhibitions from Eric-Emma & Guest Artists Martha Hubbard, Kerry Hoeppner & Penny Garcia. Jane Washburn Tells Us that her Exhibition and Reception starts Jan. 27 at the GingerBread Square Gallery

Here are a few Photos from a Recent Promotional Party Shot by
Adele Braghieri Owner of GingerBread Square Gallery sent over from the Eric Anfinson 2020 Calendar Launch Party at her Gallery.  Eric Anfinson will be having an Exhibition in February.  More Info to Follow

(L) The White Violin
(R) "The Bath" : Flapper Girl Series

(L) Bonnie's World
(R) This Side of Eden



Environmental Center & Headquarters 631 Greene St. 305-294-3100 
( A MUST TO VISIT : Next to the Brewery)
PO Box 430 KW, Fla, 33041
Fax : 305-293-9519


I believe that this is the Other Winner of the Florida Student Narrative Short & Documentary Short  "In Human Kind" Juancho Rodriguez

Florida Narrative Short Documentary Short : "They Things They Left Behind" Director Sara Werner

Florida Screenplay Short  : "Violet Hayes : A True Story" Giancarlo Fusi

Florida Screenplay Feature : "Hearts of Key West" : Billy Nahn & David Fleer

Principle Host of the 2019 KWFF The Tropic Cinema

Executive Director Michael Marrero, & Managers Carla, Aramis, Raul along with their Staff DID AN AMAZING Job.  Especially with their Managing the Theatre Entrances ( Greetings & Ticket Collection in Their Many Theatres ) and Purchasing Tickets on Location & Website.
The Tropic Gallery is Fairly Active with Paintings by Projectionist Raul Marrero and Staff; as well as Guest Artists. Our Next Issue will have some of the Works


Next Week a Few of the new Features : The December Walk on White with Harrison Gallery-Shade Ceramics & Shutter Photography -& Stone Soup Gallery. We'll Feature Works of art from ALL 3. Melissa Doucette Trader Tells Us that February Brings a Return of a JH Allan Exhibition.  Sarah and Mark Tells Us that January Brings a 1 Year Anniversary. Stay Tuned. Also Next Week or Perhaps January 6 : We'll have a Photographic Exhibition from Sarah Carleton at Shade Ceramics & Shutter Photography 
 We Start a Multipart / Muti-Week On-Line Art exhibition from TSKW's Winter Member's Show "Between the Lines" Only Hangs 4 More Days ( In Case You Don't Make it over to TSKW ; We'll Feature ALL The Works).  Of Course ; Best to do both A Visit in Person Plus Keep on Reading My Magazine to See Here ALL The Brilliant Local Works.

"One Line Changes Everything" by Marlene Koenig  Acrylic on Metal

"Sunset Celebration" by Susan D'Antonio Mixed Media

"Back Country Sunset" by Pam Hobbs  Acrylic on Canvas
Next Week we Start Pt. 1 with an Additional 20 Works and Continue the Feature on Jan 6 & 13

WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd.  305-296-9081

Dear Friends of CFK, From our College family to yours, we wish you a very joyous holiday season.  We thank you for your support, friendship, and patronage throughout the year.
CFK has many exciting activities and initiatives planned in 2020.  We look forward to continuing to serve and to partner with you as The College of the Florida Keys.    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year! --Jonathan Gueverra, Ed.D    President & CEO, The College of the Florida Keys

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504

2019 Parade of Paws at the Higgs Beach Dog Park

More Dogs Walking their Owners Up Shortly & We Continue with the 2019 KWFF ; But First

Walk on White 
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609
Our Next Issue will Have a Feature on Helen & Ben Hosting Last Weeks December "Walk on White"; With Many Sculptured Works by Helen as Well as Many New Paintings by Guest Artists. Here is a Tease :

"Coral Head" Walnut

"Red Pear"
Many Additional Works in the December 30th issue


Let's Go Back and Hour before the Awards Ceremony to show you a Few additional Photos from the Awards Party. Pt. 3 of Our Extensive Coverage of the 2019 KWFF Post Event Features had Most of the Party Pics ; Here is the Link to the Entire Dec. 16 Issue :

Top KWFF Officials : Michael & Stephen Ananicz and Ethan Crooks

KWFF's Ruth Reitan

"After Parkland" Winner of the 2019 KWFF Documentary Film.
Directors Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman. VIP Guests  :  Tori Gonzalez & Mom & Dad. 
Moderator for this Event: From Miami New Times &  WWW.INDIEETHOS.COM
 Hans Morgenstern 

Co-Winner of The World Student Narrative Short & Documentary Short : "Deaf Reach Hope for Pakistan" (2nd to left Director John E. Quatroche). The Other Winner in the Category is "Where's The Fire" by Yonca Talu 

One of the Three 2019 Golden Key Award Winner "Boys Don't Cry" Kimberly Peirce Chats with the "After Parkland" Group.

ESPN's Bob Ley Enjoying the Gang from "Here for the Free Wine" from the Florida Documentary Shorts. A Film about Muralist & Gallery Owner Jason Tetlak (Green Shirt).  Director Kevin Cramer (Next to Mr. Ley). I really enjoyed chatted with Bob about the NFL (Off the Record Stuff).  Bob Ley Did a Brilliant Job in Moderating "A Woman's Work : The NFL's Cheerleader Problem" & "Pahokee"

From the Florida Student Narrative & Doc. Shorts : "Freewheel" Award Winner Hollis Rosenkranz
More 2019 KWFF Up Shortly

December 29, 2019
Join us for an evening at Key West Theater highlighting the women of soul music in Key West!

On March 6th 2014 PBS sponsored a musical celebration the great "foremothers" of American music, billed as "Women of Soul: In Performance at the White House". It was the 52nd musical production and the first featuring an all female line-up including the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and many other stars. The evening paid homage to great female artists and their memorable music.
On December 29th the Key West Women of Soul - Terri White, Michelle Dravis, Victoria Horne, and Mina Lopez-Martin will take the stage and pay equal homage to the great women across our music culture with particular emphasis on Soul. These ladies have selected some wonderful music and will be using their spectacular talents to present a very special performance. Former Broadway star, Terri White has packed huge venues from coast to coast. The amazing voices of Michelle Dravis and Victoria Horne could be heard from coast to coast. The fantastic Mina Lopez-Martin born and raised in Key West, will try not to break any windows in the theater.
It's impossible to do this genre justice in one night but these artists are determined. They will showcase the music of Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, the Staple Sisters, Nina Simone, Jackie Wilson, Prince, Chaka Kahn, with a touch of Etta James and Stevie Wonder. They will be accompanied by the Soul of Key West band, the same group that has performed with Coffee Butler in the past, led by Larry Baeder, Clayton Lopez, Larry Smith, Bubba Lownotes, Dave Langett, and others. Link to Tickets Below

WWW.STONESOUPGALLERY.COM    802 White St.  305-296-2080
NEXT WEEK in the Dec. 30th Issue. Melissa Hosts "Walk on White". Current Exhibition Features Richard "Dick" Matson. JH Allen coming in February. 

One of about 20 Richard Matson Works ALL of them in Really Nice Gold Painted Frames . This One ; "Balcony Buttonwood". All Paintings are Acrylic
Year Round Display of "Key West Cottages" Made from Cigar Boxes by Jonathan  Hoenscheidt

533 Eaton Street (Corner Simonton) 305-320-0208
Emily Berg tells us that they will resume with Guest Author's Events in February. Great Job so far with the Many Author Events you had in 2019.  PS ; Your Large Banner in the Exhibition "Literary History of Key West" at The Custom House was Way  Cool.


