The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends March 19, 2018

Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden 3/24 "Migration Mania + Great Easter Egg Hunt"
Eric Anfinson "Without Within"

David Genest, Jane Gilbert, Judith Zabar, & Kathy Walters
"Four Views"

Judy Bradford

FKCC Mudi Pi Ceramics Class

Perhaps the BEST 4 Exhibitions going on at once at TSKW for their March "First Thursday" MUST SEE + A Sneak Preview of the 4/5 April "First Thursday" Receptions/Exhibitions

Life Story : Two One Act Plays by Tennessee Williams at TSKW 4/8 &9 (More Below) Cast Above.
House on Ashe by Deb Moore

Leaf Platter by Marck Hacker

Limes by Deb Kik

Shirrel Rhoades & WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM Presents Mystery Fest Key West PLUS Whodunit Mystery Writing Competition
The March 26th Issue will have a Bruce Springsteen Feature from Zazoo Photo / Art Gallery from Photographer David Denenberg 
Glass Casting by Cheryl Wilson Smith

Nature Printing by Dawn Wilkins

Two of the Many Classes at TSKW (More Below + Complete Schedule)

WWW.EQFL.ORG (Equality Florida) has their Annual "Celebration". This year at The Little White House 3/24 (More Below)

SouthernMost Car Club Sunday 3/18 Meeting (More Below)

Coffee Mill Dance Studio Presents "Young Dance Collective" March 21 at TWT. 
Transit Operator Day

Last Cemetery Stroll

The City of Key West and MCSO Weekly Sections

Project manager and marine biologist Chris Page inspects fragments of mountainous star coral (Orbicella faveolata) that were recently microfragmented. Credit: Dan Mele/ Mote Marine Labratory
Local mascots of all sizes, shapes and species raced down Siesta Beach on March 6 to promote Mote Marine Laboratory's Run for the Turtles. 

ENCORE FEATURE : MOTE Marine Laboratory : Dr. David Vaughan and Staff to Host 5 Day Coral Restoration Workshop in Summerland Key 3/25-29 + Run for the Turtles on the West Cost. (More Below)
Lenny Addorisio
Marlene Koenig
Salt Island Gallery / Provisions has Marlene Koenig and Lenny Addorisio 

Starting in the March 26th Issue A Multi Part /Week Feature "Fun Photos"
Gabrielle Fiabane

Christos Calivas

John Whitney, Gabrielle Fiabane & Christos Calivas Exhibition at GingerBread Square Gallery
Theresa Schober
Photo by Laura Gates
Rafael Penalver

The Extraordinary Amount of Exhibitions/Classes & Events at KWAHS. Above the Next few Distinguished Speakers 

 The Luis Sottil Gallery has an Amazing Year Round Group of Artists + Of Course Owner Luis Sottil. This Week we Feature Ali Lefcort
After a Very Successful Exhibition at Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery; our Good friend Hazel Griffiths by popular request from Galleries in the Miami/FTL/Palm Beach has had a Busy Schedule of Exhibitions.  Hazel is Wearing a Dress She Designed and Produced.  Our Magazine has Received Updates and will do another Hazel Griffiths Feature in the Next Few Weeks.
Mac Stone Photography

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7825 Each Week.  In This Issue (March 19, 2018) :  Equality Florida's Annual "Celebration" at The Truman Little White House 3/24,  Save Our Pines 3/18 1-5PM, KWBGS "Migration Mania" + Great Easter Egg Hunt 3/24, March "First Thursday" Exhibitions inc. at TSKW Featuring Eric Anfinson/Judi Bradford/FKCC Ceramic Students ("Mud-Pi") /David Genest/Jane Gilbert/Judith Zabar/Kathy Walters.  March "Walk on White" Helen Harrison Gallery/Stone Soup/Armory Artists/ & Lucky Street (Pushed Back to 3/19),  WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM Presents "Whodunit Mystery Writers Competition", WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM , WWW.FKCC.EDU , Frangipani Gallery New Exhibition (As Part of First Friday 4/6) Featuring Deb Kik/Marc Hacker/Deborah Moore, "Life Story" Plays by TW 4/8 & 9 at TSKW, Zazoo Presents Bruce Springsteen, Part 3 of Commissioner Margaret Romero's Community Meeting Re-Cap, Luis Sottil Gallery Featuring this week in our magazine Ali Lefcort, AnnaMarie Giordano "Life Drawing Workshops" Tuesdays, Lothar Speer "Classic Drawing Workshops" at the Key West Art Center & TSKW, Many Classes/Exhibition/Events at KWAHS & TSKW,  WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM , "Photos of the Week" by Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, KW Orchid Society Meeting 3/18 
SouthernMost Classic Car Club Meet 3/18, Coffee Mill Dance Studio"Young Dance Collective" 3/21 at TWT, Encore Feature on MOTE's 5 Day Coral Restoration Workshop 3/25-29, Salt Island Provision Gallery Presents Marlene Koenig & Lenny Addorisio, GingerBread Gallery has Gabriella Fiabane/John Whitney/Christos Calivas,  Jazz in the Garden at Kate Miano's Gardens Hotel (Terri White & Friends 3/18 & Libby York 3/25), Aqua Idol Finale 3/27, Pt. 5 of Our Tour of the Artists at the Key West Art Center, Lucy Carleton Dance Classes, I'm Excited about the Bill and Linda Klipp On-Line Photographic Exhibition from their Around the World Travels ALSO Mac Stone before Summer Hiatus will Treat Us to another On-Line Photo Exhibition, Up in a few Weeks another Lead Feature from Helen Griffiths, Extensive Calendar of Events from  WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM  , Lucky Street's Opening Reception for Susan Sugar & Kathy Rose 3/19,
"Green Market" Every Thursday at Bayview Park, Next Artisan Market 4/8, City of KW Presents" Preserve Island Life (Many Events), 
Nance Frank's Gallery on Greene Reception for Peter Vey 3/30 (The Tropic Vibrates), 3/31 SouthernMost Coconut Castaways Next "Jump Up" at Mangoes,
Opening Night at Red Barn "Native Gardens" 3/20 with $25 Tiks on 3/19, 
Artist Jill Caldwell, KW Gallery Welcomes back "Artist of/to the Stars" Adam Scott Rote 4/20-22, Waterfront Gala 4/7 +"The Legend of Georgia McBride" 5/2-26 + "Avenue Q" 3/27-4/4, WWW.KWLS.ORG , KWVFW Needs Your Help, KW Theater Schedule Update Inc. Alyssa Audette 3/21/ John Sebastian 4/1/ Three Dog Night 3/23/ Broadway Backwards 4/4 ( I loved FireFall this Past Weekend; Thanks Michael , Kelly & the Crew for Bringing ALL STAR Entertainment to The Keys), Stone Soup Art & Frame Shop has JH Allen,"Friends of the KW Library" P. Scott Cunningham on 3/19, Gildea Fine Contemporary Art Gallery has Nancy Tankersley & Jean Pederson, KWBG Next Luncheon 4/4 & Next Mixer 4/11 at Mangoes + Pride Follies 6/2, S. Fla. Symp. Orch on 4/19 "Symphonie Fantastique" Tasty Cooking Classes from Chef Martha Hubbard & Isle Cook KW, Fringe Theater 4/6 "Reading of Short Plays" + "Conch Re-Visited" 4/19-28 (MUST SEE), Aids Help CC, Photographic Exhibition at The Tropic 3/5-4/1 "Mira Images" by Rodger Stuart Davis, 
"Remembering Lenny Bernstein" 3/27 & 28 at TSKW, Past Blast Links, Cocco and Salem Gallery, FKSPCA "Spring Social", Cafe Con Libros 3/20 Samuel Harrington MD, Bingo on USCGC Ingham (Wed.) & Green Parrot (Mon.), WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM  ,
Women's International Flag Football League E-Newsletter Link,
Rock Solomon Presents Murder Mystery Dinner 3/19 at First Flight Restaurant & Club ( formerly Kelly's), Impromptu Classical Concerts of KW Presents Jose Franch-Ballester & Michael Brown, Sheriffs Auction (send in Bids before 3/27), Coast Projects, A few Photos from the "Last Meet The Authors" + Next 3/21 Tayari Jones "An American Marriage", Fla Health Monroe Co., Debra Butler Design Studio & Jane Gardner Interiors, LKMC E-Newsletter Link, Reef Relief Celebrates 10 Years with Mill McCleary, Next Two KWAHS "Distinguished Speakers" : 3/22 Theresa Schober & 3/29 Rafael Penalver, Truman Little White House, Q-Magazine & Our-Keys Magazine, Sanctuary Friends of the Fla. Keys, Fla. Keys Council of the Arts, WWW.CFFK.ORG  , Our Weekly "Hamptons Arts & Leisure", Lucille Khornak Photographic / Art Studios, Key West Wildlife Center, & More.

Thanks to All our Associate Contributing Editors for All the Great Year Round Materials. Thanks to the Readers and your Comments.  Have an Outstanding Week. Ed.  PS: As You can see this Issue is Very Long like many of the recent issues (A Good Thing) ; So You Can with EASE Close and Open this Issue as many times as you need. 

WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458
The 4 Current Exhibitions are : "Without Within" by Eric Anfinson in the Sager Gallery Sponsored by Rent Key West Vacations.  "Four Views" by David Genest, Jane Gilbert, Kathy Walters & Judith Zabar in the XOJ Gallery Sponsored by Key Wealth Management.  Judy Bradford "Bradford's Ink and WaterColor Sketches" in the Zabar Project Gallery Sponsored by Charles F.Troxel Jr. DDS. Mud Pi Ceramics Club from FKCC Students in the 2nd. Floor Zabar Lobby. This Issue will present All 4 Exhibitions that will be up for another few weeks; Then the Next "First Thursday" is on 4/5
Click this Link for additional Information on the Current 4 Exhibitions :

"Without Within" by Eric Anfinson. Last Week Eric did a Presentation with TSKW Director Jed Dodds

"Home Fire" Oil on Linen Paper
"Always Isaiah" Oil on Linen Paper
"Next Chapter" Oil on Linen Paper
More from Eric Anfinson and Up Shortly "Four Views" and the other 2 Exhibitions at TSKW

Sunday March 18 1-5PM at Fort Zach Under the Pines; One of my Favorite Events.  Potluck Picnic Bring Something (Not Mandatory of course). Usually About 50-100 Eclectic Eco Concerned People. Contact Helen Harrison for more details; since there is just a few Hrs Prior : Best to Facebook Her or call the Gallery 305-294-0609

Join us in celebrating the 10th. year anniversary of the Save Our Pines organization and its successful campaign to stop the removal of our beautiful shade-providing Australian Pines at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. 
We will also be raising funds to continue the work necessary to maintain the health and safety of our Pines at Fort Zach.
On Wednesday, March 21 at 7:30pm, The CoffeeMill's pre-professional 'Young Dance Collective' and visiting guest artist Mary Kay Cottrill will take the stage at Tennessee Williams Theater for an evening of performance, offering excerpts from the ballet "Paquita" and original works from their  repertoire under the direction of Joseph Goodman, including choreography created by company member Tori Gregg performed to live piano composed by student musician Kryzstof Madro.
The Young Dance Collective - Vivian Carper, Katiana Casler, Ryan Fossum, Tori Gregg, Madison Harding, Reese Kight, Isabella Nodal, Alannah Shanle, Nela Sulak, Ella Toppino and Noelle Rivas-  is comprised of dedicated students aged 8-18.  The 11 dancers train daily, attending 6 days of class during the week and rehearsing during their "free" time under the tutelage of CoffeeMill Dance Studio teacher and company director Joseph Goodman, former professional dancer  with Greensboro Ballet, Fort Worth Dallas Ballet (now known as Texas Ballet Theatre), and Paradise Ballet. 
Concert proceeds  will support the company's efforts in reaching their non-profit status. Tickets $20, $25, $30 on sale now at . Call Penny Leto at 305-296-9982 or go to  for more info on events and classes.

VIP SuperStar Mary Kay Cotrill

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

Part 5 Tour of the Local Artists of The Key West Art Center

Jane Gilbert
Fran Decker
Abigail White
Georgia Hosek

Due to the Amount of Art in this Issue ; Pt 5 Artists of The Key West Art Center will be Short; Expect a lot more of the Outstanding Local Artisan Work in the March 26 and April 2 Issues  PLUS
Classical Figure Drawing Classes by Lothar Speer Wednesdays from Jan 17-April 18 5:30-7:30p. Contact Gallery Dir. Juniper Deja at 305-294-1241 and/or for more info

March Walk on White

Not Technically a Walk on White Venue but was going on the Same Night ; We Feature Exhibitions from Malene Koenig & Lenny Addorisio Up Shortly

Jon McIntosh Hanging with Picasso, Kevin, George, Sal, Connie, Rembrandt and the Other Greats
We'll Feature ALL The Venues Up Shortly

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Key West Art & Historical Society Presents "Life Story: Two One-act Plays by Tennessee Williams" at The Studios of Key West
"Green Eyes"  and "The Traveling Companion," two rarely seen one-act Tennessee Williams plays, will culminate this year's 6-week Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration, with performances at 8:00pm Sunday, April 8th and Monday, April 9th in the Helmerich Theater at The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street.
D irected by Key West writer and director Stephen Kitsakos, the plays are framed by a series of early poems penned by the great American playwright who was a resident of Key West from 1941 until his death in 1983. Both plays take place in hotel rooms, a frequent address for the playwright, and were originally drafted on stationery from a series of hotels including London's Savoy Hotel, The Berkeley in Knightsbridge and the Miami International Airport Hotel. The typewriter said to have been the instrument of this productivity is on display at the Tennessee Williams Museum, located at 513 Truman Avenue.
Cast from left: Alaina Albertson (NYC), Michael Catlege (NYC), Elena Devers (Key West), Jeff Johnson (Key West), Arthur Crocker (Key West)
"Green Eyes ," written in 1970, is a tale of a young couple on their honeymoon. After a drunken, violent night in a tawdry hotel in New Orleans, the wife narrates a tale to her husband, a Vietnam soldier with PTSD on leave for five days, in which she may or may not have experienced a life-altering erotic encounter. A psychosexual struggle ensues with a surprising climax. Due to Space Constraints Please call  to their Website /Facebook Locations for Complete Info.. Click TW1 for Additional Info..

Photo of Alaina Albertson & Michael Catlege by Mia Aguirre

Sponsored by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys and the Bert Whitt Charitable Fund.  Tickets on sale at tickets are $50, general admission $40. For more information, visit call Society Director of Education Adele Williams at 305.295.6616 x 115.

Lucy Carleton,   dance instructor   
Paradise Health & Fitness Dance Studio
1706 N. Roosevelt Blvd.  Key West  FL 33040
305-296-6348 305-745-5578

Fridays & Wednesdays @7
   Salsa Dance Lessons with Lucy & Friends
   & maybe a little salsa rueda too!
   All levels  ~  we love newbies!  ~  $8
   Drop in class, no partner needed

We start Off Walk on White with the Artists of the Armory

Marky Pierson WonderDog Studios 305-619-2275 WWW.MARKYPIERSON.COM
Victoria (Tori) & Toto Mata Preparing for their 4/5 Reception/Exhibition at First Thursday April at TSKW

Lauren McAloon

We Continue with the March Walk on White Up Shortly with Visits to the Harrison Gallery & Stone Soup

We Now Continue with another of the 4 March Exhibitions at TSKW . This is Called "Four Views" and Features Works from David Genest, Jane Gilbert, Judith Zabar, & Kathy Walters

"Untitled" by Kathy Walters
Judith Zabar
Vista 1 & 2
First : "Lew" Acrylic Collage & Ink Paper
Second "Dan" Acrylic & Ink on Panel
Mud Pi Ceramics Dept. at FKCC Exhibition Up Shortly as well as (Pt 2) Additional Works from ALL the March Exhibitions at TSKW
The April 5 First Thursday Reception / Exhibitions : Simone Lasswell & Janet Mueller in the Sanger Gallery. Victoria (Tori) Mata & Toto in XOJ Gallery. Esy Casey in the Project Gallery. Wayne Garcia in the Zabar Lobby. Click below Link for Detailed Info.

The March 19th Issue will start a Multi Part /Week Feature "From A Woman's Hand". The Annual Art Exhibition is Open now & was at Frangipani Gallery ; but has outgrown Fran's place and is now in the Custom House
"Reverie" by Fran Decker Acrylic on Canvas 25X36

"Mariel Boat Lift" by Elizabeth Devries Mixed Media 28X43X13

Sandy Mezinis "Martha's Child WaterColor on 140 Arches 19.5X25

"The Future is Female" by Jeane LaRance Die Image Transfer to Metal / Birch Board 19X13

Mystery Fest Key West Announces 2018 Whodunit Mystery Writing Competition-Entry Deadline April 15
Key West, Florida Keys -- Mystery Fest Key West has announced a call for entries for this year's Whodunit Mystery Writing Competition. The winner will claim a book-publishing contract with Absolutely Amazing eBooks, free Mystery Fest Key West 2018 registration, airfare, hotel accommodations for two nights, meals and a Whodunit Award trophy to be presented at the 5th Annual Mystery Fest Key West, set for June 22-24 in Key West, Florida.
Sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks, candidates wishing to compete are invited to submit the first three pages (maximum 750 words) of a finished, but unpublished manuscript to  no later than April 15, 2018. There is no fee to enter, finalists will be notified by May 1, and will have until May 10 to submit full manuscripts.
"Why just the first three pages? That criterion is a nod to late author Jeremiah Healy, a terrific mystery writer and great judge of mysteries," says Mystery Fest Key West co-founder Shirrel Rhoades. "Healy often said a book either captures a reader in the first three pages...or it doesn't. The competition judges all agreed with that assessment, and decided to use it as a yardstick for the competition."

Photo Caption: 
Key West resident Lewis C. Haskell was the 2016 Whodunit Writing Competition winner for his entry titled "Tequila Mockingbird," and took Third Place in 2017 with "Kilimanjaro Snow.

