The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends
May 13, 2019

A WaterSpout over Tampa Bay
Pt 6 of 6 Amazing Photos

Flame Thrower by Jeanie Daniel Duck

Two Exhibitions Opened last Week at Gato : Florida Keys Council of the Arts.  "90 Miles to Cuba" and "Tropical Madness". (More Below)

The City of Key West Proclaims May 18-24 as "Safe Boating Week"

Part 1 of Two : "Talk Derby To Me" The Annual Derby Event Drawing Big Crowds.  Kate Miano & Jim Marquardt (Gardens Hotel); along with Diane May - MC Daniel Bochlas and their Helpers did a Fantastic Job in Raising Funds for the Key West Police Department Mounted Unit

Part 3 of 3 : Dance Key West and TSKW "Small Works" Art Exhibition Combine for a One Hr. Special Performance and We Have Many Photos of Kyla Piscopink-Cricket Desmarais and Kristen Huffman Interfacing with the Art and Patrons.  Also "Wine Bingo for Dance Key West" at Vinos  Next Two : June 12 & July 10.

The City of Key West Nelson English Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. This Keys Blast Feature along with the Weekly City of Key West Section in this Issue. (More Below)

 This Exhibition Will be Up Until July 7. This issue is Part 5 of 6.  "You Don't Know Dick : The Lesser Known Works of Richard Peter Matson" at The Custom House (KWAHS)

Part 2 : The 2019 Anne McKee Artist Grant Recipients. Our Magazine will make Lots of Space for the entire 19 Recipients Over a Few Weeks Explaining what Each Awarded Artist Will be doing with their Award.

Last Week ; The Latest "Happy Hour with the Historian" from Cori Convertito PHD Curator at KWAHS.  This Presentation was Brilliant as with ALL Dr. Convertito's Presentation and called "The Historic Buildings of Key West". (More Below). The May 20th Issue will have a few pics from the Alex Vega Presentation "Fires that Forged Key West" and the Opening of their Custom House First Floor Exhibition "Wish You Were Here : Postcards from Paradise" Also 5/17 KWAHS Members Breakfast at Custom House 10am-11:30am. ( More in a few KWAHS Sections in this Issue)

Next Two MCSO Animal Farms Open 5/12 & 5/26 1-3PM

Jim Wanted to take one of these Beauties for a Ride around the Block. The 3rd Annual "Talk to Me Derby" was the Usual Packed Crowd in Support of the KWPD Mounted Unit. Here is Part 1 of 2

Fla. Keys Council of the Arts : Curator & Marketing Dir. Marta Resk with Guest Curator for "90 Miles to Cuba" & "Visions of Cuba" Alaen Ledesma Fernandez

Closing of 2019 Connections Project & The Tile Raffle

"Bromeliad with Tropical Buckeye" by Laurie Richardson (WaterColor & Goauche)
Once Again ; The Two New Exhibitions from The Florida Keys Council of the Arts at Gato. Opened May 3rd to coincide with the Closing Party / Tile Raffle of the 2019 Connections Project. The New Exhibitions : "Tropical Madness" and "90 Miles from Havana". This Issue has Part 1 from both Exhibitions

Part 2 of our Feature on San Carlos aka Instituto San Carlos

Our Weekly MCSO Section. Above a Marc House Gathering. MCSO Always helping this and many Non Profits. ( More Below)

A Joint Venture from Commissioner Clayton Lopez & The City of Key West Preserve Island Life. May 18th. Historic KW Bike Ride / Tour (More Below)

The (TDC) Tourist Development Council's May 2019 "Keys Traveler" Along with their Updated Website ( Extensive Updates Every Month).  Our Magazine has the Links and Just a Few Photos from the TDC. Great Job Andy, Carol & The Entire TDC Staff.

May 22-26 and May 28-June 1 ; (More Below) at TSKW.  Note : Kyla Piscopink (Dance Key West) is Directing the Choreography so that alone is worth the Ticket Price.

Coffee Mill Dance May 17 & 18 "Dance Works 17" (More Below)

Many KWAHS Events in May. Above Feature on their "Art Camp" June 3- Aug. 9. Different Weeks Feature Different Themes. This Event & Many Additional KWAHS are Featured in this Issue.

The May Exhibitions from (TSKW) The Studios of Key West. Opened May 2 on ALL 3 Floors.  Then the 2019 Mango Madness Members Show is June 6 - July 18 (More Below on ALL 4 with Links & More Info. on Mango)

Volunteers Are Needed to Help Carry the 100FT. Pride Flag around Key West During Pride Week During the Pride Parade on June 9. (More Below in Our Weekly KWBG Section)

Zazoo Iconic-Fine Art & Photographs : Just Obtained for your Viewing & Purchase : "May the Force Be With You" Star Wars : Art / Photographs / & Other Media Works. Plus the Hundreds of Amazing Art & Photos Hanging (More Below)

MOTE & Our Magazine has links to their Latest E-Mail Campaigns. Also Reef Relief has Info. about their Summer Coral Camp ( More Below from MOTE & Reef Relief)

Skipper Kripitz Ensembles; Gigs around Town (More Below)

Our Good Friend Lucy Paige Just Opened an Exhibition at Salt Island Provisions Gallery a few Weeks Ago ( More Below)

Pt. 5 The Original "Small Works" Exhibition Curated by Letty Nowak and Caroline Stover-Sickmen of LemonAde Stand Gallery. Over 130 Pieces at TSKW. This Exhibit Came Down Two Weeks Ago; However I Wanted to Insure that ALL the Works Were Shown.

The Key West Art Gallery Features Year Round "Frogman" (Tiny Sculptures) A New Series of Owls are now In + this Issue has Upcoming Schedule of Events Inc. A Visit from the Artist to the Stars Adam Scott Rote (More Below)

The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens has their Native Plant Sale Sat. May 18 ; also on 5/18 Alison Higgins has a Presentation in The Toppino Garden Chapple.

Not to Worry Deputy David Brummer is not Dead ; He was involved in a Hit from Behind Crash and is expected to have full recovery. (More in this Week's Links to the Blue Paper)
WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Every Week we Enjoy Linking their Newspaper with our Magazine. They provide Hundreds of Local Features-Photos & Videos


Pt 2 : A Lead Feature on the San Carlos AKA Instituto San Carlos with just a few more pics (Pt.1 Had Many) from the KWAHS Kristina Calloway and San Carlos President Rafael A. Penalver Esq. Introducing from the Council General of Spain to Miami ; the Honorable Candido Creis and His KWAHS Distinguished Speaker Presentation "The Spanish Influence on Florida from 1512 to 1821". Parts 1 & 2 Have Many Iconic Art / Photo Works in San Carlos. 

"Photos of the Week" from  Executive Contributing Editor" Peter Arnow

Above Paintings from Eric Anfinson
Lucky Street Gallery in their New Location at 408 Greene St Just Opened a New Exhibition a few Weeks Ago; with Eric Anfinson, Rebecca Bennett, & John Martini. Of course the Gallery has a lot of their Year Round Regular Artists Hangin As Well 

5/24 DAVID CROSBY & Friends "Sky Trails Tour 2019"

December 7, 2019

5/22 World Class Guitarist MATEO JAMPOL (Back Stage Listening Room)

The Key West Theater : Amazing Year Round Talent. We have the Updated COMPLETE Schedule of events up to the End of the Year

Jeffrey Deaver

Gray Basnight

WWW.MYSTERYFESTKEYWEST.COM June 28-30 (More Below): Just Two of the Many Internationally Known Authors Attending.

R aku Creatures by Paola Effio

Geode Wave by Maria Krikorian

 The Frangipani Gallery Opened "Set in  Stone" a Few Weeks Ago. Featuring Paola Effio and Maria Krikorian ; & Many of the Regular Year Round Artists (More Below) 

Sean Callahan's "Dog Tired Studio" for May ; One of his Year Round Featured Artists is World Renown FTL Artist Best Known for his Sizzling Hot Iconic Male Nudes; but so talented with other Subjects as Well : Gregory Little (More Below)

Lincoln Perry 

Megan Eisenberg

Anthony Tomaselli

Clifford Bull

Paul at Gildea Gallery Just put Up Some GREAT Art from Anthony Tomaselli, Clifford Bull, Megan Eisenberg, Nancy Tinkersley, Javier Lopez Barbosa.  Of Course ; many of his regulars are showing some new stuff.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The Annual City of Key West Police Department and MCSO " Memorial Ceremony for Fallen Officers" will be at Bayview Park May 17th 5:30PM.

