The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends 
December 31, 2018

One of Our Favorite Artists "LINCOLN PERRY" Exhibition at Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery 12/31- 1/14 ; Recp Sun. Dec 30 5-7PM

Only Marilyn Monroe could make a leg injury and a miserable facial expression look good. The actress injured herself while working on the set of the River Of No Return in 1953. She ended up having to take time off from shooting after the injury.
Marilyn Monroe remains one of the biggest pop-icons in history. Actress, model, sex-icon and mistress to the president of the United States John F. Kennedy. Often casted as a "dumb blonde" she was the embodiment of the 1950s entire attitude towards sexuality. She was beautiful, stylish, and died far too young and under suspicious circumstances. Even her death achieved legendary status, as conspiracy theories still surround it decades later. 

Part 19 Groovy History's "A Look Back at the 60's & 70's Through Photographs"

 Part 2 from the Winter's Members Show at the Key West Art Center on Front Street. Above "Dolphins of Glory" by Abigail White  Acrylic

Lynn Benson : Visual Artist
Sonya Chung : Author
Brenda Zlamany : Artist
TSKW December Resident Artists  (More Below in TSKW Sections)

So Many Classes in January at TSKW

"Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow.  

Part 7 of 7  : The 2018 Key West Film Festival. This Issue Features the 2018 Awards Ceremony

International Sand Art Competition Held Every Year at the Casa Marina 

Jazz on Aluminum by Bill Mack

In the Wings by Gary Welton

The Key West Gallery Presents A Special New Year's Eve Party with Bill Mack & Gary Welton + Their Annual NYE Exhibition 1/27-1/31

Books and Books  & The KW Library Presents Many Literary Events in January ; Please go to the Books and Books Section in the TSKW Section. Plus the KW Library has Tablet & Smart Phone Classes in January. 

"The Small Works" Exhibition at Gildea Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery

"Art & Puns The Whimsy of Ferron Bell"


"Overseas to the Keys : Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway

Two of the Many Exhibitions from the KWAHS (Key West Arts & Historical Society)

The Latest E-Mailer Feature/Link from MOTE

(Above) Just a few Tickets Left for Opening Night + Party 12/11-1/6. (L) Theatre XP 1/23-2/2

Updated Info. from Theatre XP, Fringe Theatre, and Waterfront Playhouse (More Below  in the Entertainment Section)

The Bob Slitzan Wall

La Te Da by Abigail White

Pt. 6 The Artists of Guild Hall

"Green Sea" by A.D. Tinkham Oil on Canvas
This Issue Contains Part 3 of the Winter
Member's Exhibition "Look Upwards to the Sky"

"Key West Skies" by Nicholas Bergery  Photography

Our New Look The Studios of Key West  (TSKW) Sections. Featuring Their Exhibitions & Classes & New Resident Artists + Their Latest E-Mail Link Featuring Events / Exhibitions & Classes + Pt. 3 of their Winter Member's Exhibition "Look Upwards to the Sky"

"First Thursday of 2019 at TSKW" 1/3-31  ; Reception on Jan  3rd. 6-8PM (L-R). New Exhibitions : "Objects and Images from O" Sanger Gallery, "Glimpses Inside Personal Space" by Rhonda Bristol  XOJ Gallery, "Dual Visions" by Larry Blackburn  Zabor Lobby Gallery. Not Shown "Portraits in Oil" by Annie Dillard Zabor Project Gallery

The Sunday Jan 6th "Rumble" : Many Local Musical Performers Jam

Jan. 13th Darr Williams + 1/11 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

The Key West Theater Bringing Primary Market Entertainment to Key West : An Amazing Job ( More Below)

 WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Link to Hundreds of Local News Features and Photos/Videos

The TDC ( Tourist Development Council) of the Fla. Keys Produces a Monthly On-Line Newsletter Called "Keys Traveler" In This Issue is the December Link.    Of Course ; Key West Receives International Coverage on New Years Eve ( Just Like NYC); but Instead of a Giant Apple Dropping  ; The World's Largest Stiletto Brings Down Sushi

Chaz Bowers : Organ 1/13

Timothy Chooi : Violin 1/27

WWW.KEYWESTIMPROMPTU.ORG 2019 Season Begins January 13. As usual a Great Line Up Performing in an Amazing Place : St. Paul's Church.

The KWAHS (Key West Arts and Historical Society) Opens 4 New Exhibitions at the Custom House.  Info. in the 2 KWAHS Sections in this Issue.


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7955  Weekly.  In this Issue December 31, 2018 : Part 7 of 7 of the 2018 Key West Film Festival Features "The Awards Presentations", Part 19 Groovy History's "A Look Back at the 60's & 70's Through Photographs, Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery has the Lincoln Perry Exhibition 12/30-1/14 Reception Dec 30 5-7pm, Pt. 2 Winter Members Exhibition at Key West Art Center, TSKW Resident Artisans, TSKW Pt. 3 Winter Members Exhibition "Look Upwards to the Sky", Pt.6 The Artists of the Guild Hall Gallery, A Visit to the new Location for Lucky Street Gallery, "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, The Start of the 2019 Impromptu Classical Concert Season, The Next South Florida Symphony Orchestra Concert 1/19 "Porgy & Bess", Photos from the 2018 International Sand Sculpture Competition, WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM  Links to their Features, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM , Past Blast Links,

The Key West Gallery Presents 1/27-1/31 Bill Mack and Gary Welton ; with their Annual NYE Party with Bill and Gary, "Books and Books" January Schedule, 4 New Upcoming Exhibitions at KWAHS, MOTE-Reef Relief-FWC-Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Fla. Keys, WaterFront Playhouse Presents "Peter & The Star Catcher" 12/11-1/6, XP Theatre & Bob Bowersox "I'm Gonna Pray for You So Hard" 1/23-2/2, Fringe Theatre Presents "Terri White on Broadway" 12/27-12/31, TSKW "First Thursday" 1/3 Reception & The Opening of 4 New Exhibitions,  The Key West Theater 1/6 Sunday Ramble-1/13 Darr Williams-Gary Puckett & The Union Gap 1/11, TDC (Tourist Development Council) WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM & Their On-Line "Keys Traveler", Next MCSO Animal Farm 1/13, Sneak Peaks at a Few Features the Next Few Weeks, Florida Keys Council of the Arts Member's Exhibition "Navigating New Waters", The City of Key West & MCSO Features, WWW.FKSPCA.ORG ,

AnnaMarie Giordano "Life Drawing Workshops" Closed 1/1 (Opens again 1/8), KW Library has Tablet and Smart Phone Classes in Jan., WWW.IWFFA.COM Women's Football + "The Kelly McGillis Classic" + Her "An Evening of Monologues, Anne McKee Artists Fund Auction 2/13, Helen Harrison Gallery, Zazoo Fine Art Gallery, Suzann D'Antonio "HeadShots" at Frangipani, Kim Gordon's "Music with Heart", Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden's "Tom Majors Wood Art Invitational", WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM , 
  Gallery on Greene , Reef Relief "Shark Zen", Next KW Artisan Market at Higgs Beach 1/13, Marc House Plant Store, Conch Pride Flag, Preserve Island Life , Keys Community Concert Band 1/19 at Founders Park in Islamorada,
WWW.KWLS.ORG & Sat. Literary Walking Tours , KWBG,
WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM , Henry Flagler's Overseas Railroad, Karen Wray's Collections Gallery, Scott Gruppe at Salt Island Provisions Gallery, WWW.WOMANKINDKEYWEST.COM ,