Maestra Alfonso

5901 College Rd 33040
MASTERWORKS II January 15. 2020 7-9:3:45PM
Borenstein Concerto OP 60
Featuring Violinist Irmira Tynkos Bruckner Symphony #6

Masterworks II is a feat of two powerful, strikingly beautiful and inspiring musical masterpieces! The first highlight of the evening is Anton Bruckner's 
Symphony No. 6, known for its dynamism, astonishing rhythmic invention and subtlety. Also on the program is Nimrod Borenstein's 
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, a glorious display of unique orchestral colors, featuring accomplished violinist Irmina Trynkos. A British-French-Israeli contemporary musician and an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, Borenstein is considered a leading composer of his generation, whose music is a "high-compression sound-world in which melodic and rhythmic ideas create a multi-layered frisson of hyper-activity." (BBC Music Magazine). Opening the program is 
Upon An Ocean, a world premiere by American pianist/composer Lisa Nardi.

More 2019 Key West Film Festival Up Next But First

Sarah Carleton and Mark Klammer Hosted the December "Walk on White" and we'll have a few Photos from that and some GREAT Photographs from Sarah in Next Week's Issue. Here's A Tease

"Morning Pier at Casa Marina"  Photographic print on Aluminum 36 X 24

Many Additional Photos Next Week

The action comes fast. Caught up in a low-budget revolution fought in the jungles of Colombia, Cornelius Mead faces the challenges of survival in the chaos and insanity of war while clinging to his dream of turning the Guyana massacre site of Jonestown into a theme park. You won't be able to put it down! You can instantly download this new ebook for only $3.99 
As mystery fans know, Rex Burns is an Edgar-winning author highly celebrated for his crime fiction. "Among the best fictional police writers . . ." says National Centurion: A Police Lifestyle Magazine. At the age of 40, Burns wrote his first novel, The Alvarez Journal. It won the  Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for Best First Novel. The book introduced Gabriel Wager, a hard-drinking Mexican-American detective with the Denver police force. The Wager series lasted for ten more books, one of which (The Avenging Angel) was adapted into the 1988 film Messenger of DeathCharles Bronson.

He has published numerous novels, short stories, articles, and reviews. His essays have appeared in scholarly publications as well as in popular periodicals such as The WriterHe is a contributor to Scribner's Mystery and Suspense Writers, an advisor and contributor to the Oxford Companion to Mystery, and is the host of the Starz-Encore Mystery Channel television series, Anatomy of A Mystery Retired Emeritus from the University of Colorado at Denver, he lives and writes in Boulder.


Three Time Academy Award Nominee for Costume Design Mary Zophres.  Ms. Zophres also worked on some of the Coen Brother Films Inc. "Hail Caesar". Mary Introduces One of the Three 2019 KWFF Golden Key Awards :  Costume Designer Arianne Phillips

10th. Anniversary of "A Single Man" Honored at the 2019 KWFF.  Arianne Phillips is the Award Winning Costume Design Honoree
You MUST Check out this Film; Colin Firth Won Many Awards and This Film had a Unique Tempo (for lack of a Better Description); Perhaps I'll ask Sherril Rhoades

"Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow

(Bottom-L) La Te Da co-proprietor Christopher Rounds  thanks the Key West  community for their generosity in donating toys at the venue's annual Christmas Party open to members of the community. 
(Bottom-R) The Class of Fall 2019 assembles before the 60th commencement of the College of the Florida Keys (formerly FKCC) at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. 

(Top-L) There was a large turnout at the annual Christmas Gingerbread House Making Party at the Oldest House on Duval Street. 

(Top-R) Travis Doll, Director of Alonzos, second from left, welcomes the Key West Business Guild's Kevin Theriault, Dorian Patton, and Fritzie Estimond to the Guild's Christmas mixer held at the restaurant.

Peter's Photos are also found in WWW.KONKLIFE.COM Publications On-Line and Hard Copy


WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241

The Key West Art Center and Gallery Celebrates 60!
The Key West Art Center is currently housed in a historic wooden building in the midst of the city's old town waterfront area.  It has been here since 1960 when a group of local artists was joined by several businessmen and persuaded city officials to save the historic building on Front Street which had been condemned.  It was converted into a city sponsored art center.  The building was originally constructed in the 1850s for use as a grocery store and was seriously damaged by fire in 1886.  It was rebuilt as a single story building and the second story added in the early 1900s.  The grocery was owned and managed by the George Babcock family for many years.  In later years the building was the location for the first WPA Art Project under president Roosevelt.
From 1960 on the Key West Art Center and Gallery has had a mission, to provide a year-round sales resource for local artists.  It provides a community gathering place, learning environment and public exhibit space.  The Art Center is focused on safeguarding the heritage of Key West as a city of Artists.  It is the oldest Gallery in Key West and over the years has hung work by hundreds of local artists, many of whom have gone on to become internationally recognized.  Members are all Monroe County residents and include artists from Key Largo to Key West.  Work includes painting in many mediums, sculpture, ceramics, fine jewelry and other fine craft.

The Key West Art Center and Gallery is a non-profit whose role in promoting and developing the artistic talents of the community is priceless.  To celebrate the 60 th Anniversary of the Art Center, there will be a fundraising fiesta on January 15 th , 2020.  The Art Center relies in part on donations to expand its reach and the programs it can offer to the community as well as to maintain its historic home.  The fundraiser will be held at the Center where you can learn more about the building and the history of this important organization.  Delightful hors d'oeuvres will be provided by Small Chef at Large, wine by The Restaurant Store, Live Music by Brian Roberts and there will be a silent auction.   Tickets are $60.00 and available at The Key West Art Center and Gallery as well as on the website  On this important date the Mayor of Key West, Teri Johnston, will be presenting the Center with an official proclamation. ( More details to follow in Next Few Weeks)

I was over to visit with their Curator & Artist Deborah J.Moore ( always a Great Hang)..She tells me about the following other Events & Classes in January :
Jan 10 : Members Meeting 3:30p, Open to Public at 4pm with Special Guest Max Irwin to discuss the New Art Walk
Jan. 14 Board Member Meeting
Karen Beauprie WaterColor Classes 10a-1pm Jan 7, 14, 21 & 28
Gouache with Priscilla Coote Jan. 11 & 18 9:30a-1p.
Jan 25 & 26 The Annual Arts & Crafts Show 10a-5pm
 Lets stay here (KW Art Ctr.) and show you a few More works from Pt. 1 of Our Latest Visit to The Key West Art Center  

My New Ride by Deborah J Moore  Acrylic

Morning on William Street by Mally Weaver  Original WaterColor

Our Town by Karen Beauprie  WaterColor

Stopping by the Wildlife Center by Mary Jean Connors  Oil
Part 2 of Our Tour of the Many Local Artists at The Key West Art Center in the December 30th. Issue


Syndicated Columnist & Critic Eugene Hernandez
from Film Comment & Deputy Dir. of Film at Lincoln Center
Introduces One of Our Three 2019 KWFF Golden Key Awards to Writer / Director from "Boys Don't Cry" Kimberly Peirce

Kimberly Peirce

Hilary Swank

Peter Sarsgaard

Chloe Sevigny

Lecy Goranson

Jeanneta Arnette


More Awards Up Shortly

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Part 1

Next Week Pt. 2 of "The Literary History of Key West"

Syndicated Film Columnist & "Key West Citizen" Film Critic as Well as Owner of   WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM & WWW.MYSTERYFESTKEYWEST.COM Shirrel Rhoades Giving Actor / Writer Tom Skerritt his 2019 KWFF Golden Key Award 

Brilliantly running the Q&A with Mr. Skerritt is David Fear from Rolling Stone Magazine
More Awards Up Shortly


From the Collection of the KWAHS Curator Cori Convertito

From the collection of KWAHS Dan Ayers-Price Dir. of Retail Operations

Next Week Pt. 2 of "Key West Collects"

Foreign-Language Feature Film : "Bacurau" by Kleber Mendonca & Juliano Dornelles

Chad, KWFF's Amanda McGuire (Director of the Annual Awards Ceremony & Logistics Manager), & 
Moderator : From Miami New Times &   WWW.INDIEETHOS.COM
 Hans Morgenstern Introduce the Winner of the
Florida Feature Film "A Name Without A Place" Director Kenny Riches 

Brian Brooks Moderating Many of the Q&A's for the past 7 Years Introduces The Golden Conch Aawrd for 2019 Best LGBTQ Feature Film

Brian Going into the Audience Looking for the Winner "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" Director Celine Sciamma
We Now Continue with our Feature on Future Hall of Famer ( If he was a Player)  Alexei Butirskiy.  He Was in town a few weeks ago; and I always look forward to visiting with Alexei (He's working on some very cool new Paintings). The Key West Gallery is an AMAZING Gallery and Feature some of the BEST Art Work in the World.