Bird of Paradise by Beverly Boreland

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends ; Going out to 8050 Weekly. In This Issue May 13th. 2019 : Pt. 6 "Amazing Photos", Two New Exhibitions from The Florida Keys Council of the Arts at Gato ("90 Miles to Cuba" & "Tropical Madness"), The City of KW Proclaims  5/18-24 as "Safe Boating Week", Pt. 1 of 2 "Talk Derby to Me" in Support of the KWPD Mounted Unit at The Gardens Hotel, Pt. 3 of 3 Dance Key West, Pt. 5 "You Don't Know Dick : The Lesser Known (Earlier) Works of Richard Peter Matson", Ribbon Cutting at Nelson English Park, Pt. 2 The 2019 Anne McKee Artist Fund Grant Recipients, "Happy Hour with the Historian" by KWAHS & Their Curator Cori Convertito PHD-Last Week "The Historic Buildings of KW", Pt. 2 Feature on San Carlos aka Instituto San Carlos & a Few More Photos from the Distinguished Speaker Series & Candido Creis Council General of Spain to Miami "The Spanish Influence of Florida 1512 - 1821", Our Weekly City of KW & MCSO Sections, 5/17 KWAHS Members Breakfast, WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM , 5/18 Historic Bike Ride & Tour, The TDC May "Keys Traveler" Link & a few Photos-Links from their Excellent Website 
WWW.KEYS-FLA.COM,  "Prime Time" New Musical with Choreography by Kyla Piscopink at TSKW 5/22-26 & 5/28-6/1, Coffee Mill Dance "Dance Work 17", KWAHS Art Camp 6/3-8/9, Misha in the Morning at The Gardens Hotel, Anna Sweet Galleries, 4 New Exhibitions at TSKW + Mango Madness 6/6-7/18

These Lead Tease Verbiage Flower Dividers are from 1 of the 2 New Exhibitions at Gato "Tropical Madness". We also have Pt.1 Features from both Exhibition in this Issue
Achmaea Arenosa Bromeliad by Silvia Bota

In This Issue May 13 Continued  
ALL 3 Have Excellent Events Schedules-Photos-Videos-Local News Stories, Volunteers Needed to Carry the 100Ft. Pride Flag All Over KW during Pride Week & the Pride Parade 6/9, WKBG Next Mixer is Pride Week Celebration at Island House 6/5 (WOMEN WELCOME) + Next Luncheon is Pride Week Luncheon at Marriott Beachside 6/5, Zazoo & "May the Force Be With You" Star Wars, MOTE Section with a few Recent MOTE E-Mail Campaign Links, Reef Relief Summer Coral Camp, Skipper Kripitz & Friends ALL Over Town & We have a Few Gigs to Tell you About, Wyland Galleries, Lucy Paige Just Opened her Exhibition at Salt Island Provision Gallery, Open Call for Artist Residencies at TSKW App. Deadline 5/15, Key West Gallery Featuring "Frogman's" New Owl Series + Artist to the Stars Adam Scott Rote 5/24-26 Drops In for a Visit, KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens on 5/18 Native Plant Sale + 5/18 Preserve Island Life's Alison Higgins gives a Presentation + Currently on Display the "2019 Art Garden", WomanKind "Medical Mingle" 5/13 Noon, "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, Lucky Street Opened a New Exhibition Featuring Eric Anfinson-Rebecca Bennett-John Martini + Others a Few Weeks Ago at New Location 408 Greene St., KW Theater Schedule Update,

Iris Virginia : Blue Flag Iris

WWW.MYSTERYFESTKEYWEST.COM  6/28-30, "The Sunset Limited" from Bob Bowersox's Theatre XP 6/3-26, Frangipani Gallery "Set in Stone" All Month, Sean Callahan's Dog Tired Studio's New Exhibition from FTLs Gregory Little, Paul Gildea has an Excellent Exhibition on now Featuring 4 Great Artists ( See Above Tease Photos) + Many of his Regular's New Works, "Slow Flow Yoga" from Cricket Desmarais at TSKW, Shade and Shutter Gallery Open House Sat. May 18,  WWW.FKSPCA.ORG , 5/23 Bob Bernreuter at Custom House "A History of the Basilica St. Mary Star of the Sea, 2019 FKCC Student Art Show & Sale, KW Library Provides you with a Mango Languages App (Learning 70 Different) + The Next Two "Author Talks" 5/29 & 6/11, Past Blast Issues,  Both GingerBread Square Gallery & Cocco and Salem Gallery Introduce New Works in the May 20th. Issue

Continued Features in the May 13th. Issue
 Artists in Paradise in Big Pine, Q-Magazine and their Pride Issue, Info. from Red Barn- Bob Bowersox's XP Theatre-Fringe Theatre-& Waterfront Playhouse, Tennessee Williams Museum on Truman Ave., Key West Art Center, Amanda Johnson Gallery, "Life Drawing Workshops" Every Tuesday at Ft. East Martello with AnnaMarie Giordano ( A Really Good Artist as Well), Nance Frank Shares a Dozen Works of Art in the May 20th. Issue, Karen Wray at "Collections" on SI, Preserve Island Life Events 5/12-5/15& 5/18, Next MCSO Animal Farm Opens 5/12 & 26, Florida Health Monroe Co., Aids Help CC :
WWW.AHMONROE.ORG , Jazz in the Garden on Sundays at Gardens Hotel (Next 5/12 CRZB's & 5/19 Skipper Kripitz & Friends), Every Thurs. "Green Market" at Bayview Park, Every Wed. Bingo on the USCGC Museum "Ingham", KWAHS Art Camp 6/3-8/9, & More. Thanks For Reading Ed.

Chinese Tallow Tango by Jeanie Daniel Duck


"90 Miles to Cuba" and "Tropical Madness"


Here's Martha Resk and Alaen Ledesma Fernandez in front the Cover from April 29th Issue " Moon and the Butterfly" by Esteban Machado

"Shelter for a Writer" by Esteban Machado

The Moon and the Butterfly by Esteban Machado

"Jasmine" by Eric Alfaro Oil on Canvas

Sea 02 by Eric Alfaro Oil on Canvas

Vanessa by Eric Alfaro  Oil on Canvas

Lighthouse 15 by Eric Alfaro
More "90 Miles to Cuba" Up Shortly PLUS Pt. of the Other Exhibition "Tropical Madness"

Part 5 "Amazing Photos"

This Cloud Looks Like A Feather 

Washed Car

Atop Mt. Javornik, Slovenia

Lava Skull Descending into the Ocean

Spiral Pine

Sala De Uyuni : The Worlds Largest Salt Water Flat in Bolivia

Here are the Links to the First 5 Parts : Part 1 ; April 1st. Issue Link and Part 2 in the April 8th. Issue and Part 3 in April 15; Part 4 in   
4/22; ( We Skipped April 29th. Issue) , May 6th. was Pt.5. This Issue is Part 6 of 6.  

The TSKW Opened up 4 New Exhibitions Last Week 
this Issue will have Tease Features (Just 3 Works from Each Exibition due to Space Constraints) ; and the May 20 and 27 Issue will have More of the Works. Please Note that the Brief Descriptions of ALL 4 Exhibitions will also appear further down in one of the TSKW Features.. 

Here is Michel Degado

SOLID UNCERTAINTY by MICHEL DELGADO in the Sanger Gallery. Sponsored by Truman & Co.
 Delgado works with the idea of experience - mining visual images for their emotional and spiritual content. Never having a preconceived image in mind, he seeks to portray things that are not obvious in reality, focusing instead on the composition and the balance of the work. This amalgamation of uncertainty and confidence brings his work to life in surprising ways.

The Noise I grew Up With ( Oil, Mixed Media, Corrugated Metal & Wood)

Horse #6 Oil & Mixed Media on Panel
More from Michel Delgado in the May 20th.Issue

Part 1 of Two : "Talk Derby To Me" The Annual Derby Event Drawing Big Crowds.  Kate Miano & Jim Marquardt (Gardens Hotel); along with Diane May - MC Daniel Bochlas and their Helpers did a Fantastic Job in Raising Funds for the Key West Police Department Mounted Unit

More from "Talk Derby to Me" Event at the Gardens Hotel Up Shortly


Pt. 2 (Pt.1 was in the May 6th Issue)
Up Shortly the 2019 / 2020 Anne McKee Artist Fund Grant Recipients

The Happy Hour with the Historian has been getting Standing Room Only Crowds and the last one with KWAHS Curator Cori Convertito Presentation "Historic Houses" was Brilliant as Usual

Next Happy Hour with the Historian is June 5 4:30-5:30pm at The BottleCap 1128 Simonton.
The Key West Art & Historical Society is excited to partner with the BottleCap Lounge for a series of fun historical lectures entitled 'Happy Hour with the Historian'. Attendees will receive a free drink (beer, house wine or a well drink), and will be treated to a short presentation by the curator. Historian: Cori Convertito Ph.D.
Topic: Defending America's Gibraltar: The Forts of Key West
Click DEFENDING for Event Page from KWAHS