Due to Space Constraints could not get in all the material on this event ; please go to above sites for More Info..

 WWW.GALLERYONGREENE.COM 606 Greene St. 305-294-1669 Peter Very Reception March 30

319 Duval St. 305-296-9911

Please Make Sure to check out Bob Bowersox's WWW.THEATREXP.ORG 1408 Duncan St. 302-540-6102. Always Cutting Edge Entertainment
Join Actors Luis Febo, Morgan Fraga, Bob Bowersox, Rebecca Gleason,
Director Murphy Davis, Stage Manager Annie Miners, and other
Opening Night Tickets Holders
at the Opening Night Celebration for  NATIVE GARDENS
(Opening Night ticketholders only, please)

Tuesday, March 20th
(Duval and Angela Streets)

immediately after the performance.
Good Food


We continue with the March "Walk on White" from Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

Artist Janice Colbert with Jim & Tuli

Spirit Bottles by Susanne Pereira

Helen Harrison

Bronz Buoy by Terry Thommes

Joanne Klein Aluminum, Charcoal, Paper & Wood

Construction by Kathy Rose Mixed Media

A Breast of The Times
Deep Breath I & II by Katie Pumphrey

Helen Harrison Hosts Konk Life's Owner /Editor Guy Deboer



Gabriella Fiabane (M) with Artist friend Jill Caldwell & Gallery Mgr. Adele

Gabriella chatting with Fans Rachel & Pat

Thanks Jeff and Adele for all the Great Year Round Material for the magazine & Featuring so many Great / All So Personable Artists 
(L) Many Sal Salinero Reprints Available & Perhaps a few Originals (Below)

In an Upcoming Issue some Awesome Sculptures from Will Fernandez

Jill Caldwell's Show at Salt Island Gallery in January
A few pieces from each artist Up Shortly ; Click March 12 to see the Feature we did on all 3 Artists; of course go to the Gallery to see them



Our  next meeting will be on Sunday, March 18 at 1pm. Something different this month. Misha McRae has offered to give us a guided tour around the KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens. We'll see how the orchids are growing in a natural setting.  We could learn something, or even give advice.  The Gardens were pretty badly hit by Irma & we'll see how they are recovering.  If you've never been there, don't miss this opportunity to visit a truly amazing facility.

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 305-292-9339 601 Duval St.

Meet D. Arthur Wilson
Just Finishing a 3 Day Live Painting Exhibition D. Arthur Wilson (3/8-11). The KW Gallery has an Extensive Wilson Collection Year Round. As well as Gary Welton and Bill Mack

Meet Adam Scott Rote
Friday, April 20, 2018
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Meet the Artist 11am-2pm and 7-10pm Daily. Adam Rote will paint live in the gallery and unveil his newest series inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe who was an American photographer, known for his sensitive yet blunt treatment of controversial subject-matter in the large-scale, highly stylized black and white medium of photography.
RSVP today / 305-292-9339


"The Legend of Georgia McBride" May 2-26

March 27-April 4

AQUA IDOL Jan 16-March 27

WWW.KWLS.ORG 717 Love Lane 305-293-9291

Under the Influence
Archetype & Adaptation from Homer to the Multiplex : The 37th Annual Key West Literary Seminar January 10-13 2019
After a record-setting response (less than four minutes), registration for the 2019 Key West Literary Seminar is now full. Click below to join the waitlist.

WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
Below from one of the Most Talented Nature / Wildlife Photographer in the World Mac Stone. Mac has given us some Great On-Line Photographic Exhibits in the past few years; and Probably will get in One More before the 2018 Summer Hiatus (End of May)

Thanks again Mac


Three Views of Florida at Frangipani ALL March Up for another Few weeks
Karen Beauprie

Michael Carmichael

Helen Rebane

Fran Decker

Frangipani is pleased to present new creations by Deb Moore, Deb Kik and Marc Hacker at the First Friday Art Stroll on Upper Duval April 6, 6-8 PM, 1102 Duval, Key West.  Deb Kik has a fresh new series of drawings done with ink and melted crayon, Deb Moore has new paintings and Marc Hacker has some exciting new Manta Ray Vases in the kiln. Show runs through April.

Deb Kik loves discovering new media.  During a chance day playing with crayons, she discovered the loved the deep rich colors she could achieve.  She starts with a pen and ink drawing then manipulates the crayons with heat (a hair dryer) and an exacto knife to scrape out details. Deb feels she has discovered a new media and is excited to see where this leads her as an artist.  These small exquisite gems are sure to delight.

Deb Moore felt after staying for Hurricanes Irma and Wilma and seeing their after effects that she wanted to capture more of what is now, what is in the moment because we never know what we might loose.  Her new paintings show some of the usual tourist spots as well as island living at its best.  Deb believes all of us at one time or another have dreamed of living on an island and she hopes to show just how it feels in her new works.

Marc Hacker, known for his marvelous octopus vases, has three new Manta Ray vases in the kiln.  Will they make it?  You'll have to come to the show to find out!  The shows run through April.
House on Ashe by Deborah Moore
Limes by Deb kik
Leaf Platter by Marc Hacker

------------------------- -

The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club (FKSCC) holds its monthly
SHOW &SHINE this Sunday, March,18th. Noon to 3pm. This event is for the lovers of classic, custom, and street rod automobiles of all years and makes. Fords, Chevys, trucks, Ratrods,
lowriders, and chrome loaded motorcycles. If it cool and on wheels it will be here.
This fun afternoon event is free to all, starts at noon till 3pm . The event continues at the Sugarloaf Lodge, on Sugarloaf Key.MM17. Prizes, good food and cold beverages are available. The Club's sound system will provide 50's and 60's music .Bring the kids to enjoy these beautiful relics of the auto world. This is a FREE event.

Stone Soup Gallery and Frame Shop 802 White St. 305-296-2080
Their Offerings for the March Walk on White Featured Deborah Moore and JH Allen
Deborah Moore Greeting Fans

"Dog Watch" by Deborah Moore Acrylic 16X20

Current Exhibition Tony Gregory, Greg McDonald, Mona Brooks,  Dawn Wilkins, & Nancy Beck
Art@830 Gallery
 830 Caroline St. 305-294-7131

WWW.LUCKYSTREETGALLERY.COM 1204 White St. 305-294-3973
Next Exhibition Kathy Rose & Susan Sugar come to the Opening Reception March 19 6-8PM as Part of Walk on White
Kathy Rose "Construction" Mixed Media

Susan Sugar "Angel Prince of the 4th. Heaven" Oil on Canvas 40X20


Saturday, March 24th, bring your little ones to the "Migration Mania & Great Egg Hunt" at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden!  This is our annual celebration of the season when birds visit us as they head North to their summer homes.  In addition to the search for 6,000 prized eggs, there will be other activities, exhibits and entertainment for children of all ages, including face painting, aquatic touch pool, "pie walk" contest and, of course, basic birdwatching.  This year, our local mounted police with their horses and fireman with Engine #8 will be joining in the fun.  There will be refreshments to enjoy amid our greenery and prizes valued from $20 - $310 donated by our local merchants, restaurants and attractions.
Hours are from 10am to 2pm at the College Road site.  Admission is $5 per child 3 or older. Accompanying adults, children under 3 and members of KWBGS are admitted free.  Proceeds will be used to support the KWBGS Education Department and the work it does in coordination with local schools.

Egg hunt schedule:  11am - 0-3 years old;     Noon: 4-6 years old;         1pm: 7-10 years old


305-292-1025 Last Author of the 2017 /2018 Season 3/19 P. Scott Cunningham. Outstanding Year ; Thanks "Friends"
Commissioner Margaret Romero held a Community Meeting a few weeks ago. The Commissioner now gives us detailed information from the Meeting.  Due to Space constraints We'll Insert the Re-Cap over a few Weeks : Part 1 was in the March 5 Issue
 Part 2 in the March 12th Issue ;
Part 3 This Week starts in the middle of the HEIGHT REFERENDUM part of the Community Meeting ( which was just voted on) still I want to insure that the entire Re-Cap is conveyed from the Commissioner Exactly as was sent

I further indicated that I had not seen any site plans - even though I am a Commissioner.  There appeared to be none available. A lady in the audience raised her hand and then indicated that she had sat on the Mayor's Affordable Housing Advisory Committee and she had been told that it would be primarily efficiencies and one-bedroom apartments. I later asked senior management if they had seen any site plans. They said no.
HOWEVER, a  Request for Proposal  (RFP) for the development, design, construction and management of the College Road Workforce/Affordable Housing and Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter,  RFP number 009 - 17 was issued / released on Sunday, September 3, 2017 with the proposals to be received by Wednesday, October 4, 2017. (Note that the RFP was released prior to the city changing the zoning ordinance to allow for 40 units per acre. In addition, citizens still have not cast their ballots at the polls on March 13 to decide if they will allow a height increase to 40 ft. of habitable space.) The RFP was ultimately canceled due to Hurricane Irma.
Taken from the project description on page 1, " current city ordinance allows developer ownership of structures constructed on city property for up to 10 years before reverting to city ownership. Developer ownership could be extended by city referendum".
"The project consists of the design, construction and management/operation of up to 104 units of workforce/affordable housing and 150 (minimum) bed temporary overnight homeless shelter. The city seeks proposers to maximize site development of both workforce/affordable housing and the Keys Overnight Homeless Shelter at minimal cost to the city."
We continue with the Re-Cap at the Very End of this Issue