The Key West Gallery

Alexei's Pride : 28 X 40 Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

City of Gold : 35 X 26.25 Highley Embellished Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas

Moscow Morning : 20 X 27 Hand Embellished Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas

 MUST SEE ;Here are the links to his Works on WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 
More from The Key West Gallery Up Shortly Including a Peter Max Special Package

The Followers of the KWFF Know that Program Director Michael Tuckman's Company is Involved with Documentaries.  So you can See the Pride he gets in Working with Exceptional Documentary Films at the KWFF and his Eyes get Brighter when Announcing the Yearly Winner for Best Documentary : "After Parkland" Directed by ABC's Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman.

Accepting the Award with Emily & Jake is Tori Gonzalez and Her Parents

5 More Awards to go and counting down to the 2019 AUDIENCE AWARD

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504

We Continue with the 2019 Parade of Paws

FKSPCA Executive Director Tammy  Fox Leads The Parade of Paws


Native Plants for Sale at the Key West Tropical Forest

Docent Guided Tour Offered at Locals Free Sunday
at the Key West Tropical Forest
January 5th is the first Sunday of the month and is designated as "Locals Free" day at the Key West Tropical Forest, 5210 College Road on Stock Island   "A special docent-guided tour is available this day at 11 a.m. with a $5 donation to the Garden's Programs for Kids at 11 a.m."   
The Garden is open 10am to 4pm.  Members always have free entrance and dogs are always welcome. Visit the Forest to experience the biodiversity of plant and animal life and see how it functions as a sanctuary for an endangered ecosystem.  Bring your lunch and picnic in the Courtyard by the waterfall.  The Forest has free Wi-Fi and is handicapped accessible.
For more information call 305-296-1504 or visit


Zazoo Fine Art Gallery is pleased to announce that we are the only East Coast Gallery  to carry the fine art of Celebrity Artist, Actor, Writer and Director Sylvester Stallone!
Editor's note : NEXT WEEK (DEC 30) WE'LL FEATURE SOME OF THE OFFERINGS ; However if you go to Zazoo Now They Probably will have a Few of the Early Arrivals Hung. Thanks Jason and James for ALL the Amazing / Interesting Materials you have supplied the magazine. I so Love Spending Time in Your Gallery. Ed


305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.

Here are 4 Exhibition Events in Jan. 2020 from The Studios of Key West

Alosugre : A Journey Across Time
Jan 2 , 2020  Reception 6-8P Sanger Gallery
Miami based artist Onajide Shabaka explores ethnobotany, geology and archaeology as they relate to human history, society and culture. Through a combination of abstract, calligraphic works on paper, documentary photographs, sculpture and found objects,  Alosúgbe  traces Shabaka's own family history along with the migrations of people and plants from the rice plantations of the Atlantic colonial slave era to 20 th  century Florida.
This exhibition derives from several years of ongoing research finding connections between colonial sites in the Low Country (Georgia & South Carolina), the Caribbean archipelago and Suriname.
sponsored by Zabar's

Funding for this exhibition

Alosúgbe was originally curated by and presented at Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Miami, where it was funded in part by The Ellies, Miami's visual arts awards, presented by Oolite Arts. Support for  Alosúgbe was also provided in part by Locust Projects through its Wavemaker Grants program, which is part of the Andy Warhol Foundation's Regional Regranting Program. Wavemaker Grants is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, and Wells Fargo. With generous project support from Disapora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (Miami) and ReadyTex Gallery (Paramaribo, Suriname).
Jan 2, 2020 Reception 6-8PM

For over twenty years Donna Nadeau has been photographing and painting backstage scenes, her co-dancers, and the men who paid to see them, in the strip bars and "gentleman's" clubs in which she worked, from Maine to Las Vegas, beginning in 1980. Her intention was to document an extraordinary world-its colorful habitués, front-line gendered power structures, and sometimes harrowing psychologies-from the unheard perspective of the women around whom the entire cavalcade still revolves. With exquisite subtleties of form and palette Nadeau endows her watercolors with the atmospherics of these usually obscured environments, and their physical and social architectures-from drab backrooms to glittering, mirrored stages; destructive relationships, underworld dangers, and the financial pursuit that keeps the industry in tension. The artist's own experiences are embedded in the vignettes she depicts, imbuing them with authenticity, humor, and stirring emotive impact. These paintings and the fascinating stories that inspired them are pointedly relevant to today's cultural discourse, although they have remained largely unseen in the decades since Nadeau began making them-until now.
sponsored by Venter Surf & Sport

Two More Exhibition from TSKW Up Shortly

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504
Did you know that the Florida Keys SPCA is an independent non-profit organization? We are not affiliated with any national organization (such as the ASPCA) and therefore receive no funding from those organizations.

We rely on your tax-deductible donations to consistently provide high-quality care for the animals at our shelter while they wait for a new home.
Our Clinic provides Spay & Neuter services for the community and soon to offer Wellness Clinics for local pets as well.  For more information contact us at (305) 294-4857 or  We appreciate all your love for our animals and their care!


Cricket Tells us : Dance Classes at Coffee Mill Dance Studio Resumes in January WWW.COFFEEMILLDANCE.COM
Modern dance students at    CoffeeMill Dance Studio learn new choreography while parents look on at this week's end-of-semester Open House. CoffeeMill Dance Studio invites children, tweens, teens, and toddlers of all skill levels to explore their Winter/Spring 2020 semester roster of dance classes and workshops at The Annex located at 804 White Street and 'By the Bay' located at 3340 North Roosevelt Blvd. #2. Classes resume January 7 through May 8, registration for enrollment is now open.  For more information, call the CoffeeMill Dance Studio at 305-296-9982,email , or visit  for a full schedule. Photo: Cricket Desmarais

An Evening Lost with Lillian Baxter

PLUS TALLY'S FOLEY Jan 8-11 & Jan. 15-18

WWII is drawing to a close. In an abandoned boathouse, a Jewish immigrant woos a southern belle in this beguiling and poignant play about second chances. Winner of both the 1980 Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award. Directed by Mathias Maloff. Featuring Lauren Thompson and Ross Pipkin. Limited Seating.

"Mr. Wilson is one of our most gifted playwrights, a dramatist who deals perceptively with definably American themes. TALLEY'S FOLLY is a play to savor and cheer." -NY Times.

"A funny, sweet, touching, and marvelously contrived love poem for an apple from an orange." -NY Post


A young man with obsessive compulsive disorder, an international socialite accused of a crime, and an artist helping her AIDS-stricken friend to end his life. With one foot in traditional opera and the other in musical theater, "Single Occupancies" stretches the genre. Sung in English by nationally renowned opera singers, these contemporary opera theatre monologues are riveting, fresh, and relevant.
Mark Campbell

Painting by Michele Byrne

Mark Campbell, Grammy Award winner and librettist of the Pulitzer-Prize winning opera, "Silent Night," presents a post-performance talk each evening. Mr. Campbell is perhaps the most prolific and well-known librettist of new American opera. Among other topics, he'll share his thoughts on what it's like to write LGBTtQ+ characters for the contemporary opera stage.

