The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends 
 September 3, 2018

Canis Major & Friends  by Jim Salem  48 X 60  Acrylic on Canvas
La Conga Bar 1945 Key West (Jefferson Hotel) by Susan Sykes 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas

PART 1 OF 3 Highlighting the Brilliant Artists of Cocco and Salem

Maureen McCormick will forever be known as Marcia Brady of the Brady Bunch. She was a teen icon from the late 60s into the early 70s. After the show went off the air in 1974, she made guest appearances and eventually made her way onto the reality TV circuit popular today.
Patrick Swayze was in a league of his own with boyish good looks and incredible talents on and off the screen. With classics like Road House, Dirty Dancing, and The Outsiders under his belt, he secured his place as a pop culture icon in no time.
Ann-Margret is an actress, singer, and dancer. Oddly enough, George Burns helped launch her singing career, and from there she went on to conquer acting. Soon she had a 7 year film contract from 20th Century Fox and was starring alongside Elvis, Jack Nicholson, and John Wayne. She earned an Oscar nomination for Carnal Knowledge and was invited to serenade President John F. Kennedy at his 46th birthday party (a year after Marilyn Monroe did).

Part 1 of Many Parts / Weeks : 350 Photos that look back at the 60's and 70's
One of 5 new On-Line Photographic Features : Underwater Photography

"Golden Light"
"Slough Lightning Pond"

Pt. 2 of 2 : One of the Two Current Exhibitions at TSKW : MATT STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY

Mabel the chicken and her puppies: After Mabel suffered an injury to her leg, she was nursed back to health and brought in to live with her owner briefly. That's when she fell in love with the family puppies! She roosts on the pooches while their canine mother spends most of her time outside.

Pt. 2 of 2 "Animal Buddies"

"Technica Impendi Nationi Technology Impulses Nations The Flagler Railroad 30X 30

 Salt Island Gallery had their Summer Exhibition from Kreg D. Kelley. This Issue has Pt. 3 of 3 Showing a large amount of his Works.  Of course ; go to the Gallery to see the works In Person.

FKCC Acquires Property in the Upper Keys (More in their Weekly Section Below)

"Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow (More Below)

KWAHS (Key West Arts & Historical Society) Current Two Large Exhibitions : "Powering Paradise : 75th. Anniversary of Keys Energy" and "Islands Imagination & Instance Florida Keys Folk Art". This Issue Features Works from "Islands" Pt. 3 of 3

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is an airplane cabin full of falcons. These winged birds of prey were not up to flying to their destination old school. And so, they insisted that their owner give them the same travel benefits as all the other employees. Their owner, a Saudi prince, was determined to show that he was not discriminatory in his approach. And being that he was a Saudi prince, the airline had no choice but to acquiesce.

We start one of our 5 NEW On-Line Photographic Exhibitions with Part 1 of 3  : AIRPORT PHOTOS

As Usual; Zazoo Fine Art & Photo Gallery Features Many Rare Iconic Photographs and Paintings. This Issue has a few of the NEW Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Framed Photographs

Currently on exhibit in the foyer at the Custom House Museum.  " 3 Weeks in Cuba: Walker Evans & Ernest Hemingway" features 12 of Evans' 46 images taken while on assignment in Cuba, and reveal a visual account of Havana in 1933. Feature Below.

LKMC E-Newsletter
Photo by Larry Blackburn
WomanKind Annual BraZaar Fundraiser Oct.22 (More Below)

Complete Key West Theater Schedule in this Issue Inc. Dec 7 Paula Poundstone, Dec. 16 John Waters, 9/30 Louie Anderson

"Take Stock in Children". Scholarship Applications for 2018 / 2019 (More Below)

KWFD Welcomes new Fire Fighter Austin Kimbler

Key West Police Chief Donie Lee has named Officer Gustavo Medina Officer of the First Half of 2018 and Rodney Maxime Civilian Employee of the First Half of 2018.   

Clean up along Shrimp Road in conjunction with Sheriff Rick Ramsay & the MCSO and the Perry Hotel!

 Our Weekly The City of Key West and MCSO Sections (More in their Weekly Sections)

WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM NOV. 14-18 (More Below)

Coffee Mill Dance Studio Fall 2018 Semester (More Below in our Weekly "Theatre Section")

Super Boat International 38th. Annual Key West Championship Nov.4-11 Truman Waterfront (More Below)

Tourist Development Council (TDC) September 2018 On-Line "Keys Traveler" ; Just a Few Features : KW Exotic Fantasy Fest to Celebrate "Games We Play" + Video of the Month : "Discover the Seven Mile Bridge" (More Below in their Weekly Section)

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ; Going out to over 7895 Each Week.  In this Issue ; September 3, 2018 : Pt. 1 A Visit to Cocco and Salem Art Gallery, Pt 1. of Many Parts / Weeks : On-Line Photographic Feature of the 60's & 70's", Pt. 1 On-Line Photographic Feature : "Underwater Photography", Pt. 2 of the TSKW Photographic Feature from Matt Stock, FKCC and LKMC Features, Pt. 3 of 3 Kreg Kelley at Salt Island Gallery, Pt. 2 On-Line Photographic Feature "Animal Buddies", Our Weekly MCSO and City of Key West Sections, WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM , WWW.EQFL.ORG ,
"Preserve Island Life" : Fla. Keys Green Business in Progress, "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, Pt.1 On-Line Photographic Exhibition "Photos from the Airport",  Zazoo Art & Photographic Gallery presents : Dr. Suess and The Cat in the Hat, WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM & their New Sept. "Keys Traveler", TSKW Events & Exhibitions + Welcoming New Board Chair Stephen Kitsakos, Super Boat International 38th. Annual Key West Championship Nov. 4-11 WWW.SUPERBOAT.COM 

KWFF 72 Hr. Film Challenge at The Tropic Cinema Kick Off Party 9/6 + Screenings 9/26 & 9/27 for 2018 KWFF 11/14-18, Womankind's 2018 Annual BraZaar 10/22, KW Theater Schedule, KWFD Welcomes New FireFighter Austin Kimbler, KW Police Chief Donie Lee Gives Honors, WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM , Sheriff Ramsay and MCSO Always Helping Clean Up, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM ,"Take Stock in Children" 2018 / 2019 Season Application Info. & Link, Coffee Mill Dance Studio Opens New Season, WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM , Artist Susan Sykes Remarkable Paintings Portraying KW Life in the 40's, Pt. 3 KWAHS Exhibition "Island Imagination  + Instance Fla. Keys Folk Art", WomenFest 9/5-9 Featuring International Women's Flag Football Friendship Games & Clinic 9/7 & 8, "Tropical Heat" 9/15- 9/19,