Judi Bradford "Bradford's Ink & WaterColor Sketches

Pink and Green

Cloud Scape

Wind Palms with Purple



Confetti Palm


Current Exhibition
WWW.GILDEA.GALLERY 305-797-6485 522 Southard St.
Nancy Tankersley and Jean Pederson

Nancy Tankersley

Jean Pederson


WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
Peter Arnow and the Key West Business Guild sent us this Flyer; always a fun event


Join in celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel as the South Florida Symphony Orchestra wraps up its highly successful 20th Anniversary 2017-2018 Season.  Symphony Founder|Music Director Sebrina Maria Alfonso, a Key West native, presents the United States premiere of exuberant, inventive composer Nimrod Borenstein's 
If You Will It, It Is No Dream , taking the audience back to the early days of establishing the Jewish National Home.  Cuban  Guest Artist, formidable virtuoso Aldo L ó pez-Gavil á n makes a stellar Symphony debut  playing Maurice Ravel's emotional  Piano Concerto in G expressing  his self-destructive passion for a beautiful woman .  The Symphony completes the program and the season 
with Hector Berlioz's spectacular
Symphonie Fantastique.   Do  not to delay in getting your $25-$85  tickets
 for the 7:30 p.m. concert on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. Call 305-295-767 WWW.KEYSTIX.COM


Here is the 4th Exhibition at the TSKW ; from The Mud Pi Ceramics Department Featuring Works from the Students
"Weighs Her Words Before Speaking" by Rhonda Bristol  Raku

"From the Ashes" by Sally Wernicoff  Sagger Fired Stoneware

"Serpentine II Vesel Series" by Lauren P. McAloon Stoneware and Steel
"Firefly" by Amanda Jorgensen  Raku, Terra, Sillata, HorseHair & Sugar
"Altered Pot" by Donna Nadeau  Raku
"Wave" by Donna Nadeau Black Porcelain
Up Shortly Part 2 of All 4 TSKW March Exhibitions

Important Note : Good Friend Gracy Lozano from Keys Lifestyle Marketing has this awesome Website that gives an Amazing and Extensive Listing of Events in Key West. Click the website below and check it out.

Here are just a few Categories; many way to look Up : Day, Month, Year, Category 305-440-059

WWW.LUISSOTTIL.COM  511 Duval St. 305-396-7855.  
And of Course the Artwork of the Owner Louis Sottil will be Featured in the next few weeks.
FKSPCA Held a Fund Raising event at Sottil Gallery last month ; Click the Jan 29 Issue for Part 2 of Our Tour of the Gallery & Part 1 of Our Tour of the Gallery is in the Jan. 22 Issue 
Other Featured Year Round Artists at Sottil (Each week we'll Feature a Different Artist in the Magazine) : Ali Lefcort, Michael Godard (Uses Olives) , Fine Art by Scotty Ziegler Tastefully Edgy, Thomas Easley, David Miller, Oliviya (Heavy Oil Painting by Knife :Taking at least 1 &1/2 Years to Cure), Krystiano DaCosta, Cris Wolaszak, Dale Mathis, Acrylic Sculpture by Michael Wilkenson, Body Casting by Delia Lala

This week we'll Feature Ali Lefcort

More from Ali Lefcort Up Shortly

Ran into Lois and Mark Songer at the "From A Woman's Hand" Reception /Exhibition at Custom House (Will have a Lead Feature for the Next few Weeks on about 60 pieces of Art ALL from Local Women Artists).  Mark told me that on March 19 there will be a Last Stand Meeting at the KW Library with guest speaker the Bicycle /Pedestrian Specialist at The City of KW.  Also another Meeting on April 2...


 830 Fleming St. Gallery Manager Laura Richardson . Go to the website for information about the current Exhibition from Marlene Koenig and Lenny Addorisio

Lenny and Laura

Marlene & Friend

The March 12 Issue has lots of Photos of their works..A Few are Up Shortly. Go to the March 12 Link for the Feature I did on this Exhibition

Bernstein's love affair with Key West
recalled in 'Remembering Lenny'

The multimedia production of "Remembering Lenny," will be held at 7 p.m. March 27-28, at the Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St.
This event will be an evening devoted to composer Leonard Bernstein's special relationship with Key West from a young composer in the 1940s to the iconic bon vivant of the '80s and '90s.
This part lecture, and musical performance will be presented by theater professionals who knew and worked with the maestro himself, and takes place during the year that would have been his 100th.
Across town, the Bernstein Centennial has been celebrated with live music performances, a cabaret, and other remembrances of one of the most notable regular visitors to the island.
The evening will be recorded for archival purposes as outlined in grants received by Impromptu Concerts specifically for this purpose.
Admission is free. However each evening is limited to 200 attendees. Reservations are required and are going fast.
They can be made by e-mailing a request with the name of each attendee and the email address of same, to Jim Burnett at .

Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609


Our Last 12 Issues ; These Links Below are Created by my Production, Database Management, & Delivery System : Constant Contact.  By Clicking any of them; you will Instantly see the Issue ; they don't get stored on your computer; Just put Temporarily in Memory.

Will be doing another Feature on the Works of Hazel Griffths in the next two weeks : Here are 4 Sneak Preview Photos. 
The One Piece Below is from Luis Valle; all others from Hazel Griffiths


 Cocco and Salem Gallery

  5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857
Here is Part 2 of the Eric Anfinson Exhibition at TSKW "Without Within" WWW.ERICANFINSON.COM Hit this Link for Additional

Response Time

English Wee

Bone Necklace

Looking Back

Finding My Way Home

The Veil

Generations Again

American Nomad

The Rose Cantina


Here is Part 2 of "Four Views" One of the 4 Exhibitions Currently Hanging at TSKW.  "Four Views" Features David Genest, Jane Gilbert, Judith Zabar, & Kathy Walters
Hit this Link for Additional Information : 

Untitled Landscape by Kathy Walters

Beginning & Hope by Judith Zabar

Summer Riot I & II by Jane Gilbert  Acrylic

Self Portrait by David Genest Graphite on Paper

Storm Beginning by Kathy Walter  Acrylic
(Top L) Key West Sunsets  Kathy Walter  Acrylic
(Top R) Sudden Storm by Jane Gilbert Acrylic
(Bottom L) Rebeka by David Genest Acrylic Collage & Ink on Paper
(Bottom R) Untitled by Judith Zabar Mixed Media
Up Shortly Part 2 of Judi Bradford and FKCC Mud Pi Exhibitions



Allison Rich sends regards and tells us  this great News : We are happy to announce that Cafe con Libros is back again this year and being held at the studios. 
Café con Libros

The Key West Library is offering their free Café con Libros author series on Tuesday mornings from January 23rd until March 27th at the Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton St.  Author presentations begin at 10:30 am.  

Mar. 20th: Samuel Harrington, MD, on "At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life"
Mar. 27th: Kenneth Michaels in conversation with Edgardo Alvarado-Vazquez about "Only in Key West" : 
Allison Rich, 
Sr. Library Assistant, 
Monroe County Public Library, 
700 Fleming Street, 
The Key West Library at 700 Fleming St is offering free One-on-One Technology tutoring.  Do you have questions about your smartphone or tablet?  Do you need help downloading Ebooks from the library's website?  If so, please call us at 305-292-3595 to make an appointment.  Our library assistants are here to help you with your devices.  Call us today!   


The nonprofit USCGC Ingham Museum at the Truman Annex Waterfront Park will be open for sunset each Wednesday at 5 p.m. with bingo onboard after dark. For information, call 305-292-5072 or email 


WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM 305-295-9797 3485 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 


April 16 5pm at Salute on the Beach "Call for Candidates"
Here is the Link for their Donation Page ; DONATE

Hometown's! Call for Candidates.  The  Best  of Local 2018 Elections!


Here is Part 2 of the Judi Bradford Exhibition at the TSKW. Hit this Link for Additional Info. :
Rainy Day


Irma in Florida

Jim and Lucy No Chickens

(L) Moonlight Shore
(Top R) Palm Line
(Bottom R) Sunset

Petronia Street Traffic

More from the 4 March "First Thursday" Exhibitions Up Shortly 

WWW.LUISSOTTIL.COM  511 Duval St. 305-396-7855
Last week we Featured Michael Godard. Here is the Link to the March 12 Issue to see many Works from Michael; better Yet go to the Gallery.

