The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends October 23, 2017   
Photos of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra's "Sunbow Strings Quartet" at TSKW

Pt 2 "Parenting in the Wilderness (MUST SEE)
Photo by Peter Arnow as Part of his Weekly Feature "Photos of the Week from Peter Arnow"
Celebs : Diane May, Saint Paul, & Kate Miano at a Recent Fantasy Fest Aids Help King & Queen Party (More Below)
The City of Key West and MCSO  Weekly Features; inc. this Week Useful Info. on Fantasy Fest &  an All Out Alert to Find a Sex Offender

(Film Maker Quincy Perkins & KWFF Local Go To Guy, Owner Brooke Christian, & KWFF Programmer Michael Tuckman)
The 2017 Key West Film Festival Kick Off Party Last Week; Best One Yet : The Oct 30 Issue will have an Extensive Photo Feature. 2017 KWFF 11/15-19

Paul Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery + Hazel Griffiths British Artist Popular in Palm Beach, Boca Raton,  London & Miami ; & Making her KW Premiere Art Exhibition Oct 25- Nov. 10 with Reception Fri. Oct. 27 (More Below)
FKCC Nationally Recognized, Up For $1M Prize. 
FKCC Among 150 invited to Compete for the 
Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

Gator Stand-Off

Officer Chuck Lamm holds a 6-foot alligator at gunpoint after it snuck up on him as he tried pulling someone over. The gator stared Officer Lamm down for 20 minutes before walking back to the water. As for the individual Officer Lamm wanted to pull over, well, he was long gone. Ddrunktiki 
 Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Right Before an Incident
KWBG's Headdress Ball Oct. 26 (More Below)
One of my Favorite Artists
Adam Scott Rote Opens his Artist of the Stars Exhibition at KW GALLERY 601 Duval St.  Also this Week : Bill Mack and Gary Welton Oct 25-28

"Lost in the Sixties" by Sharon Wells
Fran & Marc Entertaining Jeff & Rosi Ware
Nov. 3 Season Opening Group Show Exhibition and Reception at the Newly Extended Space at Frangipiani ; Part of First Friday Art Stroll 
Jed Dobbs Pres. of TSKW & Marky Pierson WWW.MARKYPIERSON.COM  Artist & Owner of Wonder Dog Productions with Two of the Fantasy Fest Artists. "Time Travel Unravels" on the First Floor with a Fantasy Fest Lab. 3rd Fl. XOJ Gallery Featuring a Group Photographic Exhibition by Lynne Bentley-Kemp, Martha Hubbard, Mark Hedden & Carol Tedesco
First Floor at TSKW ( All 3 Floors Buzzing with Amazing Visuals)
The Custom House "Fantasy Fest Revelries Launch" Inc. an Aids Help CC King & Queen Candidate Meet & Greet
The Oct 30 Issue will have Large Lead Features on what the TSKW and Custom House did Last Week to Welcome the 2017 Fantasy Fest. Exhibitions going on until the end of October
Getting Back to Normal; I welcome Visitors in town celebrating a Wedding; Congratulations Again.

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7740 Each Week.  This Week : Pt. 2 of our On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Parenting in the Wilderness" (Amazing Photographs), Photo Feature from the South Florida Symphony Orchestra's "Sunbow Strings Quartet", Our Weekly The City of KW Section : Fantasy Fest Tips, Our Weekly MCSO Section : "Please Help in Finding a Sex Offender", Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery Featuring Hazel Griffith's KW Premiere 10/25-11/10 with Reception 11/27 (Must Attend), Aids Help K&Q Events,  KWFF Kick Off Event last week ( Many Photos in Oct 30), A few FKCC Features, 2017 Fantasy Fest, Pt. 1 : On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident", WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM ,  Andy Thurber's Exhibition at Gallery on Greene 11/21-31 (Photos of the Reception Next Week), WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM , KWBG's Headdress Ball 10/26 Kicks Off First Ever Event at the New KW Amphitheater, Waterfront Playhouse Presents "Taking It Off to See the Wizard : A Burlesque Parody" 10/20-28, KW Gallery (601 Duval) Features 3 Great Artists : Adam Scott Rote "Artist to the Stars" 10/20-25-Bill Mack & Gary Welton 10/25-28,  Our Weekly KWAHS & TSKW Sections Featuring many Fantasy Fest Events, KW Library & Books And Books Present Young Adult Novelist Martin Wilson Nov. 9, Southermost Coconut Castaways Releases a Local Music Compilation CD "Keys Strong" with Proceeds going to Irma Help Groups, Our Weekly "Hampton's Art & Culture" Section,  Many Fringe Theatre Events Inc. Open Auditions 11/4, The Community Foundation of the Florida Keys (CFFK), Mangia-Mangia Helping the Non Profits with Dinner Events ( All Welcome), KW WildLife Ctr., FKSPCA's "Cocktails for Animals" 10/24 & "Spayghetti & No Balls" Dinner 11/8 + Very Important Shelter News, Key West Theater's Complete Schedule of Special Events-Movies & Concerts, Fla. Keys Council of the Arts Call for Artists, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM
 , Anne McKee Artist Fund Call for Artists, Info. About Entertainer Terri White, AnnaMarie Giordano's "Life Drawing Workshops" at East Fort Martello ( M/F Models also Wanted), Gardens Hotel Schedule for Cabaret & Sunday Jazz, News from the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens,
 TDC's WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM , Frangipani Gallery Group Show 11/3 for First Friday Stroll, KW Art Center, Jane Gardner Moves to New Offices, WWW.LUCILLEKHORNAK.COM Photographic & Art Galleries, Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Fla.Keys Oct. E-Newsletter, Reef Relief & MOTE, Isle Cook Key West Tasty Schedule of Cooking Events.
Thanks again to all our Contributing Editors : The "Friends" in the Title of the Magazine.

Part 2 "Parenting in the Wilderness"

More "Parenting in The Wilderness" Up Next


Hazel Griffiths KW Art Premiere at Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery Fri. Oct 27 (More Below)

Last week we did an On-Line Art Exhibition from W.B. Thompson.  Here is the Link to the Oct 16 Issue   to see many of his works. William Bradley Thompson's Works can be seen in KW at 
 606 Greene St.

"Street View from Pepe's Restaurant in Havana" 38X40 Acrylic & Oil

We start this week with Part 1 of the On-Line Photographic "Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident" PS: The name of the Photo Agency that Shot / Published will appear as the last word in the Descriptions.