Jazz in the Gardens at The Gardens Hotel Sundays, United Way of the Fla. Keys Offers FREE Tax Preparation Help, WWW.EQFL.ORG ,
  Last Stand : Protecting the Keys, Bingo Wednesdays on the USCGC Museum, Thursday Green Market at Bayview Park, Aids Help CC, Fla. Health Monroe Co., 
FKCC President Jonathan Gueverra & Staff Send Holiday Greetings, 
Truman Little White House, "Hampton's Art & Culture" Section, 



LINCOLN PERRY Exhibition Dec. 30- Jan. 14 
Reception Sunday Dec 30 5-7PM


  408 White Street 305-294-3985

Lucky Street Gallery is full of wonder this Holiday Season!
Many things have shaped the fabled history of the Gallery - too many to list or name. But while always a source of revelatory contemporary art, Lucky Street hasn't always been convenient to visit. That's now changed!
Please drop by our new home: 408 Greene St. for a sneak peak of our exhibit space with a very special presentation of original illustrations by eight Key West artists for the latest edition of Gunna Division's "Angus and Edmund" feline travelogues.
The previous three volumes were illustrated by one of the greatest and most talented people I've ever had the pleasure to know, our dear Jon McIntosh. Gunnar invited Jon's artist friends to illustrate "The Catalonia Adventures of Angus and Edmund" as a tribute to Jon.
But First here are a few Photos of the Mallory Square Area

We'll Keep you informed to the Grand Opening at the new location for Lucky Street Gallery

International Sand Art Competition Held Every Year at the Casa Marina Hotel  WWW.SANDARTKEYWEST.COM 305-896-5503

Sean with Richard Tallmadge of The Restaurant Store

Richard with TDC's Carol Shaughnessy aka Carol Newman

Above Photos were last minute Touching Up ; before Judging.  The Finished Sculptures Up Shortly

Kathy Hooper at 

International stars headline
Impromptu Classical Concerts' 2019 season

Some of the biggest names in classical music will shine brightly during the 2019 season of Impromptu Classical Concerts.
From solo organists and violinists, to piano duos, string quartets and more, this stellar season promises to be one of the most successful yet for the concert series, the oldest such showcase in Key West, having been founded in 1972.
Fresh from its highly successful 2018 season, which was a tribute to the centenary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein, (a frequent visitor to the Southernmost City,) Impromptu's '19 season gets underway on Jan. 13, with acclaimed organist  Chaz Bowers , who will perform to rededicate the magnificent St. Paul's Church organ after 30 years of additions and renovations. .
As a classical organist and improvisational artist, Bowers has delighted audiences from his native Western Pennsylvania to the shores of Bermuda with masterful performances of favorites from the canon of great organ literature.
All Impromptu performances take place at 4 p.m., at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St.
Tickets cost $20 at the door, on the day of the show, with all students being admitted free of charge.  Season tickets are available, as are sponsorship opportunities.
For more information, and ticket orders, visit

Part 2 Members Show
WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

Three Spider Lilies by Fran Decker  Acrylic

Hogfish by Suzanne Holt  Mixed Media

The Board Meeting by Joan Cox  oil on Panel

Water World II by Suzanne Holt  Mixed Media

Bright Shinny Morning by Fran Decker Acrylic
More of Part 2 : The Key West Art Center 2018 Winter's Members Exhibition Up Shortly


  Part 19 of Groovy History's " A Look back at the 60's & 70's Through Photographs"

Pictured here is Walt Disney when he unveiled his plans for Disneyland on national television, October 27, 1954. He showed this early rendering of the park during the premiere of "Disneyland" the television show. Opening day was less than a year later, July 17, 1955. 
Pictured here is actor Charles Bronson and his wife, actress Jill Ireland. The photo was taken back in 1971 in Santa Monica, California. In addition to starring in their own successful pictures, the glamorous couple co-starred in fifteen films together. She once joked,   "I'm in so many Charles Bronson films because no other actress will work with him."  Ireland was Bronson's second wife, his first was Harriet Tendler, they had two children together before divorcing in 1965. He married Ireland in October of 1968 and they stayed together until her death in 1990. Ireland died of breast cancer at her home in Malibu, California. Bronson had her cremated and put her ashes in one of his canes- which he was later buried with.
Back in 1979, freelance photographer Bill Bernstein went to Xenon (nightclub) and captured this smokey scene out on the dance floor.   Xenon was the only nightclub popular enough to compete with Studio 54 but was  regarded as having more of a "Fashion Crowd" than Studio 54. Which is funny considering it was also said the people dancing at Xenon usually wore far less clothing than the regulars of its competing club.   Xenon is credited with getting people into go-go dancing, it was the first nightclub to provide go-go boxes for amateurs to practice dancing on. PINTEREST
Pictured here are the guys responsible for crafting the  Star Trek Enterprise  studio model in 1964. It was originally built in 1964 by Richard C. Datin, Jr., Mel Keys, Vernon Sion (above), and Volmer Jensen (not pictured) and has been restored 4 times.  Star Trek: The Original Series had such low Nielsen ratings that it was cancelled after three seasons. It was several years later, while in syndication that the series became a hit, achieving cult classic status.  and a developing influence on popular culture. Star Trek eventually spawned a massive franchise that shows no signs of slowing.  There are six additional television series and thirteen feature films, not to mention the numerous books, games, and toys that have been pumped out over the years. A show that was once considered a flop, has since become one of the most popular and widely influential television series of all time. PINTEREST
The similarities between the two fierce, leggy divas are not lost on modern audiences. Both women share an affinity for shimmery ensembles and the ability to sell out arenas but there is only one Tina Turner. Turner was one of the early trailblazers for black female entertainers. Not to mention is credited with empowering women of all ethnicities.  She may not have been the first, but she was among the early black female entertainers to venture into the semi-unchartered territories of the music industry. Turner is also credited as being one of the early pop/rock female singers and who greatly contributed to changing music as a whole. PINTEREST
More Groovy History's "A Look back at the 60's and 70's Through Photograph" Up Shortly

Part 3 "Look Upwards to the Sky"  The Winter Member's Show Featuring 140 Works. As we do every Year. We present a Multi-Part / Week Feature on ALL 140 Works. So even when the Exhibition comes
down on 12/27 ; you will be able to see ALL the Works (Through the Past Links I'll Provide)

Don't Worry Amy Things Are Looking Up by Karen Greenfield  Oil

Twilight Reverie by Kathryn Kaufmann  WaterColor on Paper

Sky Blue by Deborah Goldman  Enamel MDF Relief Sculpture

Ascend by Gabrielle Wilson  Mixed Media

St. Paul's Church by Colleen Anderson  Carved Glass

More "Look Upwards to the Sky" Up Shortly

Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 7:30pm
Tennessee Williams Theatre, 5901 College Rd.

'Porgy and Bess' is a key example of the greatness American Opera has achieved in emerging from the shadow of its European roots. A star studded all-black cast joins the SFSO, presenting a bold mix of modernist classics, ragtime, blues, jazz and spirituals, included, are the great Gershwin standards that reach notably eloquent, heartfelt, and genre-crossing heights. Click  TIK link for Official Ticket Sales.


Click   Christmas on the Farm Link for a few pics from the 2018 Event from the Dec 24 Issue & their Facebook Link

Next Animal Farm Openings Sunday 1-3pm on  the 2nd & 4th. Sundays every month :
Due to Holidays the Next Open is Sunday Jan. 13.


Part 6
 The Artists of Guild Hall Gallery 
614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

One Perfect Day by CJ Groth

Annie Robinson Wall
Island Sunset by Lynne Fischer
Tropical View by Lynne Fischer
Lynne Fischer Wall
Puppies in Paradize by C.J. Groth
More of the Guild Hall Artists in Part 6 This Week Up Shortly

In the JAN. 7TH. Issue A few of the Features We've Pushed Back  
Zazoo Fine Art & Photo Gallery : Next Week we'll have about 12 Works to Show.  WWW.ZAZOOART.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925. 

