The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends February 19, 2018
"Tender Moments" Photographed Mike Vaughn 
March 10-17 OUTDOOR FEST by the Florida Keys Wildlife Society (Formerly FAVOR) & US Fish & Wildlife Services
Down Under by Lian Quan Zhen
The Florida Keys Watercolor Society presents the Opening of their 36th Annual Judged Exhibition on Sunday March 4th from 5-7pm.
Samantha's Flamingo by Jane Washburn

Rye Marsh by Todd Bonita  Plein Aire Oil Study on Wood

GingerBread Square Gallery Opens New Exhibition with Reception 2/19 for Jane Washburn & Todd Bonita
Awards Given to the City of Key West EMS ( Below in our weekly MCSO and The City of Key West Sections)
Erocia Trio 3/11

Katona Twins 2/25

Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West : Next Two Concerts : Katona Twins 2/25 & Eroica Trio 3/11
South Florida Symphony Orchestra Presents Lara St. John 2/28
Dr. Robert Bullis; First VIP Speaker for 2018 Season 2/21 "ZebraFish Ornamental Fish to Biomedical Superstars"

The Annual Mud-Pi Event from the Pottery Dept. 3/11

Just Two of the Events at FKCC
Key West has an amazing amount of Literary events : KWLS, Friends of the KW Library, "Meet The Authors", Books and Books Events, Mystery Writer Fest by Shirell Rhoades ( WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM). Above is KWLS Arlo Haskell Authors of "The Jews of Key West"

 Part 2 of a Multi Week Feature on Quincy Perkins First Annual Key West Photography Festival ( A Must Attend Every Year) 
Mom Bird by David Scott Meier

"Green Parrot" by Carrie Andrews

Sandy Sun
Fran Decker's Frangipani Gallery Latest Exhibition : Featuring Sandy Sun, David Scott Meier, & Carrie Andrews

The Bahama Village Music Program of Key West (BVMPKW) is Performing on Fri.March 3 and Sat. March 4th Bye Bye Birdie at HOB ( More Info Below)

Lucky Street Gallery Opening Exhibition for Rebecca Bennett & Michel Delgado "Offset Realities"

The Extraordinary Amount of Exhibitions/Classes & Events at TSKW

The Extraordinary Amount of Exhibitions/Classes & Events at KWAHS
As Promised from Zazoo Photo/Art Gallery : 4 Iconic and Rare Beatles Photos & History +  World Renown Don Oriolo was in town. Above a 1963 Photo by Terry O'Neill in the "Backyard of Abbey Road"

KWAHS Presents another Brilliant "Distinguished Speaker" 2/22 Jay Barnes "Florida's Hurricane History" Held at Old City Hall 510 Greene St. PLUS
Kicking Off "Women's History Month at KWAHS : The March 1 "Distinguished Speaker" is Breana Sowers "What We Save Historic Scrapbooks" 
Snowfall in Washington Square 10X8 Oil

Intersecting Lives 18X18 Oil
These two Paintings by Michele Byrne
Michele Byrne Classes 2/19-22 at The Key West Art Center Plus Current Exhibition Elizabeth Chamberlain. Plus Lothar Speer Classical Figure  Drawing Classes.  

The Feb 26th. Issue will have Part 3 of Our Tour of the Luis Sottil Gallery.  Due to Space and Time Constraints A List of Pushed Back Features Also Below
Letty Nowak

Carrie Disrud

The Highwaymen

The 3 Current Exhibitions at TSKW are from : Letty Nowak, Carrie Disrud, & The Highwaymen


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7815 Each Week. In This Issue (2/19) Outdoor Festival 3/10-17 from Keys National Wildlife Refuge & Other Organizations, Fla. Keys WaterColor Society 36th. Annual Judged Competition 3/4, Gingerbread Square Gallery Reception for Jane Washburn & Todd Bonita 2/9, Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Reception for Jean Pederson Reception 2/9, Commissioner Margaret Romero "Community Meeting" 2/20 at Marriott Beachside 6PM,  The Weekly MCSO & City of KW Sections, Pt. 2 Photo Feature Anne McKee Artists Fund Auction, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM , Impromptu Classical Concerts of KW :Katona Twins 2/25 & Eroica Trio 3/11, South Florida Symp. Orch. Lara St. John 2/28, Photo Feature from "The Friends of the Library" Arlo Haskell event, FKCC Annual Mud-Pi Pottery 3/11 + First VIP Series "Zebrafish Ornamental Fish to Biomedical Superstar" 2/21, 
WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM ,  Past Issue Links & Pushed Back Features to 2/26 & 3/5
"Undying Love" New Play from Ben Harrison ( Hottest Ticket in Town if You can get One), Pt. 2 Photo Feature of the First Annual KW Photography Festival, Current Frangipani Exhibition : Sandy Sun / David Scott Meier & Carrie Andrews, Bahama Village Music Program of KW Presents Bye Bye Birdie 3/3 & 4, Lucky Street Gallery "Offset Realities" :Rebecca Bennett & Michel Delgado, Our Extensive Weekly Sections from TSKW & KWAHS, Amazing Iconic Photos from The Beatles in the Zazoo Photo/Art Gallery (Must See This Feature Below), Next "Distinguished Speakers" from The KWAHS Jay Barnes "Florida Hurricane History" on 2/22 & Kicking Off Women's History Month 3/1 Breana Sowers "What We Save Historic Scrapbooks, Michele Byrne Classes at The Key West Art Gallery 2/19-22 + Current Main Exhibition by Elizabeth Chamberlain, "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow  WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM , WWW.EQFL.ORG , 
"Night of the Living Dead" at KWT 2/15-3/3, KW Garden Club Meeting 3/1 Featuring Historian Tom Hambright, Rock Solomon Preforms 2/9 at First Flight Restaurant, TSKW Artist Home /Gallery Tour 3/10, The Three Current Exhibitions at TSKW : Letty Nowak /Carrie Disrud, & The Highwaymen, Stone Soup Gallery  has J.H. Allen, Reef Relief-Mote-Sanc. Friends of the Fla. Keys, LaRubia has a Panama Hat Party Exhibition on 2/25 at The Gardens Hotel & Libby York Jazz Concert at Jazz in the Gardens,   WWW.KWLS.ORG ,  Aqua Idol Tuesdays for WF Playhouse, Bingo Wed. on USCGC Ingham & Mon. Green Parrot,
WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM , WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM , May Sands Montessori School's "Speakeasy Shindig" 3/3, , Extensive Calendar of Events & Hundreds of Photo Galleries from WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM , KW Plein Air Painting Contest 3/3 at KWAHS & Food Truck Festival 3/10, Harrison Gallery-Stone Soup Gallery & Frame Shop-Cocco and Salem Gallery-Gallery on the Green, Sean Callihan Presents Elizabeth St. Hilaire, KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens, "Last Stand" Protecting the Keys", Tropical Botanic Artists Exhibit at Gato starts 3/8, Next cafe Con Libros 2/20 Featuring John Henrty Fleming, Bingo on Wednesdays on USCGC Ingham & Mondays at Green Parrot, WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM  "Call to Candidate' 4/16, Waterfront Playhouse "Call to God" 2/20-3/10, Updated Key West Theater Schedule, FKSPCA, Fringe Theater "Gin Game" 2/21-24 & New Orleans Brunch event 3/4, Aids Help CC & Florida Health Monroe County, Salt Gallery has Margot Holtzapfel, Next Artisan Market 3/14, WKBG Next Luncheon 3/7 & Mixer 3/14, Slow Flow Yoga with Cricket Desmarais Fridays 9am at TSKW, Lothar Spear Drawing Workshop at TSKW & The Key West Art Gallery, Fla. Keys of the Arts, WWW.CFFK.ORG , Key West Wildlife Ctr., WWW.KWLS.ORG , VFW, Our Weekly "Southampton Arts & Culture" Section PLUS We'll have very soon a Special Feature on WWW.LUCILLEKHORNAK.COM and her Photography, SouthernMost Coconut Castaways next "Jump Up" 3/31,  Key West Wildlife Center, AnnaMarie Giordano's "Life Drawing Workshops" at Ft. East Martello Tuesdays, Marathon Garden Club next meeting 3/3, Magnolia Band, VIP Tennessee Williams Celebration at Dennis & Bert's House 2/28 + The TW Annual Poetry/Writing Contest, PLUS Lots More.
Thanks to All our Associate Contributing Editors for All the Great Year Round Materials. Thanks to the Readers and your Comments.  PS: As You can see this Issue is Very Long like many of the recent issues (A Good Thing) ; So You Can with EASE Close and Open this Issue as many times as you need.  Editors Note : Due to the Emergency Care for my Parents (It's All Going to be Fine) : The Next few Issue may be Delayed or Very Short. Have An Outstanding Week. Ed

We start the Feb 19 Issue off with Part 2 of our Photo Feature from the 2018 Anne McKee Artists Fund

Part 2 of Our Multi-Part / Week Anne McKee Artist Fund Auction. Our First Part in this Issue ; are photos from the Red Carpet Networking before the Auction (Last Issue Feb 12 and Next Issues Feb 19 & 26 will have Many Additional Red Carpet Photos)

We Now Take you into the Auction Theatre were Roberta DePiero is Welcoming All
& Introduce Lynne Bently-Kemp to Join other Miriam B. Good Honorees & about to Hand Off to Brilliant MC/Auctioneer Tom Luna ; More Photos up Shortly

Additional Photos Inside the Auction Capturing the Action Up Shortly
First Annual Key West Photography Festival was Awesome
This Part 2 of a Multi Part / Week Feature

South Beach 1940 Wright Langley Collection
President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Wright Langley Collection
Aristide Economopoulos (USA)
Alex Bronfer (Isreal)
Argus Paul Estabrook (South Korea)

The festival is headed by Quincy Perkins (KWFF) 

The First Annual Key West Photography Festival was Brilliant. Thank You Quincy Perkins and Paul Blundell and your Staff for such a Great Event.  The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends

 was one of the Corporate Sponsors and I so enjoyed being part of this Immediate Yearly Tradition.  It was so Great to see the many other Local Photographer's Work PLUS Two of the Display Areas had Vintage 1885 to 1970 Photos and an International Photography area Featuring over 40 Works. The Guest Photographer Presentations were Fascinating and the Field Trips to the Photo Galleries were Fun. The next 3 or 4 Issues will Feature many Photos from the Event and of course Many of the Photographs from Local & International Photographerson Display. 