Sat. May 18th 3-4:30pm
E-Mail : 

Mark demonstrates how he throws pots

Join us at Shade & Shutter gallery at 1102 White St. in Key West next Saturday afternoon as Mark demonstrates how he throws pots. (No, he does not actually hurl pots through the air. "Throwing pots" just means that he forms clay into shapes on a spinning pottery wheel.) He might even throw a special piece at your request! You can take advantage of a special discount of 15% off anything in the gallery during the event, as well as enjoy some refreshments and beverages to celebrate the weekend. We hope to see you there! Oh, feel free to bring your family and friends too. Important details: Studio Open House Sat. May 18th 3-4:30pm

One of the 4 May Exhibitions at TSKW

Bridget Bunting / Youth Art Festival

(L) No Face Old (R) No Face New (Pencil, Ink Marker, WaterColors

JL-MO (Red Pencil & Copic Marker


Part 5 : You Don't Know Dick : The Lesser (Earlier) Known Works of Richard Peter Matson

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

House on Prospect Maine 1989 Acrylic on Canvas

Cottage at Ocean Point Maine 1990 Acrylic on Canvas

Fermaquid Point Lighthouse Bristol Maine 1990 Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait 1984

Teewinot  Many Pinnacles Grand Tetons Wyoming  2006 Acrylic on Canvas

LeFort Neuf Colmars Les Alpes 2010 Acrylic on Canvas
More Up Shortly in This Issue

Here's Another Event from KWAHS
Bob Bernreuter Presentation " A History of the Basilica St. Mary Star of the Sea
May 23  6-7pm at The Custom House Click STAR for the KWAHS Event Page

About the presentation:
We will explore how small seeds of faith planted by 16th century missionaries on a small island in a new world were nurtured into a parish, survived the storms of nature and war, and ultimately would earn the attention of Rome and be honored with the distinguished title of a Minor Basilica.
About the presenter:
A sixth generation "Conch", Bob grew up in Key West during the fifties and sixties. He graduated from Key West High in 1964 and received a BA from Florida State University in 1968. Bob entered the U.S. Air Force and received his aeronautical rating as Pilot in 1969. He served for 10 years becoming Chief Instructor Pilot for the KC-135 and Command Pilot. He had three tours in Vietnam flying 67 combat missions.

Featuring Star Wars Materials for a few Weeks with then a few Year Round Items

' Rey With BB-8 '

Rey (Daisy Ridley) with BB-8 in this great image
 on canvas  from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Hand signed by Daisy Ridley.
PSA DNA ' In the Presence ' authenticated.
Measures approx. 31" x 29" framed.
Gallery Price $1,450 framed.

' Darth Vader ' 

Darth Vader has become one of the most iconic villains in popular culture. The American Film Institute listed him as the third greatest movie villain in cinema history.  Original painting by Lucasfilm™ approved artist Joe Petruccio.
Original painting on paper, hand signed by the artist.
Measures approx 8 1/2" x 11" raw and  15" x 18" framed.
Lucasfilm    Artwork©Joe Petruccio.

Only $1795 framed  including  shipping/insurance
 within the Continental US.

More from Zazoo and The Force Up Shortly


Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7:45 AM 
(weather permitting). 
An invigorating blend of stretches, dance, Pilates and yoga for the body, mind and spirit for Individuals and Couples. Towels, Mats, Weights, Music & Instruction for ONLY $15.  526 Angela Street at The Gardens Hotel ( Corner Simonton and Angela). 305-294-3381.  Ask for Concierge as well if you don't see the Group in the Gardens.
One of the 4 May Exhibitions at TSKW

JEANE LaRANCE :AN ALTERNATIVE PROCESS in the Zabar Project Gallery. Sponsored by The Marker Resort
 To create her latest works, a series of digital images on metal, La Rance spent countless hours transferring, burnishing, sanding and varnishing.

Street Art

The Pirate


Pt. 3 of 3 Dance Key West Performs 
 Interfacing with the Small Works Exhibition and Attendees at TSKW

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG Offices & Studios in the Key West Theater 2nd Fl. 512 Eaton St. Kyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman

More Up Shortly
NOTE : One of the ways to Support Dance Key West is of course Make a Donation to this Truly Deserving Non Profit; and Another Way is "Wine Bingo for Dance Key West" at Vinos 810 Duval St. Next Two June 12th. & July 10th. 7:30-9pm. ALSO at TSKW A New Musical Featuring the Choreography of Kyla Piscopink "Prime Time" (A Few Features Down)

Last Week The City of Key West had a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Nelson English Park after some renovations ( More Below)


One of 4 May Exhibitions at TSKW


ACTIVE DUTY by ALAINA PLOWDREY in the XOJ Gallery. Sponsored by The Perry Hotel
 Alaina Plowdrey explores ideas of physicality, drive and determination in her portraits of active duty service members. Linking her paintings to the ideas of philosopher and poet Lucretuis, Plowdrey delves into the psyche of the soldier.

Susan and John (Graphite on n Board)

USCG (Mixed Media)

One of our Favorite People / Musicians that gives so much of his and friends time for many Non Profits  SKIPPER KRIPITZ  ; Here are a few of his Gigs around town..

 The CRZBs Quartet will be featured at Blue Heaven brunch on Sunday May 19th at 10am,  featuring many  their Pat Metheney-inspired, modern guitar jazz, and a Steely Dan- type, sophisticated pop sound.  Fronting the group, and featuring many of his original compositions, is Chris Burchard, on guitar. Rob DiStaci sings and plays keyboards,  Gary Rivenson 
on bass, & skippo on drums.   So, please join us 
 for a wide display of classic jazz standards, soul, brazilian, and funk-fusion, with   covers of tunes by  Marvin Gaye, Jon Mayer, Jon Cleary, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, & Sting ,etc. Call 296-8666 for more info.

(Bottom-R) On Tuesday May 21st at 9 pm, the legendary power island trio sounds of the Savage Beets will be featured at Virgilio's.  With Chris Case (a.k.a. Lord Buckcyrus), on Les Paul guitar and lead vocals, Gary Rivenson on Fender bass, and skippo on drums.  Their infectious dance grooves runs the gamut from Santana, Stones, blues, surf music, and the Police, to classic calypso, soca, and Bob Marley roots rock reggae. Catch this iconic jam band at Virgilio's on the 21st, 524 Duval (rear).  Call 296-1075 for more info.

( First Top- L)  At the Little Room  (821 Duval) on Wednesday May 15th from 8 pm, the lovely & talented singer/guitarist, Karri Daley,  will do a special cabaret show.  She will be aided & abetted by Marty Stonely on flute & saxes, & skippo on drums.  Besides intimate versions of her often-heard material, she will also be singing some select jazz standards.  This will be a most special videoed event, not to be missed.

(2nd Top-L)  At the Little Room, [821 Duval], the "Wine-Down Wednesday' music series continues on Wednesday May 22nd, from 8pm, with guitarist  Chris Burchard playing Brazilian & classic  jazz standards, along with some originals, and groove fusion tunes by Chick, Herbie, Metheny, Scofield, etc., Crizz will be joined by Gary Rivenson on bass, & skippo on drums.  

FURTHER DOWN IS SOME OF HIS GIGS AND UPDATES..Due the Nature of the Music Biz ; as many of you know the Musicians and the Ensembles Change ; and Skippo tries his best to give the Press as much Info as Possible ; but sometimes the Venues and Musicians Change


"Prime Time" May 22-26 and May 28-June 1
Here is a Brief 90 Second Video Sneak Preview & The Event
 Page from TSKW for this Event / Musical Play

A New Musical Comedy by Blake Hunter & Charles Lindberg
Directed by Murphy Davis
Music Direction by Debra Barsha
Choreography by Kyla Piscopink
Blake Hunter has penned a new musical following a female TV Executive in the 1970s who fights to keep her variety show afloat, her star husband in check and temptation at bay. Under the direction of Murphy Davis, the script takes off, propelled by commanding performances and a whiff of classic TV nostalgia

Part 2 : The Distinguished Speaker Series from KWAHS.  One of their most recent had one of the Largest Attended events; so much so that it was held at San Carlos ( also due to the Subject). From the Council General of Spain to Miami : The Honorable Candido Creis. Presentation Title "The Spanish Presence in Florida from 1512 to 1821". First Photo : Michael Geida President of KWAHS is with President of the Instituto San Carlos Rafael A. Penalver Esq. (Middle) and next to him I believe is one of the Board / Directors

Up Shortly more from the San Carlos and The Presentation

5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081
Check the last few Issues to see the 2019 Student Art Show.

To the Right is FKCC Librarian - Talented Local Author & Anne McKee 2019 Grant Recipient Kristina Neilhouse.