Pino Dangelico
The Key West Art Gallery 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339. An Amazing and Diverse UpScale Group of Artists Includes Peter Max, Adam Scott Rote, Pino Dangelico, Bill Mack, Gary Welton, Klevenski, Alfredo Navarro, Alex Butirskiy and his Amazing International Urban Landscapes + So Many Additional Artists.  WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM
The Dec. 31st. Issue will Feature 8 of their Artists. 

The KWAHS (The Key West Art & Historical Society) New "OverSeas to the Keys : Henry Flagler's OverSeas Railway". In the Next Few Issues we'll Have Many Photos from this Really Interesting Permanent Exhibition WWW.KWAHS.ORG at their Custom House Museum
281 Front St. 305-295-6616 

Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 

For the Past Weeks we had a Multi-Part / Multi Week Featuring ALL the Art on Display  FOR THE 2019 MEMBERS AND FRIENDS SHOW "NAVIGATING NEW WATERS". Their Members Show Should be on Display for a Few More Months at Gato. To see ALL the Works go to our Past Blast Links (Middle of the Magazine) Better Yet go to Gato and See First Hand..or Even Better Check out the Works in the magazine and then go to Gato...

Island Style Portraits by Joanne Hasman  WaterColor


Part 7 of 7 : The 2018 Key West Film Festival

The Dec. 24th. Issue ; had Part 6 which Featured "Brothers in Arms" The Film about the making of Oliver Stone's "Platoon". Click the Dec. 24th. Issue to see ALL of Part 6

This Issue is Part 7 of 7 : The Awards Ceremony

Part 2 of the Awards Ceremony Up Shortly
Here is the List of Winners; and then to follow in the next Section the Award Presenters 

WINNERS (In Order of Presentation)


Best Florida Short Doc Film Award
Portrait of a SuperHero Directed by Tony Armer
PORTRAIT OF A SUPERHERO. Photo of Tony Armer & SuperHero

Best Florida Short Comedy Award
Directed by Christopher Duarte. Photo of Christopher Duarte

Best Florida Feature Film Award 
PHOTO OF Commander Finbar Gittelman and Julie McEnroe of the Wolf ship
World Narrative Short Award 
Directed by Madeline Mack

World Comic Short Award 
Directed by Abie Axen
PHOTO OF Abie Axen

Presentation of Best Florida Student Narrative
Directed by Ronnie Braithwaite and Kimberly Aleah
PHOTO OF Roe Dunkley, actor

Best Florida Student Documentary
Directed by Robert Requejo Ramos
PHOTO OF crew accepting award

Best World Student Narrative
Alud De Fondo Snowslide . Directed by Inaki Velasquez

Best World Student Documentary
Directed by Ida Theresa Myklebost

Best LGBTQ Film  
Directed by Ondi Timoner
PHOTO OF Ondi Timoner

Best Foreign Language Film 
Directed by Lee Chang-dong

Best Documentary SCREWBALL
Directed by Billy Corben
PHOTO OF Billy Corben

Audience Award for Favorite Film
Directed by Paul Sanchez
PHOTO OF Paul Sanchez & others from Platoon

Critics' Choice Award
Directed by Hirokazu Koreda

Want YOUR chance to be a KWFF winner in 2019? Our shorts & Florida features submissions open JANUARY 1st on FilmFreeway!


by Alyson Crean
Photos by Alyson Crean


5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857
2018 Posh Fundraiser
Click the Dec 24 Issue to see many of the Photos we took at the 2018 "POSH" FundRaiser. 


The Life Drawing Workshops on Tues. Dec 25 and Tues. Jan 1 will be on Holiday Break and Resume Tues. Jan. 8

Tuesdays 11 am-2 pm at the Fort East Martello near the airport. $25 for 3 hours to give your mind a healthy relaxing break to just draw. All mediums are welcome. Any questions 609-884-3474.

We continue with Part 3 of the TSKW Members Show "Look Upwards to the Sky" 

SouthernMost by Jane Washburn

Hot Tropics by Belinda Gordon  Photograph

Up on the Roof by Christine Cordone  WaterColor

Sunglass Sky by Jill Benado  Photograph

The Ladies at Lunch by Mary Berg  WaterColor Ink, Pencil and Paper

More "Look Upward to the Sky" Up Shortly 

Allison Rich,  Sr. Library Assistant, and Michael Nelson of the  Monroe County Public Library Informs us of this Important Presentation
700 Fleming Street,  Key West, FL  33040,  305-292-3595
Tablet and Smartphone Classes
The Key West Library at 700 Fleming St is offering smartphone and tablet classes for those new devices that you've just received.  Bring your questions and devices! Seating is limited so please call ahead to reserve your spot today, 305-292-3595.  Classes start at 10am.   
Thursday January 10 th - Overview of Apple Devices.  Learn how to turn on the WiFi, surf the web, and other basics on your new Apple tablet or smartphone.  If you need help setting up your iTunes account, please come in before class for assistance.
Thursday January 17 th - Overview of Android devices and Kindle Fire.  Learn how to turn on the WiFi, surf the web, and other basics on your new Android tablet or smartphone.  If you need help setting up your Play store account, please come in before class for assistance.   
Thursday January 24 th - Overview of Apple Devices.  Learn how to turn on the WiFi, surf the web, and other basics on your new Apple tablet or smartphone.  If you need help setting up your iTunes account, please come in before class for assistance.
Thursday January 31st - Overview of Android devices and Kindle Fire.  Learn how to turn on the WiFi, surf the web, and other basics on your new Android tablet or smartphone.  If you need help setting up your Play store account, please come in before class for assistance.   




Every Year the One Non Football Related Event during the Entire IWFFA Week is "An Evening of Monologues"

An evening of Monologues  - Kelly McGillis, actress in movies: Top Gun, Witness, The Accused -  will critique and direct original monologues written by women around the world to prepare for a live performance in front of an audience on Wednesday, January 23, 2019.  The public is invited to join in the performances. Each monologue should not exceed two minutes and must be submitted to Kelly McGillis no later than January 10, 2019.


The Current Exhibition at Frangipani Gallery Featuring Suzann D'Antonio "HeadShots" 



WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433

Key West favorite Kim Gordon returns to the Key West Theater on January 18th with a brand-new cabaret that weaves beloved Broadway tunes and favorite standards with fresh, fun cabaret numbers. 
Kim Gordon: Music With Heart
 shakes things up with a unique musical mix that's funny, romantic, swinging and sexy. Proceeds from this rare solo concert and the champagne and dessert after party will benefit the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys to provide help right here in our community. 
Show Details 
Kim Gordon: Music With Heart. 
Key West Theater | 512 Eaton Street | Key West, FL | 33040
January 18th, 2019 - Doors 7:00PM // Show 8:00 PM.   
Online at WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM  ,  OR at the Key West Theater box office at 512 Eaton St.