Brilliant Writing from Ben Harrison.
This Really Happened in KW in 1935

As of 2/16 Very few Tickets Left. Still Give it a Try at TSKW 2/15-3/3

Paintings done by Melinda K. Hall Exclusively for Ben Harrison and Undying Love  All 11X13 Oil on Canvas
"The Meeting"

"The Treatment"

The Internment"

"The Escape"

"The Stowaway"

"The Bride"

"The Revelation"

"The Parting"

Book, Lyrics and Music by Ben Harrison
Director: Richard Grusin
Musical Director: Larry Baeder
Starring Amber Good & Jamie Callahan


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
Night of the Living Dead 2/15-3/3 Starring Carolyn Cooper and Julio Trinan ; Playwright & Dir. Jon Rhoades

February 15th - March 3rd:
By Dave Lankford
In this comic-horror love story, Mia and Marshall's marriage, teetering on the edge of collapse, fights to survive as a zombie pandemic quietly infects the couple's insular world. Cross-cutting between two distant but parallel nights, Mia and Marshall must confront the most intimate and difficult choices of their lives with both humorous and heartbreaking moments.

Key Deer: The Endangered Darlings of the Florida Keys and What We Can Do to Protect Them?

Award Winning Photograph by Mike Vaughn "Tender Moments"

Key deer may be tiny in size, but this endangered species is big on the list of well-loved wildlife.  If the diminutive deer  exclusive to the Florida Keys  has somehow eluded you, it's time to make your way to the third annual Outdoor Fest, set for Saturday, March 10 th  through Saturday, March 17 th  and hosted by US Fish and Wildlife Service's Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex and their Friends group, Florida Keys Wildlife Society. With a Wildlife Fair at their new Big Pine Key Nature Center and a Run with Deer 5k just some of their many offerings, you're sure to sight this miniature but magnificent creature. 

To learn more about Key deer and their natural habitat, check out the upcoming Outdoor Fest: visit , contact Refuge Ranger Kristie Killam at  305-304-9625, or email Nancy or Jan at . Brought to you in part by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

Current Exhibition until End of February Features Carrie Andrews, David Scott Meier, & Sandy Sun
Carrie Andrews

"Hot Dogs & Ice Cream" by David Scott Meier

Trio by David Scott Meier

Sandy Sun : This work Yielded a Nice High Bid at the Recent Anne McKee Artists Fund Auction
Many Additional Pieces of Art Up Shortly in the Frangipani Weekly Section


Here a few of Jane Washburn's Paintings
Beach Blues 12X16 Oil on Canvas

Little Palm Island Heron 30X36 Oil on Canvas

Saturday Morning Carribean Club 14X18 Oil
In Step 16X20 OIl
Samantha's Flamingo 24X20
Aviary 30X16 Oil
Linus 8X10 Oil on Canvas
Bougainvilliea on Elia 9X12 Oil
Up Shortly Works from Todd Bonita ; Reception with Jane Washburn for their Upcoming Exhibition on 2/19.

On March 1, 2018 the Key West Garden Club will be hosting Mr. Tom Hambright as their monthly speaker. The meeting will be held at 1:30 pm at the Fort West Martello, the home of the Garden, on Atlantic Blvd near Higgs Beach. The meeting will begin with a brief business meeting. 

Mr. Tom Hambright is well known to the Key West Community as an expert on history of Key West and the Florida Keys. Mr. Hambright will be presenting history of the Key West Garden Club as well as history of the Fort West Martello structure. This presentation will surely be of interest to our club, as well as to the community at large. 

The monthly garden club meetings are free and open to the public. For further information or questions, contact Jane Tiedeman at 305-923-3820. 

WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 Artist Home Tour March 10 11a-3p 

Sat Mar 10, 11am-3pm
One of our most popular annual events, the Artist Studio Tours return to Old Town this season with a carefully curated collection of creative work spaces. Spend the afternoon peeking into the homes and studios of some of the island's most fascinating artists. Please purchase tickets at Stop #1, where we'll have snacks and drinks available. Tour details on their site and Facebook Page. Of course more Info. on their events further down in the Weekly Section.
Sponsored by Gallery on Greene

ABOVE Header image, clockwise from top left: David Schofield, Alex Holst, Tracey Holst, Susan Sugar, Jean Pederson and Richard Cleaver. 
Stop #1: 607-609 Ashe Street,  The Studios' Residency Cottages
Current Artists-in-Residence: Richard Cleaver , artist; George Ciscle , curator; Jean Pederson, artist; Leigh Gallaher,  writer.

Stop #2: 816 Johnson Lane. The Turtle House, home of artist Susan Sugar. Stop #3: 1128 Johnson Street. Home of fashion designer Tracey Holst & photographer/jewelry maker Alex Holst. Stop #4: 1423 Von Phister Street. Home of artist David Schofield


WWW.LUCKYSTREETGALLERY.COM 1204 White St. 305-294-3973
Opening Reception for the Current Exhibition Featuring Rebecca Bennett and Michel Delgado

More from the Lucky Street Reception for Rebecca Bennett and Michel Delgado Up Shortly

WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458
The Three Current Exhibitions in Order of Appearance are Letty Nowak / Carrie Disrud  & The Highwaymen. Hit this Link for Complete Information

Self Portrait

Walk with Kai

Saint Barth IV

Saint Barth II

In rural southeast coastal Florida, in the late 1950s and 1960s, during the time when the Civil Rights Movement began to seriously challenge Jim Crow laws, a grassroots art phenomena occurred that had no precedent, and it left an unimaginable trove of artwork-perhaps a quarter million oil paintings made by young self-taught African American artists.  They were nameless during their two decades of creative tenure, only to be dubbed The Highwaymen fifteen years later. Their paintings transcend the palm trees, clear blue skies, and glistening surf that they describe with vigor; they were the embodiment of a prosperous land and new frontier where dreams were sure to come true for post war families. They were and remain American images, painted by the unlikeliest of American artists who were likely destined to pick oranges in the groves nearby their homes. Instead, they created the visual legacy of modern Florida as the place to realize the American dream. Due to Space Constraints go to the Link Below for Complete description.

The other Two New Exhibitions at the TSKW are from Letty Nowak and Carrie Disrud

Pics from GardenFest Coming Soon.
MARATHON FLORIDA : The Florida Keys WaterColor Society 36th Annual Judges Exhibition (Below Edited for Space Constraints) Go to their Website for Complete Details
    The Florida Keys Watercolor Society proudly presents the Opening of their 36th Annual Judged Exhibition on Sunday March 4th from 5-7pm, in the Main Gallery of the Marathon Community Theatre at  MM49.5 Ocean.
       Enjoy an evening of Art ~ Hors D'ouvres ~ Music ~ Raffle ~ Award Ceremony ~ Cash Bar. 
Down Under by Lian Quan Zhen

Pigeon Key Cottage by Charles Pasarelli

Come meet the artists of the Society and  "YOU Be The Judge" and vote for your favorite painting for The Jan Lawliss People's Choice Award. 
Music by Richard Foley.
The Exhibit opens for daytime viewing on Thursday, March, 8th and can be viewed from 11-4 each Thursday, Friday and Saturday thru March 24th and also the two evening before the curtain and during intermission of the theater's Fundraiser Performance...."One Weekend Only" on Friday and Saturday, March 23rd and 24th.
For Theater Ticket Info go to
For Watercolor Society information go to
Call 609-231-7045  for Art Exhibit info

Great Speaker and Author KWLS Arlo Haskell Discussing his Book "The Jews of Key West".. His Book is a Must Read to gain some great knowledge about Key West in the 1830's to 1950s.

WWW.GILDEA.GALLERY 305-797-6485 522 Southard St.
Feb 9 5-7P Jean Pedersen


Melissa Trader's Stone Soup Gallery 
WWW.STONESOUPGALLERY.COM 802 White St. 305-296-2080. 