Go to the TSKW Website Link Below for Addition Materials on this Martin Hennessey, Marisa Michelson & Stephen Kitsakos Production
Thu-Sat Jan 9-11, 8pm
$45 Preferred, $35 General ($10 discount for members - advanced only)

Johnny Carson and Jack Webb. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. Monty Python, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and more! Your favorite Key West creatives celebrate the giants of comedy by recreating their most famous sketches. Join us for a night of belly laughs... punctuated by a few awkward chuckles.

WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.
To see ALL the Current and Future Exhibitions at TSKW Click Exhibition Link from their Website

The Annual "TSKW Winter's Member Exhibition : Outside the Lines" Dec. 5-26
Mentioned Earlier in this Issue : Part 1  from "Outside the Lines" Will be Featured Next Week with 20 Works of Art, Then Another 20 on 1/6, and another 20 on Jan. 13, & Perhaps More on Jan.20
"Face of the Reef" by Margo Ellis  Fabric & Beads


Here are the Other Two Exhibitions/Receptions coming in January 2020
STILLNESS by Josefina Cavalina  Zabar Project Gallery
Reception 1/2/2020  Exhibition 1/2-1/30

A new focus, a new body of work, and a new name. New York artist Josefiná Cavaliná presents still life oil paintings featuring ceramics, fruits and vegetables.
Josefiná (aka Joseph Cavalieri) was chosen as a Studios' AiR in 2012, and has returned to teach four glass classes. This is the inaugural exhibition of Josefiná's paintings on canvas. A collection of serene and quiet images painted in his Little Italy studio in Manhattan.
"The subject matter in my paintings is close to my heart. I have worked in ceramics and my father owned a general store in Tarrytown, New York, which specialized in fruit and vegetables. I worked there as a teen."
sponsored by Historic Hideaways
EDDIES BY JIM RACCHI Zabar Lobby Gallery
Reception 1/2/2020 Exhibition 1/2-30

An island mainstay and one of the driving forces behind the dearly missed Sculpture Key West exhibitions, Jim Racchi studied classical stone carving in Florence before settling in the Keys. His welded creations echo that training in their strong lines and impulsive flow. Racchi's latest work is a series of polychrome welded steel sculptures that illustrate the flow of an eddy-a circular current defined by its movement.
sponsored by We*Cycle Bicycles

Hit LINK1 for the E-Mail Campaign on this Series of Events & Complete Schedule

Up Shortly
Part 17
Pres. Don


As We do on a Regular Basis : We Feature Some of the Many Performers that Devote Much Time in Playing for the Many Non-Profit Fund Raising Organizations. Leading the Way is Skipper Kripitz and his "Band' of Merry Performers

Fri. 20th-@5pm SALUTE- Smilin' Quartet w/ Bob Boyd, Mark Rose, & Joe Dallas. -Sat.21st- @noon Shakti Yoga- Tara's Solstice Yoga Nidra - w Ross Brown on gtr. & me on my Rav Vast tongue drums. -Sun. 22nd@1pm Green Parrot Jazz Jam w/ Mark Rose, Mike Emerson, &Joe Dallas. -Sun. 22nd-@8pm KW Theatre- the 'Christmas Rocks' concert-w Joe Tripp, Destiny, Larry & Christine, Dallas, Wayne,. -Tues. Xmas Eve, Dec. 24th Blue Heaven 6-9pm. CRZBs Consort w/ Chris, Mark,& Dallas,**& right after!! ~.Dec. 24th VIRGILIO's @9:30- The KW Motown Soul Revue w/ Clayton Lopez, Buck Newton, & a host of guest horns & singers.  -Xmas Wed. Dec. 25th@8pm- Little Room- vocalist extraordinaire, Victoria Horne, w/ Larry Smith& Dallas.   Thurs. Dec. 26 8-11 pm Little Room- Chris Burchard,  gtr, w/ Gary Rivenson, bass, & skippo, percussives.    Fri. Dec. 27 5-7:30 skippo's bday celeb [wheee!],  with CRZBs Consort Quartet w/ Crizz, Gary, skippo, & Mark Rose on flutes & saxes.  (No biggie , just celebrating my 39th......again!). 
Sun. Dec. 29 5-7:30 Gardens Hotel-  the CRZBs w/ Rob DiStasi, vocals & keybds., Crizz, skippo, & special guest, Miz Claire Finley , on bass. Tues. Dec. 31st 5-7 pm, on a FURY boat (departs from docks by Conch Seafood), w/ Marty Stonely, saxes & flute, Raven, gtr & vocals, & skippo, drums.


MCSO Animal Farm 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300

Next Two Opens :  Sunday January 12 & 26 1-3pm


 830 Fleming St. 305-517-6088

Current Exhibition : Richard "Dick" Matson
Bougainvillea Golden Dew Drop


Screen Door

Sheila's Place

For the month of December, SALT Gallery (830 Fleming St.,  will feature a  collection of colorful oil paintings by the beloved local artist Dick Matson. To celebrate Matson's works, SALT hosted an opening reception at the gallery from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 6.
A Brooklyn native, Dick Matson has lived and worked in Key West for over 40 years. After graduating from The Cooper Union Art School in New York City and attending graduate school at Yale University's School of Art in New Haven, Conn., Matson worked in advertising, but never left his love of painting behind.
            The majority of Matson's works, including the pieces at SALT, are done en plein air and feature the distinctive architecture and natural life found in Key West.  His palette is clearly inspired by the island's color and light and over time he has become one of Key West's most prominent artists. 
            "Dick Matson is an absolute legend in the Key West art world," says gallery owner Laura Richardson. "He's a singular character and it's an immense honor to feature an artist as talented as Dick on the walls of our tiny gallery."
SALT Gallery features an eclectic collection of local art, local sea salts, jewelry, pottery, wine and Florida Keys honey.  Gallery owners Maria Sharpe and Laura Richardson feature a new artist each month at SALT. Matson's work will remain on display until the end of the month. For more information, call 305-517-6088 or visit .

The December 30th Issue will have 6 More Works from the Exhibition at Salt

We Continue Part 5 "Trees of the Keys"
Florida Keys Council of the Arts: 2020 Members Show "Trees of the Keys"
WWW.KEYSARTS.COM 1110 Simonton St. (Gato Cigar Bld.) 305-295-4369.