(OIRF) Old Island Foundation Feature, 25% OFF at Key West Wellness Ctr.,    WWW.LUCILLEKHORNAK.COM , Red Barn Theatre, XP Summer Stage, and Waterfront Playhouse, Wesley House 9/19 Starting Foster Care Classes, Gardens Hotel New Jazz Season Begins Soon & Schedule in this Issue, Back to School Safety Tips from The City of KW, Mangia-Mangia Non Profit Org. Dinner Night Schedule ( Open to ALL) with Great Dates Still Avail., "Art Garden" from The KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens, Fla. Keys Council of the Arts, Next Two MCSO Animal Farm Opening 9/9/ & 9/23, KWBG Next Luncheon 9/5 & Mixer Featuring the Key West Film Festival 9/12,
"Last Stand" : Protecting the Keys, WWW.FKSPCA.ORG , Plant Pure Communities, Q-Magazine, Isle Cook,  Aids Help CC, & More

Although this Issue (9/3/2018) starts the 2018 / 2019 Season; Publishing an Issue Every Week.  I probably will Skip 1 Week & Publish the Next Issue on 9/17/2018; and then we'll Publish Every Week until the end of May 2019. Thanks for reading The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends (The Contributing Editors). Enjoy.


WWW.COCCOANDSALEM.COM 1111 Duval St. 305-292-0072

Susan Sykes
South Beach Day  11 X 26 WaterColor

Dog Beach 11 X 11 WaterColor

Afternoon Folks 16 X 24.5 WaterColor

Jim Salem 

Quiet Waters 8 X 10 Acrylic on Canvas

Sunflower Impressions 20 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas

Medditeranean Harbor 36 X 36 Acrylic on Canvas
More Cocco and Salem Artists Up Shortly

Part 3 of 3 Islands Imagination & Instance : Florida Keys Folk Art
281 Front St. 305-295-6616

 In this Issue Part 3 of 3; To see the Part 1 Feature in the Fourth Special Summer Edition Issue July 30, 2018 Hit
 this Link and to see Part 2 of this Exhibition hit the Link to the Fifth Special Summer Edition Issue Aug. 13, 2018
Of Course After Reading this Issue ; Go over to The Custom House and see The Art First Hand.

"Peter's Fish Market"

"The Hemingway Home"

Eaton St. House " Dale Earhardt Renovation" 2018

"Southard St. House"

Makiki Born Geraldo Alfonso

"Vintage Simonton St". by Wayne Garcia : Wood Carving

More Art Up Shortly from Island Imagination & Instance  Florida Keys Folk Art. ALSO Their other Large New Exhibition "Powering Paradise  : 75th Anniversary of Keys Energy" is on display for a few months and can be found in The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends in the last Two Issues ( Links Above)


Part 2

Matt Stock is a Brilliant Photographer (Must See in Person).  When you go to Matt's Website; He has 3 Categories "Shades of Dark", "Shades of Grey" & "Shades of Light. His Exhibition at TSKW Focuses mainly on "Shades of Light". Click the Fifth Special Summer Edition Issue August 13, 2018 to see Part 1

Here is his Latest Book

Sessions House

First Swim

Tiger Beach

Marine Stadium ( Panorama)

Here is Just One from "Shades of Grey" : "Zen Mangrove"
Here is Just One from "Shades of Dark" : "Old Florida"

More from Matt Stock Up Shortly ; as well as TSKW Events & Exhibitions & TSKW Welcomes a new Chair Person


Part 1 of Many to Come "A Look Back in Photos of the 60's & 70's"

There's no topping the Hollywood legend. The onscreen chameleon has been the sweet brunette, the foxy redhead, and the blonde bombshell.  Her sexy, throaty singing voice had the public referring to her as the 'female Elvis' and her love for motorcycles earned her a daredevil reputation.
Pictured here is a young Al Pacino back in 1973, starring in "Serpico". The actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter wasn't always the brilliant, award winning, creative genius everyone knows him as today. Once he was just getting his feet wet in the world of Hollywood and it was a role as a heroin addict in the 1971 film The Panic in Needle Park, that caught the attention of director Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola passed up actors Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford, and Warren Beatty and cast new comer Al Pacino in 1972 as Michael Corleone in the The Godfather (much to the dismay of studio heads). And a star was born.

Actress Heather Locklear was on the television series C.H.I.P.S, T.J. Hooker, and the movie Firestarter. But she got her big break when she landed a role in Dynasty in 1981. After that she appeared in various film roles throughout the 80s and by 1993 she landed another recurring role on the hit show Melrose Place. She became a part of the cast of Spin City and in 2009, she appeared on a new version of Melrose Place. 

Director Steven Spielberg nicknamed the pneumatically-powered shark "Bruce" after his shark of a lawyer Bruce Ramer. Bruce the prop was an actual beast, weighing in at 1.2 tons and spanning 25 feet in length and not the easiest thing to maneuver. The production itself was marred with technical problems, most of which were the temperamental Jaws.
The shark was so mechanically flawed in fact, that they were forced to limit its screen time. It takes a good hour and 20 minutes before the shark fully appears and the continuous problems took their scheduled 65-day shoot and stuck them with 159-days of Spielberg trying to invent clever ways to shoot around it. 

Pictured here are American actor Charles Bronson and his wife, English actress Jill Ireland. The photo was taken back in 1971 in Santa Monica, California. In addition to starring in their own successful pictures, the glamorous couple co-starred in fifteen films together. She once joked, "I'm in so many Charles Bronson films, because no other actress will work with him."
Ireland was Bronson's second wife, his first was Harriet Tendler, they had two children together before divorcing in 1965. He married Ireland in October of 1968 and they stayed together until her death in 1990. Ireland died of breast cancer at her home in Malibu, California. Bronson had her cremated and put her ashes in one of his canes- which he was later buried with.