Uh-Oh Cargo Overboard

This cargo ship came   so close to toppling over. The drivers of the rescue boats don't look too concerned. Maybe the ship was more controlled than it looks to be in the picture. Believe it or not, it didn't flip. No one was hurt, but it made for some insane photos.  Unbelievably, only four of those large shipping containers ended up in the water.

One Heck Of A Grand Finale

This pilot ejects himself right before his Harrier crashes in front of a huge audience at an air show. No one suffered injury. Some even thought it was a part of the show. That'd be one heck of a grand finale! The photographer should be rewarded for his bravery. Grizly

Daring Woman And The Gator

 Of course, she had to stop and take a selfie where this gator happened to be bedded down. He peeked his head up to give them a photobomb they'd remember their whole lives, and decided to retreat peacefully. The Wman wasn't harmed, neither was the gator. Bad Dog Needs Rotten Home

Swimming With The Whales

This whale came awfully close to realizing that humans don't taste good. We're all glad our ocean friend decided to stick to its diet of plankton and small crustaceans. It wouldn't be unreasonable for these divers to play it safer from now on. Gosh, what a photo, though! Baddogneedsrottenhome

How'd He Land That?

Nigel Corner, driver in the Goodwood Revival of 1998, survived this brutal crash. In an interview with   Motor Sports Magazine, he had this confession to make: "those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I'd been belted in I'd be a dead man now." Who knew forgetting to put your safety belt on could actually save you in a crash? Auto Overlaod


The fear of clowns is a real thing. And yes, even fully grown adults struggle with it. This poor baker is strolling happily along, completely unaware of what awaits him. Being startled is one thing, but being startled by your greatest fear brings the "freak out" to a whole new level. What a waste of good pastries. Pixdaus
More "Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident" Up Shortly

NOTE : Event Takes Place at Books & Books
Allison Rich 
Sr. Library Assistant, 
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street, 
Key West, FL  33040. 

Allison at The KW Public Library Tells Us about this Literary event :
The Key West Library and Books & Books at the Studios are pleased to present acclaimed young adult novelist, Martin Wilson, at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9, at Books & Books, 533 Eaton St..  Martin Wilson is the author of "What They Always Tell Us," which won the Alabama Author Award for best young adult book, and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. His short stories, essays, and book reviews have been published in One Teen Story, Tin House, Rush Hour, Publishers Weekly, Austin Chronicle, and other publications. His newest novel, "We Now Return to Regular Life," was released in August.
This free event is sponsored by the Key West Public Library, the Key West Literary Seminar and Books & Books at the Studios.  Call 305-292-3595 for more information.  

Adam Scott Rote is one of my Favorite artists & Always look Forward to his Exhibitions in Key West

Click LINK1 for the Complete E-Newsletter from the KW Gallery giving additional details of Adam Scott Rote's Visit.  PS : You may remember that just a few years ago; Adam Brought to town for 1 Special Event : Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson , & Tipi Hedrin

Crucial Fantasy Fest Pointers
Our Regular Weekly Feature from The City of Key West is Up Shortly ; Here are some IMPORTANT FANTASY FEST POINTERS from Alyson Crean and The City of Key West.
Key West's biggest party of the year is here. it's good to remember a few crucial Pointers.
Public nudity:
is absolutely prohibited in Key West. Male and female genitalia must not be exposed. Female breasts cannot be exposed. Breasts painted with body paint will only be considered as covered when in the Fantasy Zone. Body paint cannot be applied in public; it must be applied in an enclosed area, out of the public view. Sex acts in public are absolutely prohibited.

Fantasy Zone: Lower Duval Street to United Street and the streets that cross it. Those cross streets are only considered part of the Fantasy Zone between Whitehead and Simonton streets. The Fantasy Zone is not in effect until Monday, October 23 rd. That means body paint will not be tolerated at the family-oriented Goombay Festival this weekend.
  Artificial or toy weapons: You're better off not using them at all. But if your costume simply must have one, make sure it's clearly a fake. Law enforcement officers will be watching for anything resembling a weapon, from water guns to artificial swords or knives. Replica weaponry may be confiscated. In addition, laser pointers are not allowed during the event, and they too may be confiscated.
  Backpacks and coolers: are strongly discouraged in the Fantasy Zone. If you do bring them, you may be asked to have it searched by an officer.

  Masquerade March: On Friday, Oct. 27 th, the Masquerade March takes two routes leaving the Key West Cemetery at 5 p.m. and arriving on Duval Street at approximately 7:30 p.m. The streets are not closed along these routes so motorists can expect delays and are advised to take alternate routes. Revelers are reminded that nudity is absolutely prohibited during this event.
  Street Closures: To accommodate the many street activities during the festival, several areas are closed during the week, starting with the Bahama Village Goombay Festival which begins Friday, October 20th. Street fairs and evening events are scheduled throughout the week, culminating in the parade.
  Zombie Bike Ride: On Sunday, October 22 nd, motorists can expect delays as the Zombie Bike Ride runs from East Martello Tower on South Roosevelt Blvd. to downtown Key West. Anyone needing to access the airport is advised to approach from the east.
 Fantasy Fest has a tradition of being a fun and peaceful party, and the Key West Police Department is looking forward to continuing that tradition. We will have extra officers on duty. In addition, other members of the law enforcement community, including the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Highway Patrol, the FBI, the Florida Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Orange County Mounted Unit, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Navy will be on hand to help ensure a safe event.
Click SANC1 for their Complete E-Newsletter
Featuring this Month : State of the Reef , Hurricane Story Map, Superintendent's Statement, Newsmakers, & Upcoming Events.