Momento Vivere / Remember to Live by Kreg D. Kelley Acrylic Antiques, & Starfish & Butterflies

Palm Part I, II, & III by Greg D. Kelley  Acrylic, Antiques, Sheet Music Circa 1870s, With Glossy Resins & Glazes

Colorful Palms by Maggie Ruley  Acrylic

Under the Shade of the Seagrape at Fort Zachery Taylor Park by Kathy LeTarte

On the Sunny Side by Christine Cordone  WaterColor

Part 6 in the Dec 30, 2016 Issue


United & White St.
This weekly Feature is Written by Alyson Crean; and ALL Photographs are from Alyson

Why stress about parking and traffic to celebrate New Year's Eve this year when you can ride the shuttle? Let Key West Transit's Safe Ride do the driving! The shuttle begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday, December 31st and runs continuously until 1:45 a.m. Fare is just $2 per trip on the local route and $4 per trip for the Lower Keys Shuttle.  The Safe Ride shuttles cover Key West and Stock Island, as well as the Lower Keys Shuttle between Marathon and Key West. The downtown drop-off and pickup point is Fausto's on Fleming Street, right in the heart of the action.   Be sure to plan ahead, as the last City bus shuttle pickup is at 1:45 a.m. and the final Lower Keys shuttle departs Key West at 1:45 a.m. as well.
Buses will not provide service west of Simonton Street after 11 a.m. on Tuesday, except for the Duval Loop. After 5 p.m., all service will be from Fausto's.   There will be no bus service on New Year's Day. Normal schedules will resume on Thursday, January 2. nd . Additional details are available on the city's web site at  and .
 Mayor Teri Johnston was invited to tour the United States Coast Guard Sector Key West. During the tour Mayor Johnston was briefed on the many services the U.S Coast Guards provides for the Keys including maintaining proper shipping lanes for cruise ships, rescuing distressed boaters and maintaining a secure border for the citizens of the Florida Keys.  In addition to the briefing, Mayor Johnston also received a special tour of the USCG Cutter Charles Sexton and USCG Small Station Key West. The Charles Sexton is a fast response Cutter of 154 feet in length with three officers and 20 enlisted crew members.   The Small Boat Station of Key West has approximately 50 personnel.
"We would like to thank Mayor Johnston for visiting Sector Key West. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with the City of Key West to serve the community and those who visit the Keys" stated Lieutenant Nick Olmstead.     
Pictured left to right in front of the USCGS Charles Sexton: Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Audette, Mayor Teri Johnston, Captain Adam Chamie and Lieutenant Nick Olmstead

Members of the Key West Fire Department are feeling the season spirit, playing
Santa's elves for Toys for Tots. Station #1 is a virtual Santa's workshop as the crew gets ready to make some children very happy this year!

Critics Award Winner "Atlantics" : Dir. Matt Diop

Genuining Having Lots of Fun ; Unlike Most of the People in The Public Eye That Strain to Appear Somewhat Interested;let alone Truly Excited. In Fact I have Multiple Photos of Some the Same Action to Continually Show that the KWFF is An EXTREMELY FUN HANG FOR ALL; Especially the Participants..Leading the Happiness is Chad, Miranda, & Syndicated Columnists K. Austin Collins of Vanity Fair & Jen Yamato of the LA Times Giving the Final Award for the 2019 KWFF : The Audience Award.
and the Winner is "Waves" Director Trey Edward Shults

More 2019 KWFF Up Shortly Including the Founder & CEO of the KWFF Brooke Christian , The Complete Award Listings, & One of the Sunday Events

Curator : Karen Wray
This Exhibition Below will be on for a few More Weeks; go to Last Week's Issue Dec. 16 to see More details and a few of the Works.

Collections, Key West Gallery (Stock Island) Dec 7/14/15, 11-4
Show runs parallel to I Love Stock Island Festival
Collections Gallery will be filled with Pamela's jewelry, Olga's jackets, Margo's quilts & Wilfredo's Women!
Joel Guzman is a young emerging Artist who lives in Havana, Cuba. His use of Cuban Cigar leaves, Black Chinese Ink and Antique Buttons, create his finely detailed version of dream-like scenes and stories that represent his vision of day-to-day life and culture in Cuba.
Maikel Mesa Fría is a young imaginative Artist who lives in Havana, Cuba. Fría uses bright colors to paint picturesque Cuban landscapes inside of objects that are typical to the Cuban culture, such as cooking pots, watering cans and fruits. These dream like scenes bring the images of the Cuban countryside to life.
    We'll have fresh shows monthly that will run in conjunction with the Stock Island Design District's 2nd Saturday art stroll.


Up in a few More Features the Schedule of Visiting Artists


Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040


Part 17
Pres. Don

While Looking at my 800 Photo Gold Coast file I Shot to start off Pt 17 ; I Past a few ( Well Many) Photos that I Could not resist getting in again; and then I start with the Classic Ford or Packard or Chevy ( Perhaps 1931-1932?). This Issue : We'll Only have One Section of the Glen Cove LI NY Gold Coast Cruiser Show with 750 Cars Due to the many Photo Features in this Issue. Part 18 Next Week.

Part 18 Next Week

Brooke Christian KWFF Founder & CEO Giving the Annual Closing

We have One More Feature Up Next from the Sunday Line-Up.  The New Series of Short Films "Environmental Docs & Animation"

KWFF19 Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Key West Film Festival winners!

WORLD Narrative Short & Documentary Short : 
Always Remember Me  Nell Teare.  
Underwater Senses :  Leonardo Sergiani. 
WORLD STUDENT Narrative Short & Documentary Short : 
Where's the Fire by  Yonca Talu & 
Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan
John Quatroche.  FLORIDA STUDENT Narrative Short & Documentary Short :
Freewheel by  Hollis Rosenkranz.  &
In Human Kind :  Juancho Rodriguez.  
FLORIDA Narrative Short & Documentary Short : 
The Things they Left Behind by  Sara Werner & 
Phil & Grace | The World's Oldest Scuba Diving Couple :Dir.  Sonny DePasquale.   
Violette Hayes: A True Story  By Giancarlo Fusi.   FEATURE
: Hearts of Key West  By Billy Nahn and David Fleer. 
FOREIGN Feature : 
Bacurau  By Kleber Mendonca Filho & Juliano Dornelles  
: After Parkland  By Emily Taguchi & Jake Lefferman.  
FLORIDA Feature : 
 A Name Without A Place  By Kenny Riches.   
LGBT Feature: 
: Portrait of a Lady on Fire  By Celine Sciamma.
FEATURE :  : Atlantics  By Mati Diop.  
: Waves  By Trey Edward Shults  .


1100 Atlantic Blvd.  305-294-3210, 914-393-2358


AnnaMarie Giordano's Life Drawing Workshop is on Break for a Few Weeks
 11 am-2 pm at the Fort East Martello near the airport. $25 for 3 hours. All mediums and levels are welcome. Materials can be purchased in class if needed. Drive past the main entrance and keep right to the back of the forts grass parking lot. Any ??? 609-884-3474 . The next class is on Jan 7th, 2020. Happy Holidays!


281 Front St. 305-295-6616

 Here is the Exhibition Page on the KWAHS Website that will give you all the Current & Year Round Exhibitions 
Upcoming Exhibitions
The 4 Listed Right Now
"Literary History of Key West" Nov. 1-Feb 9, 2020
"Key West Collects : Our Community Treasures" Nov. 22 - Jan. 5, 2020
"From a Woman's Hand" Jan. 17- March 22
"Sanford Birdsey A Retrospective" Feb. 21 - April 22, 2020

More from KWAHS Up Shortly

Annual Meeting Thursday January 30th, 6pm at Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center
The 2020 Annual Meeting will feature Jon Rizzo of the National Weather Service. His talk will review the 2019 storm season and give us better insights to hurricane forecasting. We will also wrap up the 2019 year with a review of Last Stand activities and election of new board members.

The Environmental Docs & Animal Shorts WERE SO ENTERTAINING & EDUCATIONAL ; and Since Our Magazine is also Top Heavy with Environmental - Nature -Conservation Features : WE LOVED THIS NEW SERIES and Glad that KWFF Will Have it Every Year.

Representing 4 of the Short Films : "The Blues Crab" : Dir. Art Rubenstein, "Phil & Grace The World's Oldest Scuba Diving Couple" : Dir. Sonny DePasquale, "Underwater Senses" Dir. Leonardo Sergiani, and "John Pennekamp Cleanup" Dir. Sonny DePasquale.

2nd from Left is Ari Rubenstein Dir. & Producer (Curv Films) with Adam Rubenstein "The Blues Crab" & Flowered Dress is Producer for "Phil & Grace The World's Oldest Scuba Diving Couple" and "John Pennekamp Cleanup" Vicki Thomas

Two of the Mentioned Films Above ; Sonny DePasquale  Director & Senior Video Producer for 4 Ocean Films
and Here is a Closer Look at "The Blues Crab" an Extremely Adorable Film (Must See : Along with the 8 Others).  I'll find out from Michael Tuckman where you can see ALL 9.