More of "The 60's & 70's" Up Shortly

AND NOW PART 2 OF 2  "Animal Buddies" ; Pt. 1 in the Last Issue 

Fred the Labrador and Dennis the duckling: Dennis the duckling was left motherless after a fox attacked his mother, but when Fred and his owner found Dennis, they adopted him! The two animals became friends immediately.

Manni the wild boar piglet and Candy the dog: A family from Germany found Manni alone starving in a field by their home. While Manni recovered, he struck up a great friendship with the family's Jack Russell terrier.

Amy the deer and Ransom the dog: A sitka deer named Amy who lived at the Wild Heart Ranch in Oklahoma took a blind dog named Ransom under her care when he moved in. She helped groom him, and she kept him company for years!

More "Animal Buddies" Up Shortly

Besides the Continuation of the 5 New Photographic Exhibitions Plus the start of a few more Multi Week / Multipart Art & Photographic Exhibitions ; The Next few Issues will have the Following Features : Here's A Sneak Peek

Varied Iconic Artists and Photographer's Works from Zazoo Art & Photo Gallery WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925

A Trip to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon

Adam Scott Rote's Most Recent Visit to Key West Gallery WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM WWW.ADAMROTE.COM 
601 Duval St. 305-923-1696

2018 Fantasy Fest / Aids Help CC "King and Queen" Campaign Kick Off

Pt. 3 of 4 On-Line Art Exhibition from Elizabeth Eve King
Pushed Back until Next Issue : Award Winning Dog Photography

38th. Annual Key West World Championship Nov. 4-11 Truman Waterfront


City of Key West Preserve Island Life

Meatless Mondays!
The single biggest thing any one person can do to reduce greenhouse gasses is reduce meat consumption.  For every burger skipped, you save enough water to wash your car 15 times. And enough energy to charge your phone for 4.5 years!  Challenge yourself for a month of entirely meatless Mondays and you'll reduce your carbon footprint by 32 lbs!  Tell us what you're eating on Facebook:  Meatless Monday Event

Grow Your Own!
October is planting season in the Keys.  Plan out your winter garden now by checking out the Extension Service's  Master Gardener Handbook.   If you don't have the space, check out a plot at the GLEE Community Garden:

Sat. Sept 1st &  Sat. Oct 6th- Household Hazardous Waste Collection
9am-Noon: City of Key West collects Household Chemicals and Electronics from the residents of Key West the first Saturday of each month at Indigenous Park. Free for the residents of Key West, no businesses material will be accepted.   They will take: TV's, computers, gaming systems, VCR's, remote controls, radios, ear buds, and all other electronics. Also chemicals: Up to 5 gallons of old gas, up to 5 gallons of oil, car fluids, batteries, household cleaners, poisons, fertilizers, pool chemicals, paints, etc. All items should be labeled if possible or bring a list with an inventory.  A few more events are Listed at the end of this Issue.

DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS ; Please go to above FB site for ALL the events from this Dept. at The City of Key West

WWW.IWFFA.COM International Womens Flag Football Association
Diane at 305-896-8678
September 7 & 8.  Includes on Fri. & Sat. 10-Noon : Flag Football Clinic & Friendship Games. Thanks Diane for bringing your Championship PlayOffs to KW Every Year.

WWW.WOMENFEST.COM  SEPT 5 - 9 305-294-4603
A KWBG Production (Key West Business Guild)

For Additional information on Tropical Heat, WomenFest, and the September Mixer and Luncheon from the KWBG ; go to their Weekly Section Up Shortly.


Part 1 of  3 Weeks / Parts 
There's nothing to make you feel quite as unique as being welcomed home by a family member with a large sign at the airport. But, a picture says a thousand words and a poorly worded sign can ruin a beautiful moment. Add in a poorly dressed sign holder, and it's a recipe for disaster. A grown man in a penguin onesie is already a bit off the wall. But with a shopping list for his parents before they've even cleared customs... that's a bit much!
Ever walked past one of those shoeshine stands and wondered who on earth still gets their shoes shined? Well, if you have, here's your answer. Two 'arrivals' for the Comic-Con convention needed to be buffed up and polished before they left the airport to go to the venue. I'm surprised they didn't ask to have their joints oiled as well. I wonder if the price list includes a full body wax and shine! It would be a shame if they paid the same price as everyone else!

With no context, this story looks like something out of a dystopian future TV series. With technology no longer working, humans are forced to pull the airplanes to get them to work. And worse still, only little people are used for the purpose. It's like some sick, twisted slavery. However, reality might set your mind at ease. It was being filmed for TV, but for Man Vs. Beast. The idea was to see who could pull an airplane faster: 44 little people or 1 elephant.

The Danes are not ones to fool around when it comes to time limits. The pick-up and drop-off zone at the airport is patrolled, and fines are issued to transgressors. It became apparent that the zone was being clogged up by couples who were struggling to say their final goodbyes. And so, the innovative, considerate Danes made a particular area where couples are given extra time to give each other the last kiss. But only for 3 minutes... after that, all bets are off!

More Airport Photos Up Shortly


One of our 5 New On-Line Photographic Exhibitions

"Humpback Whale Spy Hopping" by Greg LeCoeur

"Down the Stream" by (Unknown) Images by Getty

"Love Birds" by Grant Thomas
More Underwater Photography Up Shortly

We Now Continue with the Artists of Cocco and Salem Gallery 
Here are 4 works from Stanley Zabar

Untitled #67  11 X 14 Mixed Media

Untitled #66  11 X 14 Mixed Media

34th. St. Night  11 X 14 Archival Pigment Ink on Canvas

Barcelona Beauty of the Canal  30 X 40 Pianting with Light


People at Mallory Square  40 X 60 Acrylic on Canvas

Sailboat in the Sunset  31.5 X 40 Acrylic on Canvas

Inside the Boat  24 X 36 Acrylic on Canvas

Everybody's Strolling Along  40 X 50 Acrylic on Canvas

Part 2 of the Artists in Cocco and Salem Gallery Next Issue

We kickoff our 59th Annual 2018-2019 Season Key West Home Tours with this special event on Thursday, November 15 at 5:30 pm where we reveal this year's poster contest winner. You get to meet all of the artists, see some of their work and get a poster signed by the winning artist. We might hear more about some of the of the homes on this year's tours as well. Nibbles and an open bar too...Pics from the 2017 Kick Off Party Click  