Sandbar I 28X35
Zen Martini II 44X55
A few Works from Luis Sottil

More of Ali Lefcort up shortly; Our Featured Artist from Sottil Gallery This Week



The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM for Production, Database Management, and Delivery. They are GREAT. Their Customer Support and On-Line Q&A are Second to None. 781-482-8911
Here is my Facebook Page :

Next Rock Solomon Performance March 19
KW's Mixdeity Entertainment's upcoming Murder Mystery dinner. It will be hosted at First Flight again, March 19th. Here are the details. Thank you so much
Time: 5pm-8pm Location: 301 Whitehead street Price: Tickets start at  $95.00  1920s costume  encouraged..Dial M

Mysteries abound! (and we need your help to solve them!) Get transported back to the original Jazz-Age for mystery dinner costume parties at First Flight, the original home of Pan Am! Every ticket includes a complimentary drink & bites, plus a three course gourmet themed dinner, interactive mystery theatre & live music from the Jazz-Age. Be sure to dawn your best Gaztby-esque threads for a chance to win prizes in our best-dressed costume contest!

Get tickets online, plus the latest info on our Mystery Dinners, Swing Dance Nights, Old Hollywood concerts, Jazz brunches and more at

Dial "M" for Mixdeity Media's Mid-Month Murder Mystery Mondays!

Tickets: 305-570-3000  The dinner is part of the Jazz-Age Retrospectacular, sponsored by the FL Keys TDC Grant.


  (L) An Elegant Evening Under the Stars April 7 : Go to the Waterfront Playhouse Website for Additional Info.

First Flight Restaurant 301 Whitehead St. 3/19
(L) An Elegant Evening Under the Stars April 7 : Go to the Waterfront Playhouse Website for Additional Info.

 Zazoo has an  Amazing Collection of Photos & Art on Iconic Movie Stars, Sports Figures, Famous Photographers. You Can spend Hours in Zazoo and everything is Very Inexpensive for these Rare Originals / Copies. 

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925 

To celebrate the return of Bruce Springsteen on Broadway...
We are pleased to present four great limited edition fine art prints.
Each piece is hand signed by devoted fan and photographer
 David Denenberg.   Next Week in the March 26 Issue we'll have the same format that was done by Zazoo for the Beatles Rare Photos; they will present 4 Classic Iconic Photo of Bruce Springsteen ; along with verbiage of the times.


Jose Franch-Ballester (Clarinet) & Michael Brown (Piano) March 25.  The 2018 Season (As Usual) ALL Concerts at St. Pauls Episcopal Church 4pm.
Franch-Ballester/Brown give Impromptu Concert performance
at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on March 25

Clarinetist Jose Franch-Ballester and pianist Michael Brown will visit Key West for an Impromptu Concert performance at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 25, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St. The concert is the sixth, and last subscription performance of the 2018 Impromptu Concert season, which is celebrating the centennial of the late composer Leonard Bernstein, a frequent visitor to Key West.

Tickets for the concert cost $20, and are available at , or at the door on the afternoon of the event. Cash, checks, or credit/debit cards accepted. Students admitted free. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
For more information visit

Visit their website for detailed information on all their 2018 Concerts


Up Shortly Updated Schedule of Concerts and Special Events


Click MOTE1 for a Special Year End E-Newsletter Looking Back at ALL 12 months of Very Informative

Click MOTE52 for the Entire Very informative E-Mail Newsletter with the Headline : Why are Sharks so Patriotic ? Because they are Marine Sharks.
This E-Mail Campaign will give Great Information on what's going on with Dr. Vaughan's 5 Day Workshop on Coral Restoration

Project manager and marine biologist Chris Page inspects fragments of mountainous star coral (Orbicella faveolata) that were recently microfragmented. Credit: Dan Mele/ Mote Marine Labratory

Local mascots of all sizes, shapes and species raced down Siesta Beach on March 6 to promote Mote Marine Laboratory's Run for the Turtles. 
Credit all photos in this story: Conor Goulding/Mote Marine Laboratory

Project manager and marine biologist Chris Page inspects fragments of mountainous star coral (Orbicella faveolata) that were recently microfragmented. Credit: Dan Mele/ Mote Marine Labratory

Mote Marine Laboratory will host a five-day coral restoration workshop in the Florida Keys, providing hands-on intensive training in Mote's signature coral fragmentation process, along with knowledge about coral larval settlement and survival in a land-based nursery and proper monitoring of outplanted coral. Dr. David Vaughan, Executive Director of Mote's Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration and Manager of Mote's Coral Reef Restoration Program, will lead the coral restoration workshop starting March 25, ending March 29 and geared toward those with an interest in conducting their own restoration projects.
Vaughan most notably pioneered implementation of coral fragmentation techniques to re-skin massive coral species for reef restoration. Vaughan's first workshop late last year was designed to share best practices with other coral restoration enthusiasts. "We had students from all around the globe come to our facility to learn our methods of restoration.  Many already had restoration efforts underway in their parts of the world and were interested in implementing new key knowledge and understanding how to scale-up their production," said Vaughan.  The first workshop was deemed such a success by the attendees that Vaughan decided to host another workshop this March. "The knowledge transfer with other coral restoration stewards is so important as we all continue to face similar impacts to our marine environment," added Vaughan. Click VAUGHAN to Lean More


712 Duval St. 305-440-2179 11A-11P
2 FOR 1 DRINKS ALL DAY & 3-6P .70 Oysters, Clams, Peel & Eat Shrimp & Wings
 "Best Hush Puppies & New England Clam Chowder in the South; & the Angle Hair Pasta with Lump Crab in a Cream Sauce is amazing; plus their Peel N Eat Shrimp are by far always the tastiest The Keys.  


  533 Eaton St. 305-320-0208
Part of WWW.TSKW.ORG  Contact Mia Clement 

Thank Mia for the Outstanding work you, Emily, Allison Rich, Michael Nelson and Tom Hambright do for bringing Amazing Literary Events to KW.  Of course Thanks to the rest of the Monroe County Library Staff and of course KW Friends of the Library

The Books and Books Organization does 2 Types of Literary events :
"Meet The Authors" and Book Store Events and they are both done at the TSKW right next door to the Book Store. Below is a Regular Book Store event :

 The last Two event of the 2017/2018
Photo Feature below from the March 13 
A Books and Books Talk, discussion and signing 
 Gabe Habash - Stephen Florida  and  Julie Buntin - Marlena
 Two incredible authors. Gabe Habash's Stephen Florida follows a college wrestler in his senior season, when every practice, every match, is a step closer to greatness and a step further from sanity. Julie Buntin's debut novel Marlena explores that specific suspended time in young womanhood when every decision feels like the most important, and every friendship feels life-long.

Books and Books Talk, discussion and signing 
Title - Tayari Jones - An American Marriage
Start Date/End Date - Wednesday, March 21st at 6:00 pm.
Brief Description - Tayari Jones's stirring, thought-provoking new novel, AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE, tackles big issues-race, loyalty, resilience-and perhaps the biggest issue of them all: love. Jones is the author of four novels and holds degrees from Spelman College, Arizona State University, and the University of Iowa. She serves on the MFA faculty in the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark University.

"Photos of the Week" by Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow
(Top L) Richard Quint Performs Well at Aqua Idol
Richard Quint, a contestant in Aqua Idol,  giving his acapella rendition of 'Summertime' was so powerful  that he was put back in the competition. Photo by Pete Arnow.
(Top R)Centennial Bank Helps Students Learn About Money
Centennial Bank sponsored the national Financial Scholars program of Everfi at the Gerald Adams School.  The program helps fifth graders learn how to manage  money. Photo by Pete Arnow

(Bottom L) Broadway Star Terri White is Back
Donna Barnett and her companion Broadway Star Terri White are back out in the town in Key West. Photo by Pete Arnow.
(Bottom R) Aqua Nightclub Family Grows
qua Night Club's Kimball Ingram and his wife Melissa are the proud parents of a baby girl Izabella. Photo by Pete Arnow
Part 2 of the Mud Pi Exhibition at TSKW.k Click this Link for the Complete Info. on ALL 4 of the March Current Exhibitions at TSKW

Blue Plate by Stan Teague Raku

SeaShell Jar by Ariella Hogan Stoneware

Gargoyle Pot by Joan Cox Carved Underglaze

Homage to Claude by PD Cummins Stoneware

Everyday by Paola Effie  Stoneware

Fire and Ice by Leslie Gadeh Raku & Acrylic

Vena by Pat Collings 

Zuela  Stoneware, Paint, Found Object

Stoves by Coleen Anderson

Key West Morning by Jane Grannis Porcelain


Reading of Short Plays
Written by Toby Armour
Directed by Karen Leonard
April 6 - 7pm . Location TBD

We're partnering with the Key West Arts & Historical Society to present  a free reading of some of the short plays of our own Toby Armour's plays. These plays focus on the lives and losses of people caught in the struggle of the Civil War. The evening will also include period music and a facilitated Q&A.

"Conch Republic Re-Visited" April 19-28.  Of Course ; If you Live in KW ; you Must see this very entertaining Play; if not just for the History of a Most Famous Incident Heard Round the world.

305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Dr.

Photographic Exposition at The Tropic Cinema by
Rodger Stuart Davis  3/5-4/1 "Mira Images"
I'm a local photographer.  I've lived here 25 years, I've
13 books on Amazon, I've a weekly photo in the Blue 
Paper, and I've an exhibit hanging on the walls of the 
Tropic Cinema Gallery, the hallway by the stairs, from 
March 5th - April 1st, it is my 4th exhibit there.