Check Out this Trailer

Thanks Again KWFF & All the Filmmakers, The Tropic Cinema & TSKW, The Media, & the Thousands of Audience Members that Made the 2019 KWFF The Best Ever. Look for their Pop Up Events Throughout 2010. 


 WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469
MANGIA MANGIA's Season of Helping Out the Deserving Non Profits with their Dinner Plans. Heather and  Michael send Regards and tells us :
Yes, we have already started our events for non-profits and giving 30% off to localsEditor's note : A Great Way to Give Your Organization Some Funds with a Peaceful / Relaxing Group Dinner for Friends, Family and Associates ; and as We ALL Know ; Excellent Food..Sit in their Backyard or enjoy Dinner in their Spacious Dinning Room.  ( More Below)









Stephen Muldoon Dec 28-31 Fri./Sat Noon-3pm & 7-10p Sun 11a-4pm
Steve Harlan Jan. 9-12P  Thur. 6-10p, ALL Other Times Noon to Close
Oryan : Jan 23-26 Thur. 6-10p, ALL Other Times Noon to Close
Steve Barton Feb 6-10
Michael Cheval Feb. 13-16
David Wight "Big Wave Dave" Feb 20-23


Email to become a vendor or register here ==>
Keep up the Great Job Jill and Sean. Next December  29

And Every Thursday at The Truman Waterfront Park is Key West Farmers Market 10am-2:30pm

WWW.KEYWESTBUTTERFLY.COM 305-296-2988  1316 Duval St.
A Major Sponsor of the KWFF..In the  Next Few weeks we'll do a Tour


Ever Saturday Morning 10am is Discovery Saturdays for the entire Family

33 East Quay Rd. 305-809-4750


Hosted the 2019 Key West Film Fest



The Key West Gallery

Meet Adam Scott Rote
Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST
Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 10:00 PM EST

Meet the Artist 11am-2pm and 7-10pm Daily. Adam Rote will unveil his newest original and limited edition paintings as he paints live in the gallery. Enjoy show specials and personalized dedications on all new artwork purchases.
Key West Gallery

Friday, December 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST
Sunday, December 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM EST

Welcome and meet renowned artists Bill Mack and Gary Welton December 27- 29 RSVP requested New original artwork and limited editions available for purchase. Click title to RSVP today /305- 292-9339/
Key West Gallery
Bill Mack
Gary Welton
Meet Artist Luis Sottil
Friday, January 10- Sunday, January 12, 2020
Sottil created the internationally renowned process of painting that he named Naturalismo. RSVP 305-292-9339 or

Thanks Key West Gallery for bringing into Key West Amazingly Talented Artists. What a Treat Visiting Your Gallery


524 Front St. 305-292-0448


3428 N. Roosevelt Ave.

5525 College Rd. 305-296-2424

Please take a look at this 2.5 Minute Video of Our Sheriff; Hit SHERIFF Link. Next Issue : More Great Deeds that Sheriff Ramsay and the MCSO Troops Perform.


WWW.REDBARNTHEATRE.COM 319 Duval St. 305-296-9911

First Play of the 2019 / 2020 Season

Dec 10, 2019 - Jan 4, 2020

Based on the book by Cheryl Strayed. Adapted by Nia Vardalos.

Directed By: Joy Hawkins

A struggling writer takes over as an online advice columnist who admits she doesn't have all the answers but mines her own mistakes to empathically respond to dilemmas that are at the heart of being human. The play was based on the best-selling book by Cheryl Strayed of "Wild" fame (a book and movie starring Reese Witherspoon) and was originally directed by Thomas Kail, the director of Hamilton. Tiny Beautiful Things is a luminous play about reaching when you're stuck, healing when you're broken and finding the courage and humor to take on the questions which sometimes have no answers.


5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081


Environmental Center & Headquarters 631 Greene St. 305-294-3100 
( A MUST TO VISIT : Next to the Brewery)
PO Box 430 KW, Fla, 33041
Fax : 305-293-9519




Here is another Truly Deserving Organization to Help
Direct Donate Link Below
24215 Carribean Dr. W., SummerLand Key, Fl. 33042.  Keep up the Outstanding Work Dr. David Vaughan and Staff.


 Send an E-mail to below to receive the E-Newsletter
Tickets Now on sale 

December 19, 2019 :
Get in the spirit as our artists present an evening of seasonal music. The event will be held in St. Paul's sanctuary which highlights the church's acoustics and magnificent pipe organ. January 16, 2020 :
Vocalists Barbara Staffen, John Baird, and Dean Warden perform Monteverdi, Schubert, Copeland and Weill. February 20, 2020 : Four-hand piano pieces by Dvořak, Chaminade, and Jongen with Ann McFarland and Tim Peterson. March 19, 2020 : An evening of Strings with Irie Monte, Pavla Houdkova and Mark Simcox performing Beethoven and Mozart accompanied by Tim Peterson. April 16, 2020 :  Enjoy 
Dvořak performed by Irie Monte, Pavla Houdkova, and Mark Simcox accompanied by Ann McFarland plus Bach sung by John Baird accompanied by Tim Peterson and Donna DeForrest


WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.

Violinist Blake Pouliot  Season Premiere of the 2020 Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West at St. Paul's Church January 12 4pm


This Excellent On-Line Newspaper / Magazine has Hundreds of Local News Features-Photos-Videos and Fantastic Investigative Reporting.  Go to their Above Website to see ALL The Updated Features.

WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

MANGIA MANGIA's Season of Helping Out the Deserving Non Profits with their Dinner Plans. Heather and Michael send Regards and tells us :
"Yes, we have already started our events for non-profits and giving 30% off to locals.  Editor's note : A Great Way to Give Your Organization Some Funds with a Peaceful / Relaxing Group Dinner for Friends, Family and Associates ; and as We ALL Know ; Excellent Food..Sit in their Backyard or enjoy Dinner in their Spacious Dinning Room."  ( More Below)

Mark Yeoman Art Work in the Main Dinning Room

Here is the Menu Link 



Thank you for helping us support Monroe County students! 
or Mail check to United Way PO Box 2143 KW 33045

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504


Click any of the Orange Links to be Taken to the Different Areas on their Website
Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special "Dinner Cruise" Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks

Mall on Duval :  The First Weekend of Every Month Non Profit Organizations are Featured.  Mayor Johnston Tells Us the Upcoming Schedule for the Mall on Duval Being OPEN :  Mall on Duval will be held every other weekend through the middle of February as the City continues this pilot program. The same three blocks of Duval Street will be closed to traffic for the Mall on Duval on the following dates :  December 27 th  and 28 th,   January 10 th  and 11 th,  January 24 th  and 25 th , and February 13 th  and 14 th
Editor's Note :  This is Brilliant & In time will be a Major Tourist Attraction Just Like Mallory Square. Many People have about a DOZEN Reasons to do  make this a Permanent Mall : At The Top A Quiet & Non Abrasive Environment for Our Residents to Enjoy. I'm sure with The Mall on Duval as a Permanent thing the City and Retailers will continue to Clean Up Duval Street.  

A Photo from the Grand Opening Event


NOW is the largest organization of feminist grass-roots activists in the US. NOW has hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members and activists in all 50 states. Since its founding 1966, NOW's purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism, to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. 
Key West NOW meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm at Shanna Key and we welcome your presence.


Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7:45 AM 
(weather permitting). 
An invigorating blend of stretches, dance, Pilates and yoga for the body, mind and spirit for Individuals and Couples. Towels, Mats, Weights, Music & Instruction for ONLY $15.  526 Angela Street at The Gardens Hotel ( Corner Simonton and Angela). 305-294-3381.  Ask for Concierge as well if you don't see the Group in the Gardens.

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG Offices & Studios in the Key West Theater 2nd Fl. 512 Eaton St. Kyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman

 One of the ways to Support Dance Key West is of course Make a Donation to this Truly Deserving Non Profit; and Another Way is "Wine Bingo for Dance Key West" at Vinos 810 Duval St.. Contact Vinos and Dance Key West for their upcoming Events

717 Love Lane


 Key West Farmers Market at Truman Waterfront 10a-2pm
On July 16 the Key West City Council approved a weekly Farmers Market at Truman Waterfront. The decision came after new organizers came forward to fill the void left by the abrupt departure of the Green Market at Bayview Park. Jill Snodgrass and Sean Krikorian, owners of the event firm Daily Plan-it, already organize the popular seasonal Key West Artisan Market at Higgs Beach so it was a natural fit. "We feature many of the same vendors who came to us expressing a need and desire to continue serving the people of Key West," Krikorian explained. "Many of them participate in a market almost every day somewhere in the keys, so missing an option on Thursdays left a void for them as well as the patrons."  The Truman Waterfront Advisory Board reached out to encourage selection of that recently renovated area as the new location and both vendors and organizers agreed it is a perfect choice.
The new event  began August 1 and continue every Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm. The show will feature produce sold by the Homestead farmer who grows it, Rosie, the famous cheese lady, orchids and native plants, pickles, honey, handcrafted items and other specialties. Organizers are applying to make the show EBT/SNAP friendly so affordable fresh food will be available to more people. Working locals are urged to take advantage of the many prepared items and stop at the market during their lunch break to enjoy a seaside picnic while they shop. Parking is plentiful and free with a resident parking permit. Visitors are encouraged to use the free pink Duval Loop Bus which stops close by. The new splash park and tours of the Ingham are also available in the park.
"When the Green Market closed many locals were very vocal about wanting a farmers market option in their backyard." Krikorian said, "We hope everyone shows up to support this and helps make sure its sustainable."
For more information or to participate, contact Sean K at 305.731.3385 or visit facebook kwfarmersmarket
The Last Few Issues of The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends
APRIL 1 2019
APRIL 8 2019
APRIL 15 2019
April 29 2019
May 27 (Last Issue of the 2018 / 2019) Season
Special Edition Summer Issue #1 June 24
Special Edition Summer Issue#2 July 15, 2019
Special Edition Summer Issue#3 Aug. 5, 2019
Special Edition Summer Issue#4 Aug. 19, 2019
FIRST ISSUE OF THE 2019 / 2010 Season  Sept. 9
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September 30, 2019
Oct. 7, 2019
Oct. 14, 2019
Oct. 21, 2019
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Nov. 3, 2018
Dec. 2, 2019
Dec. 9, 2019
Dec. 16, 2019

From the Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM  808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.
 Next Luncheon is on a Friday at The Beachside Marriott jan 10 & Next Mixer is Jan. 15 at The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens. Fritzie Just Helped me out finding that Info. (Thanks).  To find the dates of the Mixers and Luncheons Go to Above (Click) WebSite; Main Menu Appears & Sub Menu on Top (Hit) ABOUT / US ; and the 1 drop down Menu BECOME A MEMBER (Click That) and that takes you to the ABOUT US PAGE ; and Simply Scroll Down and the Listings will be There.

Great Job on your Weekly Friday E-Mail Campaigns ; and ALL the Member's Businesses Special Event Flyers & Materials


WWW.THEMERUNS.COM 305-747-8563

12/30 6pm illuminated 5K Key West Benefits MCBA Scholarship and Take Stock In Children
RACES 2020 
2/9 8am Red Hot Run 5K Key West Benefits Anchors Aweigh. 2/23 8am FINtastic 5K Key West Benefits Gerald Adams Elementary.  3/2 8am Sombrero 5K/10/15K Marathon. Benefits KAIR , 
4/23 7pm Duval Mile 1mile Key West Benefits KWHS Track and Cross Country. 4/27 8am Mariners March 5K Key West Benefits Basilica School. 5/4 8am Tutu 10K and Relay Key West Benefits KWHS. 6/29 8am PAL 5K Key West Benefits Police Athletic League. 7/4 8am Rotary 4th of July 5K Key West Benefits Rotary of Key West.  9/5 8am Heroes Salute 5K Duck Key Benefits Monroe FD. 9/19 8am One Human Race 5K Key West Benefits May Sands Montessori School. 10/3 8am Red Shirt Run 5K Key West Benefits AH Monroe. 10/26 6pm Heroes and Villains 5K Key West Benefits KWHS. 11/7 8am Zonta ABC 5K Key West Benefits Women's Health Mammograms.  11/8 or 15th (DATE TBD) 8am Childrens School 5K Key West Benefits The Children's School.  11/15 or 22nd 7:30am Mariners Hospital 5K/10K Islamorada Benefits The Center for Excellence in Nursing 11/26. 9am Turkey Trot Duck Key Benefits Local Law Enforcement. 11/28 8am Hog Trot 5K Key West Benefits KWHS Track and Cross Country.  12/30 6pm illuminated 5K Key West Benefits MCBA Scholarship and Take Stock In Children
Beth Moyes
President Theme Runs Inc.
Zombie Bike Ride Artist Coordinator
Fantasy Fest Parade Coordinator
(305) 747-8563
1277 1st St. Suite 1
Key West FL 33040


Next Week's Issue will have a few of their Most Recent Photo Galleries ; However Why Wait? Hit Above Link & Go to Their Website.  Great seeing you both Caroline & Johnny at Eric's & Emma's Annual Holiday Party.


WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN  305-296-1504
5201 College Rd.  

The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden on Stock Island is seeking volunteers to help with the Nursery, Garden and general office help.  No experience necessary and training is provided.  Volunteer hours apply toward Community Service for students, City, County & State Programs. For more information contact the Garden office at (305) 296-1504, email or go online to to sign up.  
The Garden is located at 5210 College Road, on Stock Island, Key West, Florida.  For information about visiting the Garden, please visit  or call 305.296.1504.


WWW.MARCHOUSE.ORG  305-296-9556


Q-Magazine from Neil Chamberlain 
WWW.QKEYWEST.COM 305-396-8227


 The Tennessee Williams Museum Exhibit 513 Truman Ave. 305-204-4527

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses Constant Contact for our Database Management and Production. It's amazingly Easy and the Customer Support is second to none (With a Tie with Dell). WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM 866-289-2101


Jan 8-11 and Jan 15-18

Rebecca Tomlinson (Artistic Managing Director  305-587-8961)   Tickets at
Go to their Website & facebook for additional Plays / Events


WWW.INSTITUTOSANCARLOS.ORG 516 Duval St. 305-294-3887 




Click this  LINK1 for their Facebook Page


Please go to their Facebook Pages and Website for Event Listings as well as Great Features

Here is a Video Link about "Car Free Key West & One Spot that they just added more Bike Racks

-------------------------------------   305-766-9727 Peter Arnow 305-923-9645

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends are in Many of the Playbills Every Year.  Target Market Visibility to an UPSCALE Disposable Income Demographic.

Roberta and Peter Say Reserve Early

To be seen in any of the 2020 Cultural Arts Publications; Check Below & Their Website for additional Playbills to get Into....