J.H. ALLEN is the Current Exhibition at Stone Soup Gallery and Frame Shop

Bamboo Grove


Christmas Palms

Ben Stein Park

Love Letters


On the Left is Many


Volunteers Needed!

Reef Relief staff and volunteers have been extremely busy stenciling storm drains and cleaning up the marine debris around our island.

Join us for another cleanup at the Big Pine Key Avenues on February 24th at 9am! The official meeting point for this event is at Big Pine Key Park and Community Center. This area was one of the hardest hit by Irma and we need all the help we can get to clean the debris left behind. For more information, check out the event on Facebook!
Clean Up the Avenue Facebook Event

We also have a stenciling project coming up on February 19th. We are going to be meeting at 11am in the St. Mary's Star of the Sea parking lot. Make sure to wear clothing you don't mind getting paint on.

As always, if you have any questions about Reef Relief's volunteer opportunities, please contact us at or call us at 
(305) 294- 3100
This Months Reef Relief E-Newsletter can be seen with this Link 

281 Front St. 305-295-6616
  Here are two Brief Notices with the majority of them up Shortly in their Weekly Section; along with the TSKW Weekly Section

Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes both recreational and professional painters to participate in a Saturday, March 3 plein air painting contest celebrating the legacy of Tennessee Williams, the acclaimed playwright and artist who made Key West his home for 34 years. Participants will use the Key West Art Center building at 301 Front Street, where Williams purchased artwork while attending the gallery's opening in 1960, as their subject.
Food Truck Event date is March 10


Pushed back for the Feb 26 Issues due to Time & Constraints : Part 1 of our Tour of The Guild Hall Gallery, Part 4 Our Tour of the Key West Art Center,  TSKW Artisan Pot Luck on the Porch, Pt.3 of our Tour of Sottil Gallery, Pt. 6 of MOTE's Look Back at 2017, Artist to the Stars Adam Scott Rote; Featuring works hanging at the Key West Gallery + a Few More from his Collection. Also Pushed Back : Our Photo Feature of the Peter Max Exhibition recently at the Key West Gallery, From Southampton LI : Lucille Khornak Photography Photo Feature,  Liza Jane Catana's Recent Appearance in KW. Of Course also in the Feb 26th. Issue events we covered last week and Event Notices from our Contributing Editors for Upcoming Events.


Also Next Week : Our Annual Visit from The International Women's Flag Football Association WWW.IWFFA.COM A few weeks ago; lots of Fun. The Feb.26th. Issue will have lots of Photos.



Volcanic, High Powered Violinist Lara St. John returns as the South Florida Symphony Orchestra continues its 20th Anniversary Season.   Your audiences will be mesmerized by the auditory splendor of her extraordinary violin rendition of  Antonio Vivaldi's   The Four Seasons,  which  with Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphonie No. 6 "Pastoral" inspire the title of this concert  presented by  Founder|Music Director Sebrina Maria Alfonso .  Introducing contemporary  American composer Lisa Nardi's  In This Heart.   Tickets $25-$85 are moving fast for 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28,2018 at the Tennessee Williams Theatre.  Call 305-295-7676 or visit


Important Note : Good Friend Gracy Lozano from Keys Lifestyle Marketing has this awesome Website that gives an Amazing and Extensive Listing of Events in Key West. Click the website below and check it out.

Here are just a few Categories; many way to look Up : Day, Month, Year, Category 305-440-059

Due to Time & Space Constraints Part 3 of 3  : A Tour of the Luis Sottil will continue in the Feb 26th. WWW.LUISSOTTIL.COM  511 Duval St. 305-396-7855.  The Featured Artists are Luis Sottil, Johansen, Allison Lefcourt, David Miller, Fine Art by Scotty Tastefully Edgy, Oliviya, Michael Goddard & Dale Mathis.
Luis Sottil


FKSPCA Held a Fund Raising event at Sottil Gallery a few weeks ago; Click the Jan 29 Issue for Photos and Part 2 of our Tour. & Part 1 is in the Jan. 22 Issue 




Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

Our Last 5 Issues ; These Links Below are Created by my Production, Database Management, & Delivery System : Constant Contact.  By Clicking any of them; you will Instantly see the Issue ; they don't get stored on your computer; Just put Temporarily in Memory.

700 Fleming Street, 
Key West, FL  33040, 

Writing on the Autograph Tree

The Marathon Public Library, 3251 Overseas Hwy, presents a Free Short Story Workshop/Seminar with Edgardo Alvarado, author of "The Funerals of Key West" and "Don't Read this Poetry Book".  The group meets every Tuesday from February 6 through April 10 from 4 to 6 pm to discuss and write a short story. It is open and free to the public but registration is required. All participants must be 18 years old or older.  Call 305-292-3595 to reserve your spot today.  


 Sean P. Callihan Presents   Elizabeth St. Hilaire & Her Latest Exhibition at  WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET 
1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910
Last Week we Featured many of Elizabeth's Works ; Hit the Feb 12 Link ; Of course go to Sean's Gallery as well as Elizabeth's Website.
Floral Raccoon

Undulation & Synncopation

Sea Maiden

He Said She Said

MUST SEE EXHIBITION Thanks Sean for your Yearly Presentation of Elizabeth St. Hilaire


Commissioner Margaret Romero Community Meeting
Tues. Feb. 20  6pm Marriott Beach Resort 

The Commissioner comments : If you want a particular topic included, please let me know
As with previous meetings, this one is targeted to last 1 hour. 
You are welcome to share this note with others - all in the city are welcome.
You are encouraged to participate with your questions and suggestions.  Your involvement will help make our City better. 
I hope you will be able to attend. 
Margaret Romero.   Editor's Note : Send your E-Mail Address to Mromero@CityofKeyWest-Fl.Gov to receive upcoming Meeting Agendas ; as well as Occasional Notices with Interesting Information.
Here is a List of some of the Topics that the Commissioner will Discuss & Open for Conversation.
 Parking,  Traffic, Nuisance Noise,  Height referendum,  Short Term and Transient Rentals,  Long Term Housing, Quality of Life,  Green Space for Children Recreation Activities, Parks,  Art in Public Places, White St Pier,  Demolition by Neglect.

 Cocco and Salem Gallery
WWW.COCCOANDSALEM.COM 1111Duval St. 305-292-0072


Part 4 of Our Tour of the Local Artists at The Key West Art Center in the Feb 26 Issue 
 "Palette Knife Impressions" by Michele Byrne 2/19-22 9a-3p. Call Gallery Mgr. Juniper Deja 305-294-1241.
Learn  to compose a plein air painting using a value study and a thrust map to  lead a viewers eye across the page.  Manipulate paint quality using large brushes, and other tools to create loose energetic impressionist paintings.  Class will be held inside the 1st day and outside every other day,  weather permitting.  Below are Two Paintings from Michele

Snowfall in Washington Square 10X8 Oil on Panel

Intersecting Lives 18X18 Oil

WWW.TROPICALBOTANICARTISTS.COM Exhibition at Gato with the help of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts
Susan Cumins from the Tropical Botanic Gardens Organization sends regards and tells us : 
Tamiami Trail: In the Beginning
Tropical Botanic Artists document the 100-year-old
Tamiami Trail's effects on South Florida's landscape
When :  March 8 - June 15, 2018
Where : The  Gato Building,  1100 Simonton Street, Key West, Florida 33040  
Hours:   9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Free.                    
Key West, FL (February 16, 2018) -- Portraits of plants found along the historic **Tamiami Trail a century after the road was begun, will be on view at the Gato Building in Key West , March 8 th  - June 15, 2018. Admission is free and open to the public. 
"Tamiami Trail: In the Beginning" is an exhibition of original artworks by members of the
Miami-based Tropical Botanic Artists collective. The botanical subjects were selected to mark the 100
 anniversary in 2015 of the start of work on Tamiami Trail, a roadway begun in 1915 in Miami. Today it stretches across the Everglades from Miami to Naples and northward to Tampa, through areas that were largely wilderness a century ago. The exhibition's 30-plus plant portraits depict species found then and now in multiple vegetation zones along the route. Due to human intervention and changes in water flow, some of the plants illustrated are rare or endangered, and their predominant locations may have shifted, but all persist in South Florida's landscape. 
Presented with support from the  Florida Keys Council of the Arts, the exhibition is the result of the artists' collaboration with Dr. Evelyn Gaiser of Florida International University, who is principal investigator for the local  Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research program. 
Artists whose works are in the exhibition are Margie Bauer, Kristi Bettendorf, Beverly Borland, Silvia Bota, Marie Chaney, Susan Cumins, Jeanie Daniel Duck, Julio Figueroa, Pauline A Goldsmith, Leo Hernandez, Elsa Nadal, Carol Onstad, Laurie Richardson, Donna Torres and Jedda Wong. 
"Limbo" by Kristi Bettendorf WaterColor on Paper

"Tamiami Trail Seas Grapes" by Laurie Richardson

The Tropical Botanic Artists collective was established in Miami, Florida, in 2006 to highlight the beauty of tropical plants through art. Its members come from all walks of life and each brings a unique viewpoint to his or her work. They share a love of the natural world and that fascination is reflected in their art.  