We Now Continue with Ali Lefcort

WWW.LUISSOTTIL.COM 511 Duval St. 305-396-7855

 1100 Simonton St.#3

 The Artists Featured Currently at Gingerbread Square Gallery. WWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM 1207 Duval St. 305-296-8900
Summer Squall by Gabriella Fiabane  9X12 Oil on Linen
Mid Summer Afternoon by Gabriella Fiabane 16X20 Oil on Canvas
Japaneses Maple Seeds by Gabriella Fiabane
She Loves Dance & Dancer 1 by John Whitney

Pedaling by Christos Calivas 36X39 + The Next Three Paintings are from Christos Calivas
Red Chair Petronia Street 24X22
Union Jack 22X24
Go to the March 12 Issue for Additional Works from ALL 3 ; and of course they are Hanging at the Gallery for a few more weeks.
5210 College Road 

Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries
Thanks Johnny & Caroline for providing our readers with Great Year Round Photo Galleries to Enjoy; as well as Providing ALL of  the Keys with a Great Calendar of Events Everyday. The March 26th. Issue will have a few more of their Galleries. Of Course go to the above Link to see many of them now.


WWW.EQFL.ORG 813-870-3735

After seven years of Kate Miano and The Gardens Hotel staff hosting the annual Equality Florida event, this year's Celebration will be held at the Harry S. Truman Little White House.  With more than three hundred and fifty attendees, the event outgrew the beautiful space at The Gardens Hotel and began impacting hotel guests.  With the blessing and support of Kate Miano, Equality Florida will hold its 2018 Celebration on Saturday, March 24 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm on the lawns of the Harry S. Truman Little White House. 
The evening will feature music by Gina Masserati, a sumptuous appetizer buffet, a short program and free guided tours of the Little White House.  Equality Florida's highest honor, the Voice for Equality award, will be presented to Jim and Cathy Stentzel for their unwavering support of the welfare of children including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.  Their backing cemented the establishment of Equality Florida's Safe and Healthy Schools Project which has trained 59 of Florida's 67 school districts to be pro-active by ensuring a functioning environment in which LGBT q students can thrive shoulder to shoulder with other students. Equality Florida's CEO Nadine Smith will present an update on recent accomplishments, risks and challenges. 

A spectacular original, framed painting entitled "Gulf Side Morning" by artist Jim Salem has been donated by the Cocco & Salem Gallery and will be available for a suggested donation per chance.  The painting is valued at $1800.
There is limited bicycle parking as well as limited ADA parking.  As a residential community, there will be no other parking on Front Street.  Suggested parking is at the Margaritaville Resort parking garage, the Post Office, on Whitehead or Thomas Streets.  Also, guests should consider using the Duval Loop and disembark at the Post Office stop. On the evening of March 24
th entrance can be accessed at the Eaton Street and Front Street pedestrian gates.
For more information, contact Evie Evers Kling at or 305-296-3267.
The Harry S. Truman Little White House is located at 111 Front Street.

Equality Florida consists of two organizations - Equality Florida Institute, Inc., our 501(c)(3) educational charity and Equality Florida Action, Inc., our 501(c)(4) advocacy organization. Together, these organizations form the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. Through education, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and lobbying, we are changing Florida so that no one suffers harassment or discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
Next April 8 at 1111 Eaton St. at The Restaurant Store

Key West Artisan Market: Culinary and Wine Edition is This Sunday


WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG  808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
Next Luncheon April 4th..
 TBA. Next Mixer April 11 Mangoes 700 Duval Street

At the last Business Mixer at Choice Storage Center with Good Friend Graciela Lozano Byrne
Photo by Peter Arnow .  Great Pic thanks


WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081


WWW.SALTISLANDPROVISIONS.COM 830 Fleming Street 305-517-6088 Marlene Koenig & Lenny Addorisio ALL March

Lenny Addorisio



Also Go to their Website to see what's Up Next as well as Info on Bob Bowersox's Theatre XP. We Should have some updated Material in the March 26th. Issue.

WWW.JANEGARDNERINTERIORS.COM 812 Fleming St. 305-780-7959

WWW.LKMC.COM 5900 College Rd. 305-294-5531

Click E-NEWSLETTER for their very informative E-Newsletter

This Months Reef Relief E-Newsletter can be seen with this Link 

Mill McCleary is celebrating 10 years with Reef Relief!
March 1
st marked 10 years for Executive Program Director, Mill McCleary! 
 Growing up along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay he learned early on of the importance of healthy watersheds. This led to an 18 year service working with Clean Water Action in Baltimore that continued onto the Tampa area. Over that period, he worked on dozens of water quality related campaigns as well as helping to bridge a collaborative coalition building effort with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. He was also the lead organizer in CWA's campaign partnership with the AFL-CIO Working America to establish new offices in several US cities. Mill joined Reef Relief's team in 2008 as the Executive Program Director.
Mill has spent over 10 years running Reef Relief's programs to educate and activate people around coral reef ecosystem conservation, specifically in South Florida. He has served as a member of the Monroe County Port Advisory Board and is an advisor to Reef Relief Board members serving on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Ecosystem Protection: Ecological Reserves, Preservation Areas and Wildlife Protection Working Group and the Higgs Beach Redevelopment Committee. On behalf of Reef Relief, Mill also manages the Key West Marine Park in collaboration with the City of Key West and Monroe County. Reef Relief  thanks Mill for his hard work and dedication to improving and protecting the coral reef ecosystem here in the Florida Keys.


WWW.WESLEYHOUSE.ORG 305-809-5000 1304 Truman Ave.



Neil Chamberlain and Staff Send Greetings

WWW.SANCTUARYFRIEDNS.ORG  55500 Overseas Hwy. Marathon 305-289-2288


Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 


The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, the OFFICIAL Home "Friend Club" of Howard Livingston and the MM24 Band, will be having their March "Jump Up" Social from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. on  Saturday March 31st at Mangoes Island Cuisine, 700 Duval St. Key West, FL. !! 
LIVE music from Ericson Holt!  Fundraiser for Sister Season Fund, an organization that helps those in need who work in the tourism and hospitality industry! Raffles, give aways, drawings, prizes, plus specials on drinks and food!
ALL "Jump Ups" are open to the public!

For more information about The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, a charitable/volunteer/fun non-profit Club and organization with the motto "Serving Community Roles With Caribbean Souls", go to


WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661
Every Sunday Sunday, 5 - 7:30p, Jazz in the Gardens
Cabaret   @d'vine Wine Gallery:
Wednesday,  James King, III, 5-7pm,  Thursday,  Jimmy Olson, 5-7pm,  Saturday,  Megan Constantine, 5-7pm,   Jazz in  the Gardens : Sunday,  March 18
, Terri White and Friends and March 25 Libby York  New Time ; I believe it's 5:30p-8p

WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502
300 Southard St. #201

Click GRANTS-AWARDS 1 for Complete List


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio

WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.

WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433



For additional Info on MOST of their concerts & events ; Click Link here for their Latest E-Newsletter with Updated Info. Click TWT7

3/18/18 A Night of Key West Soul with Coffee Butler and Friends
3/23/18 Three Dog Night 
4/1/18 John Sebastian 
4/5/18 Keller Williams
4/7/18 Jimmie Vaughan
4/15/18 The Sunday Ramble
4/29/18 Kevin Nealon 
5/19/18 Carbon Leaf
5/26/18 Howie Mandel (6:30pm & 9:30pm) 
11/15/18 Thunder From Down Under (7pm & 10pm) 

May 17 Blue Oyster Cult & Styx at the KW Amphitheater at the Truman Annex
TICKETS ON SALE and can be purchased at the Key West Theater box office at 512 Eaton St or online at
Key West Theater presents
4.15.18 The Sunday Ramble. 
4.21.18 Earth Day Jam with That Hippe Band
Rams Head presents :  5.14.18 Steve Earle & The Dukes


WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM 305-304-6882 Owners / Editors Naja & Arnaud Girard
Hit this Link for some of the Great Videos :
Click Below

Click the Blue Paper Link for these Articles Below + Many Additional

"Affordable Housing" : Are the Wolves at the Gate?
Why Pay for Something Free 
The Unbearable Dumbness of the FDOT with Apologies to Milan Kundera "The UnBearable Lightness of Being"

 An Article by Arida Wright on the recent 36th Annual KWLS

City of Key West About toe "Sell Out" Local Art and Artists
"Undying Love, A Key West Musical" Premieres at TSKW


AnnaMarie Giordano's Life Drawing Workshops at Fort East Martello on Tuesdays 11a-2pm.  No Minimum Amount of Classes Needed.    Feel free to Call AG at 609-884-3474 and or . Model Positions Available.



Magnolia Band, the Key West version of the renowned New England band Magnolia, plays a unique blend of classic country, Cajun, and bluegrass music. Led by singer and guitarist Maggie Moniz, with local fixture Steve Gibson on mandolin and world-famous Chuck Sherman on pedal steel, they play good time music sure to get your head boppin', your toes tappin', and your feet movin'. They will be making sure everyone can let the good times roll at B.O.'s Fish Wagon every Thursday  6 - 9  PM. and Key West Bite every Saturday 7 - 9 PM.

Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information.
Here is the March "Keys Traveler" E-Newsletter Link ; Hit
MARCH 2018 for their March Keys Traveler. 
Top Story
The 27th annual Florida Keys Island Fest is to celebrate the Keys' relaxed coastal island living and family fun Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, in Islamorada.
Founders Park at mile marker 87 is to transform into a musical, artistic outdoor emporium featuring over 100 exceptional local and national artists whose work includes paintings, sculptures, jewelry and fine crafts.
Other festival attractions include live music from entertainers in virtually all musical genres, the All-American Road Vintage Cruisers Car Show, a wacky "What Floats Your Boat" race for homemade "boats," special activities for kids and the ever-popular Taste of Islamorada culinary competition. 


Every Tuesday Night Until March 27 AQUA IDOL ; Of Course at AQUA Nightclub 711 Duval 305-294-0555
Ave Q 3/27-4/14


 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit BOOKING INFO .  

 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 

A few weeks ago was the First Friday in March and Featured the Artists Below Please Click FIRST for Complete Details from TSKW
 for the following New Exhibitions :
"Within Without" by Eric Anfinson in the Sanger Gallery . Sponsored by Rent Key West Vacations

"Four Views" by Judy Zabar, David Genest,Jane Gilbert, & Kathy Walters in the XOJ Gallery. Sponsored by Keys Wealth Management

Judi Bradford  in the Zabar Project Gallery Sponsored by Charles F. Troxeltr DDS

Mud Pi Ceramics Department at FKCC
Eric Anfinson

Four Views ; This Painting by Judy Zabar

Judi Bradford

Mud Pi

Nature Printing

with Dawn Wilkins
Saturday & Sunday March 23-24, 12-5pm
Record your world with a naturalist's eye and an artist's touch.
An island favorite, Dawn Wilkins' work takes its inspiration from the beaches, reefs, and gardens around the Keys. She creates her elegant pieces by printing directly from nature, pulling prints from leaves, coral and other natural objects. Wilkins teaches students to record their world as naturalists, but with an artist's eye and a touch of a whimsy. Sponsored by Yoga on the Beach

Click    TSKW12 & TSKW13 Link for their Latest E-Newsletters giving ALL the Updated Schedule of Classes, Events, & Exhibitions

Come as You Are Art Benefit Thu Mar 22, 7-10pm

Tonight, everyone's an artist - or maybe an artwork! For its 2018 Gala fundraiser, The Studios crafts its most creative party yet. The food is fauvist, the cocktails rococo, the décor Dadaist and the dance moves are... abstract expressionist? Dress as your favorite artist, writer, or cultural concoction, or just look fabulous.

Green Parrot  Bingo Every Monday to Help Fund TSKW
  You can join, renew, or give another gift here:

Glass Casting
 Cheryl Wilson-Smith
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Monday April 4, 5, 6, 9, 10am-2pm

Go through the steps of creating a large scale glass casting. Create a clay model, form a plaster mold, measure and fill the mold and fire the glass. A rare opportunity to try your hand at larger scale glasswork. Sponsored by Wanderlust

LOTHAR SPEER (Appearing at TSKW and....
FIGURE DRAWING CLASS, KEY WEST ART CENTER, Every Wed 5:30 - 7:30 pm  All Season Long. Come for 1, 3 or 5 classes or take the whole ride!

Mr Speer's classes provide a supportive, engaging and highly informative working environment that is designed to strengthen each participant's ability to see correctly and translate this in"sight" into successful drawing strategies. A healthy dose of humor and art history will be our guide!  The goal is not pretty drawings, but good ones! It's a workshop where we all support one another on our journey! 
Lothar Speer. FACES IN FOCUS. BRUSH&HEART, (312)282-3162
ALSO He does CLASSICAL DRAWING Classes at TSKW Every Wed. until 3/14 2p-5p Click


"Hampton's Art & Culture"

The 3 Big Arts Organizations in the Hamptons LI NY are below. Of course just like Key West; there are so many Art Galleries on the East End of LI and as we did for the 2016 / 2017 Issues; The Blast visits and Presents their Art.  Thanks for the Positive Feedback; especially from Keys Art Gallery Owners and Artists that enjoys seeing what their Artistic Community is presenting.

Iris Ornig on Monday Nights Hosting Jazz at Kitano 8-11pm  66 Park Ave. at 38th. St. NYC.. Thanks Iris for Keeping your Key West and Southampton Fans Up to Date. Check her Facebook Page

GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967
PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976

37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  



281 Front St. 305-295-6616




For history buffs or anyone seeking insight into the classic architecture of Key West, Key West Art & Historical Society will host a series of educational and entertaining walking tours led by local artist and historian Sharon Wells on select Saturdays from January through March.  10-Noon


(Bottom Left) Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series welcomes Calusa Indian expert and film-maker Theresa Schober
On Thursday, March 22 from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes Distinguished Speaker Series guest Theresa Schober, an archaeologist, educator, and noted expert on Calusa Indian life to Old City Hall on Greene Street, where she will discuss "Escampaba- The Kingdom of Carlos," her documentary about the Calusa capital village of Mound Key, and how we represent the past through film.
Today's Mound Key, a 125-acre archaeology site and state park with more than 30 feet of shell mound middens rising above Estero Bay, stands as a significant landmark of both American history. Shober's film recreates that forgotten piece of history, bringing the past to life with re-enactments, animations, archival photographs and environmental footage.
The site is believed to have been the cultural center for the Calusa- a non-agricultural hunting and gathering chiefdom that dominated south Florida for over 2000 years. It is also where the Calusa first encountered Europeans when the Spaniards explored the Caribbean and the Florida peninsula, and where they drove Conquistador  Ponce de León and his men away in a hostile attack in 1513, after León "claimed" La Florida for Spain despite approximately 20,000 Calusa already living there and in nearby Calusa territories. They continued to resist Spanish rule, including 1566 Spain's first Governor of Florida, Pedro Menendez de Aviles,  and forced settlements fully out by 1569. Though the Spaniards fled, they left behind diseases for which the natives had no immunity, ultimately leading to the demise of their once great society. 
Tickets available at ; $5 for KWAHS members, $10 for non-members-advanced ticket purchase is recommended.  Sponsored in part of the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and the Helmerich Trust. For more information, contact  Adele Williams , Director of Education, at 305.295.6616, x115.  Your Museums.  Your Community.  It takes an Island.

Theresa Schober

Rafael Penalver

South Florida civic leader and preservationist Rafael Peñalver shares story of the San Carlos Institute for Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series

(Top R) On Thursday, March 29, j oin Key West Art & Historical Society and  South Florida civic leader and preservationist  Rafael  Peñalver  at the San Carlos Institute, 516 Duval Street, as he shares the history of the iconic Cuban heritage center.   A champagne reception at 5:30pm in the beautiful upper mezzanine will precede his Distinguished Speaker Series presentation , with the talk starting at 6:00pm.  

Founded in 1871 by members of the Cuban exile community as a patriotic and educational center, the San Carlos Institute  played a significant role in the independence movement, where notable speakers like Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti and other key figures could meet and address the Key West exile community.  

Key West Art & Historical Society invites public to Tennessee Williams birthday party at Tennessee Williams Museum
(Bottom R)Key West Art & Historical Society invites the public to a party celebrating what would have been literary icon Tennessee Williams's 107
th birthday, Monday, March 26, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Tennessee Williams Museum, 513 Truman Avenue.
The party, which will include contest award presentations, bubbly beverages and birthday cake, highlights an annual 6-week Tennessee Williams celebration that kicked off on February 28 this year and concludes with performances at The Studios of Key West of two one-act plays by Williams, who was a Key West resident for more than 30 years.
Suggested donation is $10. Visit for a full schedule of events. Your Museums.  Your Community.  It takes an Island. 

Photo by Carol Tedesco


(Top-Right) Key West Art & Historical Society invites writers to enter works in this year's Tennessee Williams poetry and short-story contests
Keys poets and writers are invited to submit works for this year's Tennessee Williams poetry and short-story writing contests - components of the annual Key West celebration of the great American writer and island resident's birthday.
Poets are invited to submit a 30-line or less poem about Williams' life in Key West. Writers may submit a short story of 1500 to 4000 words, to include some reference to Williams' life in Key West. Winners will be selected by blind-judging via a panel of professional, published writer/poets, with $200 awarded for first place and $100 for second place in each contest, along with an opportunity to read from their submissions at the March 26 Tennessee Williams Birthday reception, set to take place at the Tennessee Williams Museum, 513 Truman Avenue on Monday, March 26, 6:00pm-8:00pm.
Submission fee is $20 for adults; $10 for students and are limited to one per person. Entries can be submitted via a link at  KWAHS.ORG no later than March 7.
An enticing variety of Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration events kick off on February 28 and run through April 9. For more information visit or contact Society Director of Education Adele Williams at 305.295.6616 extension 115. Sponsored in part by the Helmerich Trust and the Florida Department of State.  Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island.