The Southernmost Coconut Castaways, the OFFICIAL Home "Friend Club" for Howard Livingston & The MM24 Band, is proud to announce the release of a brand new compilation CD called "Keys Strong"!  
With over 35 songs about Key West, The Keys, and The Keys "lifestyle" we all love, this double CD set includes songs by some of the best "Trop Rock" performers from all over the Country and includes local musicians as well!  Some classic hits, some newly recorded versions of past hits, and some brand spanking new songs specifically recorded for this CD, 100% of all proceeds collected will go to The United Way Of The Florida Keys!
Money will be distributed to the 16 local charities listed on their website so the money stays here in The Keys! Beautiful photography donated by Rob O'neal and many Sponsors donated money to help defray the cost of the CD, packaging, and shipping along with all of the songs also donated!
Only $25 for the double CD and includes FREE shipping anywhere! The CD will be available to purchase at PIT STOP PARTY, TOO! at Boondocks Grille & Draft House Oct. 30 and 31 st! Pre-orders are being taken NOW at !!Any questions please contact
More Info on the PIT STOP PARTY, TOO ; Hit PIT LINK

WWW.FRINGETHEATER.ORG 305-731-0581 325 WhiteHead St.
Open Auditions Nov.4 3PM at St. Pauls 401 Duval St. . Here are just a few of their events ; go to their website and FB Page for additional Info.
Dec. 7 "It's A Wonderful Life" A Live Play Radio Broadcast from Island Radio 106.9
Dec. 21-31 "An Evening with Lillian Baxter" 7pm at Little Room Jazz Club
Jan. 18-20 "The Regina Monologues" A Stage Reading at Parrish Hall in St. Pauls.

Our Weekly "Photos of the Week from Peter Arnow"

(L) On stage with Aqua Nightclub's Laurie Thibaud, third from right.  For Queen, Destiny Montgomery and Vicki Godgson, and for King, Bucky Montgomery and Saint Paul Murphy.

(R)Chris Tanner and Destiny Montgomery sing Suddenly Seymour from 'Little Shop of Horror" at the Aqua Idol fundraiser for this year's King and Queen of Fantasy Fest.

( L) Gardens Hotel Jim Marquardt welcomes back the popular Sunday Afternoon Jazz Concerts with a performance by Peter Diamond and Friends. Oct 22 : Skipper Kripitz & CRZB's. Oct 29 : Megan Constantine & Friends

Jacquelin Luhta, Campaign Manager for Saint Paul for King, left, appears in traditional Disco garb at a fundraiser at Mary Ellen's bar.

Centennial Bank's Esther Tupino joins MARC House's Linda Bugge as they set up the Centennial Bank Hot Dog Tent at MARK's Pumpkin Patch. on Seminary Street. 
Dennis Loat and Daria Pope were married in a special ceremony, delayed by Hurricane Irma in a 'tu tu' wedding on stage after Aqua Idol.
Jacqueline Luhta, campaign manager for St. Paul for 2017 Fantasy Fest Queen, greets guests at their Gatsy Fundriaising Party, complete with cigars.  The event was held in the old cigar house.
Volunteer Jeff Hillard shakes up special Martinis at Saint Paul for Kings Gatsby Party.
Thanks Peter ; Shortly Up ; 4 More Photos of a King & Queen event PLUS Headdress Ball Feature on Oct 26.

The Oct 30 Issue will have Many Photo Features from the events this week. Also in the Oct 30 Issue Part 3 of the On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Parenting in the Wilderness", Pt. 2 of Our On-Line Photographic Exhibition 
"Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident", Photo Features from the KW Gallery's Special Guest Artists this week : Adam Scott Rote-Bill Mack-& Gary Welton, Lead Feature of Hazel Griffiths KW Art Exhibition Premiere at Gildea Contemporary Gallery, Key West Film Festival Kick Off Party Photos (KWFF 11/15-19)
Photos from Last Saturday's Andy Thurber Reception at Gallery on Greene, 
KWLS Lead Feature on Teachers & Librarians Scholarship Winners for 2018,  Photos from Skipper Kripitz & The CRZB'S Gig at The Gardens Hotel, & Much More.


WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661
This Sunday, 5:30 - 8, join Skipper Kripitz & The CRZBs quartet, with Chris Burchard, Rob Di Stasi, Bubba, Skippo & special guest Mark Rose!
Cabaret @d'vine Wine Gallery:
Wednesday, October, 25 James King, III, 5-7pm,  Thursday, October 26, Jimmy Olson, 5-7pm,  Friday, October 27, Dark Enjoy Fantasy Fest! 
(Editors Note : Come to The Hazel Griffiths Reception at Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery 10/27 5-9pm 522 Southard. St.)
Saturday, October 28, Dark Enjoy Fantasy Fest!,  Jazz In The Gardens
Sunday, October 29 Featuring  Megan Constantine & Friends!  5:30-8pm

 WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards ; and tell us about a few events going on. During Season many Non Profit Organizations will do an Event Dinner ( with ALL the Public Invited); then Mangia-Mangia will Donate a Large Part of the Dinner Revenue back to the Non Profit Organization. Here are a few brief lines.  Plus Through October Free Kids Pasta Bowl with Entree and 20% OFF Check.
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio

WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 305-294-4857 5230 College Rd.
1/2 Price Memberships being offered until Oct 31
Half-Price Memberships OFFERED until the END OF OCTOBER fat the Key West Theater 

The Key West Theater is excited to offer new membership packages for 2017/18 season. If purchased by October 31st, you will receive a fifty percent discount on a variety of memberships with regular pricing beginning at $50. Discounted tickets, 48-hour ticket pre-sales, and exclusive invites are just a few perks of membership. 

This season, in addition to the ongoing lineup of reputable touring music acts, will feature three main stage theatrical plays, a series of local musical productions, as well as plays, musicals, and variety shows by the Key West High School Drama Club as part of our School for the Performing Arts, and a variety of one-off shows in our theater's newly renovated "Back Room" performance space.  (Due to Space constraints ; Please go to the end of this Issue to read the entire Press Release that Kelly Norman sent us)
ALSO CHECK ONE OF THEIR LATEST E-MAILS with much Updated Concert and Events Info ; 

WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
Oct 30 Samantha Fish, 11/8 Citizen Cope, 11/15 The Australian Bee Gees Show, 12/7 An Intimate Evening with Rickie Lee Jones
(More from the KWT Up Shortly)

WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM  3428 N. Roos. Blvd. 305-295-9797

WWW.GALLERYONGREENE.COM  606 Greene St. 305-294-1669

 Andy Thurber Exhibition 10/21-31. The Oct 30 Issue will have Many Photos taken at last Saturday's Reception


Up Shortly Our On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident" 

Daredevil Kid

Whoever this kid is, he seems to be enjoying himself. His face has, "look what I can do mom!" written all over it. His sister is definitely getting a kick out of her brother's vulnerability. Though mom looks a bit concerned, she knows that it will end well, and it does. Unfortunately he didn't get any cool battle scars out of it. Google
Up Shortly More  "Parenting in the Wilderness

Photos: 2015 Headdress Ball Winner Galactica , Third Place Winner Elle Taylor, and performer Randy Roberts.