Part 6
 The Artists of Guild Hall Gallery 
614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

Poochie Myers Wall + Next 4 are from her

Kathy Sage

More Guild Hall Artists Up Shortly.  Here are some of the Guild Hall Artists will are Featuring in Upcoming Weeks :  Ann Irvine, Pam Hobbs, Lynne Fischer, CJ Groth, Sonia Robinson, Mally Weaver, Thomas Avery, Chuck Hightower,Sue Ellen Crowley, Lawrence Halstead, David Hoot, Poochie Myers, Susan Sturtevant, ECG, Armida Averette, Eddie Pulido, Kathy Sage, Abigail White, Bob Slitzan, Teresa Willis, Jordan, Antonio, & Susan O'Neill.  Here is the Link to the Issues so far Dec 3 :
and Dec 10th. , Dec. 17th. , Dec 24  and Nov. 26th 

Part 19
"A Look Back at the 60's & 70's Through Photographs" from Groovy History
Many Readers have commented that they are really enjoying this Multi-Part Feature ; here are the Links to the First 16 Parts....
Part 1 was in the Sept 3 Issue ; Here is the Link   
Part 2 (  ) was in the Sept 10 Issue . Part 3 was in the Sept 17 Issue
 Part 4 was in Sept. 24
Part 5 Oct. 1
Part 6 Oct 8th
Part 7 Oct. 15
Part 8 Oct. 22 Pt. 1  
Part 9 Oct. 22 Pt. 2
Part 10  OCT 29 2018 
Part 11 Nov. 5th
Part 12 Nov. 12  
Part 13 Nov. 19  NOV. 19, 2018
Part 14 Nov. 26  
Part 15 Dec. 3
Part 16 Dec. 10
  Part 17 Dec 17
Part 18 Dec 24
The only thing worse than being stuck in the middle of a bloody war is being stuck there during holidays. Pictured here are two members of the US Airforce ground crew making the best of their Easter by painting personal greetings to Adolf Hitler... on AN-M65 1,000-lb (454 kgs) bombs. This photo was taken in Southern Italy, 1945.  While soldiers were kept away from their families during Easter time, they didn't have to be kept from their faith. Several Easter services were held on the Apennine mountainside by the Tenth Mountain Division.  In April of 1945, Chaplain William H. Bell created a makeshift box made from a military jeep marked with "Chaplain" in between two crosses. Then a portable pump organ was set up in a grassy field for soldiers to gather for the service. PINTEREST  John Lennon on a tour through Paramount Studios with son Julian,, 1974. Photo taken by John's girlfriend at the time, May Pand. Source: Pinterest
Here's one of the coolest photos in pop culture history. John Lennon of the Beatles and his son Julian meeting the cast of then-popular television series, Happy Days back in 1974.
Filmed in the 70's but set in the 50's, Happy Days was meant to be a television show of nostalgia. It followed the charmed lives of the Cunningham family during simpler times. Through Richie Cunningham, Potsie, and legendary greaser Fonzie, audiences are given a glimpse into a teenage past full of milkshakes, sock hops, and jukeboxes.
Two fan favorites were Henry Winkler (Fonzie) and Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham) both of whom went on to have very successful, high-profile careers. Both men continued acting and eventually began directing and producing projects as well. 

When the United States entered the war in 1917, Walt Disney wanted to enlist just as his brothers had but at only 16, he was too young. Disney found out the Red Cross Ambulance Corps was accepting volunteers as young as 17. So Disney utilized his artistic skills to change his birth date on his passport application from "1901" to "1900." This photo is Disney in uniform by his vehicle before leaving Paris to return home. As can be seen in the photo, he decorated vehicles with cartoons while overseas. Later stating, 
"I found out that the inside and outside of an ambulance is as good a place to draw as any." 
In addition to the ambulance flaps, Walt created sketches for the canteen menus and for friends to send home to their families and girlfriends (for a small fee of course). He also sent funny sketches and letters back to his high school newspaper, "The McKinley Voice." One of which revealed how homesick he actually was, the cartoon featured the caption,  "Oh! I want to go home to my Mama!". By August 1918, his brothers Ray and Roy had returned to Kansas City and Walt put in for a discharge. PINTEREST

Beatlemania was the best word to describe the intense fan frenzy that was directed towards legendary rock band the Beatles back in the 1960s. These fans weren't simply star struck, people (especially teen girls) were obsessed, they went completely mad over the band. One arena claimed to have "cleared away 40 pairs of abandoned knickers" from young women fans. The phenomenon began in 1963 and continued well beyond the group's past the group's break-up in the 1970s.  PINTEREST
More of  Part 19 Groovy History's " A Look Back at the 60's and 70's Through Photographs" Up Shortly 
Part 2
WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

Crab by Deb Kik  Oil

In the Aftermath by Rachel Feinberg  Oil

Little SeaHorse by Anne Schroder  Acrylic on Feather

Morning Has Broken by Rachel Feinberg Oil

Key West Lighthouse by Donna Nadeau  WaterColor

More Winter Member's Show from the Key West Art Center

Jan. 23 - Feb. 2
WWW.THEATREXP.ORG 302-540-6102 
Starring Bob Bowersox and Melody G. Moore
 5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857
M-F 10a-6p, Sat. 10a-2pm, Sunday Closed 

  Come discover the magic of how Peter Pan came to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up and join us for a party in the courtyard after!
Click LINK1 for Ticket Info. & Special Pricing




Eric's 2019 Calendar is filled with a rich collection of recent oil paintings so his work will be with you throughout the year.

This year's centerfold is the 'I AM' series - 28 archetypes from Eric's 2018 solo show, Without Within. THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT

$26 Each 2019 Fine Art Calendar is signed by Eric & available online or from these select stores: Books & Books and Salt Gallery Key West



VIPs who presented during the Film Awards:

Chad Newman, Key West Film Commissioner
 Mike Marrero, Executive Director of Tropic Cinema
Ruth Reitan. Shorts Programmer for the Key West Film Festival
 Igor Shteyrenberg of Miami's Popcorn Frights
Michael Tuckman, Programming Director of the Key West Film Festival
Joshua Rothkopf, Film Critic & Editor of Time Out NY
Presentation of Golden Key for Costume Design to Alexandra Byrne 
Brian Brooks presents LGBTQ award
Alicia Malone of Turner Classic Movies and FilmStruck and Hans Morgenstern,
Chairman of Florida Film Critics Circle 
David Fear, Senior Editor and Critic at Rolling Stone
Monica Castillo, New York-based writer and critic
Justin Chang, film critic and columnist for The Los Angeles Times
and Emily Yoshida, film critic for New York Magazine and
Brooke Christian, Festival Founder and CEO, Closing remarks

We continue with more Awards Ceremony Up Shortly


Save the Date for 2019 Anne McKee Fine Art Auction
The 2019 Anne McKee Annual Fine Art Auction will occur on Wednesday, February 13th.  The auction will take place for the third year at The Studios of Key West.  Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the auction will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Light hors d'oeuvres, Champagne and desserts will be included in the $25 ticket price and there will also be a cash bar.  VIP seating is available for $50.  The auction preview will be from February 7th - 13th at The Studios of Key West.  The highlight of this year's auction will be an original Sal Salinero painting valued at nearly $10.000.       
The McKee art auction raises money for project-based grants to Keys visual, literary and performing artists.    Founded by longtime Key West resident and philanthropist, Anne McKee, the non-profit fund has awarded more than $265,000 since 1994.  Tickets are now available at .


Part 3
2018 Annual Member's Exhibition "Look Upwards to the Sky"
 WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.

Cloud Gazing White Street Pier by Mary Jean Connors

Looking Up Through the Christmas Palm by Rachel Feinberg  Acrylic on Canvas

The Marked Sunbathers by Elizabeth Devries Wood / Mixed Media

Bouquet by Suzanne Pereira  Glass Bottles, Oil and Crayons

Fonk Dowl or Bowl by Stewart Andrews  Mahogany

More "Look Upward to the Sky" TSKW Member's Show Up Shortly


Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

---- --------------------------

WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504

Local Artist works on Sculpture for the Tom Majors Wood Art Invitational
The Key West Tropical Forest is partnering with The Studios of Key West which is hosting the "Tom Majors Wood Art Invitational". This is a month-long, island-wide celebration that will be held in March, 2019.  It will showcase the creative potential of wood, and by extension, a statement of faith that the intersection of humankind and nature needn't be disastrous, but can result in objects and experiences filled with beauty and meaning. The Studios of Key West, in addition to serving as the hub for the invitational, will host "With the Grain", an exhibition of contemporary wood artists from across the country.