 In the Next Issue (Pushed Back) :   World Renowned Sand Art Sculpture Champion Artist Carl Jara  Art



Take a 3 Minutes Break to Hear a Classic "A Natural Woman"


Thank You for the Long Lifetime of Dedicated Excellent Service to Our Country


Part 3 of 3 

For the summer season, SALT Gallery (830 Fleming St., is featuring a new collection of whimsical mixed media paintings by local artist Kreg Kelley. To celebrate Kreg's new works, SALT had an opening reception Friday, July 6th.. The Exhibition will be up ALL SUMMER & Perhaps a few weeks into September 
A Key West based artist as of summer 2013, Kreg won his first art award at the age of 12 with the 'Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards Program' for a drawing entitled 'Holocaust.' Throughout his teenage life he experimented in different artistic mediums, but it wasn't until 2003 that his art became more of a full-on hobby. Aside from abstraction and 3D works on canvas, he incorporates damaged antique engravings and artifacts from the 18 
th and 19
 century into his pieces. Several of his pieces are in world-renowned chef Gerry Garvin's restaurant in Hollywood and he participated in a group show in NYC featuring works by Yoko Ono. In the summer of 2010 his painting of "Washington, DC: Night in the City Series" was chosen to be featured in the national calendar for the American Civil Liberties Union. Due to Space Constraints the above verbiage was Great Reduced ; Please go to Our Second Special Summer Edition (July 7) to read the Entire Complete Verbiage that Salt Produced.  
Go to the Fourth Special Summer Edition Issue (July 30, 2018)  to see Part 1 of our 3 Part / Week Feature to see many of Kreg's Works  Part 2 August 13 Link : 

"The Masks We Wear 24 X 40

"Flower Splash Vol. III"

Multumin Parvo Suite Vol. VI

"Pythagoras #1"

"The Conch Gecko" 8 X 10 X 2

"The Conch Pirate" 36 X 40 X 3

More of Kreg D. Kelly Up Shortly

25% OFF Acupuncture or Skin Care Treatment.  Enjoy a Deep Cleaning Facial or other Skin Car Service Or Recharge with Acupuncture & Let Us Help you Fell Better
Mention This Coupon ; Expires Sept 30


We Continue with Many New On-Line Photographic Exhibitions  But First

We are pleased to announce that  Zazoo Fine Art Gallery
 now  represents The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection.

We present the following limited edition fine art prints 
which are available for purchase...

" The Grinch 60th Anniversary " 

The Grinch's realization that the spirit of being human is not what we have materially, but rather in what we hold dear in our hearts,
has become a timeless lesson.
Limited Edition of 395 Mixed-Medium Pigment
Prints on Archival Paper.
Measures approx. 30 1/4 " x 33 1/4 " framed.
Gallery Price $2,125 framed.
" The Cat 60th Anniversary "  

 One of Dr. Seuss's most iconic chartacters, the Cat in the Hat,  
gives us the ultimate permission to tap into our 
childhood ambitions of unimpeded fun. 
Limited Edition of 395 Mixed-Medium Pigment
Prints on Archival Paper.
Measures approx. 30 1/4 " x 33 1/4 " framed.
Gallery Price $2,125 framed.
" Little Cats B, C and A ! "  

Classic Dr. Seuss adapted posthumously from the illustration 
for the 1958 book, " The Cat in the Hat Comes Back ".
 Limited Edition of 1500 Serigraphs on Coventry Rag Paper.
Measures a pprox. 20 1/8 " x 25 1/4 " framed.
Gallery Price $795 framed.
To view the full available assortment of Dr Seuss available artwork
click this Dr. Seuss Link 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these great Dr Seuss fine art prints, please call me at  305-294-8925 or email me at  .

Next Issue : A Variety of their Iconic Art & Photographs

281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Works of American Photographer Walker Evans on display at Custom House Museum   
A selection of prints captured by Walker Evans, an  American photographer recognized for pioneering a documentary style of photography during the Great Depression on behalf of the Farm Security Administration, is currently on exhibit in the foyer at the Custom House Museum.  " 3 Weeks in Cuba: Walker Evans & Ernest Hemingway" features 12 of Evans' 46 images taken while on assignment in Cuba, and reveal a visual account of Havana in 1933.
Considered one of the greatest photographers of his time, Evans' straightforward precision in his approach to portraiture and documentary redefined the genre. A literary thinker, most of his images were shot for books, magazines, articles, and essays. Some of the prints in the Custom House exhibit were included in the book "The Crime of Cuba," published in several magazines, and featured in other gallery exhibitions.  They form part of the larger collection of 46 on loan by Key West local Benjamin 'Dink' Bruce, whose family were longtime friends of the Hemingways.
Evans, who was on assignment in Cuba for "The Crime of Cuba," an expose of the corrupt regime of President Gerardo Machado, feared the images could be confiscated by Machado operatives. Evans entrusted the 46 images to Hemingway, who was also in Cuba gathering material for his novel "To Have and Have Not." The two had met purely by coincidence, spending many afternoons and evenings together, forming an ephemeral friendship.  Hemingway even loaned Evans money to extend his stay in Cuba when his assignment money ran out.  
The images capture a range of micro and macro information and reveal the context of Havana's 1933 culture, doing with images what a writer might do in words.  Beggars, children, cafĂ© patrons, fruit cart vendors- the images relay "Cuba's people, its ethnic diversity, its shops, professions, the look and feel of its street and urban life," says Society Curator Cori Convertito, PhD. 
"Life for Cubans in the 1930s was tumultuous," she says. "Their political system was in the midst of an upheaval, but for visitors, it was an entirely different experience.  Havana was a flourishing and fashionable city which attracted many literary and musical greats, along with some of Europe's most distinguished luminaries and personalities.  The dichotomy of the poor residents alongside the well-heeled visitors shaped both Evans' and Hemingway's experience in Cuba in 1933."  
Though Hemingway and Evans never corresponded nor met again, those weeks in Havana had a lasting effect on each of them, and over the years, they commented on their friendship and time together.  
" 3 Weeks in Cuba: Walker Evans & Ernest Hemingway"  is on display in the Custom House Museum Foyer from July 5, 2018 - October 10, 2018.  For more information, call Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305-295-6616 x 112 or visit  Your Museums.  Your Community.  It Takes an Island. 