Randy Roberts
First Place Winner Galactica
3rd Place Tie Elle Taylor

The Key West Business Guild presents the 35 th  annual Headdress Ball, the premier gay and lesbian event of the Fantasy Fest celebration, which proudly opens the brand new Key West Amphitheater at  the Truman Waterfront  Park on Thursday, October 26.  This area was undamaged by Hurricane Irma. Come experience your favorite Fantasy Fest event in a new waterside setting and help Key West celebrate a beautiful expanded park system. Mayor Craig Cates will open the ceremonies and famed Key West Musician Howard Livingston will perform a special song he wrote for the occasion.  The colors will be presented by the military, and the Rainbow Flag by the Lofeislove Foundation.
Tom Luna returns as the outrageous Emcee, and Rudegirl will again do the sound.  Randy Roberts opens the show and is joined by the best of Key West local talent, including Christopher Peterson, Sushi, Inga, and Elle  throughout the contest.  Queen of Fantasy Fest contender Destiny Montgomery will render a special vocal performance.  Contestants will parade their Headdress creations on the amphitheater stage to vie for the $3,000 first prize, $1500 second  place prize, and $500 third place award sponsored by Centennial Bank. 
 The show starts at 8:00 PM, with the gates opening at 6:30 PM. The Guild has retained its traditional four top table seating and expanded General Admission area with last year's pricing.  Bar service by the Aqua Night Club and SideBar featuring Stoli products. Blossoms Cajun Kitchen will have a food booth. This  popular event always sells out so book your tickets early on line at General Admission tickets are $30/person, with reserved tables for four people starting at $250.  
The Key West Business Guild, one of the oldest LGBT Business organizations in the U.S>, has produced the ball since its inception.  The event serves as a major annual fundraiser for the organization. For more information call the Guild at 305-204-4603 or visit on the internet. 
Rain date is  Friday, October 27.
The Oct 16 Issue had an On-Line Art Exhibition from Our Good Friend William Welch
Many of William's Works Hang at  WWW.FRANGIPANIGALLERY.COM  305-296-0440 1102 A&B (Next to Sodu Gallery)
The Exhibition Featured a Few of His French Classics & the Newer Giclee Editions on WaterColor Paper. Click the Oct. 16 Issue Link for the Feature 


Florida Keys Community College is offering another opportunity to take classes this fall.  Students can complete courses in just six weeks during the "Fall B" term, which runs October 25 through December 8.   
Courses available include two in the College's new Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management (BAS-SM) degree.  The courses, convenient for working adults, blend evening classes on the Key West Campus with the flexibility of online learning.  Human Resource Management will be held on Mondays from 7 to 9:45 p.m. and Operational Decision Making will be held on Wednesdays also from 7 to 9:45 p.m. 
Additional offerings include business, culinary, math, and English courses.  Day and evening classes are offered.  New students must apply by October 23.  For more information, visit or contact 305-296-9081.
The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program named Florida Keys Community College among the nation's top 150 community colleges eligible to compete for the $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.  The biennial award is the nation's signature recognition of high achievement and performance among America's community colleges.  With a singular focus on student success, the Aspen Prize recognizes institutions with outstanding achievements in four areas: learning; certificate and degree completion; employment and earnings; and high levels of access and success for minority and low-income students. Due to Space constraints the Rest of This Press Release is at the end of this Issue.
The Key West Chamber of Commerce and Florida Keys Community College are joining forces to help local high school students, their families, and guidance counselors navigate the daunting sea of college decisions and deadlines.  The free workshop, entitled "Ready, Set, COLLEGE!,"  will be held on Wednesday, November 1, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., in the library on the College's Key West Campus.

The first part of the workshop will focus on writing.  FKCC English professor Hilary Parmentier will provide students tips for writing effective essays for both college admissions and scholarship applications.  The session will also help parents and guidance counselors learn how to better evaluate student essays and suggest improvements. 
The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to learning about different ways to pay for college through federal grants and loans, scholarships, and payment plans.  FKCC financial aid staff will provide hands-on guidance through completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is the first step required for federal and many other financial aid opportunities. 
For additional information about "Ready, Set, COLLEGE!." contact the Key West Chamber of Commerce at 305-294-2587 or or contact FKCC at 305-296-9081. 


From Stephanie Hellstrom 305-296-6059 :CALL TO ARTISTS FOR ANNE MCKEE ARTISTS FUND AUCTION The Anne McKee Artists Fund of the
Florida Keys, Inc. announces a Call to Artists for the 2018 Fine Art Auction, to take place on Friday, February 9, 2018 at the Studios of Key West.  
The submission period for artwork opens on Sunday October 1st and closes on November 10
th.  Due to Space Constraints + the last few Issue we ran A Longer Press Release : I shortened it this week; please go to their site for complete Additional  Info..

WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM 305-304-6882 Owners / Editors Naja & Arnaud Girard
Hit this Link for some of the Great Videos :
Hit this Link for a Small Donation to the Blue Paper 

1) Irma Preliminary Damage Assessment 
2) Roger Stuart Davis Photo of the Week
3) Monroe. Co. Requirements for Putting RV or Travel Trailer Next to your Uninhabitable Home
4) Small Dog Park at Higgs Beach to be Moved Outside of Nationally Recognized Historic African Cemetery 


We Continue with More "Parenting in The Wilderness"  

A Few More "Parenting in the Wildness" Photos in the Oct 23 Issue Up Shortly and then the Oct 30 Issue will have about 25 More Photos.
Donna B. sends regards and tells us about our Popular Entertainer Terri White. "Thought your readers might like to send Terri a get well or fun card. She is having a bone marrow transplant in hopes of getting rid of this dastardly cancer, Multiple Myeloma. We are having the procedure done at Moffitt Comprehensive Cancer Center, outside of Tampa. I know you have readers I cannot reach, so if you could do a little blurb and include the address, I know how happy it makes her to get mail. The address is Residence Inn Marriott, Terri White C/O Donna Barnett, 13420 Telecom Parkway, Temple Terrace, FL 33637
Thank so much! Donna"

2017 Fantasy Fest King & Queen Events

WWW.AHMONROE.ORG The site will give ALL the King & Queen Events
 Thanks Peter, Christopher & Rodney Ross for keeping our 7700 weekly readers informed the past 6 Years. Rodney is the Aids Help PR & Marketing Mgr. and can be reached at 305-296-6196 X415 (C) 305-304-5994 

Vicki Hodgson, running for 2017 Queen of Fantasy Fest, shows off a piece of art at her fundraiser Tea Party and Art Auction at the Curry Mansion.
Destiny Montgomery, running for 2017 Queen of Fantasy Fest, looking radiant, gets ready for her Boyslesque 2! fundraiser at the Aqua Nightclub.
Saint Paul Murphy, running for 2017 King of Fantasy Fest, is joined by former Queens Diane May and Kate Miano at his Gatsy fundraiser at the Old Cigar House.
Bucky Montgomery, running for 2017 King of Fantasy Fest, announces his remaining fundraising events at Aqua Idol.


WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339
Tremendous Art Sale involving their World Class Art Collection; Hit this Link for their latest E-Mail
They also have a Large Peter Max Collection.. Meet Artists Bill Mack & Gary Welton Oct 25 to 28 During their Fantasy Fest Events. Special Guest Artist (The Artist to the Movie Stars) Adam Scott Rote Oct 20-25

"Forever Remembered" by Bill Mack. He is Well Known for His "Alto Relief Sculptures"
"The Bather" by Bill Mack
"Slumbering" by Bill Mack
"Harmonious Adorned" by Bill Mack
"Into The Wings" by Gary Welton  Original on Board 24 x 36"
(L) "Symphonie Music" by Gary Welton  Original on Canvas  60 x 40.5"
(R) "Moving Model with Vodka" by Gary Welton Original on Canvas 40 X 30"

Adam Scott Rote Below

You must Visit the KW Gallery in the next 5 days; well anytime is a great time; since they have so many Great Pieces of Art.

There was a Complimentary Key West Concert on Oct 13 by the New Sunbow Strings Quartet at TSKW Produced by The South Florida Symphony Orchestra.
. Thanks Maestra Sebrina and Jacqueline for the Concert for the sole purpose of bringing Physiological RELIEF to Our Community.  Below are a few Photos.

Maestra Alfonso Networking with Helen & Ben Harrison

A few More Photos of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra's "SunBow String Quartet" Up Shortly


Paul Gildea Contemporary Fine Art  522 Southard St. 305-797-6485 : 

Two weeks ago we had an On-Line Art Exhibition from Paul; Hit the Oct 2 Issue Link for the Feature

"Motor Sailor" by Nancy Tinkersley

A VERY SPECIAL EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT ; Some of you met Hazel Griffiths at the Svetlana Smolina Concert.   Hazel Griffiths is a well known Artist in London, Palm Beach, Miami, and Southampton. She'll have her KW Premiere Art Exhibition Oct 25-to Nov.10 at the Paul Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery 522 Southard St. 305-797-6485; with Reception Friday 10/27.  More details and Photos of Hazel's work in the next few Issues.
Hazel Griffiths at one of her Miami Exhibitions

"On the Forest Floor"

Johnny White and Caroline at WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM  were nice enough to give Hazel a Listing in their Calendar of Events ; that gives an Extensive Bio on Hazel ; Check it out Please


AnnaMarie Giordano starts Up her live Drawing Workshops at Fort East Martello on Tuesdays 11a-2pm.  No Minimum Amount of Classes Needed.  Watch for Info. on Start Date.  Feel free to Call AG at 609-884-3474 and or . Model Positions Available.


Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information

We now Continue with "Parenting in the Wilderness"

Part 3 of "Parenting in the Wildness" in the Oct 30 Issue


We now Continue with Our On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident" 

The Wandering Eye That Almost Cost Him An Eye

We get it. She's pretty. But do you have to risk your life to get that last look? This poor guy greatly embarrassed himself by running into that pole. I'm sure he'll tell you it was worth it. He probably even got a date out of it (probably not, though). Trinixy

Titanic Role Play Fail

Maybe this couple thought it'd be cute to reenact a scene from  
Titanic. Whatever the reason, it epically failed as a seagull decided to swoop in and take a nip at this lady's nose. They found it quite hilarious, but I'm sure the seagull was more inconvenienced than them. Pagely

Water Burn

These are in fact water skis, just larger and supposedly safer. The guy who looks like he's flying rather than skiing must've gotten a bit more of a jerk from whoever was driving the boat. Though this looks to be a definite collision, it actually wasn't. He dropped off and walked away with some brutal burns. Flickr

Shark Surf

This is Seth. He likes to take risks. He happened to know this shark was around and thought it'd be fun to surf anyways. The shark merely sniffed Seth out as a dog would, to see what he was. Both the shark and the Seth walked away without injury. Life Hack Lane

Not-So-Killer Whales

We all think of whales as harmless. It's true, they probably won't eat you, but property damage is a whole different story. For a killer whale to jump out of the water and land on a boat this small would mean instant destruction. Though these fishermen went for a nice swim, they lived to share their stories over dinner that night. Safetypro
Part 2  from  "Perfectly - Timed Photos Taken Seconds Before an Incident" 


Somewhere over the rainbow a simple farm girl is once again swept up into the magical world of Oz -- where she finds that even her wildest dreams and fantasies really do come true.

Taking It Off to See the Wizard: A Burlesque Parody is a big, bawdy burlesque production of one of the world's most beloved stories. All of your favorite characters from this epic tale are brought to life by a bevy of burlesque beauties in this captivating show.
The infamous Wizard will be played by the 2012 King of Burlesque, Russell Bruner; Fort Lauderdale's Miss Jenna Beth, burlesque performer extraordinaire, nationally and internationally published pin-up model, will perform the role of Dorothy, while the Brit-born South Floridian and International burlesque performer Miss Aurora Natrix dazzles as the Wicked Witch of the West. 
New York songstress Shelly Watson, an award-winning Juilliard graduate joins the troupe as the Good Witch of the North.

And of course, the always-outstanding Key West Burlesque performers, including Tatah Dujour, Moana Amour, and Miss Zurima, parody the ensemble cast of the cherished tale including the Lollipop Guild, the speaking trees and flying monkeys like you've never seen before.
In addition to regular seating ($55 to $65), a limited number of stage seats are available for $75 and $100. Audience members who choose these seats will be in the middle of the action and participate in the show! To purchase these tickets, please email the Box Office directly at or call 305-294-5015.


WWW.FRANGIPANIGALLERY.COM  305-296-0440  1102 A&B Duval St. 