Pt 5 "Small Works Exhibit" at TSKW (Closed a Few Weeks Ago; However we have a few additional Photos of the Works to Share with You in this Issue and in the May 20th Issue and that should be a Wrap...I wanted to make sure to share ALL 130 Works.  Mango Madness Up Shortly 6/6-7/18

More Up Shortly

Mango Languages

Interested in learning another language? The Monroe County Public Library now offers the learning language resource, Mango, an app and web-based program that includes 70 world languages, including English as a second language. Mango is free with an active library card. For more information,  visit or call the library at 305-292-3595.  Allison Rich
Sr. Library Assistant
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040

FURTHER DOWN is an "AUTHOR TALK" event at the Library for May 29 Featuring Erik Reece "Utopia : A Road Trip Through America's Most Radical Idea".
and the Author Talk after this is on June 11 Featuring Andrew Feldman with the Book "Ernesto" about Ernest Hemingway

Thank You Michael and Allison for the awesome Year Round Materials you send The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends.  In Case ; I don't see you before my Summer Break; Have an Outstanding Summer. Ed


The Last Few Issues of The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends
APRIL 1 2019
APRIL 8 2019
APRIL 15 2019
April 29 2019

CoffeeMill celebrates dance with 2 performances at Tennessee Williams Theater May 17 and May 18. 
For over 36 years, CoffeeMill's instructional offerings have nurtured dancers young and old, supporting their professional and recreational development. On Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, they celebrate with DanceWorks 17!, their annual spring dance concert featuring the ballet  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well as several newly choreographed contemporary works at 7:30pm at Tennessee Williams Theater. 

This year's annual concert brings together the best works produced by students, faculty, and professional dancers as they collaborate on an astounding celebration of all styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, modern, tap, jazz, lyrical, African, belly dance, and tumbling.  
The audience can expect riveting performances by CoffeeMill instructors Leigh Pujado, Marissa Ajamian, Kara Querio, the Southernmost Shimmies, and the Young Dance Collective, CoffeeMill's newly-formed non-profit and award-winning dance company comprised of dancers ages 8-17. The Collective is led by Joseph Goodman, a classically trained ballet dancer that offers the young dancers a rigorous syllabus in the Russian-based Vaganova technique.
 With its two studios-"By the Bay," located near the SearsTown Publix, and "The Annex," at 804 White Street- CoffeeMill has increased its dance and fitness offerings and special workshops, intensives, and camps. This summer's roster includes themed morning camps for children ages 3-8 at The Annex Studio from Monday, June 10 - Friday, July 19; a summer intensive series for children of all ages from Monday, June 3 - Friday July 26; and Key West Modern Dance Workshop 2019, a free (for Monroe County residents with a $25 registration fee)one-week modern dance intensive of technique, repertory, and composition classes for mixed levels ages 12 and up at By the Bay, along with regularly scheduled classes at both locations. The annual DanceWorks! performances are a culmination of the time, talent, and dedication of students and instructors and the many opportunities for learning that CoffeeMill provides.  Celebrate dance and get your tickets for their Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18 performances at the Tennessee Williams Theater Box Office (305-295-7676) or; tickets are $15 to $35. For more information call the CoffeeMill Dance Studio at 305-296-9982 or visit


From the Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM  808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.
Next Mixer at Island House and is the Key West Pride Kick Off Mixer AND WOMEN ONCE A YEAR ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN. 
Next Luncheon June 5th "Pride Kick Off" at Marriott Beachside (Tavern N Town); Click WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM  link to be connected to their website for more Info. and I believe you can Reserve a Seat for the Pride Kick Off Luncheon

Volunteer to Help Carry the Pride Flag during Pride Week on June 9 3:30-7:30pm.. Here is a Link to sign Up and for more Info....



Here is Part 1 of the New Exhibition at the Florida Keys council of the Arts : "Tropical Madness"

"Heliconia Bihai-Heliconia" by Pauline Goldsmith

(L) Angel's Trumpet by Leo Hernandez
(R) Acalypha Wilkesiana by Elsa Nadal

Fairchild Bromeliad by Elsa Nadal

"Unfettered by Jeanie Bota

Dr. Motes Vanda bySilvia Bota
More Tropical Madness in the May 20th Issue. Once again the Lead Tease Verbiage Dividers are from this Exhibition.

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG 512 Eaton St. (in the Key West Theater Bld.)

Dance Key West with Kyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman Performed a Special One Time "Happening" A 1 Hour Dance Recital Incorporating the TSKW "Small Works" & Attendees. Art Exhibition Curated by Letty Nowak and Caroline Stover-Sickmen. 

Thanks Dance Key West's  Kyla, Cricket, and Kristen for the AWESOME Performance that you Performed In.

1207 Duval Street  305-296-8900

Great Artists Hanging Year Round : Like Gabriella Fiabane, Pam Folsom, Anastasia Bukhanina, & Michael Palmer. The May 20 & 27th. Issue will have works of Art from these 4 Plus a few more of Adele's Year Round Artists. Thanks Adele I Really Love Hanging with you at your Gallery

 1111 Duval St. 305-292-0072
The May 20th & 27th. Issues will have some of their Latest Works
Thanks so Very Much Jim and Dan; I Love Hanging with You in Your Gallery.


WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN  305-296-1504
5201 College Rd.  SAT. MAY 18  9-NOON
Native Plant Sale at the Key West Tropical Forest

KEY WEST, Florida Keys  - The Nursery at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be offering native trees, shrubs and vines for sale from 9am to noon on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Nursery volunteers have propagated 161 species of plants bringing the inventory to more than 1,500 plants which attract butterflies and birds.  Many plants are on the State of Florida endangered species list.  Sizes range from one-gallon to 15-gallon pots.  Key West Tropical Forest members receive a 15% discount.  All proceeds directly benefit the Garden's conservation program.
Speaker Alison Higgins at Key West Tropical Forest
KEY WEST, Florida Keys  - The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden continues its monthly Speaker Series at 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in the Toppino Nature Chapel.   Key West Sustainability Coordinator, Alison Higgins will be speaking on "Anticipated Effect of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Key West".  Admission for the speaker is free for members, $5 for non-members.  All proceeds directly benefit the Garden's conservation program.


We Now Continue with "90 Miles to Havana"

Guest Curator Alaen Ledesma Fernandez (Blue Shirt) and his Posse. Alaen was also the Guest Curator for the "Visions of Cuba" Exhibition 

All Below are from Eric Alfaro and All Oil on Canvas

"Sea 04"

(L) "Lighthouse 16" (R) "sea 01"

Flower Series 03
Flower Series 01

The May 20th Issue will have Part Two of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts "90 Miles from Havana" Guest Curated by Alaen Ledesma Fernandez

I'm with Two Friends and Two of of the Main Organizers Diane May and Gardens Hotel GM Jim Marquardt.  Giving a Donation to the Key West Police Department's Mounted Unit. Those Two Horses are Large.

In the Middle below Master of Ceremonies Daniel Bochlas

Part 2 of 2 Next Week "Talk Derby to Me" in the May 20th Issue and we'll have many additional Derby Fashions.
Lucy Paige at 
WWW.SALTISLANDPROVISIONS.COM 830 Fleming St. 305-517-6088

"Beach Day"

"Ocean Painting"

"Bright Sunny Day"

A Day at The Beach ( Two Pieces Combined 36 X 48 Times 2)
Laura with her Staff. Salt Provisions is really an Amazing and Unique Environment ..Please buy some stuff there to insure that they stay open.


Q-Magazine from Neil Chamberlain 
WWW.QKEYWEST.COM 305-396-8227
Pride Edition Issue Out Soon


Upcoming Events at Key West Gallery
and With Key West Gallery Around the Country

Peter Max VIP Studio Event in NYC
July 4-5 (studio day) 
September 22-23 (studio day)
October 27-28 (studio day)
November 17-18 (studio day)
December 8-9 (studio day)
Visit Peter Max's personal studio in New York City.
Enjoy fine dining during this exclusive buying experience. 
RSVP today 305- 923-1696 or 

Meet Arcade
May 10&11, 2019
RSVP or 305-292-9339

Meet Adam Scott Rote 
May 24- 26, 2019
RSVP or 305-292-9339
Adam with Angie Dickinson and Burt Reynolds
A New Series from "Frogman" is the OWL Series ; Now on Display Along with a Large Variety of Frogman's Tiny Sculptures.


5525 College Rd. 305-296-2424

Captain Lee Ann Holroyd arranged an outing for the MARC clients . All had a fun and informational day touring the Corrections Facility. They enjoyed a special lunch that was prepared and sponsored by Aramark.