More Exhibitions and Events from the 4 Venues of KWAHS in their Weekly Section Up Shortly

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow

(Bottom-L) Ralph Wright, left, assists his friend Glenn Bronson, right, proprietor of the new Clip-in Dales Dog Grooming Salon, at its opening next to Sandys Cafe and the laundry. Photo by Pete Arnow.
(Bottom-R) Billy Davis, right, of A Positive Step of Monroe County, an organization that helps youths find summer jobs, was the recipient of the Centennial Bank's monthly non profit recognition hot dog wagon at its branch Whitehead Street. Photo by Pete Arnow.

(Top-L) Allen Schaffranek of Key West's newest radio station, Party 105.7 FM, spun the tunes at the After Tea Dance Party upstairs at Mongoes Restaurant which was the final event of this year's Tropical Heat event.  A Silent Auction benefitted the Smart Ride held in November. Photo by Pete Arnow.

(Top-R) Kenny Weschler has been the proprietor of the iconic In Touch Gift Shop on Duval Street for nine years; Saturday was his first time behind the counter alone. Photo by Pete Arnow.

WWW.REDBARNTHEATRE.COM  305-296-9911 319 Duval St.
With Bells On 12/11-1/5, Short Attention Span Theatre 1/15-2/9, Tenderly The Rosemary Clooney Musical 2/19-3/16, Meteor Shower 3/23-4/20


We now Continue with "Underwater Photography"

"Peek-A-Boo" by Martin Edser

"Morning Flight" by Filipo Borghi

"A Sand Tiger Shark Surrounded by Tina Bait Fish" by Taniya Houppermans
More "Underwater Photography" in the Next Issue

2018 / 2019 Season

Also : "Adventures in BurlesqueLand : A KW Burlesque Production",  "Carmen by Request : A Musical Journey" 11/16 & 17
Of course to see greater details on these Plays & Productions go to their Website and FB; as well as our Weekly "Theatre" Section

72 HR. Film Challenge
416 Eaton St. 877-761-3456
Calling all filmmakers, directors, writers and actors -- what kind of film can you make in just 72 hours?
The 72-Hour film challenge takes place annually and is free for anyone to enter. All ages and talent levels -- from amateur to professional -- are encouraged to participate. We even offer a short, basic lesson on how to film from your iPhone.  Filmmaking teams will have 72(ish) hours to write, shoot, edit, and score a complete short film that is seven minutes or less in length.   Films will need to be dropped off at Tropic Cinema or emailed to us in the correct format.  All entries will be shown at a screening open to the public on September 25th & 26th at the Tropic.
Where it all starts
You are invited to the kick-off party at Tropic Cinema.  During the kick-off party teams will register. If you don't have a team that's okay; let us know ahead of time and we can help you find others who can work with you. 
Each team will be given a genre, title, line of dialogue, occupation and prop. All elements must be included in your final film -- the rest is up to you!  Got it? Be warned: we switch the options each year just to keep you on your toes!!
We Continue with Photos from the 60's and 70's

Eric Clapton, Sting and Jeff Beck were all part of the band line up for the Secret Policeman's Other Ball of September 10, 1981. Essentially it was the who's who of early 1980s British comedy and combined with music celebrities. Actor John Cleese directed this eclectic group of performers for a benefit for the English wing of Amnesty International. The show included comedy skits by Peter Cook, Rowan Atkinson, and the members of Monty Python. Other participants were Phil Collins, Donovan and Bob Geldof among others.

Barbara Eden was all charm in "I Dream of Jeannie."  Astronaut Captain Tony Nelson discovered a mysterious bottle while on a mission and upon opening it, he released Jeannie (the Genie). The bubbly, scantily dressed woman of legend seems thrilled to serve Captain Nelson and quickly takes to calling him 'master'.
Despite the sexual tension, Captain Nelson managed to keep things chaste with Jeannie for the first four seasons but by 1969, the sexual revolution made its way to "I Dream of Jeannie", and it was time for its two stars to get together. Jeannie and Nelson got married during the 1969-1970 season, which ended up being the last.

Tina Turner was one of the early trailblazers for black female entertainers. 
Interestingly enough, Turner also got into Buddhism back in the 1970s, she found peace in the rituals of chanting and still adheres to the teachings of The Soka Gakkai International, (the largest Buddhist organization) today. 
According to Turner, "The experience of singing prayers together allows us to deeply connect on an emotional level, a place of love and respect where worldly Differences fade."

Pictured here are actors Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader co-starring in this 1985 cult classic "Tuff Turf". This was the first time the pair worked together and oddly enough there was prophetic graffiti placed in the film, reading: the new avengers.
Spader plays teenager Morgan Hiller who is forced to move from Connecticut to Los Angeles after his father's company goes under. In typical '80s teen-flick fashion, Morgan struggles to make friends, bonds with an intelligent but unaffected sidekick (Robert Downey Jr.), and ends up falling for the local gang leader's girl which of course, has its consequences.
More Photos from the 60's & 70's Up Shortly

WWW.LKMC.COM 5900 College Rd.  305-294-5531
"Island Health : Your Health , Your Life" Newsletter
The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends is on the LKMC Database to receive their monthly Newsletter. Below is an Edited Copy of this month ; and do to the Conversion Interface am only able to copy most of it. Hit Links for Informative Info..

"You're Dehydrated & What to do About It Hit LINK1

Back, Side, or Stomach Hit LINK2

The 10,000 Step a Day Rule Hit LINK3


WWW.WESLEYHOUSE.ORG  305-809-5000 1304 Truman Ave.