(L) "Home is Where The Heart Is" Fran Decker
(R) "Burano Blue Boats" Sharon Wells
Frangipani Gallery Celebrates The Season With a Group Opening

Frangipani Gallery made it through the storm with just a cracked window and no art was damaged.  Our artists were not so lucky, many have moderate to severely damaged homes and studios.  Now is a great time to show support for local artists who need you more than ever.  Please join us for a season opening group show with some exciting new work, Friday November 3, 6-8 PM, 1102 A&B Duval as part of the First Friday Art Stroll on Upper Duval.

New artists joined Frangipani this summer including Sharon Wells, Gabrielle Wilson and Kerry Hoeppner. Sharon has some new watercolors, Gabrielle's chickens are charming and you must see Kerry's coconut sea creatures.  Then there is new work from your favorites such as David Scott Meier, Deborah Moore, Deb Kik and Susann D'Antonio, new jewelry from Lois Songer and Lainie Davia and plenty of fun ceramics from Sandy Sun.
Finally, have a sneak peek at Fran Decker's new series of broken shell paintings, "This Once Was Home." This series was inspired by Hurricane Katrina and was ironically completed just days before Irma came and destroyed so many homes here in Monroe County.  



Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries


 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit BOOKING INFO .  

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends is really looking forward to the 2017 KWFF November 15-19. 
 Below FB Page for ALL Upcoming Events, Promotions and of Course the Films

Here's Info. on How you can become a Promotional Member

BIG NEWS!! The Key West Film Festival officially announces MEMBERSHIPS!! You can now be a huge part of what makes KWFF so great! With 7 different Membership Levels, you can find your perfect spot at KWFF. Click on the link below to see how you can be part of the festival, watch great films, meet celebs, get cool merchandise, and enjoy year-around programming of the best independent films in the world. Come be part of the Key West Film Festival family!!
A few weeks ago we had a Message from  A. Brooke Christian Founder & Chairman.  Hit the Sept 25 Issue Link  The Oct 30 Issue will have a Large Photo Feature from the Key West Film Festival Kick Off Party Last Week; here are 4.

We now Continue with Photos we took at the "Sunbow Strings Quartet" last week


WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 305-294-4857 5230 College Rd.

Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369

Liz, Martha and the gang send Regards and Tell Us
Call to Arts Council Members for the 2017-2018 Members' Art Show - The Creative Art of Lettering

Exhibition dates:  November 2017 through January 2018.
Entries due: October 26, 27, and 30 at the Gato Building, 1100 Simonton Street, Key West

Explore pictorial alphabets, illustrated letters, decorative letters, calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, initials, monograms, names and more. 
Your medium- Your style: Your work may be penciled, inked, brushed, painted, sculpted, chiseled, thrown, stitched, etc.  
Our show is inspired by the "Key West Alphabet" a limerick book with ink illustrations from the 1930's. 
The reception date is still to be announced. 

Current  Exhibition "Time Travels / Unravels Fantasy Fest"
Plus a Link for "After Irma Gratitude + Resources for Artists" Click Brown Title 
 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 
Please go to their website for the many Events & Exhibitions Scheduled the Rest of 2017. Here are a few : 12/1 7a-12:30a Day Trip to Art Basil, Class : Sat. 10/7 + 11/4 + 12/2 11a-3p "Art Exploration Workshop for Young Adults" Ages 10-14YO, 10/25-10/29 Back in Time : The Flying Carrs Circus, Nov. 6 +12/4 Charity Bingo at the Green Parrot, 

PLEASE CLICK RED LINK1 for the E-Mail TSKW sent for ALL the Upcoming Events and Important Information.

Here is more from one of our Executive Associate Editors Carol Tedesco.  Fantasy Fest Revelries to Launch from The Studios of Key West
Key West's citywide explosion of Fantasy Fest revelries launced this year from The Studios of Key West, with special opening events taking place from 6-8pm, Thursday, October 19, and running through October 26 on two floors of the landmark Art Deco building at 533 Eaton Street.
Celebrating this year's "Time Travel Unravels" theme, the ground floor Sanger Gallery presents a pop-up Fantasy Fest Parade Lab - part production shop, part exhibition space - where the festival's exciting 38-year history of costumed marches, glamorous balls, street fairs, pet masquerades, parties, exhibits and charity fundraisers can be explored through posters, photographs, memorabilia and video projections.
"We're excited to be one of the hubs for Fantasy Fest 2017," said The Studios of Key West Artistic Director Erin Stover-Sickman. "Through the 26
th, the first floor Parade Lab will be filled with work on display, people making things, and be a place where people can get Fest information or just gather up."
Upstairs, in the 3rd floor XOJ Gallery, visitors can tap into "Street Level," a more candid, photojournalistic view of the Fest, as documented by photographers Lynne Bentley-Kemp, Mark Hedden, Martha Hubbard and Carol Tedesco.
"Every year since 1993 I have been a participant and documenter of Fantasy Fest," said Cudjoe Key-based photographer Bentley-Kemp. "This ritual is a true collaboration of the wonderful, creative people who have no qualms about expressing their indulgence in anarchy and liminality. I am a big fan of the transgressive and the salacious and I've never been disappointed. This is the only time that I intentionally photograph people - it is where I begin to see the total joy of individual expression. The result is a collection of images that reflects a bawdy and raucous celebration of community. It is a profound statement about the condition of being human."
The Studios of Key West was established in 2006 and supports the creative community as a multidisciplinary presenter, arts center and artist residency provider. "The Studios' motto is "Live the Creative Life," because we believe creativity helps people come together and make sense of things," said Elena Devers, The Studios Deputy Director. "After Hurricane Irma, we're ready to get back into the swing of things and offer up opportunities to do just that. And if we can throw in some much-needed laughter or the chance to see something wonderful, we'd consider our mission accomplished."
Sponsored by Historic Hideaways and Chas. F. Troxel Jr., DDS, admission is free and open to the public. For more information, visit or call 305-296-0458.

Jane Gardner Interiors

Moved to New Offices at 812 Fleming St. #4 ; Looking for New Showroom Space ; Contact Jane at 312-914-7546 


"Hampton's Art & Culture"

The 3 Big Arts Organizations in the Hamptons LI NY are below. Of course just like Key West; there are so many Art Galleries on the East End of LI and as we did for the 2016 / 2017 Issues; The Blast visits and Presents their Art.  Thanks for the Positive Feedback; especially from Keys Art Gallery Owners and Artists that enjoys seeing what their Artistic Community is presenting.

GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967
PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976

37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  

In an Upcoming Issue of the "Hampton's Arts and Culture" Section will be our latest visit to the Lucille Khornak Galleries + Our Good Friend Lucille Treats us to an On-Line Photographic Exhibition.


281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Upcoming Exhibitions : Key West Collects, On the WaterFront Truman Annex Artists, The Outrageous, From a Womans Hand.

Three of the Special events : Brick House Funk Party Oct 26 6:30p at The Custom House. The Fabulous 50's : Back in Time ; Nov. 29 5:30p - 9PM at Custom House Museum ; Micheal Geida. "A Royal Retrospective" Oct 16-29.

Current Exhibitions : The Navy in KW, Overseas to the Keys : Henry Flagler Overseas Railroad, Tennessee Williams-The Playwrite & Painter, Stanley Papio - Junkyard Rebel, Ghosts of East Martello, Speedway to Sunshine : Henry Flagler Overseas Railroad, Life of the Keepers, Depicting Hemingway : Guy Harvey Sketches "The Old Man & The Sea"

(Edited for Space Constraints) Key West Art & Historical Society. Distinguished Speaker Series: The History of Sex with Dr. Pamela Connolly. Wednesday, October 25, 2017. 5:30PM - 7:00PM. Contact:  Adele Williams, 305.295.6616 x 115. Tropic Cinema, 416 Eaton Street. .
History of Sex presented by Key West Art & Historical Society's Distinguished Speaker Series at the Tropic Cinema .
Key West's week of exuberant and sensual Fantasy Fest parties and parades create the foundation for Key West Art & Historical Society's adult-only Distinguished Speaker Series presentation on the History of Sex- an illuminating journey through centuries of human eroticism on Wednesday, October 25 from 5:30PM - 7:00PM, offered by psychologist, sexologist and sex therapist Dr.  Pamela  Stephenson Connolly at the Tropic Cinema, 416 Eaton Street.

(Edited for Space Constraints) Key West Art & Historical Society presents their 2nd annual "A Royal Retrospective" exhibit, October 16-29 (Reception was Oct 16) in the first floor lobby of the Custom House Museum. It is a look back at decades of Key West Fantasy Fest revelry, royalty and altruism via memorabilia, keepsakes, photographs, and posters, co-curated by Tennessee Williams Key West Exhibit curator Dennis Beaver and Society curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D.  Hit This Link for More Info. KWAHS.ORG/royal-retrospective


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean
Key West Transit has a New Modified route on the Lower Keys Shuttle to enable riders to access the Disaster Recovery Center on Big Pine Key. The shuttle will continue to run on its regular schedule, with a modified route onto Key Deer Blvd. The shuttle continues to be free for everyone.  Go to for shuttle times.
In a continuing effort to serve the community, the Key West Police Department is launching a new online service. The new police-to-citizens portal, or P2C allows the public to access current crime and traffic information, report incidents and stay up to date with urgent bulletins.
By clicking on, citizens can avail themselves of round the clock service from the Key West Police Department. The site lets you search for public safety incidents and arrests, submit incident reports, obtain copies of crash reports and register a bicycle. There's even a function to map calls or incidents via Google Maps so that the community can see just what is going on and where it's happening. Missing persons and wanted people will be posted, along with a community calendar of events.
"We're committed to providing the best service possible to our community," said Police Chief Donie Lee. "Our new P2C portal is just another way to protect and serve paradise."
The new police-to-citizens site is available today.
The Zombie Bike Ride on Sunday will affect traffic from East Martello Tower on South Roosevelt Blvd to downtown on Sunday evening. Although the ride has just a rolling street closure which follows the riders, motorists can expect some serious delays because thousands of cyclists will be participating.
The ride leaves East Martello at 6 p.m. and heads to lower Duval Street. Key West International Airport will be accessible from the east end of South Roosevelt during this time. There will be no bus service west of Simonton on Sunday evening, due to the Zombie Ride.
Bus service to the other end of the island will also be altered for the ride. Buses will travel on Flagler instead of Bertha and South Roosevelt after 6 p.m. There will be bus service to the Ocean Walk Complex, however there will be no airport or Smather's Beach service.
These events kick off a busy week of events, many of which will impact our streets. When possible, residents and visitors are strongly encouraged to walk, use a bike or ride the bus.
All tree removal and trimming is now subject to normal City of Key West permitting process. Tree Permit Application forms may be picked up Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, in the City of Key West Planning Department at 1300 White Street or on the City's web site at

 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504
Please go to their website for Important Post Irma Information
Wednesday, October 25th - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu Fall Dinner - $85.00 - 5:30pm  Tuna Crudo with Pickled Shitakes, Sunflower Seeds, and Citrus, Grilled Mushroom Salad with Burnt Chile Chimichurri, Hop Braised Chicken with Chanterelle Mushroom Pasta and Maple Roasted Squash,Ricotta Cheesecake with Currant, Charred Poblano Jam, Bourbon, and Cream
Saturday, October 28th - Special Event, Parade Viewing Party - $95.00 - 6:00pm.  Travel back in time to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to escape the craziness of Duval Street during the parade! Isle Cook Key West is offering a limited admission, private party with great food, drink and company! View this year's parade from an elevated, private balcony or from inside with A/C!.
  Chef Martha Hubbard will be providing gourmet small plates inspired by the 1893 Chicago World's Fair along with a selection of fine wines provided by Van Duzer Vineyards! Join us for this one-of-a-kind, exclusive parade-viewing experience! Costumes encouraged, but optional. Fun, mandatory!  Ticket price includes a great view of the parade, great company, gourmet food, and Van Duzer Wine! Space is limited - Call us today to reserve!
 Wednesday, November 1st - Chef Martha Hubbard - Chef's Tasting Menu. Persia or Bust! - $80.00 - 5:30 pm.  Azerbaijan-Style Pancake with Yogurt Rose Petal Dip, Four Hearts Green Salad,     Orange Khoresh (Braised Chicken, Orange, Saffron, and Almonds) and Saffron Rice with Golden Crust,   Persian Dessert Trio - Paradise Custard, Saffron Brownie, and Carrot Halva
Thursday, November 2nd  - Chef Martha Hubbard - Hands-On Cooking Lesson. First Three Thursdays in November (2nd, 9th, 16th) - 6:00pm. $230.00 for the Series, or $85.00 per Lesson. More Info  on this event and others scheduled past Nov. 2 in the Oct 30 Issue or simply go to their Website and Facebook Page.