Allison Rich sends regards and tells us  this great News : We are happy to announce that Cafe con Libros is back again this year and being held at the studios. 
Café con Libros

The Key West Library is offering their free Café con Libros author series on Tuesday mornings from January 23rd until March 27th at the Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St.  Author presentations begin at 10:30 am.  On Tuesday January 23rdis author Lucy Burdette of the Key West Food Critic Murder Mysteries followed by Elisa Segrave, author of "The Girl from Station X" on Tuesday January 30th.  For more information call the library at 305-292-3595.

Feb. 20th: John Henry Fleming on "We Can't Help It If We're From Florida"
Feb. 27th: Ryan Mcilvain on his new novel, "The Radicals"
Mar. 6th: Leslie Linsley on "Salvage Style," decorating with vintage objects
Mar. 13th: Robin Lloyd on his historical novel set in Havana, "Harbor of Spies"
Mar. 20th: Samuel Harrington, MD, on "At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life"
Mar. 27th: Kenneth Michaels in conversation with Edgardo Alvarado-Vazquez about "Only in Key West" : 
Allison Rich, 
Sr. Library Assistant, 
Monroe County Public Library, 
700 Fleming Street, 
The Key West Library at 700 Fleming St is offering free One-on-One Technology tutoring.  Do you have questions about your smartphone or tablet?  Do you need help downloading Ebooks from the library's website?  If so, please call us at 305-292-3595 to make an appointment.  Our library assistants are here to help you with your devices.  Call us today!   

A few more photos from the 2018 Anne McKee Artist Fund Auction and then we continue with Part 3 in the Feb. 26th. Issue.

"Surviving Irma" by Sandy Mezinis Watercolor on Arches
Thought you would enjoy seeing a series of 1 Paintings
Of course ; the Runners walk on the room a few times
with the Art Work
The Feb 26th. Issue will have many additional photos from the Red Carpet Networking as well as the Action from the Auction



Keys Kids Junior and Bahama Village Music Program Present: 
Bye Bye Birdie

Students at Horace O'Bryant Middle School will be taking audiences back to the 1950's with the rollicking Rock and Roll musical Bye Bye Birdie on Friday, March 2 at 7:30 and Saturday, March 3 at 2:00 p.m.  Based on the story of Elvis Presley being drafted into the Army, the main character, Conrad Birdie, sings heart rending songs to his screaming fans.  Audiences will hear familiar songs such as "We Love You Conrad," "Put on a Happy Face," The Telephone Hour," and "A Lot Of Livin' To Do." In the show, the MacAfee family will be featured on The Ed Sullivan Show where their daughter Kim is to get "One Last Kiss" from Conrad Birdie.  Mayhem ensues when her boyfriend, Hugo, enters in a jealous rage. 

Over thirty middle school students are in the cast. Main characters are Maddox Lowe as Kim MacAfee, Jarvis Moore as Albert Peterson, Angelina Diaz as Rose Alvarez, Sadie Dodds as Mrs. Peterson, Nelson Sawyer as Hugo Peabody, and Key West High School student Iain Wilcox as Conrad Birdie.

Stage direction is by Stephanie Manaher, with musical direction by Nancy 3. Hoffman, choreography by Penny Leto, technical direction by Phillip Baucom, and assistant directors, Gary and Nancy Curry. Tickets are available at the door with $3 for students, $5 for adults, and $20 for families.  This program is sponsored by the Bahama Village Music Program and sponsored in part by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys. For more information or to make a donation, email or call (305) 504-7664.


The nonprofit USCGC Ingham Museum at the Truman Annex Waterfront Park will be open for sunset each Wednesday at 5 p.m. with bingo onboard after dark. For information, call 305-292-5072 or email 


WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM 305-295-9797 3485 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 


Thomas Arvid Painting Live Feb. 20 -24


April 16 5pm at Salute on the Beach "Call for Candidates"
Here is the Link for their Donation Page ; DONATE


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM for Production, Database Management, and Delivery. They are GREAT. Their Customer Support and On-Line Q&A are Second to None. 781-482-8911


This year Mixdeity Entertainment will be bringing back the Jazz-Age Retrospectacular for it's second annual installment. We'll be hosting dinners monthly on Mondays (typically around the middle of every month). Our first dinner will be coming up in a mere 2 weeks! Pricing is discounted for the first one and will come in at $95.00 and include a 3-course gourmet meal, cocktail hour w free h'ordeuvres and a welcome drink, as well as the interactive dinner game play and a vintage 1920s costume contest. Go to the above Sites for additional Info....Plus see the Feb 19th. Event Below.


Feb 19 at First Flight Restaurant 301 Whitehead St.


 Zazoo has an  Amazing Collection of Photos & Art on Iconic Movie Stars, Sports Figures, Famous Photographers. You Can spend Hours in Zazoo and everything is Very Inexpensive for these Rare Originals / Copies. These 2 Issues will have a Partial Tour of their Gallery : Jan. 8 and Jan. 15  

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925 

It was 54 years ago  (February 9th,1964) that an estimated 73 million Americans tuned in to watch The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  We celebrate music history by sharing these
amazing fine art pieces featuring The Beatles. 

" Twist and Shout " 

This is the 1st night in America for the Fab Four (John, Paul, George and Ringo) at the historic Peppermint Lounge in New York City on February 7th, 1964, two days before they were to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. This club is where the " Twist " originated. Murray The " K ", Neil Aspinal, Cynthia Lennon and Louise Harrison can be seen with the Beatles in this fascinating image.
 © Hulton Archive of London/ Michael Ochs
" Beatles at Heathrow " 

The Beatles leaving London from Heathrow Airport for the US to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, February 1964. 
 © Terry O'Neill

Terry O'Neill
English photographer who gained renown documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the 1960s. While other photographers concentrated on earthquakes, wars and politics, O'Neill realized that youth culture was a breaking news story on a global scale and began chronicling the emerging faces of film, fashion and music who would go on to define the Swinging Sixties. By 1965 he was being commissioned by the biggest magazines and newspapers in the world. O'Neill's photographs display his knack for capturing his subjects candidly or in unconventional settings. Terry O'Neill is one of the world's most collected photographers with work hanging in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. He was awarded The Royal Photographic Society's  Centenary medal ' in recognition of a sustained, significant contribution to the art of photography ' in 2011.
" Beatles Backyard "
Rare group portrait of the Beatles during the recording of their first hit single and album " Please Please Me " in the backyard of the Abbey Road Studios in London, January 1963. 
 © Terry O'Neill
" John Lennon On Rooftop in New York City " 
August 29,1974.
 © Bob Gruen
Bob Gruen
Bob Gruen is one of the most well-known and respected photographers in rock and roll. From John Lennon to Johnny Rotten; Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones; Elvis to Madonna; Bob Dylan to Bob Marley; Tina Turner to Debbie Harry, he has captured the music scene for over forty years in photographs that have gained worldwide recognition.
Shortly after John Lennon moved to New York in 1971, Bob became John and Yoko's personal photographer and friend, making photos of their working life as well as private moments. In 1974 he created the iconic image of John Lennon wearing 
a New York City t-shirt.


(R) EROICA TRIO March 11
The 2018 Season (As Usual) ALL Concerts at St. Pauls Episcopal Church 4pm.

Hungarian guitar duo Katona Twins will appear in Key West for an Impromptu Concert performance at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. The concert will be the fourth of the 2018 Impromptu Concert season, which is celebrating the centennial of the late composer Leonard Bernstein, a frequent visitor to Key West.
This music act, comprised of Péter and Zoltán Katona, has been described as "the classical world's best-known guitar duo." These identical twins were born in Budapest, Hungary, where they began their music education at the age of 10. Their teacher had noticed that the boys had a talent for clapping-back complicated rhythms, and so their mother requested they change to a special school where, besides general subjects, they also received daily music instruction.

Tickets for the concert cost $20, and are available at , or at the door on the afternoon of the event. Cash, checks, or credit/debit cards accepted. Students admitted free. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
For more information visit

Visit their website for detailed information on all their 2018  2/25 Katona Twins (Mozart to Doors), 3/11 Back by Popular Demand Eroica Trio, 3/25 Jose Franch-Balleser & Michael Brown (Piano & Clarinet), 3/27 & 28 Remembering Lenny Bernstein


Up Shortly Updated Schedule of Concerts and Special Events


Due to Time Constraints the Feb 19th. Issue will have Part 6 of the MOTE 
 Multi Part / Week Feature that Mote did on their Look Back at 2017

Click MOTE1 for a Special Year End E-Newsletter Looking Back at ALL 12 months of Very Informative


712 Duval St. 305-440-2179 11A-11P
2 FOR 1 DRINKS ALL DAY & 3-6P .70 Oysters, Clams, Peel & Eat Shrimp & Wings
 "Best Hush Puppies & New England Clam Chowder in the South; & the Angle Hair Pasta with Lump Crab in a Cream Sauce is amazing; plus their Peel N Eat Shrimp are by far always the tastiest The Keys.  