Thought about taking care of our kids in our community?
Foster Care Classes begin in Key West September 19th
Are you ready to accept a child into your family and give that child love, care and commitment you would give your own child? ... then you are ready to become a Foster Parent. 
The first step is to enroll in Foster Care Class beginning September 19 th in Key West. 
Classes are held every Wednesday night for six weeks at Wesley House Family Services 1304 Truman Ave. 
Give a child the love and security they need today.
To register call Megan Burgess at 305-809-5020 or e-mail at

WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Anegla St. 305-294-2661
Kate and Jim Announced the entire 2018 / 2019 Schedule ; and will have complete up to and inc. May 2019 in the Next Issue.  10/7 Peter Diamond, 10/14 Libby York, 10/21 Scott Marischen, 10/28 Skipper Kripitz & Friends

More from TSKW and Matt Stone One of the Main Exhibitions going on Right Now (MUST SEE)

Coral Moonrise

Dark and Stromy

Keys Birds (Panorama)

Misty Morning

The Birds of Dawn

Part 2 of 3 in this Issue

El Poso by Wayne Garcia

White Bird by Wayne Gracia

Girls with Umbrella

Girl's with Umbrella

Part 3 Up Shortly


This is a unique welcome home that got the parties a good deal of attention. It was timed with the release of one of the Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi. The visitor dressed up as Darth Vader. His friends who were there to welcome him home dressed as storm troopers. They played the Imperial March music as their friend approached. He made the most of his 5 minutes of fame.  Strangely, no Jedi knights were waiting with their light sabers to take him down.

If you're expecting tight security, the airport is the place to be. So many terror attacks have been launched from airports. Security measures add to the stress and time taken to check in and clear out of the airport. But we all put up with it because we know it's being done to protect us. Have you ever wondered what security personnel is looking at on the screen when you pass by? Apparently, it's a riveting game of solitaire. Guess who's claiming unemployment?

These days, we have to avoid buying single-use items. They take up too much space, and they aren't worth the investment. Anything that has more than one function is an attractive proposition. These genius parents realized that their luggage could double up like a stroller for a sleeping child! Not only did they finally have their first moment's peace, but it was one less thing with wheels to control. And after the crying, I'm sure no one in the airport was complaining either!
This airport in Gibraltar keeps some airlines in business with the amount of liquor you need to drink to survive it. Gibraltar is very small, and so the architects had to be creative when they designed the airport. In the end, their runway was not long enough. Thus, it was determined that planes would have to cross the road to get to the rest of the runway on the other side. And how do you know if it's safe to cross? A traffic light, obviously!

Security measures at airports are more rigorous than ever. You can be requested by security to remove your shoes so that they can check them. That's why you should always check your socks for holes when flying. This poor mom was stopped for a shoe check. As she was eager to comply, she found somewhere to put her baby down while she took off her shoes. And I'm sure riding in a container on the hand luggage conveyor belt was the highlight of that baby's day!

More Airport Photos in the Next Issue

Click Above Links for Event Schedule & Click LINK2 for one of the TSKW's Latest E-Mail's with Interesting Information

We're delighted to welcome Stephen Kitsakos as the President of the Board. Kitsakos takes the reins from Mary Jean Connors, who's led The Studios with spectacular success for the past two years. Connors will stay on the Executive Committee, as "Immediate Past President," serving at Kitsakos' side and continuing to lend her energy and experience to the organization. We're equally excited to announce that Rosi Ware, who served as Board Chair from 2008-15, has rejoined the board and will serve on the Executive Committee.

Part 2 "Animal Buddies"

Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the deer: When Kate came across abandoned baby deer Pippin, the loving canine adopted her! As Pippin matured, she eventually moved back into the forest, but she still visits Kate and Kate's owner, Isobel.

Moses the crow and Cassie the cat: In 1999, a Massachusetts couple adopted Cassie, an infant kitten they found abandoned on their property. Amazingly, they also discovered a crow, who they nicknamed Moses, who had been feeding and caring for the kitten. Even after Cassie was rescued, she spent her days outside, playing with Moses!

 Koko the gorilla and Ms. Gray the kitten: Gorillas have actually been known to adopt cats, and the famous, beloved gorilla Koko was no different. She fell in love with a kitten named Ms. Gray as soon as she saw her. Can't you just see the love in their eyes?

 Bonedigger the lion and Milo the dog: It might seem like this lion would be the one who took little Milo the dachshund under his care, but it was
 actuallythe other way around! Bonedigger was disabled due to a metabolic bone disease, so Milo would keep him company and bathe him.

Tarantulas and microhylid frogs: Although tarantulas can be vicious killers, they don't hurt tiny microhylid frogs. Instead, they keep them around as "pets" because the frogs help protect the spiders' eggs from ants. Scientists suspect the toxins in the frogs' skin makes them taste bad, so the spiders use them to their advantage instead of consuming them.


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean
Due to Publishing a few less Issues over the Summer; Alyson Crean's Excellent E-Mail Features has Created a Small Waiting List in my "Put on Blast" File.  Will try over the course of the next Issues to Double / Triple Up on The City of Key West Features.  Thanks for the Great Material.

(Above)Fire Chief Michael Davila recently welcomed a new firefighter to the Key West Fire Department team.  Austin Kimbler is a Key West home-grown firefighter and son of an NAS Key West Firefighter, Mike Kimbler.  "He is proud to join our team and plans to continue the excellent service we provide," said Chief Davila.
In the photo (Above): Fire Marshal Alan Averette, Fire Chief Michael Davila, newly-hired Firefighter Austin Kimbler, Division Chief of Operations Danny Blanco, and EMS Division Chief Edward Perez.

(Top-Left) Key West Police Chief Donie Lee has named Officer Gustavo Medina Officer of the First Half of 2018 and Rodney Maxime Civilian Employee of the First Half of 2018. 
Officer Medina joined the Key West Police Department in August, 2011. After initially serving on road patrol, he currently serves as a Quality of Life officer. 
"Officer Medina is professional and compassionate in dealing with each crisis intervention," said Chief Lee. "Throughout his tenure, Officer Medina exemplifies the core values of the Department: Respect, Integrity, Fairness and Service. He serves with enthusiasm, meeting every encounter with courtesy and respect. He reflects the highest standards of the Key West Police Department and is an asset to our community."
(Top-Right)Dispatcher Rodney Maxime has been active with the Department long before he was officially hired, having served as an Explorer while attending Key West High School. Maxime came on board in December, and already he has shown his dedication to his work and to his community through his volunteer efforts and willingness to step up when needed. 
"Rodney is a valuable asset to our Department," said Chief Lee." His ability to provide translation is an important link to those in our community who speak only Creole."


WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard St. 305-294-2469
To Schedule your Non-Profit Organization to hold a Dinner Event where you receive 20% of the Total Spent that Night ; Call Heather and Michael.