Tammy Fox : Executive Director Sent us this really Great E-Mail Newsletter ; Here is the Opening Statement

The support the FKSPCA received pre- and post-Irma has been amazing and heartwarming. Thanks to the support of this community we were able to foster 197 animals to safety prior to the storm. This enabled the staff of the FKSPCA to breathe easy knowing the animals were out of harm's way and, more importantly, these foster families saved lives.
After the storm the FKSPCA began to receive offers of help from individuals, foundations, corporations and animal welfare partners. This support enabled the FKSPCA to provide food, vet care and temporary housing for animals belonging to displaced community residents and for animals in the community that were left during the storm. The outpouring of concern and support will never be forgotten.

As we move forward the FKSPCA is working to implement programs to help the pet owners of our community who have suffered as a result of Irma. The FKSPCA will be holding free clinics to provide routine wellness and medical care for the pets of those residents who have been displaced and are trying to get back on their feet. We will also continue to provide free shelter through our FAITH program for residents needing someplace for their pet to go while they find shelter themselves. If you are a resident needing assistance please call the shelter in Key West at 305-294-4857 or in Marathon at 305-743-4800.

It is through the generosity of our supporters that we are able to provide valuable programs like these and we cannot thank you enough for helping us help the animals when they need us the most. If you would like to make a gift to contribute to the clinic or our recovery efforts please go to and choose Clinic Fund or Hurricane Relief Fund in the drop down menu or you can mail you r gift to 5230 College Rd. Key West FL 33040.  Thank you for being a hero and partner in our lifesaving mission!

Shelby Isaacson Public Relations Mgr. tells us "90% of the coral that endured Irma at IC2R3 survived!"
Read More in one of their Latest E-Newsletters ; Click MOTE33

Click MOTE1 for an Important E-mail from MOTE on the Condition of the Keys Facility



WWW.REEFRELIEF.ORG 305-294-3100 631 Greene St.
Next Luncheon Nov. 1 Beachside Marriott,
Next Mixer Nov. 8 Venue TBA


The Oct 30 Issue will have as a Lead Feature : Teachers and   and Librarians Scholarships Awards for 2018 


Monroe County Animal Farm in Key West 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300 . Open the 2nd and 4th Sundays 1-3pm; Under the Brilliant Direction of Officer/Farmer Jeanne Selander. 

Detective looking for absconded sex offender
Becky Herrin sends regards and tells us : The Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit is looking for an sex offender wanted on a warrant for absconding from supervision just prior to Hurricane Irma.   
27 year old Dominic Portelli's last known address was on Grassy Key. He is no longer at that address and Detective Danielle Malone says he has not registered a new address as required by law. The Florida State Department of Corrections has issued a warrant for his arrest as a result of this failure to register. 
Anyone with information about Portelli's location should contact the Sheriff's Office at 305-289-2410. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. If a Crimestoppers tip leads to an arrest, the caller would be eligible for a cash reward. The Crimestoppers hot line number is 1-800-346-TIPS. Tips may be made anonymously on line at .


Updated Key West Theater Schedule; Once again ; please go to 
WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM for up to the Hour Updates. 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
We continue with the Press Release of 1/2 Price Memberships avaialble until the Oct 31
Kicking off the theatrical season is what Rolling Stone magazine considers to be the "best rock musical ever," Hedwig and The Angry Inch by John Cameron Mitchell, with music and lyrics by Stephen Trask. This genre-bending, fourth-wall-smashing musical sensation tells the story of a fictional rock band fronted by an East German singer Hedwig, one of the most unique characters to ever hit the stage. 

Opening in February isa coming-of-age tale by local accomplished playwright Michael Marrero called "Alligator Alley" about two childhood friends navigating the dystopian sprawl of Florida City and the wilds of the Everglades. This world premiere play centers on the headstrong Mayer, who relies on both her sense of humor and close friend Becca as she attempts to escape her surroundings and start a new life outside of Florida City. 

Closing out the season is Night of the Living Dead by award-winning playwright David Lankford. In this comic-horror love story, Mia and Marshall's marriage, teetering on the edge of collapse, fights to survive as a zombie pandemic quietly infects the couple's insular world. Cross-cutting between two distant but parallel nights, Mia and Marshall must confront the most intimate and difficult choices of their lives with both humorous and heartbreaking moments. 

In addition to hosting the highly sought after Sunday Ramble concert series, the Key West Theater has teamed up with Ralph de Palma to bring a cultural blend of local talent with a concert series representing multiple musical genres. The season series includes Latin Jazz with Cajun Caribe and the Southernmost Brass, A Night at Full Moon Saloon, A Night of Key West Soul with Coffee Butler, and Earth Day Jam with That Old Hippie Band. 

For more information, new announcements and exclusive news, you can sign up for the Key West Theater's official newsletter at Membership info can also be found online, as well as our current concert lineup. 
MARCH 17 2018


"We share this distinction with our entire FKCC family; it is through the combined efforts of our faculty, staff, students, community partners, and supporters that we have ascended to this prestigious rank," said FKCC President Dr. Jonathan Gueverra.  "I am grateful for their unrelenting dedication to the success of our students and the prosperity of the Florida Keys- especially now during these tough post-Hurricane Irma times."
The 150 community colleges named as eligible to compete for the 2019 Prize were selected from nearly 1,000 public two-year colleges nationwide using publicly available data on student outcomes.  Located in 39 states in urban, rural, and suburban areas, serving as few as 300 students and as many as 95,000 students, these colleges represent the diversity and depth of the community college sector.  This year, there are nearly 60 institutions eligible to compete for the Prize that were not eligible for the 2017 Aspen Prize.
"Especially in the current social and economic climate, it is exceptionally important that our nation's community colleges develop the diverse talent needed to fuel democratic engagement, social mobility, and economic opportunity and growth," said Josh Wyner, executive director of the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.  "Through this competition we're working to inspire other institutions across our country to ensure more students succeed in college and their lives beyond those campuses."
The top ten finalists for the 2019 Aspen Prize will be named in May 2018.  The Aspen Institute will then conduct site visits to each of the finalists and collect additional quantitative data, including employment and earnings data.  A distinguished Prize Jury will select a grand prize winner, finalist(s) with distinction, and rising star(s) in spring 2019. To read more on the selection process, visit:

Thanks for reading The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends. If would like to insert material in the Magazine ; reach out to me at 954-448-4324 EK10@AOL.COM. Thanks to All the Contributing Editors & Organizations. Have a Great Week; Ed.