We Continue with Part 2 of the 2019 / 2020 Anne McKee Artist Fund Grants. Each Issue we'll Feature 4 or 5 Grant Recipients.
Wearing Many Hats ; and does this one so well Roberta Dipiero
McKee Staffer : Suzanne Holt

Penny Garcia
For her visual project "The Kaleidoscope" 
Arranging mirrors in a tube, the viewer looks through to see a design created by the reflection of one's own surrounding s . The image lasts only a few moments before being replaced by the next one. No two images are ever exactly the same and last only a few seconds.  Living and working in Key West (and its service industry) - Penny has come to realize we are all mirrors reflecting off one another with every little interaction or exchan ge. Th e interaction creates a ripple - A pattern which expands beyond our own surroundings. It is this beautiful dance that keeps us all entranced and engaged in the ebb and flow of life.  Her subjects will develop from her surroundings, e x periences and thoughts. The current style she is exploring will show the kaleidoscope visions of what life is. How what we touch reflects out; creating a beautiful pattern for all to view. She will be working in watercolor/gouache on aquaboard for her completed project.
Sally Binard
For her mixed media project " None of the Above"
Sally's project is an exploration of the decisions others made and continue to make regarding her identity. Being mixed-race and being non-identifiable as either of the cultures or races that she is comprised of, so often she is questioned or even brazenly told what and who she is.  This body of work will be a means for Sally to voice what she is uncovering about her complicated racial and cultural past. It is also her way of making her identity just that - hers.  She has already started this series and will continue to create paintings (with mixed media elements). She has expanded her traditional oil portrait paintings to include elements of her ceramic work as well as carving. The series will include 12 pieces.
Sandy Sun
For her hand cast ceramic wall tile project "Art in Nature"
Her art has been a part of every annual McKee fine art auction since 2012, she is interested in combining art with nature. Most of her inspiration in art comes from the organic forms found in nature, particularly locally in the Florida Keys. She will be building a project for the Art Garden at the Key West Botanical Gardens that can complement the beauty of the trees and life out there. As time allows, she will make ceramic wall tiles that capture the botanical thumbprints of local foliage.
Victoria Mata
For her multimedia project "Thirty Steps"
I propose a project meditating on the strange duality of life and death.

Bones -powerful symbols of the physicality of life and death-when galvanized by fire, have the strange and beautiful ability to produce both black and white pigment. Through Victoria's hands, these bones will be resurrected from their former death into new life as pigment, and paint. Black and white. Symbols of the living and the dead, they contain all opposites, all contradictions, within them. She plans to burn the bones in a fire that she will tend for eight hours, grind the pigments, black and white, by hand and mix them into paint. Make the paper from the cotton of bed linens, lived in and worn, holding their stories of birth, love, dreaming, and death. 
The final piece will be solitary, small, and intimate, set against the emptiness of the room. The devotional process of this creation is the heart of the work, and there will be only one outcome. No practice marks, no other trial works.

The Entire 19 of the 2019 Anne McKee Artists Grant Recipients (Minus Jeff Adler & Pam Kostmeyer)
Part 3 in the May 20th. Issue


 Part 5 "You Don't Know Dick : The Lesser Known Works of Richard Peter Matson". The Exhibition will be up until July 7th.

The Valley of OJO De La Vaca Sante Fe New Mexico 1990 Acrylic on Canvas

The Cathedral Group in Fog Grand Tetons, Wyoming 2007 Acrylic on Canvas

Just a Few of the Album Covers Produced by Dick Matson

More of Richard Matson in the May 20th. Issue. His Exhibition will be Mixed with another Major Exhibition to Hang Soon. Our May 20th. Issue will Include about a Dozen Photos of
 Really Pretty Eggs and a Four Sided Cube with Really Nice Art



221 Key Deer Blvd., Big Pine Key 305-872-1828 Here are the past Issue Links to see all the features.


has the Bob Bowersox XP THEATRE This Summer and wow what a Line Up. First is June 3- June 20 "The Sunset Limited" Written by Cormac McCarthy and Directed by Bob Bowersox.


More of the Small Works Exhibition that closed a few weeks ago ; As I said Last Week; I still have about 35 Jpegs of the Small Works that I Inserted last week and again this week.....and a few More in Part 6 of 6

Our Final Part of the Small Work Exhibition that hung at the TSKW Last Month will be in the May 20th Issue...


 The Tennessee Williams Museum Exhibit 513 Truman Ave. 305-204-4527

WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

Helen Harrison Gallery has a  New Exhibition
Her Latest Exhibition was in the these Two Issues


Anna Sweet Gallery is located @ 513 Duval St KW
Anna Sweet Studios is located @ 417 Southard St KW


by Alyson Crean
Key West Mayor Teri Johnston on Tuesday proclaimed the week of May 18 through the 24 th  as Safe Boating Week.
The United States Power Squadron, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and the Key West Police Department's Marine Unit are all dedicated to promoting boating safety and education in our local waters, especially considering Monroe County has the highest incident of boating accidents per capita.
These partnership, said Power Squadron Administration Officer Jim Gilleran. "They protect he aquatic environment and help boaters in needs of assistance," he said, reminding the full chamber that boating classes are always available through a variety of agencies, as are boating safety inspections
In the attached photo: Commissioner Gregory Davila, KWPD Officer Nick Revoredo, 
NOAA Officer LTJG. Kathryn Carria, KWPD Lt. Dave Black, Commissioner Mary Lou Hoover, Power Squadron Commander Harry Fiala, Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, Power Squadron Administration Officer Jim Gilleran, Mayor Teri Johnston, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla Commander Joe Schroeder, and Commissioners Clayton Lopez, Sam Kaufman and Billy Wardlow.


  WWW.AMANDAJOHNSONFINEART.COM  518 Fleming St. 305-414-8396

Grand Re-Opening Celebration Last Month

Former Gallery Mates at Stone Soup ; JH Allen.. The Feature on this event was in a few of these Issues Below : 


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses Constant Contact for our Database Management and Production. It's amazingly Easy and the Customer Support is second to none (With a Tie with Dell). WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM 866-289-2101


New Location at 408 Greene Street  305-294-3973  A few of their Regular Artists Featured in the Current Exhibition: Eric Anfinson, John Martini & Rebecca Bennett.  We did a Feature on the Latest Lucky Street Group Artisan Exhibition ; probably up until the End of May. Click the April 29 Entire Issue Link or Better Yet visit Betty ....

Eric Anfinson

Michel Delgado


Wyland Comes to Town Often ; here visiting with Jay

Editors Note : You Must visit this Gallery ; there are Great Artists that Hang Year Round like Wyland, Michael Cheval, David Wight ( Glass Sculptures) & Stephen Muldoon; as well as some Special Exhibitions


More from FRINGE Up Shortly


More of Our Feature on San Carlos and one of the More Recent Distinguished Speaker Presentations.

WWW.INSTITUTOSANCARLOS.ORG 516 Duval St. 305-294-3887 Rafael A. Penalver Esq. Welcoming during one of  the recent KWAHS DIstinguished Speaker Series The Honorable Candido Creis Council General of Spain to Miami "The Spanish Presence in Florida 1512-1821"

KWAHS Kristina Callaway

President of San Carlos Rafael A. Penalver Esq.

The Honorable Candido Creis

More Art Work, Statues, & Historic Artifacts Up Shortly

Jacqueline , Maestra Sebrina and the Entire Staff and Musicians wish our Readers a Relaxing Spring and Summer and they already have many EXCELLENT Concerts Lined up for the 2019 / 2020 Season



 1511 Truman Ave. 305-294-4004. "Medical Mingle" Monday May 13 Noon
In honor of this year's National Women's Health Week, Womankind, a Key West medical center that provides high-quality family planning and primary health care to people of all income levels, is hosting a free "Medical Mingle" gathering on Monday, May 13 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm at the center's 1511 Truman Avenue location.  The informal meet-and-greet luncheon both celebrates Key West professionals who support women's health and invites local women to learn about the many programs and services offered by them and meet the friendly faces behind them.
This year's annual National Women's Health Week kicks off on Mother's Day, May 12 and is celebrated through May 18, 2018. Led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health, the week serves as a reminder for women to make their health a priority and build positive health habits for life.
To reserve your spot, contact Executive Director Cali Roberts at 305-320-0608 or visit Womankind is located at 1511 Truman Avenue, across the street from Bayview Park, and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.
WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241


KWAHS AND AnnaMarie Giordano Presents "Life Drawing Workshops" Every Tuesday at Fort East Martello Museum 11a-2pm .   $25 for 3 hours. Any  609-884-3474
Model Positions Available


Their Event Pages


Acclaimed mystery authors, celebrated storytellers and the fans who love them are set to rendezvous on the tropical island where so many have found literary inspiration during the 6th Annual Mystery Fest Key West, set for June 28-30, 2019 in Key West, Florida.  During the weekend's series of panels, presentations and social events, Mystery Fest attendees will have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to craft or refine their own tales of crime, murder and mystery from a stellar line-up of high-profile mystery and suspense luminaries and true-crime experts.