ABC Walk/Run Saturday, November 3, 2018!!  ABC stands for "Awareness Breast Cancer," and Zonta encourages you to  join in  with the hundreds of expected Runners and Walkers for
this year's event on Saturday, November 3, 2018.  Pre-registration is online only.
To sign up for the 2018 walk,  please click the link below to go to our partner's site, Theme Runs "Run Sign Up".
Start Time:                        8:00 AM - Salute Restaurant
                                         1000 Atlantic Blvd. (Higgs Beach)
These are the non-prof's we are hosting 20% so far, and want any interested to email us at  Editors Note; since receiving this about two weeks ago from Heather and Michael there is a probability that additional dates have been taken.
Aug 31 May Sands Montessori School
Sept 10 KW Winter Baseball League
Sept 12 Zonta
Sept 18 Domestic Abuse Shelter
Sept 19 Monroe County Animal Farm
Sept 21 May Sands Montessori School
Sept 26 Habitat for Humanity
Oct. 10 Reef Relief
Oct. 15 KWHS Conchettes
Oct. 16 Sigsbee
Oct. 17 KWHS Conchettes
Dec. 6 Wesley House & Lighted Bike Parad
We Continue with More "60's & 70's Photos"
Pictured here is former "Charlie's Angels" star Farrah Fawcett, posed on a skateboard back in 1976 for an episode of the hit detective series.
Farrah Fawcett was one of the most successful actresses of her time. Strutting through the 1970s as one of Charlie's Angels not only cemented her sex-icon status in Hollywood history, but it also earned her four Emmys and six Golden Globe Awards nominations. In addition to every woman in the U.S. begging stylists for "Farrah hair," it seems every man in the country was pretty obsessed with her too. And her iconic swimsuit poster became the best-selling pin-up poster in history!
Eric Clapton, Sting and Jeff Beck were all part of the band line up for the Secret Policeman's Other Ball of September 10, 1981. Essentially it was the who's who of early 1980s British comedy and combined with music celebrities. Actor John Cleese directed this eclectic group of performers for a benefit for the English wing of Amnesty International. The show included comedy skits by Peter Cook, Rowan Atkinson, and the members of Monty Python. Other participants were Phil Collins, Donovan and Bob Geldof among others.

Pictured here is Joyce Dewitt playing on behalf of ABC in Battle of the Network Stars back in 1978. The series aired on ABC but featured teams of TV stars from all three major networks competing against each other in sporting events. ABC, CBS, and NBC would gather their teams, choose a team leader and let the games commence. 
Regular occurring events included swimming, kayaking, volleyball, golf, tennis, outdoor bowling, cycling, running, and 3-on-3 football There was also the baseball dunk, the obstacle course and a game of "Simon Says". 
Alongside Dewitt in the 1978 event was the ABC team captain Gabe Kaplan, Robin Williams, Debby Boone, Billy Crystal, Richard Hatch, Maren Jensen, and Robert Urich.
Back in the 1970s, Miss World America Lynda Carter scored the role of Wonder Woman and became the first mainstream female superhero. Carter quickly became a household name and soon skyrocketed to pop icon status.
She proved to the public that women could be both tough and sexy, at a time where women were still largely considered 'delicate' in nature. She rocked her own obvious sex appeal combined with her character's incredible strength and abilities at the same time. Even after her Wonder Woman days were over, she hardly retired her superhero cape. Lynda continued her battle for justice off screen as an advocate for LGBT rights and eventually she also joined efforts in finding the cure for cancer. 
Thanks to Lyra Radford for Writing & Compiling the Groovy Feature "60's and 70's Photos"
Lyra spends her days exploring all shades of history. In her writing, she covers topics ranging from the 'groovy' to the downright strange. She enjoys books, movies, and strong coffee. She also fancies herself the world's greatest air hockey player. She learned the ins and outs of writing and producing film/television at Palm Beach State and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She is currently enrolled at Arizona State University studying psychology and writing. Her work has been featured by some of the most prolific sites on the web and she is the author of the travel guide "Two-Days Exploring Haunted Key West".
The Groovy History : Link
The Authors from Groovy History : Link
Next Week more Photos from the 60's and 70'

Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries



Part 3 of 3 in this Issue

Cayo Hueso Transit 1980  by Norma Renner Wood Carving

Christian Angel 1988 by Alice Terry  Paper Mache / Paint

Fantasy Fest Mugs 1989 by Lana Zarata

Fantasy Fest Mugs 1989 by Lana Zarata

Oldest House by Janice McCardel


Part 2 Kreg D. Kelley at the Salt Island Provisions Gallery

"Natura Artis Magestra : Nature the Mistress of Art" Suite Vol. II

"Bene Ambula Ei Reambula : A Safe Journey to you"

"Homage to Key West" Suite Vol. II  30 x 30 x 3

A Mari Usque Ad Mare : From Sea to Sea 48 X 48

"Bene AmbukaEt redambula : A Safe Journey to You" 48 X 60

"Elizabeth Defeating The Spanish Armada"

"Argus" 24 X 30 X 3

A recent Anne McKee Artist Fund Group shot ; the Honorees from I believe 2014; Kreg is on the far left



BELOW IS EDITED DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS; PLEASE GO TO THEIR WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL INFO.. Below is from their Latest E-Mail I received; they do an Excellent Job with their E-Mails and ONLY send out the Right Amount to Insure that the Film Lover is Well Informed to their Brilliant Events.  You should ask to be on their Mailing List.

2018 Key West Film Festival (KWFF)  will roll out the red carpet for you, literally, 
99 days from today  on 
Opening Night, November 14th.   Our team has been busy throughout the year curating another best-in-class festival experience - venues, films, themes, Hollywood talent, film critics, and more.  As we celebrate our eighth year, we strive to make it another memorable one for Key West visitors and locals alike.  Whether you are a film fanatic, a movie buff, a fan of the arts, or just someone who enjoys being entertained by the big screen, there is something for everyone.  

Before we dive into what's ahead in November, let's take a look back on all that's happened since the closing night reception and 2017 KWFF Awards.  In January we all watched with high anticipation as KWFF Film Selections and Award Winners headed to the first major awards of the year: the 75th Annual Golden Globes.  
I, TONYA  were all nominated films. The creativity and storytelling of 
Guillermo del Toro  was recognized with his Best Director - Motion Picture win for
 THE SHAPE OF WATER , the 2017 KWFF Opening Night Spotlight Screening! Best Original Score also went to 
Alexandre Desplat.  The applause continued for 
Allison Janney  who took home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her portrayal of an overbearing mother in 


The Usual Great Summer Entertainment from  Bob Bowersox , Theatre XP, & Red Barn Theatre
WWW.THEATREXP.ORG 302-540-6102


Here is a Link for the Complete "Meet the Candidates" Video  that took place on July 24th. Showing ALL the Candidates. 