Some of the Available Playbills Not Past Deadlines Yet
 Anne McKee Art Auction Program, February 15 for Key West Songwriter's Festival, May 1 for PrideFest Key West 2020,  Mystery Fest Key West, Key West Summer Stage 2020, May 15  for Key West International Guitar Festival, June 1 for Tropical Heat 2020, July 1  for WomenFest 2020



407 Wall St. 305-294-5015


WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504


Gracy Puts in an Amazing Amount of Work; Especially the Special Event Listings; She is also a Real Estate Broker so Please Check Her Out ; as well as her On-Line Magazine

WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM 305-440-0529 2011 Flagler Ave. 
Gracy sends regards and tells us : This website was created to make easier to event goers to find times and dates. Companies can save time and always have updated/available events available to them and their customers. They don't have to search every local news paper to find what they need. They have ready and combined information on one calendar. It's also online and therefore very convenient. Most people are digital nowadays. Another selling point is that the calendar of events will provide useful information that can be used for scheduling. Any company who is having a special event can look at the global calendar and avoid clashing times/dates with other organizations. This also allows them to attract more people to their events by scheduling their own events when other organizations aren't scheduled. 

 305-293-7500  1100 Simonton St. 33040

Please go to their Website for the Most Accurate / Updated Schedule Including Additions
Tommy Emmanuel - February 15th & 16th - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     Judy Collins - February 17th - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,    February 22nd - Tom Papa - Show 7pm/Doors 6pm,   February 25th - John Lodge - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,      February 27th - Beginnings: A Tribute to the Music of Chicago - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     February 29th - Firefall - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm, March 1st - John Tesh - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,   March 16th & 17th -Get The Led Out- Show 8pm/Doors 7pm.
 RamsHead Productions Temptations April 5, 2020; and also Kool and the Gang with the Village People Feb. 21, 2020
Sugar Rum Cherry : A Burlesque NutCracker
December 19, 20 & 21.  Go to their website for Detailed Info.
March 12 & 13

DOORS 7:00P // SHOW 8:00P
The Kingston Trio began with Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and Dave Guard in 1955... Home base: San Francisco. The three founded what turned out to be the most influential music band to emerge from the 1950s, only to be outdone by The Beatles. With talent and tenacity, they rose to become the undisputed kings of an acoustic musical genre that exploded onto the American scene, and still exists today!

10,000 MANIACS
DOORS 7:00P // SHOW 8:00P
The band has covered plenty of ground in its 35-plus years, from cult-herodom to international stardom, to their current status as a cornerstone alternative band. But the sound and spirit of 10,000 Maniacs remains consistent. The live shows embrace their entire catalogue, and the lineup is still anchored by four of the six original members.


SHOWS AT 6:30PM & 9:30PM

Kevin Nealon sets himself apart from other comedic performers with his unique sense of humor, dry wit and likeable demeanor. Nealon is best known for his nine-year stint as a cast member of NBC's Saturday Night Live, and has received critical acclaim for his role in the Showtime series, Weeds.
Due to Time Constraints the Last Few Weeks..I've not been able to Update their Schedule. Of course; to get the Complete Current Schedule with Details; go tp their website.



Hit the Blue Links for the Interface to Various Areas on their Site
Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks


WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM The Tourist Development Council (TDC) does a Great Job in Producing their Website & Monthly E-Mail Campaigns which include their Monthly "Keys Traveler" Hit the website URL as well as this Link   TRAVELER  to Bring the December Materials  RIGHT NOW

TDC Photo Adventure Link Below

The first Video up is A short 4 Minute Video on Key Largo


Just a few of the Many Features in the TDC's December "Keys Traveler"

2019 / 2020 Season Kicks Off 
Next concert at The Tennessee Williams Theater Wed. Jan. 15, 2020 with Violinist Irmina Tynkos

Dec 13-15

Grassy Flats Resort's Owner Professional KiteBoarder Matt Sexton Completing a Zero Waste Program & On-Site Sustainable Resort with 30 Units Using 270 Solar Panels

Every Year "Sushi" does her Red Shoe Drop for Key West NYE from the Top of the Bourbon Street Pub Resort and NightClub

Make sure to check out ALL the TDC Materials ; which Include Photo Galleries, Videos, and Extensive Events and Information Materials. Great Job TDC Staff.  
For Many Additional TDC Features for December Hit

  WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661

Cabaret ALL TIMES ARE 5-7 PM
Cabaret  @ d'vine Wine Gallery:
Cabaret  @ d'vine Wine Gallery:
Monday, Dec 23, Nina Newton, 5-7 pm
Tuesday, Dec 24, Nancy 3. Hoffman, 5-7 pm
Wednesday, Dec 25, Nina Newton, 5-7 pm
Thursday, Dec 26, Nina Newton, 5-7 pm
Friday, Dec 27, Michael Robinson, 5-7 pm
Saturday, Dec 28, Bobby Green, 5-7 pm
Sunday Dec.22 Libby York & Friends
Sunday,  Dec 29, 5:30 - 8 pm
JaZz In The Gardens
Skipper Kripitz & Friends!
New Years Show!


Nina Newton Playing Usually on Multiple Days Each Week
 In fact; all the Talent at their Cabaret Lounge is Great.


MOTE'S Beach Condition Reporting System Expands to the Florida's East Coast
The Beach Conditions Reporting System (BCRS) provides daily updates on waves, currents, water and air temperature, algae and multiple other conditions at 38 beaches, including Lake Worth and 37 Gulf Coast beaches in Southwest Florida and the Panhandle. Each beach is monitored by trained volunteers including lifeguards, park rangers and others coordinated by Mote.  Much Additional Info. is in the E-Mail Campaign that this Feature is in ; Click
In the Next Few Issues I'll be Inserting some recent Links from MOTE. You Should go on the website and sign up for their E-Newsletters.


WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM  900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Here is the Menu Link 

MANGIA MANGIA's Season of Helping Out the Deserving Non Profits with their Dinner Plans. Heather and Michael send Regards and tells us :
"Yes, we have already started our events for non-profits and giving 30% off to locals.  Editor's note : A Great Way to Give Your Organization Some Funds with a Peaceful / Relaxing Group Dinner for Friends, Family and Associates ; and as We ALL Know ; Excellent Food..Sit in their Backyard or enjoy Dinner in their Spacious Dinning Room."


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 305-396-4944 416 Eaton St.
Host Venue for the 2019 Key West Film Festival 
HERE IS A PARTIAL LISTING OF THE ART VENUES IN KEY WEST. The Below Galleries & Museums are part of the "Friends" in The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends (Frequent Associate Contributing Editors)


WWW.COCCOANDSALEM.COM  1111Duval St. 305-292-0072


New Location "The Annex" 804 White St.
also "By the Bay" 3340 N. Roos. Blvd. #2

1207 Duval Street  305-296-8900

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM  622 Duval 305-294-8925

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG Offices & Studios in the Key West Theater 2nd Fl. 512 Eaton St. DanceKW@Gmail.comKyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman

221 Key Deer Blvd., Big Pine Key 305-872-1828

WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM  825 White St. 305-294-0609

WWW.STONESOUPGALLERY.COM 802 White St. 305-296-2080

EFFUSION GALLERY (Just Opened July 5) 701 Duval St.
305-735-4345  WWW.EFFUSION.COM


WWW.AMANDAJOHNSONFINEART.COM   518 Fleming St. 305-414-8396

New Location at 408 Greene Street  305-294-3973

WWW.COLLECTIONSKW.COM 6810 Front St. 305-923-4778

Dog Tired Studio & Gallery 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910  WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET

Salt Island Provisions Gallery & General Store  WWW.SALTISLANDPROVISIONS.COM
830 Fleming St. 305-517-6088

ART@830  830 Caroline St. 305-295-9595

Guild Hall Gallery 614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

Alan Maltz Gallery  1210 Duval St. 305-294-0005

DE LA GALLERY 419 Duval St.  305-395-2210


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