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean

Key West Mayor Craig Cates has proclaimed March 18 th Transit Operator Appreciation Day.
"For hours on end, our operators provide an essential service that strengthens our community and economy," reads the proclamation, "by safely and expertly delivering people to their destination by maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through tedious unpredictable traffic and narrow thoroughfares in all weather conditions."   
The date is significant, because it is believed to be the first day, in 1662, that scheduled coach service was established in Paris. In 2017, Key West Transit provided service for more than 297,000 passengers.    "Transit drivers don't have an easy job; they just make it look that way," said Mayor Cates. 

(l) In the photo: the Transit Department's Carolyn Haia and Regina Scott, 2017 Driver of the Year Jean Willy, Deputy Director Rogelio Hernandez, Mayor Craig Cates, and Driver of the Quarter Adrianna Gomez.
(R)The final Cemetery Stroll to be offered this season at the Historic Key West Cemetery will take place on March 24th. During the stroll, small groups of visitors will be escorted to gravesites where interpreters will tell the stories of the deceased in brief monologues. The groups are scheduled for departures at 9:30, 9:50, and 10:10 Reservations are necessary, and can be made by calling 305-304-1453.  Among the gravesites to be visited are those of the Richard Moore Kemp, Lang Millian, the Gato plot, and the Toppino mausoleum.
The tour will take approximately 90 minutes. Participants should wear comfortable shoes and plan to walk over a mile on uneven ground. Bottled water will be provided.   This is an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the fascinating people who have given Key West its colorful and significant character. Space is limited for the tours and pre-registration is required. A donation of $20 (cash or check) per person to the Historic Florida Keys Foundation is recommended. The Foundation maintains a separate fund for education, conservation, and restoration at the cemetery.
Participants should enter the cemetery by the Frances Street gate and go to the registration table on 2nd Ave.  The cemetery strolls are sponsored by the City of Key West and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. 

The City of Key West Released the 2017 Annual Report, giving the community an insight to the accomplishments of city government over the past year throughout the various departments.
This is the 9th year that the Annual Report has been an electronic-only edition. That means a "green" report and an important savings of precious taxpayer dollars. However, if anyone is unable to access the electronic report, the City can supply a print copy: Just contact Public Information Officer Alyson Crean at 305-809-1058.


Photo Cindy Hutchins

Magnolia Band, the Key West version of the renowned New England band Magnolia, plays a unique blend of classic country, Cajun, and bluegrass music. Led by singer and guitarist Maggie Moniz, with local fixture Steve Gibson on mandolin, world-famous Chuck Sherman on pedal steel, and Kit Garovoy on drums, they play good time music sure to get your head boppin', your toes tappin', and your feet movin'. They will be making sure everyone can let the good times roll at B.O.'s Fish Wagon every Thursday  6 - 9  PM. and Key West Bite every Saturday 7 - 9 PM.

WWW.COASTPROJECTS.COM 6404 Front St. 305-709-4001
Cold Weather Items Greatly Reduced at their Retail Stores
VISIT THEIR NEW STORE IN KW AT 803 WhiteHead Street and to view their entire E-Newsletter sent out with Merchandise Suggestions ; Click  COAST1
 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504
Monday, March 19th  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu
Almost Spring - $85.00 - 5:30pm. Artichoke and Prosciutto with Fontina and Olives,    Kumquat and Spinach Salad with Pickled Shallots, Radishes, and Warm Bacon Dressing,     Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus and Shitake Bread Pudding with Paprika Sauce,     Grapefruit Tart with Candied Fennel and Anise Pouring Cream
Saturday, March 24th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!. Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, March 31st - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, April 14th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event - SOLD OUT
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard! Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, April 14th  - Chef David Fuhrman - Chef's Tasting Menu - SOLD OUT
Titanic Dinner - $125.00 - 5:30pm. Join Chef David Fuhrman of Great Events Catering for a first-class dinner on the 106 thanniversary of the last night that the Titanic was afloat! Appropriate dress suggested (but certainly not required). Canapés à l'Amiral, Sweet Potato Blini with Horseradish Crème Fraiche and Caviar, Mousse du Foie Gras with Pear Chutney and Brioche Toast, Cream of Barley Soup,    Asparagus Salad with Champagne , ffron Vinaigrette, Honey Ginger Duck Vol-Au-Vent with Granny Smith Apple Sauce and Fig Mash,   Punch Romaine - A Rum and Citrus Palate Cleanser over an Iceberg of Crushed Ice,    Filet Mignon with Lyonnaise Potatoes and Merchant du Vin,   Vanilla and Chocolate Eclairs,      Fruit and Cheese
Sunday, April 15th - Vintners Dinner 2018. Casa Marina Resort - Flagler Ballroom - 6:00pm.
Join our own Chef Martha Hubbard and several of her Key West Chef Colleagues for this year's Vintners Dinner. This nine-course Dinner & Wine Pairing begins with appetizers on the veranda, and then moves inside the Flagler Ballroom where guests rotate through chef stations, where your tapas portions will be prepared and presented to you along with your vintner's wine presentations. The evening concludes on the patio once again with the presentation of dessert. For tickets go to
Saturday, April 21st - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event - SOLD OUT
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!. Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, April 28th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event - SOLD OUT
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!, Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, May 5th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, May 12th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard! Please Call For Seats. 
Saturday, May 19th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!  Please Call For Seats.
Saturday, May 26th - Weekly Wine and Food Tasting - Wine Education Event
$15.00 - 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Join us for our weekly Wine and Food Tasting featuring delicious wines with paired bites by Chef Martha Hubbard!. Please Call For Seats.

 Please go to their website and FB Page for Updates (some events May Already be SOLD OUT) & Check for ADD INS after this Issues Publish Date of March 18


WWW.REEFRELIEF.ORG 305-294-3100 631 Greene St.

New Location 808 Duval St.
Next Luncheon is 4/4 TBA
Next Mixer is 4/11 at Mangoes 701 Duval St.



Monroe County Animal Farm in Key West 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300 . Open the 2nd & 4th Sunday each month (1-3p) , Under the Brilliant Direction of Officer/Farmer Jeanne Selander.
Sheriff's Office to hold vehicle auction
The Sheriff's Office will be auctioning off a number of surplus vehicles, including a Mull10K Forklift, Hydraulic Platform Stand and a Semi-Tractor, via sealed bids this month.
Anyone interested in participating in the auction can find a list of the items to be auctioned on the Sheriff's Office website, Bidding instructions and forms are also available on the website, or can be picked up at the Sheriff's Office Headquarters building at 5525 College Road on Stock Island. Anyone with questions can contact Fleet Manager Johnnie Young at 305-293-7477 or Purchasing Agent Michael Griffin at 305-292-6832.
All bids must be received by 10:00am on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. The bids will be opened publicly on Tuesday at 10:30am on March 27, 2018.
The Sheriff's Office makes no representation or guarantee of mechanical condition. All sales are as is, no warranty. All sales are final.
The link to the web page with auction information is:



Part 3 of Commissioner Romero's Community Meeting Re-Cap from the event on 2/20..  We Certainly want to give you ALL the Information that the Commissioner sent in her Re-Cap ; so we are Including the Info. in a Multi Part /Week Environment.  

Below We Pick up in the Middle from the beginning of this Issue , the section on Height Restrictions
As a point of comparison: the George Allen Apartments located between George and 1
st Streets currently have 117 units on 6.2 acres.
  At the community meeting, it was pointed out that the originally stated intended use of the Mosquito Control parcel was for a KOTS facility, then there was a change of plans to have the KOTS facility be located on the Easter Seals portion of the properties. Current talk seems to infer that the sites used for Mosquito Control, Easter Seals and SPCA would all be for affordable housing - with no indication of where the KOTS facility would be moved. YET, the RFP that was released indicated that it would all be "crammed into" the same parcels. ????????????? 
  County officials have given the city until October to move KOTS from the current location near the Sheriff's building. At the time of the Community Meeting, there had been discussion between County Commissioner Nugent and Mayor Cates of the city to potentially move residents of Bayshore Manor to the new Assisted Living Facility, Poinciana Gardens, on Duck Avenue and utilize the Bayshore property for a new KOTS facility.
  At the County Commission meeting the day following this Community Meeting, there was discussion of same. The consensus by the County Commissioners at the end of that, was to leave Bayshore residents where they are and not require them to move to the new Assisted Living Facility on Duck Avenue.
  I was asked how I would vote on this referendum. I indicated I will be voting no.      
 Nonviolent crimes are down 17% in the City, this is a large decrease.
  Violent crimes are flat.
   In the past year, many called for additional traffic enforcement. To this end there has been an additional motorcycle officer added to the traffic unit - this brings the total of motorcycle road patrol units to six from five.
  KWPD continues to address with the State the concerns with crosswalks, especially on N. Roosevelt Blvd.
 Local law enforcement hopes to see texting elevated to a primary offense in the State. They are requesting that the community will support such a stance and make it known to their officials and  Legislative Senator and Representative. Currently, this is only a secondary offense.
 School safety has received intensified focus since the Parkland event. Meetings have been scheduled by Chief Lee with local law enforcement agencies, School District officials, and those involved with behavioral health.

More Re-Cap of Commissioner Romero's Community Meeting in the March 26 Issue
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