2019 headliners are Keynote Speaker Jeffery Deaver, the international bestselling and global multi-award winning suspense-thriller author of 40 novels, including the wildly popular "Lincoln Rhyme" series books; New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham, New York Times bestselling authors Lisa Black, Carla Norton, and Diane A.S. Stuckart, along with authors Jane Bock, Micki Browning, Gray Basnight, David Beckwith, Robert Coburn, Bill Craig, Mike Dennis, Wayne Gales, Cheryl Hollon, Renee Kumar, Rick Ollerman, Shirrel Rhoades, bestselling Buck Reilly adventure series author John H. Cunningham and literary agent Bob DiForio.  Founded in 2014, the Mystery Fest Key West quickly grew in fame and attendance, but "still has the intimacy of a boutique-sized convention with lots of direct interaction between authors and audience," commented author, publisher and Fest co-founder Shirrel Rhoades. "And, because of the star-power of our guest authors, the fascinating panels and unique social events, we also attract writers and fans of other genres as well."  Beginning Friday afternoon, June 28, Mystery Fest highlights are to include an opening wine and cheese party on the veranda of Key West's iconic Custom House Museum with author Heather Graham and Key West Mayor Teri Johnston presiding, keynote luncheon with Deaver, a killer line-up of panels and presentations examining everything from "Forensics for Writers" to "How I Plot a Mystery," author book signings, a rum sampling event at Hemingway Rum Company/Papa's Pilar Distillery, a Bloody Mary Morning breakfast at the historic Schooner Wharf Bar, a chance to win a cameo "character placement" role in author Gray Basnight's next mystery tale, and presentation of the annual Whodunit Mystery Writing Award.   Event registration is $195 and includes all panels, presentations, a lunch and a brunch, and social events, with panels and presentations taking place at The Studios of Key West in the island's Old Town historic district. Those who register by June 1 are automatically entered into the Gray Basnight "character placement" contest.   Mystery Fest Key West 2019 is sponsored by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council, the Key West Citizen daily newspaper, The Helmerich Trust, The Gardens Hotel, The Laureate Key West, Margaritaville Key West Resort and Marina, and Key West Art & Historical Society.  For a full Fest schedule, online registration, and hotel links visit
Above Website
Register now! And be automatically entered in drawing for a
"walk-on part" in a new mystery novel!  Mystery Fest Key West 2019 headliner and Keynote Speaker Jeffery Deaver. (Photo courtesy Gunner Publications)

One Mystery Fest Key West Guest Will Nab Cameo Role in Next Gray Basnight Novel
Organizers of the upcoming Mystery Fest Key West have announced that one Fest guest will walk into the pages of a new novel by Gray Basnight, author of "Shadows in the Fire," "The Cop with the Pink Pistol," and most recently, "Flight of the Fox," an "electrifying, propulsive and timely thriller" that one reviewer has called "worthy of Robert Ludlum."
All who are registered for the Fest by midnight June 1 will be entered to win a cameo "character placement" role in the author's next release, a sequel to "Flight of the Fox," expected in 2020 from Down & Out Books


The May 20th. Issue will have about 12 Paintings We are Featuring; Thanks Nance for the Awesome Year Round Material We Feature from the Hundreds of Magnificent Works you Hang.

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

The May 20th Issue will have a Photo Feature on "Wish You Were Here : Postcards from Paradise"
"Wish You Were Here:  Postcards from Paradise" will run through  August 11 . For more information call Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305-295-6616 x112, or email her at, or visit .  Your Museums.  Your Community.  It Takes an Island. 
As a Key West Art & Historical Society (KWAHS) member, you are cordially invited to our upcoming Member Breakfast! Please join me on Friday, May 17th at 10:00 am in the Helmerich Research & Learning Center at the Custom House Museum to enjoy breakfast and a brief presentation, followed by a docent-guided tour. Learn about your membership benefits, our mission, upcoming events, and all KWAHS has to offer. If you are a new member, you're not going to want to miss this informative, fun intro. to the Key West Art & Historical Society!
Please register online by clicking on the ticket button below. You must register to attend, space is limited and this member event fills up fast. If there are no tickets available, we are sold out. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 305-295-6616 ext. 106 or email me at . Sincerely, Kim Livingston.


"Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow
(Bottom-L) Mehgan Heaney-Grier, lifelong ocean adventurer and Storyteller, was the Keynote speaker at the FKCC 2019 Spring Commencement ceremonies. Photo by Pete Arnow.
(Bottom-R) FKCC Board of Trustees member Mike Puto, received the first degree when the college was formed in 1965, and received another final degree from the college at this year's 2019 Commencement ceremonies.  The name of the college has been changed by the Florida legislature to the College of the Florida Keys, recognizing that it now offers four year degree programs. Photo by Pete Arnow.

(Top-L) FKCC student Mckenzie Cooper, sang the national anthem at the 2019 Spring Commencement ceremonies. Photo by Pete Arnow.
( Top-R) FKCC student and Dive Facilities manager Gavin Bosco was the student speaker at the 2019 Spring Commencement ceremonies. Photo by Pete Arnow.


The Ocean is Calling! Reef Relief Summer Coral Camp Registration is Now Open.
Coral Camp 2019 Registration is Open! When school lets out, Coral Camp begins. Each fun-packed day, campers experience hands-on-learning, interactive games and outdoor activities. Activities include science and art projects in addition to field trips around Key West. Campers also experience four days of snorkeling: one day practicing their snorkeling skills at the beach, one day in the seagrass beds and sponge gardens, and two days snorkeling at the barrier reef.
Weekly sessions begin June 3th  and go through August 9th. Sessions are limited to 25 campers
per session. Camp is designed for 6-12 year olds. A limited number of scholarships are available to those who qualify. Coral Camp runs Monday through Friday from 8:30am- 4:30pm. Camp fees are $225 per child per week or a discounted rate of $200 per child per week when registering for multiple weeks or siblings. Space is limited! Reserve a slot today!
For more information about registration call Reef Relief at 305-294-3100 or email Download registration forms at
Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem.

If you are interested in participating in our clean up events, as well as receiving an occasional E-Mail Campaign from Reef Relief please contact us at or call us at 305-294-3100. 


WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval 305-294-8925

We Continue with Zazoo and Star Wars

' Yoda ' 
' Yoda ', the Jedi Master, the Grand Master of the Jedi Council, and a General in the Clone Wars who trained Luke Skywalker to fight against the evil Galactic Empire in Star Wars. Original painting by Lucasfilm™ approved artist  Joe Petruccio.
Original painting on paper, hand signed by the artist.
Measures approx 8 1/2" x 11" raw and  18" x 22" framed.
Lucasfilm  Artwork©Joe Petruccio.
Only $1495 Framed Including Shipping / Insurance within the Continental US.

' C3PO '  

' C3PO ', was the humanoid robot character built by Anakin Skywalker. He was designed as a protocol droid intended to assist in etiquette, customs, and translation, boasting that he is " fluent in over six million forms of communication ". Original painting by Lucasfilm™ approved artist  Joe Petruccio.
Measures approx 8 1/2" x 11" raw and  18" x 22" framed.
Lucasfilm  Artwork©Joe Petruccio.

Only $1495 framed  including  shipping/insurance
 within the Continental US.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these great Star Wars Art Pieces, please call me at 305.294.8925 or email me at  .


  WWW.COLLECTIONSKW.COM 6810 Front St. 305-923-4778


Please go to their Facebook Pages and Website for Event Listings as well as Great Features

May 12th. - 18th. National Bike to Work Week

May 15 Environmental Happy Hour with KW Chapter of Green Drinks

May 18th. Hands Across the Sand - Florida Keys
Smathers Beach 11am-12:15pm

May 18th. Historic Bike Ride / Tour with Commissioner Clayton Lopez

Here is a Video Link about "Car Free Key West & One Spot that they just added more Bike Racks
May is National Bike Week
------------------------------------- 305-766-9767
Click the Link that is below to see COMPLETE E-Mail Campaign that Peter and Roberta Just did for their Playbills
Here are some of the Upcoming Issues

Mystery Fest Key West
Florida Keys Guitar Summit
Key West Summer Stage

NOTE : Roberta is in the process of sending us some additional Playbill Issue Offerings and their Deadlines; and Hopefully will have that for the May 20th. Issue ; or SIMPLY GO to their Sites to get the Updated Info...

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends are in Many of the Playbills Every Year.  Target Market Visibility to an UPSCALE Disposable Income Demographic.