  533 Eaton St. 305-320-0208
Part of WWW.TSKW.ORG  Contact Mia Clement 

Thank Mia for the Outstanding work you, Emily, Allison Rich, Michael Nelson and Tom Hambright do for bringing Amazing Literary Events to KW.  Of course Thanks to the rest of the Monroe County Library Staff and of course KW Friends of the Library

"A Meet the Authors" Event :March 1 6-8pm at Books and Books The Authors of the Key West Writers Guild
The Books and Books Organization does 2 Types of Literary events :
"Meet The Authors" and Book Store Events and they are both done at the TSKW right next door to the Book Store. Below is a Regular Book Store event :

March 13 6pm
A Books and Books Talk, discussion and signing 
 Gabe Habash - Stephen Florida  and  Julie Buntin - Marlena
Brief Description - Join us for a reading, discussion and signing with two incredible authors. Gabe Habash's Stephen Florida follows a college wrestler in his senior season, when every practice, every match, is a step closer to greatness and a step further from sanity. Julie Buntin's debut novel Marlena explores that specific suspended time in young womanhood when every decision feels like the most important, and every friendship feels life-long.

Books and Books Talk, discussion and signing 
Title - Tayari Jones - An American Marriage
Start Date/End Date - Wednesday, March 21st at 6:00 pm.
Brief Description - Tayari Jones's stirring, thought-provoking new novel, AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE, tackles big issues-race, loyalty, resilience-and perhaps the biggest issue of them all: love. Jones is the author of four novels and holds degrees from Spelman College, Arizona State University, and the University of Iowa. She serves on the MFA faculty in the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark University.

The Feb26th. Issue has Part 3 of this Event and here is Part 2 for this Week ( with Part 1 Earlier)
 First Annual Key West Photography Festival Held in the Center of Mallory Square
Below is From the International Area of the Festival (which had 34 Photographs)

The always Happy Hays Blinkmann from The Weekly Magazine

Hemingway on the Pilar in Ksw Harbor 1934
Downtown Key West After Fire April 1 1886 DeWoofe & Wood Collection
Luigi Chighine (Italy)
Guiseppe Cardoni (Italy)
Dede (USA)
Craig Buchan (UK)
Part 3 of our Multi-Part / Multi-Week Features on the the First Annual Key West Photography Festival in the Feb. 26 Issue with many Local and International Photographer's Works

New Orleans Jazz Brunch and Silent Auction Sunday March 4

305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Dr.

Plein Air Painters Historic Sites Show
Oldest House by Elizabeth Chamberlain

Curry Mansion by Susan O'Neill

   The Key West Plein Air painters will exhibit their works portraying twelve Key West historic sites at the opening reception in the Oldest House Garden on Thursday, Feb. 22 from 5-7pm. Based on the Florida Stories walking tour app created by the Florida Humanites Council, these sites include the Custom House, Clinton Square, Coast Guard Headquarters, Old Custom's House, Sloppy Joe's, Fogarty Mansion, Curry Mansion, Porter Mansion, the Oldest House, the Woman's Club, the Patterson Baldwin House, and St. Paul's Episcopal Church. A percentage of the art sales will benefit the Old Island Restoration Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the architectural and cultural history of Key West. 
    The informal painting group, led by artist Susan O'Neill, paints year round on the streets of Key West at a different location every week. The Facebook page, Key West Plein Air Painters, publishes the group's schedule every month. Comprised of local and visiting professional artists, the group welcomes amateurs and students as well and has been joined by artists from the United States, Canada and Europe. 
    Paintings will be hung in the pavilion and will also be exhibited on easels placed throughout the garden. Come meet the artists, enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and see a wide variety of painting styles and subjects while enjoying the grounds of the Oldest House and Garden Museum.
   Exhibiting artists include: Susan O'Neill, Karen Beauprie, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Nyla Witmore, Michele Byrne, Nancy Beck, Nancy Henning, Joan Cox, Joanne Sloan, Neva Townsend, Fran Decker, Kathy Husted, Deborah Moore, Suellen Crowley, and Mary Alice Campanaro. 
The Key West Plein Air Painters Historic Sites Show, at The Oldest House, 322 Duval Street, Key West. Opening reception Thursday, Feb. 22, 5-7pm. Show runs through Feb. 27.



A few weeks ago Adam Scott Rote( Artist of the Stars) was in town Headlining at the Gallery. The Feb 26th Issue will have some of His New Works that still hang at the Gallery.  Yes that is " I Dream of Jeannie", it's truly amazing All the Stars he has worked with. 


Suzie dePoo

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241
Main Current Exhibition Elizabeth Chamberlain : Colorful contemporary impressionist Key West scenes, painted in oil, on location! 

Evening at Fort Zachary Taylor by George Salhofer Acrylic

Heaven's Gate by Elizabeth Chamberlain Oil

Classical Figure Drawing Classes by Lothar Speer Wednesdays from Jan 17-April 18 5:30-7:30p. Contact Gallery Dir. Juniper Deja at 305-294-1241 and/or for more info
Thanks Local Artists Hanging at KWAC; as well as Gallery Manager Juniper and KWAC President Fran Decker, Board Members Jane Grannis, Lois Songer, Staff Susan O'Neill and the rest of the Staff & Board Members.


1207 Duval St. 305-296-8900
Opening Reception Feb 19 at the GingerBread Square Gallery (5-8P) for Jane Washburn and Todd Bonia. Earlier in this Issue we Featured a Few of Jane's Works and now 


Rye Marsh 6X8 Plein Aire Oil Study on Wood
Pierce Island Portsmith  Plein Air Oil Study on Wood
Portsmith Tugs 11X14 Oil on Wood
The Clamer 11X14 Oil on Wood
Breath 6X8 Oil on Wood
More from Todd Bonia Up Shortly

5210 College Road 

Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries
Thanks Johnny & Caroline for providing our readers with Great Year Round Photo Galleries to Enjoy; as well as Providing ALL of  the Keys with a Great Calendar of Events Everyday. The Feb. 26th Issue will have a few more of their Galleries. Of Course go to the above Link to see many of them now.


SALT Gallery features famed Austrian Artist in February: Opening Reception Feb. 9 and 10

Beginning February 2nd and for the entire month of February, SALT Gallery (830 Fleming St.,  will feature a new collection of colorful paintings by Austrian artist Margot Holzapfel. To celebrate this cross-cultural collaboration, SALT will be co-hosting two opening receptions with John Brandolino (better known as the Sole Man) at the gallery from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 9th and Saturday, Feb. 10th.
Margot Holzapfel was born in Ybbs, Austria and studied art under Professor Christian Ludwig Attersee, one of Austria 's greatest contemporary artists. She has exhibited in various galleries in Ybbs, at Ringstrassen Galleries in Vienna, and at Art-Fair at the Louvre in Paris in 2016. She first showed in Key West in 2013 at the Joy Gallery.

WWW.EQFL.ORG 813-870-3735

Equality Florida consists of two organizations - Equality Florida Institute, Inc., our 501(c)(3) educational charity and Equality Florida Action, Inc., our 501(c)(4) advocacy organization. Together, these organizations form the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. Through education, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and lobbying, we are changing Florida so that no one suffers harassment or discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
Photos of the Week from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow
(Top Left) SPCA Holds 4
th Annual PAWS Parade.
The 4th Annual PAWS Parade took place this past Saturday at Dog Park.  The event benefitted the Florida Keys SPCA. The group plans to move into their new building on College Road in April. 
(Top Right) Centennial Bank Supports Annual Pickelball Tournament.
Centennial Bank had its Hot Dog Wagon out to help the annual Pickle Ball Tournament.  Shown Are Centennial VP Esther Tupino, Pickelballs' Jannice Hillard, Centennial's Tina Geide and son Jason, and Audrey Green Centennial Mortgage Officer. 

(Bottom-Left)Sidebar Fundraiser for Take Stock In Children
Take Stock In Children's Lynn Cassamayer joins Chuck Licis at the back garden of Aqua's SideBar Club for a fundraiser for the club. 
(Bottom Right) Big Turnout to Support Take Stock In Children.
Take Stock in Children members Bryan Green, Gavin Dietrich and Chuck Licis at the Sidebar for a Friday Evening Fundraiser. 


Next March 11 at 1111 Eaton St. at The Restaurant Store

Key West Artisan Market: Culinary and Wine Edition is This Sunday


WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
Next Luncheon March 7th. 14  :  Marriott Beachside Noon. 3841 N. Roos. Blvd.  Next Mixer March 14 Choice Storage Center 2600 N. Roosevelt Blvd.


WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081

Florida Keys Community College's student ceramics club, Mud-Pi, invites the community to its annual fund-raising event on Sunday, March 11 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at The Studios of Key West at 533 Eaton Street.  As per tradition, attendees will select their own student-crafted ceramic bowl to keep as a commemorative souvenir.  Admission is $25; cash or checks only will be accepted at the entrance.
The funds raised will be used to purchase materials and equipment that allow Mud-Pi to continue to beautify and enrich the community.  For more than 20 years, the students of Mud-Pi have created dozens of ornate ceramic wall murals and fountains that grace many locations in the Keys and provide the College's Key West Campus its signature aesthetic.  The department also hosts young students, elementary through high school grades, as well as special needs groups to introduce them to the fine art of pottery. 
For more information about this year's Mud-Pi event, contact Ann Labriola, FKCC Fine Arts instructor, at 305-809-3132 or

Florida Keys Community College will open the 2018 season of its VIP Series with " The Zebrafish: From Ornamental Fish to Biomedical Superstar."   The presentation is led by Dr. Robert Bullis, FKCC Biology Professor, on Wednesday, February 21 at 7 p.m. in the Tennessee Williams Theatre on the Key West Campus.  This was the Story in the Feb 12 Issue ; go to that Link for the complete material 

Also Go to their Website to see what's Up Next as well as Info on Bob Bowersox's Theatre XP. We Should have some updated Material in the Feb 26th Issue.