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 416 Eaton St. 305-396-4944


This Link will take you to the Shark Zen

Introducing Shark Zen!

Reef Relief is excited to introduce our new friends at  Shark  ZenAny purchases made through the following link give Reef Relief 20% of the sale.
Shark Zen helps those that love the ocean style their lives with ocean wildlife. Check out Shark Zen's premium ocean wildlife t-shirts, UV protective performance shirts, art prints, and more.
Here is the Link to the Shark Zen Site




Lois Songer sends regards and reminds us that their Two Large Outdoor Events are coming up Early Next Year with more details to follow soon : They are The Annual "Crafts Show" January 26 + 27 and The Annual "Old Island Days Art Festival February 23 + 24. Stay Tuned

  WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601  Duval St. 305-292-9339

Adam Scott Rote was back in town a few days ago ; and we'll have a few pics of this recent visit.
. To see a sampling of his Past Series / Projects & New Paintings visit The Key West Gallery; and view WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM  &

Here is the Link to the Adam Scott Rote Page and then below that ;some of the Art that is Available through The Key West Gallery

Bill Mack and Gary Welton is in town for their Annual New Year's Eve Party and Exhibition.  Here are a few Works from them we'll start first with Bill Mack

Bette Davis

"Kindred Spirits on Metal" 36 X 36

James Dean with Authentic Tie

Deco Serenade 28 X 28

The Next 3 are from Gary Welton

"Offensive Winning Catch" 23 X 17.5

"Dawn" Original on Canvas 30 X 24

Coochie Gucci Oil on Canvas 30 X 40

More of their Works in the January 7th. Issue.  The Key West Gallery New Years Eve Party with Bill Mack and Gary Welton.  Call them and or go to the sites for Information

------------------- ------------

  WWW.MARCHOUSE.ORG Plaint Store 1401 Seminary St. 9a-7p
305-296-9556.. They have an amazing wide variety of Plants and Trees.


Steven K. Murray-Smith ; Everyone's Good Friend tells us :
Proudly fly your own Conch Pride Flag.  Locally made of heavy fade-resistant nylon, enjoy this 3' x 5' two sided flag....a symbol of our One Human Family. $99.00 and Shipping available. 
.  To purchase one for additional information email



Part 19 Continues  "Groovy History's"  A Look Back at the 60's & 70's Through Photographs

Here's one of the coolest photos in pop culture history. John Lennon of the Beatles and his son Julian meeting the cast of then-popular television series, Happy Days back in 1974.
Filmed in the 70's but set in the 50's, Happy Days was meant to be a television show of nostalgia. It followed the charmed lives of the Cunningham family during simpler times. Through Richie Cunningham, Potsie, and legendary greaser Fonzie, audiences are given a glimpse into a teenage past full of milkshakes, sock hops, and jukeboxes.
Two fan favorites were Henry Winkler (Fonzie) and Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham) both of whom went on to have very successful, high-profile careers. Both men continued acting and eventually began directing and producing projects as well. 

Pictured here is master of the macabre, Sir Alfred Hitchcock and model posing in front of the house in Psycho. The photograph was taken by Photographer Jeanloup Sieff for the January 1962 issue of Harper's Bazaar. 
Hitchcock pioneered the suspense and thriller genres, even before moving to Hollywood in 1939, he had a successful career in British cinema, both silent films and talkies. Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films over his six decade long career.  He's one of the most influential directors in cinematic history and was even Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to the art form. No one can compare to the "Master of Suspense". PINTEREST

Pictured here is rocker Joan Jett not giving a damn about her 'bad reputation' in the Tropicana Motel back in 1978. Jett was a co-founder of   The Runaways  , in 1979 she pursued a solo career and teamed with the  Sex Pistols on a few songs. Then she formed 
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts  , recorded new material in addition to re-releasing her older fan favorites like "I Love Rock n' Roll" and "Bad Reputation".   In recent years, Jett has had her songs featured in several films and television shows including,  The Runaways, Baby Mama a nd 
Shrek.  While Jett still plays live, touring extensively she is actively involved in signing new musicians to her record label,  Blackheart Records. PINTEREST
Johnny Carson with Robyn Hilton on the Tonight Show in 1974
For a solid 30 years, we got to see Johnny Carson host the Tonight Show and we didn't know how good we had it until he retired.
The Tonight Show began broadcasting back in 1954 and over the course of its run, there have been six hosts. First Steve Allen from 1954 to 1957, followed by Jack Paar who continued until 1962. Then Johnny Carson carried the torch from 1962 until 1992 when he handed it over to Jay Leno. Leno's first run was from 1992-2009. Then Conan O'Brien stepped in until 2010 when Leno returned. In 2014 the reins were handed over to the current host, Jimmy Fallon. PINTEREST

Pictured here is Debbie Harry, better known as "Blondie," on stage back in 1979. The iconic new wave singer is also considered the first female rapper to chart at number one in the United States because of her work on "Rapture". She's also had over 60 film roles and numerous television appearances.
The group, "Blondie" was founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein but also comprised of members Clem Burke, Gary Valentine, and Jimmy Destri. They were pioneers of the punk scene but were noted for their eclectic mix of musical styles. They incorporated elements of disco, pop, and reggae. For this, they are credited with introducing mainstream American listeners to alternative elements of Rock and Roll in the late 1970's. Blondie has sold 40 million records worldwide, is still active, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. PINTEREST
On November 27, 1963, Johnson told legislators, "No memorial oration or eulogy could more eloquently honor President Kennedy's memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights bill for which he fought so long."
 Pictured here is President Lyndon Johnson speaking to a television camera during the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. The Act outlaws all types of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Among the guests of this historical landmark in time, was Martin Luther King Jr.  PINTEREST
Lyra Radford is one of the Principle Writers of this "Groovy History" Feature; You will also find the additional Authors from "Groovy History" in the Link Below.

Lyra spends her days exploring all shades of history. In her writing, she covers topics ranging from the 'groovy' to the downright strange. She enjoys books, movies, and strong coffee. She also fancies herself the world's greatest air hockey player. She learned the ins and outs of writing and producing film/television at Palm Beach State and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She is currently enrolled at Arizona State University studying psychology and writing. Her work has been featured by some of the most prolific sites on the web and she is the author of the travel guide "Two-Days Exploring Haunted Key West".

The Groovy History Link
The Authors from Groovy History Link
Part 20 Next Week (JAN 7TH. 2019) More Photos from the 60's and 70'
International Sand Art Competition Held Every Year at the Casa Marina Hotel  WWW.SANDARTKEYWEST.COM 305-896-5503

Martha deePoo
WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 
More of Part 2 of their Winter Members Show
Water World by Suzanne Holt  Mixed Media
Bright Shiny Morning by Fran Decker  Acrylic
Playful JellyFish by Carol Rezba  Oil on Linen

Upstairs in Key West by Richard Matson
The Jan 7th. Issue will have Part 3 of the Winter Members Exhibition at the Key West Art Center

WWW.GILDEA.GALLERY 522 Southard St. 305-440-3673

Tera Form by Hazel Griffiths 12 X 12 Encaustic on Wax

Rain in NYC by Anthony Tomaselli  12 X 12 Oil on Panel

Affection by Javier Lopez Barbosa  12 X 12 Oil on Canvas

Sun Drenched by Clifford Bull 12 X 16 Acyrlic on Canvas

Lincoln Perry

Notice of Date & Time Change!!
Opening Reception: Sunday, December 30th  - 5-7pm
December 30, 2018 - January 14, 2019