3428 N. Roosevelt Ave.

This Excellent On-Line Newspaper / Magazine has Hundreds of Local News Features-Photo-Videos and Fantastic Investigative Reporting. Here are 6 more Recent Features : Deputy David Brummer Injured in Crash where he was hit from Behind (The Deputy is Expected to Fully Recover), Are Key Largo School Children at Risk with Poorly Marked School Zones, Their Weekly Section "What do you Think?", County Commissioners Tables Giving Laurel Ave. to Developers, KW Celebrates Historical Bldgs. in Happy Hour with the Historians Informal Lecture Series, WomanKind Celebrates National Women's Health Week with Free "Medical Mingle" ( An Informal Meet and Greet Luncheon May 13 Noon-1pm), 8th. Annual "What She Shot : Spear Fishing Tournament, Gospic Jazz Concert 4/10 at Cornish Memorial at A.M.E. Zion Gospel Church, About the Quality of Life "An Open Letter " by Former City Commissioner Harry Bethal, Guest Editorial : April is Child Abuse Prevention Month & Understanding Trauma can help Stop Child Abuse, Papi Who? KWAHS Prepare to Kick Off Kinetic Parade Honoring Pioneering Florida Keys Folk Artist, Investigation : Stock Island Slams Overrun County Report, "PoKey" Invites you to Join the Celebration of National Poetry Month. Go to their Above Website to see ALL The Updated Features.


We now continue our Feature on the San Carlos aka Instituto San Carlos


More of Wyland's Visit

Thanks Jay , Barbara, Wyland and the Entire Crew at Wyland Gallery of Key West for the Feature. To see the past few Issue Links with many additional Photos ; Click


Here is some New Information on the 4 New Exhibitions PLUS The 2019 Mango Madness Member's Show June 6 - July 18

SOLID UNCERTAINTY by MICHEL DELGADO in the Sanger Gallery. Sponsored by Truman & Co.
Bottom-L) Delgado works with the idea of experience - mining visual images for their emotional and spiritual content. Never having a preconceived image in mind, he seeks to portray things that are not obvious in reality, focusing instead on the composition and the balance of the work. This amalgamation of uncertainty and confidence brings his work to life in surprising ways.

ACTIVE DUTY by ALAINA PLOWDREY in the XOJ Gallery. Sponsored by The Perry Hotel
(Bottom-R) Alaina Plowdrey explores ideas of physicality, drive and determination in her portraits of active duty service members. Linking her paintings to the ideas of philosopher and poet Lucretuis, Plowdrey delves into the psyche of the soldier.

JEANE LaRANCE :AN ALTERNATIVE PROCESS in the Zabar Project Gallery. Sponsored by The Marker Resort
(Top-L) To create her latest works, a series of digital images on metal, La Rance spent countless hours transferring, burnishing, sanding and varnishing.
 BRIDGET BUNTING & The Youth Arts Festival on the 2nd Floor
In the Sanger, XOJ, Zabar Lobby, Zabar Project Galleries
(Top-R) Every summer, we celebrate slowing down and heating up with a special Members' Show and party. Mango Madness welcomes paintings, sculptures and assorted art objects that capture the color of Key West (or simply what our talented members are up to lately). Join us for one of Perry Arnold's famous mango margaritas while checking out the latest works from our family of artists. Terms for submission:
Must be an active member to enter, 1 entry per member, $25 entry fee*In the event of sales, the sale price is split 75% artist and 25% The Studios.
Important Dates to Remember:
Drop off: Friday May 31, 10-4pm & Saturday June 1, 10-4pm
Pick up:  Friday July 19, 10-4pm & Saturday July 20, 10-4pm
 Here's the Exhibition link to their website 

MANGO MADNESS 2019  June 6-July 18
Click below for details and forms to Exhibit
Important Dates to Remember:
Drop off: Friday May 31, 10-4pm & Saturday June 1, 10-4pm
Pick up:  Friday July 19, 10-4pm & Saturday July 20, 10-4pm

Here is their website Link to their Classes
Sat. May 18th. Seth Glier at TSKW for the Blue Heaven Concert Series 7:30pm


SKIPPER KRIPITZ and the Musicians that are appearing with him in the next few weeks Feature Continued
The CRZBs Quartet will be featured at the Gardens Hotel on  Sunday May 12th  from 5:30- 8pm.  The Jazz Happy Hours at the Gardens will be the perfect setting to reveal their softer, classic  jazz  repertoire,  featuring many  timeless standards, in addition to a taste of their penchant for progressive pop, fusion, and latin jazz. The Crizzbeez are unique in Key West, for both their Pat Metheney-inspired, modern guitar jazz, and a Steely Dan- type, sophisticated pop sound.  Fronting the group, and featuring many of his original compositions, is Chris Burchard, on guitar. Rob DiStaci sings and plays keyboards,  Gary Rivenson on bass, & skippo on drums.   So, please join us on this Mother's Day,   for a memorable display of classic jazz standards, soul, brazilian, and funk-fusion, with the 'Crizzbees", at Kate Miano's  wondrous Gardens Hotel,  526 Angela st. (at corner of  Simonton. Call 294-2661 for additional details).
  Additionally this same band lineup will be at Virgilio's on Tuesday May 14th @ 9pm for a more robust,  rocking Duval st. dance version of the band's sound.  Rob will cover Marvin Gaye, Jon Mayer,  Gladys Knight, Jon Cleary, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, & Sting tunes, amongst lots more funky,  soulful dance grooves.  Don't miss the dance band version of the CRZBs , appearing at Virgilio's on May 14th & 28th. [Virgilio's is located in back of La Trat restaurant, 524 Duval. Call 296-1075 for more info. ]

WWW.ISLANDHOUSEKEYWEST.COM 1129 Fleming St. 800-890-6284


Set In Stone at Frangipani 
As the season winds down, Frangipani introduces a couple of new artists who have recently joined the gallery with some unusual and interesting work.  Maria Krikorian works in acrylics and resin to produce some geode like creations and waves of color.  Paola Effio who is known for her amazing cakes has created a menagerie of whimsical animals in raku and ceramics.  Stop by Friday night during the First Friday Art Stroll on Upper Duval and see for yourself!

Photo:  Raku Creatures by Paola Effio 
           Geode Wave by Maria Krikorian


Sean Callahan's "Platforms" His Latest Batch of Works at His Gallery : Dog Tired Studio & Gallery 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910 WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET
FTL & World Renown Artist Gregory Little Exhibition starts in May "Florida Life"


has the Bob Bowersox XP THEATRE This Summer and wow what a Line Up. First is June 3- June 20 "The Sunset Limited" Written by Cormac McCarthy and Directed by Bob Bowersox.
Complete 2019 Summer Schedule Below

"Red Speedo" May 14-June 1, 2019. Here is the 3 Min. U-Tube Video Link that they Created hit LINK1
80th. Season Auditions May 5


WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504


WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM 305-440-0529 2011 Flagler Ave. 
Gracy sends regards and tells us : This website was created to make easier to event goers to find times and dates. Companies can save time and always have updated/available events available to them and their customers. They don't have to search every local news paper to find what they need. They have ready and combined information on one calendar. It's also online and therefore very convenient. Most people are digital nowadays. Another selling point is that the calendar of events will provide useful information that can be used for scheduling. Any company who is having a special event can look at the global calendar and avoid clashing times/dates with other organizations. This also allows them to attract more people to their events by scheduling their own events when other organizations aren't scheduled. 


NEXT MCSO ANIMAL FARM OPENS 5/12 & 5/26 1-3pm. Unless Noted they are OPEN the 2nd. & 4th. Sundays

The May 20th Issue will have Additional Photos taken Last Week

 305-293-7500  1100 Simonton St. 33040

 305-296-6196  1434 Kennedy Drive 33040

Note : The Dates are slightly out of order due to Updates
6/2 Songwriters Speakeasy Series : Brian Roberts, Jesse wagner,& Larry Smith

6/9 Slightly Stupid : How I spent my Summer Vacation Tour 2019 at Amphitheater

6/15 Piff The Magic Dragon

6/20 Brain Imbus : Miracles of the Mind

6/29 Comedy KW : The Summer Series

5/22 World Class Guitarist Mateo Jampol (Back Stage Listening Room)

5/24 DAVID CROSBY & Friends "Sky Trails Tour" 2019

5/25 KW  Blues Fest (21 & Over)

6/7 Key West Pride Stev Grand


    May 12th-Local Spotlight: Joal Rush-Show 7pm/Doors 6:30pm,       May 17th-Tim Marshall Curtis in the Back Stage Listening Room-Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     May 19th -Songwriters Speakeasy Series: On The Big Stage! -Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,       May 22nd - World Class Guitarist: Mateo Jampol in the Back Stage Listening Room - Show 7:30PM/Doors 7:00PM,     May 24th -David Crosby & Friends: Sky Trails Tour 2019 -Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,   May 25th -Key West Blues Festival Presented by Joel Barrios-Show 8pm/Doors 7pm, 6/2 Songwriters SpeakEasy,   June 7th -Key West Business Guild Presents Key West PRIDE: Steve Grand-Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     June 9th -Slightly Stoopid: How I Spent My Summer Vacation Tour 2019 - Key West Amphitheater - Doors 3:30PM/Show 4:30PM,  June 15th - Piff the Magic Dragon - Show 7pm/Doors 6pm, June 20th -Mentalist, Brian Imbus: Miracles of the Mind - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     6/29 Comedy KW Summer Series,  August 17th -Havana Nights-Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,       November 4th - Acoustic Alchemy - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,   November 10th - Who's Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm,     December 7th - Paula Poundstone - Show 8pm/Doors 7pm pm/Doors 7pm,    


 Go to their website and Facebook Page for any Updates ; Of course their staff tries really hard to keep The Keys Blast & Friends Up to Date



Check Special Pricing Rates
Includes 1 Parasail Ride
Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks
------------------------------------------------  522 Southard St. 305-797-6485
Paul Just Finished putting up some Great Art including Lincoln Perry, Meghan Eisenberg, Anthony Tomaselli, Clifford Bull, Nancy Tinkersley, Javier Lopez Barbosa.


WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM The Tourist Development Council (TDC) does a Great Job in Producing their Website & Monthly E-Mail Campaigns which include their Monthly "Keys Traveler" Hit the website URL as well as the TRAVELER Link to Bring the May Materials  RIGHT NOW to You

Protect the Florida Keys Natural World

Honest Eco Offers Dolphin Watch Excursions on Electric Boats

TDC Photo Adventure Link Below
Paddlers Can Still Join In the Dragon Boat Races in the Florida Keys June 1

Minimal Regatta to Maximize Fun in Key West  May 26

Key Largo Original Music Festival May 16-19

 Key West Paddle Classic to Feature 12 Mile Race Around Key West May 2-5

Make sure to check out ALL the TDC Materials ; which Include Photo Galleries, Video, and Extensive Events and Information Materials. Great Job TDC Staff.

WWW.THEKEYWEST.GARDEN  5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504

The 2019 Art Garden is ALL Installed and ready to be Seen.  
The Garden is located at 5210 College Road on Stock Island.  For more information please call the Garden at 305.296.1504 or visit the website at


Allison Rich
Sr. Library Assistant
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040

Author Talk

Author and environmental journalist Erik Reece will discuss his nonfiction book, "Utopia Drive: A Road Trip Through America's Most Radical Idea," on Wednesday, May 29th at 6:00pm, at the Key West Public Library, 700 Fleming St. Reece is also the author of "Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness," and "An American Gospel: On Family, History, and The Kingdom of God."   Free and open to the public. Seating is limited.  For more information, contact the library at 305-292-3595.


  WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661


Meghan Clay can be found Entertaining at the Garden's Cabaret Every Week.

3rd Annual 'Talk Derby To Me!' Benefit for the KWPD Mounted Unit : Both Horses were at the Gardens.  Great Kentucky Derby Attire.
All Proceeds went to help Fund the KWPD Mounted Unit.  The May 20th. Issue will have Part 2.  This Issue has Part 1.

Sunday May 12th. 5:30p-8pm Skipper Kripitz and Friends for Jazz in the Gardens


Key West Art & Historical Society ArtCamp! at Fort East Martello offers weekly camp sessions for children 

Registration is open for this summer's ArtCamp! at Fort East Martello, a summer program for children ages 6-12 that celebrates Key West's rich artistic history and natural landscape over a series of ten, one-week sessions beginning June 3 and running through August 9.  Each camp theme is designed to get children thinking, moving, and making:   Archeology Camp  (June 3-7),  Claymation Camp  (June 10-14),
Fossil Camp (June 17-21),  Cinema Camp  (June 24-28),  , Art and Design Camp  (July 1-5),  Pirate Camp  (July 8-12),  Sci-Fi Camp  (July 15-19),  Wreckers Camp  (July 22-26),  Mario Sanchez Camp  (July 29-August 2), and   Adventure Camp  (August 5-9)

Sessions are led by  Rick "Deadeye" Wheelus, Kevin Lisinksi, Crystal Smith, Giancarlo Espinosa, Jennifer Hernandez, Stephanie Jenkins, and Daisy Connolly, talented artists, teachers, and historians with extensive experience with children.  Ancillary activities and excursions pertaining to specific sessions, including field trips to local museums and nearby beaches, parks, and gardens, highlight the abundant history and cultural assets of our islands while expanding students' knowledge of the local community. In addition to the weekly themed curriculum, campers also have the experience of exploring Fort East Martello, an enclosed Civil War-era fort stewarded by Key West Art & Historical Society, with time for natural, open-ended play, with outdoor play stations, water play, a dress-up area, giant blue building blocks and a Rigamajig from Imagination Playground.  

The camp, in operation for over thirty years, marks Key West Art & Historical Society's commitment to youth programming and educational initiatives that aim to inspire a greater sense of place and historical understanding about our island home.

ArtCamp! runs from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday - Friday and is $200 per session for Society members, $225 for nonmembers. Included are all supplies and light snacks. Detailed descriptions of the ArtCamp! sessions along with registration information can be found at or call Director of Education Kristina Callaway at 305-295-6616, extension 115. Registration fills quickly.  Sign up now to secure your child's spot!  
Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island. 



The 2020 local elections in Monroe County include State Senate, State and U.S. Representatives, three County Commission seats, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, State Attorney, Public Defender and four judgeships. City of Key West Mayor and three Key West City Commission seats, two Monroe County School Board and two Florida Keys Mosquito Control District seats will also be on the 2020 ballot. Lastly, we will also be voting on the second KEYS Energy Lower Keys representative. (LINK to FULL LIST) 

Support Good Government! Go to, or email for more information on the election



 Purchase the Protect Our Reefs license plate for Florida drivers: WWW.MOTEREEFPLATE.COM .  I switched from my Panther Plate to the Save the Reef Plate. 
 For each plate sold, Mote's Protect Our Reefs program receives a direct $25 donation that goes straight to the restoration and research of coral reefs. 
PLUS One of the Latest MOTE's E-Mail Campaigns (April 6) One of the Feature's is the 33rd Annual Run for the Turtles on the West Coast : LINK2

Here is the April 25th E-Mail Campaign Link from MOTE; Click MOTE4-25
Wildlife in World Heritage Site Declines After Heatwave Reduces Seagrass

Top: A tiger shark tagged by the Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project. Bottom: Combined photos of seagrass in Shark Bay, Western Australia, before (left) and after (right) a heat wave that killed of much of the dominant seagrass species. Credit both: Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project.

Here is the April 18th. MOTE E-Campaign MOTE4-18

Probiotics Boost Survival of "Baby" Snook in MOTE
Here are a few more Links to some of their Latest E-Mail Campaigns MOTE4-4

About leatherback sea turtles:  Leatherback sea turtles are the largest of all sea turtle species. Leatherbacks are more deep-diving and migratory than other species of sea turtles, and the vast majority of leatherback nesting occurs on the east coast of Florida. Leatherback sea turtles are considered Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), listed on the United States Endangered Species Act, and listed on Appendix 1 by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Learn more about leatherback sea turtles at 
Click MOTE5-8 for Complete E-mail Campaign discussing the rare Leatherback Nests

WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM  900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Here is the Menu Link 


Below Just a Few of the Classes Available at TSKW Covering Many Categories of interest.. Here is the Link to the TSKW Website's Complete Class Schedule
Due to Time Constraints (None Left) I will Update some of the Offerings from TSKW in the May 20th Issue. Of Course; simply go to their Website and Facebook Pages too SEE ALL the Offerings Now.
Painting Boot Camp with Rick Worth Tues. May & June All levels, materials included. Paint along with Rick Worth and discover why he's one of the island's most beloved artists! Have fun, learn essential skills, and walk away with a brand new painting each week.
Summer Solstice with Susan Sugar Fri-Mon June 21-24: Welcome summer with this plein air class - a perennial favorite.
Sat. June 29 Workshop "It's Not all B & W with Laura Oswald Clark
Explore the many sides of charcoal for creating value and texture.

Jan to End of May : "Slow Flow Yoga" with Cricket Desmarais in The Gallery at TSKW 


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 305-396-4944 416 Eaton St.

We are Proud to Feature Florida Keys Artists in Our Tropic Art Gallery. If you're Interested in Exhibiting at The Trop : E-Mail and/or 305-396-4944

 The May 20th. Issue will have a few Photo Galleries from Mile Zero Inc.The 4th Annual Papio Kinetic + Art Bike Parade. Of course; If you go to their Website Now you can see ALL their Latest Photo Galleries and Other Links ( Like Their Extensive Calendar of Events)
Here is the Link to their Papio Photo Gallery




Book signing
Join us from 11am to 1pm every Saturday to meet a new author.  
The Next Saturday Morning Signing 

Thanks for Reading ; and have a Great Week; Ed