SKIPPER KRIPITZ GIGS . Skipper gives so much to the Community so even if his Musician Configuration were not the BEST; He certainly deserves the Attention

Tues. Feb 20th. @ 9pm Virgilio's -the CRZBs, special guest- Geoff Lowe on bass. 
Sat. Feb. 24th @ 5:30pm  SALUTE- the CRZBs Consort.  
Tues. Feb. 27th @ 9pm. Virgilio's- Jen & Geoff Lowe /Christine Cordone, & Larry Smith- classic rock soul funk, folk, pop  grooves,  &  originals .  
Fri. March 2nd @ 5 pm. Aqua Side Bar-  Annual ZONTA Benefit- K W Soul Revue band, with Clayton & Mina  Lopez, Larry Smith, & many others.

WWW.WESLEYHOUSE.ORG 305-809-5000 1304 Truman Ave.


Art@830 Gallery 830 Caroline St. 305-295-9595 

Flower Days by Tony Gregory  Acrylic on Canvas



Part 2
WWW.LUCKYSTREETGALLERY.COM 1204 White St. 305-294-3973
Lucky Street Gallery's Latest exhibition "Offset Realities" features new work by Rebecca Bennett and Michel Delgado.  Bennett's pieces continue her exploration into highlighting light and shadow, and while many of her new works take on a decidedly abstract tone, at the same time they are true to her local subject matter.  Many of Delgado's paintings reflect imagery from his boyhood in Senegal and he expands this exhibition with exciting pieces from his "Street Gum Art" series.

Where you from Here by Michel Delgado  Mixed Media on WaterColor Paper
These Wings Are Attached to You Mixed Media on WaterColor Paper
One of the nicest Conchs Haley; as well as Art Lover and Volunteers ; Admiring the Bennett Wall in Foreground Sedona 24X16 Oil on Canvas

"Woodpile" 24X36 Oil on Canvas
"Meander" 24X36 Oil on Canvas
The Feb 26th Issue will have many additional works from Michel Delgado and Rebecca Bennett
Neil Chamberlain and Staff Send Greetings


Cricket sends regards and tells us :Speakeasy Shindig Gala at Lost Kitchen Supper Club 
Break out your 1920s & 30s Speakeasy fashions and save the date for the Great Gala: a Speakeasy Shindig on Saturday on March 3rd from 6:00pm-10:30pm at the Lost Kitchen Supper Club on Stock Island.  Hosted by May Sands Montessori, the school welcomes all to attend the annual gala fundraiser that helps support the community's free public Montessori education.
The Speakeasy Shindig will feature a delicious dinner prepared by Chefs Layla Barr and Martin Liz, time-period musical entertainment, and a silent and live auction. Ticket price includes a welcome cocktail and a free raffle entry for a chance at three spectacular packages: a 'Stay-cation', a 'Dine around Key West', and a 'Spa package'. 
Tickets for this event are limited; only 100 will be sold. Discounted early bird tickets can be purchased prior to February 15th for $50 online or at the school (located at 1400 United Street). Regular-priced tickets are $75, and can be purchased prior or at the door. For more information call May Sands Montessori at 305.293.1400 x 53418.
May Sands Montessori School parent Layla Barr and friends Marie Ottosson and Elle Fernandez Pogues try out their costumes for the upcoming Great Gala: a Speakeasy Shindig
WWW.SANCTUARYFRIEDNS.ORG  55500 Overseas Hwy. Marathon 305-289-2288


Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 


The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, the OFFICIAL Home "Friend Club" of Howard Livingston and the MM24 Band, will be having their March "Jump Up" Social from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. on  Saturday March 31st at Mangoes Island Cuisine, 700 Duval St. Key West, FL. !! 
LIVE music from Ericson Holt!  Fundraiser for Sister Season Fund, an organization that helps those in need who work in the tourism and hospitality industry! Raffles, give aways, drawings, prizes, plus specials on drinks and food!
ALL "Jump Ups" are open to the public!

For more information about The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, a charitable/volunteer/fun non-profit Club and organization with the motto "Serving Community Roles With Caribbean Souls", go to

New Exhibition at Frangipani Featuring 3 Local Artists. 1102 Duval, Key West.. Shows run through February
. Below is Carrie Andrews Work

Below is David Scott Meier's Works

Opposites Attract

Proud Papa


Waiting for Cook

A Garden

Best in Show

Mom Bird

No exhibit of David's popular works would be complete without a nod to our four legged friends, and so he has a series of oils on small canvas panels; simple "drawings" of hounds on nearly Venetian patterns. Most of his compositions have a bit of text in them to inspire a thought or a laugh.

Carrie Andrews has been gettin g to know the lower Keys since the early 1980's, when her family began spending winters here. She is now living aboard an iconic houseboat in a community of amazing people and painting the places she has adored for decades. Living in a small space means working on small watercolors in a sketchbook and enhancing the images with other media before uploading to a computer for final tweaking. She then sends for prints on fabric, metal and 100% cotton rag paper.

Sandy Sun creates unique ceramic pieces and vessels by hand. Most of her works are inspired by the natural beauty of the Florida Keys. Her new works focus on growth and new life and include ocean themed pieces and pieces that incorporate local tropical leaves and flowers. Often described as organic, Sandy's pottery reflects both the variants and symmetry found in nature.

Up Shortly are Works from Sandy Sun

WWW.FRINGETHEATER.COM 305-731-0581 325 WhiteHead St.


WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661
Every Sunday Sunday, 5 - 7:30p, Jazz in the Gardens
Cabaret   @d'vine Wine Gallery:
  Wednesday, February 21, James King, III, 5-7pm
Thursday, February 22, Jimmy Olson, 5-7pm
Friday, February 23, Michael Robinson, 5-7pm
Saturday, February 24, Megan Constantine, 5-7pm
Jazz In The Gardens
Sunday,  February  25, Libby York & Friends 5-7:30pm
La Rubia will have their fabulous original
Panama Hats and accessories: 4-6 :30pm

WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502
300 Southard St. #201

Click GRANTS-AWARDS 1 for Complete List


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio

WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.

WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433

(L)"Taking it to the Streets" ( Actually 3920 N. Roos. Blvd. on the Sunset Green Event Lawn) Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers February 28 

 GO TO THEIR WEBSITE FOR ticket Arrangements  for "Night of the Living Dead"

For additional Info on MOST of their concerts & events ; Click Link here for their Latest E-Newsletter with Updated Info. Click TWT7

February 15th - March 3rd:
By Dave Lankford
In this comic-horror love story, Mia and Marshall's marriage, teetering on the edge of collapse, fights to survive as a zombie pandemic quietly infects the couple's insular world. Cross-cutting between two distant but parallel nights, Mia and Marshall must confront the most intimate and difficult choices of their lives with both humorous and heartbreaking moments.
Playwright and film director Jon Rhoads directs the play. Rhoads is no stranger to the Key West stage, having written plays in "One Night Stand" at The Studios of Key West, and "Roshambo" and "129 Miles From Walmart," at the Key West Theater, among others. In addition to his theatrical work, Rhoads is the director of the award-winning short film "Buzzcut," which was filmed in Key West and has been shown at more than 40 film festivals worldwide.

newly added/changes in dates are bolded below

2/15/18 - 3/3/18 Night of the Living (Play)
2/22/18 Jefferson Starship
2/28/18 Michael McDonald at the Sunset Green Event Lawn -
3/2/18 George Winston
3/3/18 Ana Popović
3/9/18 BoDeans: Stripped Down Beautiful Renditions of BoDeans Classics
3/10/18 Marc Broussard
3/13/18 Get The Led Out -  LIMITED TICKETS LEFT
3/14/18 Mike Love
3/16/18 Jim Breuer Live (7pm & 10pm) 
3/17/18 Firefall
3/18/18 A Night of Key West Soul with Coffee Butler and Friends
3/23/18 Three Dog Night 
4/1/18 John Sebastian 
4/5/18 Keller Williams
4/7/18 Jimmie Vaughan
4/15/18 The Sunday Ramble
4/29/18 Kevin Nealon 
5/19/18 Carbon Leaf
5/26/18 Howie Mandel (6:30pm & 9:30pm) 
11/15/18 Thunder From Down Under (7pm & 10pm) 

WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM 305-304-6882 Owners / Editors Naja & Arnaud Girard
Hit this Link for some of the Great Videos :
Hit this Link for a Small Donation to the Blue Paper 

 An Article by Arida Wright on the recent 36th Annual KWLS

City of Key West About toe "Sell Out" Local Art and Artists
"Undying Love, A Key West Musical" Premieres at TSKW


AnnaMarie Giordano's Life Drawing Workshops at Fort East Martello on Tuesdays 11a-2pm.  No Minimum Amount of Classes Needed.    Feel free to Call AG at 609-884-3474 and or . Model Positions Available.