WWW.KEYWESTGARDENCLUB.COM  1100 Atlantic Blvd. 305-294-3210 


City of Key West Preserve Island Life

Here is also the LINK for their events

January 19:   Super Heroes & Space Wars. Cartoon capers & fright night, Broadway & movie favorites, Beatles & classic rock.   ICE Amphitheater at Founders Park, Islamorada

  For more information, please call Susan Bazin Middle School Band Dir. 305-453-1255 X 57380 follow us on facebook or check out our website at


Check out the Critics Forum / Panel from a few weeks ago ; always one of the KWFF Highlight Events ; Click (Part 4) Dec 10  ; Then to Follow is (Part 5) Dec 17 
 the Saturday Night Awards Party. Then Part 6  (Dec.24) : One of the Best Events in the 2018 KWFF A Panel Discussion with the Director of "Band of Brothers" Paul Sanchez , The Producers of "Band of Brothers" and Most of the Actors in "Platoon" that the KWFF Brought into Town. "Band of Brothers" is an amazing film about the Making of Oliver Stone's "Platoon". : 

The Annual Awards Ceremony in Part 7 Continues

A Tradition with the KWFF is to have Brooke
Christian Founder & CEO give the Final Thoughts on the KWFF ALSO THIS PAST YEAR Brooke  
Joined the Ranks of Executive Producers with the Film "1985"
Another Great Year ; Thanks for turning Key West into Hollywood California for 5 days.


International Sand Art Competition Held Every Year at the Casa Marina Hotel WWW.SANDARTKEYWEST.COM 305-896-5503


WWW.KWLS.ORG 305-293-9291
Literary Walking Tours 10am & 4:30PM Saturdays

Inspired by David A. Kaufelt's original literary walking tour, the leisurely stroll through downtown Key West features the former homes and favorite haunts of some of our most well-known writers, including Tennessee Williams, Shel Silverstein and Elizabeth Bishop, as well as our lesser-known local talent.

Tours begin at the Key West Public Library, 700 Fleming Street (between Elizabeth and William streets), and last approximately 90 minutes. Cost is $30 per person. (Discounted rates available for current teachers, librarians, and students with valid ID.) Click Link for Additional Info :


 From the Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.

"KEY WEST DEALS & DISCOUNTS" An Envelope that is put directly in the hands of Visitors to the Gay Key West Visitors Ctr. & Other Locations.  


"Photos of the Week" by Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow
(Bottom- L) Monica Munoz, ED of the Key West Attractions Association, thanks John Correa for hosting this year's Christmas party for the organization at his restaurant Cafe Sole. Photo by Pete Arnow.

(Bottom- R)  Kate Miano, Dotti Clifford and Diane May enjoy the Christmas festivities of the Key West Attractions Association at Cafe Sole. Photo by Pete Arnow

( Top - L) Monica Munoz, ED of the Key West Attractions Association, thanks John Correa for hosting this year's Christmas party for the organization at his restaurant Cafe Sole. Photo by Pete Arnow.
(Top - R) Kate Miano, Dotti Clifford and Diane May enjoy the Christmas festivities of the Key West Attractions Association at Cafe Sole. Photo by Pete Arnow




The Jan. 7th. Issue will have about 14 Jpegs of just a few of their Paintings and Photos. 


281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Here is our NEW Section for the KWAHS Featuring Current & Future Exhibitions.  Our other KWAHS Section is still in place and will Feature in Detail Upcoming Events and that is further down. Of course for Greater Details go to their Website & Facebook Sites.
Here is the LINK to their Exhibition Pages
(Below unless noted at Custom House)

Islands Imagination & Instance Florida Keys Folk Art 7/6-1/9/19 Bryan Gallery
Overseas to the Keys : Flagler's Overseas Railroad Permanent Exhibition
Tennessee Williams Playwright & Painter Perm. Exhib. Inner Vecchie Gallery
Stanley Papio Junkyard Dog. Perm Exhib. Fort East Martello
The Ghosts of East Martello Perm. Exhib. Fort East Martello
Life of the Lighthouse Keepers Perm. Exhib. KW Lighthouse
Depicting Hemingway : Guy Harvey Sketches "The Old Man & the Sea" Perm. Exhibition
Arts & Puns : The Whimsey of Ferron Bell Custom House 12/7-2/10/19

Islands Imagination & Instance Florida Keys Folk Art 7/6-1/9/19 Bryan Gallery

Updated "Henry Flagler's Overseas Railroad" Permanent Exhibition

 The 4 New Exhibitions at The Custom House during the First Half of 2019 Featured in the Other KWAHS SECTION in Our Dec. 31st. Issue ( A Few Features Down)

International Sand Art Competition Held Every Year at the Casa Marina Hotel WWW.SANDARTKEYWEST.COM 305-896-5503



JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS HANGING. OF COURSE YOU CAN ALSO GO BACK TO THE COMPLETE SERIES OF OUR ON-LINE COMPANION PIECE TO THEIR EXHIBITION TO SEE ALL THE WORK. THIS ISSUE STARTS PART 2 ; Of course ;  the Multi Part Look Upward to the Sky will have perhaps a 5 or 6 Week run due to the 140 Member's Entries and with Pleasure We Present Over Time into the end of January ALL The Works....


Members' Exhibition

Sanger, XOJ, Project & Lobby Galleries

Here are the December Artists in Residency at 607 Ashe St. ( Resident Cottages). Click the E-Mail Link Below for detailed info. on the  Artisans

(L) Lynn Benson from Leawood Kansas Visual Artist , (C) Sonya Chung  from NYC Author, (R) Brenda Zlamany from Brooklyn NY Artist

Next "FIRST THURSDAY" 1/3-31 with Opening Reception 6-8 PM on Thursday January 3rd.

"First Thursday of 2019 at TSKW" 1/3-31  ; Reception on Jan  3rd. 6-8PM (L-R) "Objects and Images from O" Sanger Gallery, "Glimpses Inside Personal Space" by Rhonda Bristol  XOJ Gallery, "Dual Visions" by Larry Blackburn  Zabor Lobby Gallery. Below "Portraits in Oil" by Annie Dillard Zabor Project Gallery
To Read additional Material on the January First Thursday Click this Link

Children's programs, outreach projects, events and exhibitions - it takes the support of our community to offer the kind of programs you've come to rely on.  There's never been a better time to join or renew as a member. Find out about membership levels and benefits by visiting or calling 305-296-0458.

Just a few of the many January Classes & Events  
Click this Link Below for additional material from one of their latest E-Mailers
Portraitures : Resident Artisan Brenda Zlamany AIR Thur. 1/10 12-4pm, Figure Drawing with Lothar Speer Fri/Sat & Sun. Jan4-6 10a-3p, Mala Making by Karen Moore Say 1/5 10a-1pm, Painting Boot Camp (Many Times & Dates), Slow Flow Yoga by Cricket Desmarais M/Wed., & Fri, 1/7-3/29, Many Paths to Publishing by Resident Artisan Sonya Chung Mon Jan 7 9:30a-Noon

The January 7th.Issue will have Part 4 of the TSKW Winter Member's Show "Look Upwards to the Sky"

Emily Berg  Emily@TSKW.ORG 305-320-0208


Literary Reading and Book signing
Spencer Wise & Bethany Ball - Emperor of Shoes & What to do About the Solomns
Emily Berg -
B'Nai Zion Synagogue - 750 United St, Key West, FL 33040
Thursday, January 17th
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Spencer Wise and Bethany Ball, two incredible authors will read from and discuss their books, both of which explore the modern day Jewish-American experience. Book signing to follow. This Books and Books event will take place at B'Nai Zion Synagogue - 750 United St, Key West, FL 33040.