Join us for an afternoon of fun games at the Marathon Garden Club on Saturday, March 3rd, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Bridge, Mahjong, Monopoly, Gin, Mexican Train Dominoes, Euchre, Cribbage... what game do you like to play?
Get a group of three or more players together and reserve a table by calling 989-980-6300. Tickets are $20/person and include a delicious Lunch & Dessert.  Along with the fun, there will be a silent auction of unique  original art pieces.c All proceeds will benefit restoring our gardens located at the clubhouse at  5270 Overseas Highway, MM50, Bayside.
More of Todd Bonita's Work . Feb 9th Opening Reception for the Jane Washburn and Todd Bonita Exhibition.
Flying Without Wings 11X14 Oil on Wood
Sonatore 8X6 Oil on Wood
My Toy Hot Rod 11X14 Oil on Wood
After the Thunder 8X6 Oil on Canvas
The Last Day 16X20 Oil on Canvas
Sandy Sun is the Current Exhibition at Frangipani Gallery ; along with David Scott Meier and Carrie Andrews


Lucy's Garden


Sky & Sea


Magnolia Band, the Key West version of the renowned New England band Magnolia, plays a unique blend of classic country, Cajun, and bluegrass music. Led by singer and guitarist Maggie Moniz, with local fixture Steve Gibson on mandolin and world-famous Chuck Sherman on pedal steel, they play good time music sure to get your head boppin', your toes tappin', and your feet movin'. They will be making sure everyone can let the good times roll at B.O.'s Fish Wagon every Thursday  6 - 9  PM. and Key West Bite every Saturday 7 - 9 PM.

Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information.
Here is the February 2018 "Keys Traveler" E-Newsletter Link ; Hit
February 2018 Link for their February Keys Traveler. 

"1776" Jan 23-Feb 4
"Hand to God" 2/20-3/10

Every Tuesday Night Until March 27 AQUA IDOL ; Of Course at AQUA Nightclub 711 Duval 305-294-0555
Ave Q 3/27-4/14


 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit BOOKING INFO .  

 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 


Three New Exhibitions from Letty Nowak, The Highwaymen, and Carrie Disrud.  Go to their Website and Hit Exhibitions for Detailed Info..
Click TSKW12 Link for their Latest E-Newsletter giving ALL the Updated Schedule of Classes, Events, & Exhibitions

(Top Left) Classes : AESOPE's FABLES IN STAINED GLASS by JOSEPH CAVALIERI THUR-SUN 2/22-25 10A-4P (Click TSKW11 Above)
(Top Right) Back to Basics : Draw Better with Mike Rooney Every Wed. in Jan. 10a-1pm

Top Left :  For one day only, on Sunday, February 25, the Helmerich Theater will be transformed into a bookstore, and hundreds of titles originally selected and curated by a professional art historian will be available for purchase - including many first editions and collectibles, all deeply discounted.

Top Right : FKCC MUD-PI BENEFIT Sun Mar 11, 5-8pm

As per tradition, attendees will be able to select their own student-crafted ceramic bowl from which to enjoy their meal and then keep as a commemorative souvenir. The funds raised will be used to purchase materials and equipment that enable Mud-Pi to continue to beautify and enrich the community.

It's a feast for the eyes... and a bonanza for the buyer!

Bernstein on Broadway   Presented by Fringe Theater
Thu & Fri Mar 15-16, 7pm  Key West's own Vincent Zito and Bobby Nesbitt lead a stellar cast in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the birth of beloved American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist, Leonard Bernstein. Our celebration also includes performances by Susie Speidel, Susan Powell, Richard White, and Jono Mainelli.

Come as You Are Art Benefit Thu Mar 22, 7-10pm

Tonight, everyone's an artist - or maybe an artwork! For its 2018 Gala fundraiser, The Studios crafts its most creative party yet. The food is fauvist, the cocktails rococo, the décor Dadaist and the dance moves are... abstract expressionist? Dress as your favorite artist, writer, or cultural concoction, or just look fabulous.

Green Parrot  Bingo Every Monday to Help Fund TSKW
Couache for Travel with Priscilla Coote Sat 2/17 & 24 10a-2pm
  You can join, renew, or give another gift here:


Slow down and tune in with yoga at The Studios of Key West taught by Cricket Desmarais
Enrich your health and lifestyle, advance your personal yoga practice, or simply slow down to create space and calm with Cricket Desmarais at The Studios of Key West on Friday mornings from 9:00am to 10:00am, January 26, February 2, February 9, February 16, and February 23.
The five-week series of classes are a great introduction to those new to yoga or for those looking to deepen their practice. Students will learn to connect with their breath and experience micro-movement, with a slow, steady build towards strength, balance, and flexibility- with an emphasis on safe alignment.
"This gentle but powerful approach to yoga is supportive to any age or stage of life," says instructor Cricket Desmarais, who has been teaching Slow Flow yoga since 2012, including YMCA classes where ages ranged from 19-78 in the same hour. "It gives you the space needed to soften and meet yourself where you are, and helps your inner radar know when you're going too far- or not working to optimal capacity."
Desmarais emphasizes that though the class speed is toned-down, the experience is often quite powerful.   
"Slow Flow Yoga offers a nice counterpoint to a culture that is hard-wired to consistently push hard and fast," she says. "It gives us the opportunity to slow down for an hour and really feel ourselves from the inside out.  In that space, a lot can be revealed."

FIGURE DRAWING CLASS, KEY WEST ART CENTER, Every Wed 5:30 - 7:30 pm  All Season Long. Come for 1, 3 or 5 classes or take the whole ride!

Mr Speer's classes provide a supportive, engaging and highly informative working environment that is designed to strengthen each participant's ability to see correctly and translate this in"sight" into successful drawing strategies. A healthy dose of humor and art history will be our guide!  The goal is not pretty drawings, but good ones! It's a workshop where we all support one another on our journey! 
Lothar Speer. FACES IN FOCUS. BRUSH&HEART, (312)282-3162
ALSO He does CLASSICAL DRAWING Classes at TSKW Every Wed. until 3/14 2p-5p Click


"Hampton's Art & Culture"

The 3 Big Arts Organizations in the Hamptons LI NY are below. Of course just like Key West; there are so many Art Galleries on the East End of LI and as we did for the 2016 / 2017 Issues; The Blast visits and Presents their Art.  Thanks for the Positive Feedback; especially from Keys Art Gallery Owners and Artists that enjoys seeing what their Artistic Community is presenting.

Iris Ornig on Monday Nights Hosting Jazz at Kitano 8-11pm  66 Park Ave. at 38th. St. NYC.. Thanks Iris for Keeping your Key West and Southampton Fans Up to Date. Check her Facebook Page

GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967
PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976

37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  

The Feb 26th Issue will have a Feature on Lucille Khornak from her Recent "Color" Series of E-Mail Campaigns ; as well as some of Her Earlier Advertising Works from Madison Ave. NYC with Models Photography. Lucille is the REAL DEAL; and so NICE

281 Front St. 305-295-6616




For history buffs or anyone seeking insight into the classic architecture of Key West, Key West Art & Historical Society will host a series of educational and entertaining walking tours led by local artist and historian Sharon Wells on select Saturdays from January through March.  10-Noon

Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Jay Barnes to Offer Riveting Hurricane History
Florida has been struck by hurricanes more than any other state throughout the centuries. On Thursday, February 22, at 6:00pm, Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series guest, hurricane historian Jay Barnes, will reveal riveting accounts and historical data of Florida's stormy past in his presentation "Florida's Hurricane History" at Old City Hall, 510 Greene Street.

(L) What We Save: Historic Scrapbooks Featured in Key West Art & Historical Society's Distinguished Speaker Series with Archivist Breana Sowers 
Kick off Women's History Month with Key West Art & Historical Society's Distinguished Speaker Series guest Breana Sowers on Thursday, March 1, 6:00pm at Old City Hall, 510 Greene Street. The Monroe County Libraries Archivist presents an exploration of late 19th century scrapbooks created mostly by women, using text, ephemera, and photographs to reflect on why individuals chose to save certain items and what that tells us about our island's history.

(R) Key West Art & Historical Society Celebrates Members Old and New with Celebration at Key West Lighthouse

Key West Art & Historical Society shines the light on its members at Key West's iconic, 167-year-old Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters, one of four historic sites The Society is steward to and one of the island's most significant and striking historic structures.  Society members and those with an interest in supporting Key West's arts and history are invited to celebrate sunset and happy hour on Saturday, March 3 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm to enjoy complimentary refreshments, funky music by 3sum, a cash bar, and a breathtaking view at the top of the maritime history beacon's 88-step circular stairway.