Literary Reading and Book signing
Caitlin Kunkel - New Erotica for Feminists
Emily Berg -
Books & Books @ the Studios of Key West - 533 Eaton St, Key West 33040
Saturday, January 19th
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Caitlin Kunkel will read from her book New Erotica for Feminists, a book of satirical, spicy vignettes, chock-full of tongue-in-cheek (yet safer for work than the title implies) smut about women in pop culture, literature, dating, and modern parenting.



Karen Wray
Gallery Curator
Collections Key West
6810 Front St, Key West, FL


 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit  BOOKING INFO .  



Click WOMANKIND Link for the Latest Edition of their very Informative E-Newsletter / Blog


Just a few of the Hundreds of Articles that the Blue Paper Has : Unity of the Keys Enlightenment Series, Southernmost Fatherhood Initiative Program, Medieval Camp Workshop for Kids, International Stars Headline "Impromptu Classical Concert" Series, Writers Invited to Enter Works in Tennessee Williams Poetry & Short Story Contests, Reef Relief to City "Vote Yes to BAN Chemical Sun Screen",   Cumberland Key Doctor Honored for Charity Work, KW Police Chief Brandenburg Takes Oath of Office, Fla. Keys National Wildlife Refuges Photo Club Meeting 12/12, 119th. Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count at National Key Deer Refuge, Cruise Ship Crashes into Mallory Square Dock (Video), & 28th Annual Schooner Wharf Bar Lighted Boat Parade Set to Dazzle. 


  Sunday, December 30 , Jazz In The Gardens! Our special New Year's show with  at & Deb & Friends, 5 - 8:30 pm
Monday, New Year's Eve, Special to Cabaret with Nancy 3 Hoffman, 5 - 7 pm
Wednesday, January 2, Megan Clay, 5-7pm,  Thursday, January 3, Valerie lam, 5-7pm
Friday, January 4, Michael Robinson, 5-7pm,  Saturday, January 5, Valerie Elam, 5-7pm
Sunday, January 6 , Jazz In The Gardens! Peter Diamond & Friends, 5-7:30 pm



SALT Gallery hosts Scott Gruppé's "Songs from a Palette Knife" in December


 305-745-2729 24244 OverSeas Hwy. Summerland Key 

 Link for Complete E-Mailer on the Coral

Mote-led initiative will restore resilient corals across 130 acres with grant announced by NFWF, NOAA and partners

Mote Marine Laboratory opens new exhibit at Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium is excited to announce the opening of a new offsite exhibit,  Coral Reef Exploration, at the Keys History & Discovery Center in Islamorada. This permanent exhibit features three aquariums, interpretative displays and interactive kiosks, focusing on providing both a beautiful and educational view of the unique coral reef ecosystem of the Florida Keys and the challenges it faces.

On Nov. 30, Mote Marine Laboratory and the Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation, which operates the Discovery Center, hosted an unveiling of the new exhibit to the delight of invited guests. On Dec. 1, the exhibit opened to the public.
CLICK GREEN LINK for the Complete E-Mailer they sent out and the rest of this Feature.
More MOTE Next Week.

SEA TURTLE NESTINGS PLUS ARTIST RENDERING OF THE PROJECTED NEW AQUARIUM ON THE WEST COAST Here is the Link for the Complete E-Mailer that has these two Features and more Click MOTE3
One of the Latest E-Mailers from MOTE is Out and a few of the Features are Below to read the E-Mailer Click MOTE 40

Kevin Cooper Joins MOTE
Longboat Key Turtle Watch

(Top - Left) Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium President & CEO Dr. Michael P. Crosby is pleased to announce that Kevin Cooper has been selected for the new role of Mote Vice President for Communications & Strategic Initiatives (VP-CSI). Mr. Cooper is currently serving as the President of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, and is expected to likely begin his official duties with Mote at some point during the 1st quarter of 2019 following an appropriate transition period at the Chamber. To Read the Entire Feature Click MOTE40

(Top Right) Mote Marine Laboratory staff thanked Longboat Key Turtle Watch (LBKTW) for their generous donation of $9,670 to Mote's sea turtle and education programs during a check presentation on Dec. 7 at Mote on City Island, Sarasota.

Mote staff are exceedingly grateful to LBKTW for nine years of annual donations and for their partnership in conservation of endangered and threatened sea turtles. LBKTW members monitor sea turtle nesting on the Manatee County portion of Longboat Key under the Marine Turtle Permit held by Mote's Sea Turtle Conservation & Research Program (STCRP), and they conduct education and outreach. Mote's STCRP has monitored sea turtle nesting and coordinated conservation from Longboat Key south through Venice for 37 years. To Read the  Entire Feature Click MOTE 40


2018 Art Garden
WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504
So Much Fun going ALL over their Gardens Looking for the Sculptures; They also provide a Map.  "

WWW.KEYSUNITEDWAY.ORG 305-735-1929  6631 Maloney Ave. #F


Florida Keys -
 United Way of the Florida Keys is seeking volunteers to assist with a free tax preparation program for households with limited incomes in Monroe County. Volunteers are needed to work as IRS-certified tax prep assistants or greeters. Bilingual volunteers are especially needed as tax prep assistants, greeters or translators. 
After attending a free, one day, hands-on training in early January, volunteers assist at tax preparation events scheduled regularly throughout the Keys, January - April. Volunteers' scheduling and location are flexible. (Translators are welcome but not required to participate in the one-day training.) 
Through this program, volunteers help fellow Keys residents maximize their tax return so they are better able to provide for their families, thereby making our community more affordable. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn, grow and serve.

The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program is designed to assist qualified taxpayers with completion of their annual tax returns and to ensure that limited income families receive every available benefit. UWFK is pleased to offer the VITA program through grants from Volunteer Florida and Wells Fargo. 
For more information about becoming a VITA volunteer, please contact or 305-735-1929. 
About United Way of the Florida Keys: United Way of the Florida Keys is an independent, local 501(c)(3) organization that has been supporting the Keys community for more than 30 years. UWFK supports strong working families and funds nonprofits that provide critical services to Keys residents. Money raised in the Keys stays in the Keys. United Way also plays a unique role in convening businesses, nonprofits and government to work together to address community needs. For more information, visit our website: or call (305) 735-1929. Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED.
Four of the VITA volunteers from the previous tax prep season.
Rebecca Zehr, Director of Operations
United Way of the Florida Keys, PO Box 2143 , Key West, FL 33045,  305-735-1929
Media Contact: Leah Stockton, President / CEO . 


Stores All  Over The Keys. In Key West 3326 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-295-6400


 5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857
M-F 10a-6p, Sat. 10a-2pm, Sunday Closed 
Go to their Website and Facebook to see what animals are available for adoption. 


The Key West Wildlife Center 1801 White St. 
305-292-1008 (also their Wildlife Rescue #) 

Suzie dePOO

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

We Continue with Part 3 of the Winters Member Exhibition in the January 7th. Issue


1401 Seminary Street for Amazing Plants, Flowers, & Tree Stock at Great Prices.


WWW.TWKW.ORG 513 Truman Ave, 
NEW NUMBER 305-204-4527
Dennis Beaver Curator KWAHS@KWAHS.ORG

The January 7, 2019 Issue will have Part 7 : The Artists of Guild Hall

Here are the Links for the 2017/ 2018 Guild Hall Season and Many Photos of their Artists Work
Go to the April 16 Link for Part 1 :
April 23 Part 2  April 30 Part 3 
Pt 5 May 14  and Pt 6 The May 21st. Issue


WWW.KWLS.ORG 717 Love Lane 305-293-9291




WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433


(Formerly Called FAVOR)



Important Note : Good Friend Gracy Lozano from Keys Lifestyle Marketing has this awesome Website that gives an Amazing and Extensive Listing of Events in Key West. Click the website below and check it out.

Here are just a few Categories; many way to look Up : Day, Month, Year, Category 305-440-059

The Next meeting will be the Key West Library Dec 3rd 11:30pm ; ALL are welcome.....


Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609   The Season Finale Exhibition "Springtime in Key West"


Nov. 19th. NOV. 19, 2018
Nov. 12th. 
 PT. 1 OCT 22, 2018 
 PT. 2 OCT 22, 2018
September 24 :
September 17 :
To see ALL the Issue Links from Jan 1 2018 to May 28, 2018 Go to the Sept 17th Link.
September 10
First Issue of the 2018 / 2019 Season Sept 3


The nonprofit USCGC Ingham Museum at the Truman Annex Waterfront Park will be open for sunset each Wednesday at 5 p.m. with bingo onboard after dark. For information, call 305-292-5072 or email 


WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM 305-295-9797 3485 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM for Production, Database Management, and Delivery. They are GREAT. Their Customer Support and On-Line Q&A are Second to None. 781-482-8911
Also Here is my Facebook Page :


712 Duval St. 305-440-2179 11A-11P
 "Best Hush Puppies & New England Clam Chowder in the South; & the Angle Hair Pasta with Lump Crab in a Cream Sauce is amazing; plus their Peel N Eat Shrimp are by far always the tastiest The Keys.  


305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Dr.


 1100 Simonton St.#3


5210 College Road 

Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries


Here are the Links to the Last 4 Photo Galleries



WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081

A Holiday Video from President Jonathan Guerverra

Dear Friends of FKCC,

From our College family to yours, we wish you a very joyous holiday season.  We thank you for your support, friendship, and patronage throughout the year.
FKCC has many exciting activities and initiatives planned in 2019.  We look forward to continuing to serve and to partner with you as the college of the Florida Keys.   

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year!

--Jonathan Gueverra, Ed.D
   President & CEO, Florida Keys Community College


WWW.LKMC.COM 5900 College Rd. 305-294-5531

Lonely and at Risk for a Heart Disease

How to Eat Well during the Holidays with a GI Condition

Finding time to Loose Weight

Click the Photo above to go the Page for Information; & That Page will also give you options for other Materials from LKMC





Neil Chamberlain and Staff Send Greetings

WWW.SANCTUARYFRIEDNS.ORG  55500 Overseas Hwy. Marathon 305-289-2288



WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502
300 Southard St. #201


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Sit Inside Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio
Editor's Note : I look forward to taking some new Pics of some of the Chef's Creations as they come out of the Kitchen; and insert them shortly in their ad.. ALSO
Every Year Michael and Heather help out many of the Non-Profit Organizations by Hosting Dinner Parties. These Dinner Parties are Promoted by Mangia-Mangia and the Different Non-Profit Groups.  Michael and Heather wIll GIVE BACK 20% of the Bill to the Non-Profit Organization.  ALSO you don't have to be a member of the organization to attend; simply show up and sit with the Members; and once again 20% of your Bill will be GIVEN BACK to the Non-Profit Organization. Right now there are Evening Dates still available ; Call Heather at Mangia-Mangia


WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
   Nov. 28th. : Kingston Trio Legacy Tour, Dec 7th. : Paula Poundstone, Dec, 16th. A John Waters Christmas, 2/2/2019 : Beginnings A Tribute to the Music of Chicago.
Kim Gordon's Annual Cabaret Show "Music With Heart" Jan. 18

Jefferson Starship

Gary Puckett and The Union Gap
January 11
Jan 13th Darr Williams


For additional Info on their concerts & events ; Click Link here for their Latest E-Newsletter with Updated Info. Click TWT7

 Havana Nights 1/12

The Sunday Ramble Concert 1/6

The Wailers 1/10


TICKETS ON SALE and can be purchased at the Key West Theater box office at 512 Eaton St or online at

(R) The Smallest Band in Key West Jan. 10 for more info

  For More Info WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 305-985-0433



Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information.
"Keys Traveler" E-Newsletter Link ; Here is the December Issue

Environmental Attractions Await Florida Keys Visitors

Arts & Culture


Diving and Fishing





WWW.REDBARNTHEATRE.COM  305-296-9911 319 Duval Street

With Bells On 12/11-1/5, Short Attention Span Theatre 1/15-2/9, Tenderly The Rosemary Clooney Musical 2/19-3/16, Meteor Shower 3/23-4/20
WWW.THEATREXP.ORG 302-540-6102

check out this really cool 3 minute video from FRINGE on their 2017 / 2018 Season.. Click Website Link

 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 


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GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967

PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976
37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  

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281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Key West Art & Historical Society's Parent & Me Fort Adventures for children happens every Tuesday and Thursday through May 2019 
Key West Art & Historical Society's popular Parent & Me Fort Adventures education program for children 0-5 and their parents have resumed at Fort East Martello, 3501 South Roosevelt Boulevard, and will take place from 10:00AM to 11:30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays through May.
Key West Art & Historical Society Hosts Weekly Drawing Sessions with Annamarie Giordano at Fort East Martello Museum

Select your medium of choice and join acclaimed artist Annamarie Giordano, pictured right, in Life Drawing sessions on Tuesdays at Fort East Martello Museum, 3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd. Her three-hour workshops are held in the Museum's "White Room," a place where folk artist Mario Sanchez once created art, accessed through the parade grounds behind the Fort. Classes feature nude models in short and long poses and are open to all levels; sessions are $25 for members and $30 for non-members, paid in class. For more information, contact Director of Education Adele Williams at 305-295-6616 x 115. Some materials will be available on site for purchase if needed.
The Workshop will  be Closed Jan 1. and Resumes Tues. Jan. 8


Key West to The Bahamas Connection 1 of 4 Upcoming Exhibitions at the Custom House
1/18-4/7, 2019 Bryan Gallery

The Three Others Below

  Key West Art & Historical Society invites public to embark on a virtual journey aboard Flagler's Overseas Railway 
A year after Key West Art & Historical Society unveiled a newly renovated "Overseas to the Keys: Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway" permanent exhibit at the Custom House Museum, its virtual counterpart is now available to researchers, students, historians, history buffs, and Flagler fans all over the world.  The Society's new online exhibit, "Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway Timeline," is a multi-media experience created by Annette Liggett, Brewster Chamberlin, and Society Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D. that details the construction process of the engineering feat that joined mainland Florida to Key West in 1912. Visit to explore the "Eight Wonder of the World," and check back for additional related online features and downloadable curriculum that will be launched over the coming six months. Supported by a grant from the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust.  Your Museums. Your Community. It Takes an Island. (Image Courtesy KWAHS)


Key West Art & Historical Society presents "Art & Puns: The Whimsy of Ferron Bell" exhibit at Custom House Museum

Key West Art & Historical Society celebrates the legacy of one of the island's most clever visual artists with "Art & Puns: The Whimsy of Ferron Bell" in the Bumpus Gallery of the Custom House Museum located at 281 Front Street.  The exhibit runs through February 10, 2019.  The exhibit spotlights the quirky late artist's trademark visual wit and whimsy, featuring  work from private Key West collectors, personal photographs, and newspaper clippings about the unique personality  widely known for his  off-the-wall and humorous creations.  
A self-taught artist,  Thomas Ferron Bell began his career at the age of 16 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, moved to Fire Island Pines, New York when he was 21, later splitting his time and talents between there and Key West, Florida. Bell worked full time as an artist, cultivating his audience and frequently bartering and donating his work to fundraisers in the Key West community.
The Three Other Upcoming Exhibitions at the KWAHS Custom House

Coastal Trade : Bounty-Booty & Boats of the Gulf and Glades from Naples to Key West 2/22-4/30 at Bumpus Gallery

You Don't Know Dick (Matson) : 4/19-7/7 Bryan Gallery

Wish You Were Here : Postcards from Paradise 5/10-8/11 Bumpus Gallery