Key West Art & Historical Society invites writers to enter works in this year's Tennessee Williams poetry and short-story contests
Keys poets and writers are invited to submit works for this year's Tennessee Williams poetry and short-story writing contests - components of the annual Key West celebration of the great American writer and island resident's birthday.
Poets are invited to submit a 30-line or less poem about Williams' life in Key West. Writers may submit a short story of 1500 to 4000 words, to include some reference to Williams' life in Key West. Winners will be selected by blind-judging via a panel of professional, published writer/poets, with $200 awarded for first place and $100 for second place in each contest, along with an opportunity to read from their submissions at the March 26 Tennessee Williams Birthday reception, set to take place at the Tennessee Williams Museum, 513 Truman Avenue on Monday, March 26, 6:00pm-8:00pm.
Submission fee is $20 for adults; $10 for students and are limited to one per person. Entries can be submitted via a link at  KWAHS.ORG no later than March 7.
An enticing variety of Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration events kick off on February 28 and run through April 9. For more information visit or contact Society Director of Education Adele Williams at 305.295.6616 extension 115. Sponsored in part by the Helmerich Trust and the Florida Department of State.  Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island.

Festival Honoring Iconic Playwright Tennessee Williams Gets Underway February 28  
th, 2018  

In celebration of Tennessee Williams, the Pulitzer-prize winning literary icon that moved to Key West in 1949 and remained a resident for 34 years, Key West Art & Historical Society presents a series of arts and cultural events, launching February 28 and running through early April, sure to please Williams enthusiasts.
On Friday, February 28, Tennessee Williams Exhibit (now Museum) founders Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt will open their Whitehead Street home for a celebration kick-off party with an open bar, hors-d'oeuvres, and entertainment. Tickets are $90 for Society members and $100 for non-members.
Literary and visual artists can immerse in creativity while competing for cash prizes and acclaim by entering the Tennessee Williams Plein Air Painting Contest, taking place in downtown Key West on March 3, and/or poetry and short-story writing contests, both of which are accepting online submissions now.
Other upcoming Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration events include Curator-led tours of the Tennessee Williams Museum at 513 Truman Ave., poetry readings at the Key West Public Library, Monday night showings of Williams' classic films at the Tropic Cinema, performances of two one-act plays at The Studios of Key West, and a March 26 Tennessee Williams birthday party at the Tennessee Williams Museum, to include contest award presentations, bubbly beverages, and birthday cake.
For a full listing of events and locations, visit . For more information, contact Society Director of Education Adele Williams at 305.295.6616 x 115.

Key West Art & Historical Society partners with area museums for expanded "Museums & Me" children's program. 
To support area families with young children in exploring the wealth of learning opportunities provided by the island's museums, Key West Art & Historical Society has partnered with other area museums to present an expanded new season of "Museums & Me" early childhood education sessions, led by early childhood educator Natalie Robinson.

Upcoming "Museums & Me" dates and locations are: January 20, Harry S. Truman Little White House Museum, 111 Front Street; February 3, Key West Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters, 938 Whitehead Street; February 17, West Martello Tower, 1100 Atlantic Blvd.; March 3, Key West Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters; March 17, Fort East Martello Museum, 3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd.
"Museums & Me" sessions run from 10:00-11:30am, and are free for Society members, $5 for non-members. Families are encouraged to bring refreshments and blankets. For more information call Adele Williams, Director of Education at 305.295.6616 extension 115. Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island.  DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS I HAD TO EDIT ; FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT MATERIAL go to their website/Facebook Page


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean
Key West Fire and Rescue Paramedics John Torres and Brian Rose and Administrative Assistant Anissa Balbi were recently honored Emergency Medical Service Awards sponsored by SouthEastern Medical Academy.
In the photo by Alyson Crean:  Danny Blanco, Angelina Maltese, Molly Sawyer, John Torres, Kenny Wardlow, Brian Rose, Anissa Balbi, Michael Davila and Alan Averette.


Photo Cindy Hutchins

Magnolia Band, the Key West version of the renowned New England band Magnolia, plays a unique blend of classic country, Cajun, and bluegrass music. Led by singer and guitarist Maggie Moniz, with local fixture Steve Gibson on mandolin, world-famous Chuck Sherman on pedal steel, and Kit Garovoy on drums, they play good time music sure to get your head boppin', your toes tappin', and your feet movin'. They will be making sure everyone can let the good times roll at B.O.'s Fish Wagon every Thursday  6 - 9  PM. and Key West Bite every Saturday 7 - 9 PM.

WWW.COASTPROJECTS.COM 6404 Front St. 305-709-4001
Cold Weather Items Greatly Reduced at their Retail Stores
VISIT THEIR NEW STORE IN KW AT 803 WhiteHead Street and to view their entire E-Newsletter sent out with Merchandise Suggestions ; Click  COAST1
 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504

Monday, February 19th  - Chef David Fuhrman - Chef's Tasting Menu - SOLD OUT
"Making Food Great Again" a President's Day Mock State Dinner - $100.00 - 5:30pm. Join Chef David Fuhrman from Great Events Catering for a Mock State Dinner Featuring Actual State Dinner Options from the Past.Anjou Pear Salad with Farm Stand Goat Cheese, Shaved Fennel, Roasted Walnuts, and White Balsamic - From a State Dinner Held November 30, 2012.Maine Lobster Thermidor with Sherry, Cognac, and Dijon - From a 1950 Truman Vice Presidential Dinner.   Smoked Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Risotto, and Asparagus - From a State Dinner Held May 22, 2003 for the Philippine President.    Green Apple Crostata with Thyme Caramel, and Buttermilk Gelato - From a State Dinner Held October 18, 2016 for the Italian Prime Minister.
Thursday, February 22nd  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Hartford Family Winery Paired Wine Dinner - $115.00 (including wines) - 5:30pm. Join Chef Martha Hubbard, Don Hartford, owner of Hartford Family Winery, and Stephanie Southgate of Noble Wine Estates for an Incredible paired wine dinner featuring wines from Hartford Family Winery!.   Crab Melt with Aged Cheddar on Grilled Semolina Bread ,   Hartford Court Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016,    Oysters with Lemongrass and White Pepper Granita and Thai Mignonette , Hartford Court Warrior Princess Block Oregon Pinot Noir 2014, Currant and Coffee Braised Pork with Bacon Wrapped Grits, and Roasted Grape and Fennel Relish,    Hartford Old Vine Zinfandel 2016.        Parsnip Carrot Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting and Chamomile Pouring Cream,   Hartford Court Sevens Bench Vineyard Chardonnay 2014
Saturday and Sunday, February 24th and 25th  -  Special Event. 53 rd Annual Old Island Days Art Festival - 10:00am- 5:00pm. Whitehead Street will be bustling with the fabulous artisans and craftsmen for this yearly event. We will  NOT be having our weekly wine and food tasting, but will have $5.00 Mimosas and great by-the-glass wine and beer choices!
Monday, February 26th - Chef Martha Hubbard - Special Event
Hook and Cook: Florida Keys Fishing and Culinary Experience - $300.00 - 1:00pm.  Very Limited Availability!
 Join Captain Jeremy Hackworth of Zia Charters and Chef Martha Hubbard for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience and cooking lesson. Participants will go on a private fishing charter with Captain Jeremy Hackworth of Zia Charters where they will learn fundamental lower keys fishing techniques for reef species.  Upon return to Key West, the participants will come to Isle Cook Key West for a cooking lesson and dinner with Chef Hubbard. Dinner will begin at approximately 6:00pm.  If you would like to invite your significant other or friend to the dinner that evening the cost is $50.00 per seat.

Wednesday, February 28th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Mexican Dinner - $95.00 - 5:30pm.napper Ceviche on Black Bean Sopes. Tamale Nayarit - Chicken, Carrot, Raisin, and Guajillo Chili. Borracho de Rez - Beef with Modela Dark Beer, Pineapple, Plantains, and Chilis, with Sweet Potato and Green Onion.    Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream with Cajeta and Spicy Peanut Brittle.
Saturday, March 3rd - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!. Please Call For Seats.
Monday, March 5th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Thai Dinner - $90.00 - 5:30pm. This is a spicy meal!!.  Hoi Thawt - Broken Crepe with Mussels.   Kung Op Wun Sen - Shrimp and Pork Baked with Glass Noodles.  Pok Pok's Roasted Cornish Game Hen with Thai Chilis, Lemongrass, and Papaya Salad.  Mango and Coconut Black Rice

 DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS ; I AM ONLY ABLE TO GO UP TO MARCH 5; They have events scheduled up to March 31 (& Even a Few for April) & they are always Adding Events ..; Please go to their website and FB Page for Rest of the March Events


WWW.REEFRELIEF.ORG 305-294-3100 631 Greene St.

New Location 808 Duval St.
Next Luncheons are 3/7 at Marriott Beach Resort 3841 N. Roos. Blvd.
Next Mixer is 3/14 at CHOICE STORAGE CENTER 2600 N. Roos. Blvd.



Monroe County Animal Farm in Key West 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300 . Open the 2nd & 4th Sunday each month (1-3p) , Under the Brilliant Direction of Officer/Farmer Jeanne Selander.



Thanks for reading The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends. If you would like to insert material in the Magazine ; reach out to me at 954-448-4324 EK10@AOL.COM. Thanks to All the Contributing Editors & Organizations. Have a Great Week; Ed.