Hazel Griffiths, Scott Perrygo, and I Really Enjoyed the Sunset Watersports Dinner Cruise a Few Week Ago. Thanks Richard and the Crew for an Outstanding Ocean Cruise.  A MUST ATTEND for all Citizens with or without Out of Town Guests.  Of Course a DOUBLE MUST ATTEND for your Out of Town Guests.

 855-378-6386  (855-3-SUNFUN)
Direct Booking from Sunset Watersports Key West on All Above Plus so Many Additional Packages Hit  BOOKING INFO .  


281 Front St. 305-295-6616


Are you a glue-gun guru and artist with a knack for fashion?  Submit your titillating, one-of-a-kind decorated bras to Womankind to "support" their upcoming signature BraZaar fundraiser, presented by Last Key Realty. The official Fantasy Fest event is set for Monday, October 22 from 7pm-10pm at Key West Theatre, featuring a  pre-auction welcome with sweet treats and libations, a high-energy, fast-moving live auction with models hired by Womankind, and a Rack Sale of old and new artist-made bra designs. The event uplifts with a 1970s game-show motif, complete with a hilarious show host, unsuspecting participants, and spectacular and hilarious prizes. Event proceeds benefit the  nonprofit medical center that offers affordable healthcare to Keys women, and the people who love them.
Artists' designs will be blind juried, with accepted submissions entered in the live auction or the evening's opening and closing Rack Sale. Artists whose designs are selected for the live auction will receive free entry to the event to watch their bra be modeled down the 16-foot runway complete with overhanging glittery disco ball. The bra with the highest live auction bid and the audience favorite (chosen through "voting dollars") will win fabulous "Breast in Show" award packages. 
"The stunning creativity of the BraZaar artists makes this event successful each year," says Executive Director Cali Roberts. "Breast health is a very serious issue, but once a year we use this light-hearted approach to fund Womankind services."
Since its inception in 2007, artists' participation has helped the event net over $87,000, a huge boon to the breast health programs Womankind offers. 
"Beneath the weightiness of healthcare, Womankind remains a grassroots organization where locals help each other get quality preventative care," says Roberts. "At BraZaar, we celebrate that spirit."
Deadline for submissions is Friday, October 12 th. Download your application now at, get started on your design, and know that your participation helps raise awareness of breast health while raising money to help Womankind advance its mission to provide breast cancer screenings and exams to local women.
Tickets are $30 for general admission and $50 for preferred seating and can be purchased at starting September 1.  For more information about entry submission, or for businesses who wish to sponsor an artist's bra, contact Cricket Desmarais at or call Womankind at 305-294-4004.
2015 Models : Photo by Larry Blackburn



A few of the many Features in Past Issues of  The Blue Paper :
Key West Mayoral Candidate Gets Call from God,
Lobster Season, Hometown Key West, Woman Arrested, Major Crash on Seven Mile Bridge, Father & Son Cited for Spearing Lobsters, Endangered Butterflies to be Released in Key Largo. Of course ; when you go to the Newspaper you will see many additional Features from the Current Issue. The Next September Issue will have Update Materials.  Due to Time Constraints for a Publishing Deadline I had no More Time to Edit.


 305-745-2729 24244 OverSeas Hwy. Summerland Key 

Sept 15th - Science Talks with Mote Marine
5-6pm: Join Mote Marine every third Saturday of the month for "Science Talks."  Snacks and refreshments will be provided.   Meets at Divers Direct at 535 Greene Street.

RED LINK1  for 250 Photos from the April 14th. 8th. Annual OceanFest.


2018 Art Garden
WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504

So Much Fun going ALL over their Gardens Looking for the Sculptures; They also provide a Map.

WWW.KEYSUNITEDWAY.ORG 305-735-1929  6631 Maloney Ave. #F


Florida Keys Council of the Arts  1100 Simonton St. 305-295-4369 

The Current Exhibitions are "Tamiami Trail : In the Beginning" & "Colors of Spring" 


Allison Rich,  Sr. Library Assistant,  Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street,  Key West, FL  33040,  305-292-3595


Stores All  Over The Keys. In Key West 3326 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 305-295-6400


Dec 7th: Paula Poundstone at The Key West Theater
With smart, observational humor and a legendary spontaneous interaction with the crowd, Paula Poundstone is one of our country's pre-eminent comedians. She improvises with a crowd like a Jazz musician, swinging in...


 5230 College Rd. 305-294-4857


The Key West Wildlife Center 1801 White St. 
305-292-1008 (also their Wildlife Rescue #) 

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241 

Art Center in Pink by Susan O'Neill  Acrylic




 5525 College Rd. 
Animal Farm Open the 2nd and 4th of Every Month. Next Two are Sunday Sept 9 and Sept 23 1-3PM


MCEF Chair Bryan Green, TSIC student DeShawn Fisher, Superintendent Mark Porter, School Board Member Andy Griffiths, and TSIC mentor Nicole Rapanos.

Take Stock in Children scholarship applications for the 2018-19 school year are now available in Monroe County middle and high schools. Students in grades 7 - 10 who meet the income and academic guidelines should apply for this unique college scholarship & career readiness opportunity.
"This is an outstanding program that offers much more than a college scholarship to eligible candidates. Our students meet once a week for 45 minutes during the school year with their volunteer mentor, they participate in college and career readiness workshops, and receive assistance from their college success coach while in middle and high school," explains TSIC program coordinator Chuck Licis.
Eligible TSIC students sign a contract promising to earn As, Bs, and Cs each grading period, maintain good attendance and behavior, attend college/career readiness workshops, meet weekly with their mentor, and remain crime and drug free. Upon successful completion of the Take Stock in Children program, high school graduates receive access to a 4-year college scholarship which may be used at any Florida public college or university.
"Whether their goal is to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree, or an industry certificate," Licis said, "our team of TSIC success coaches and mentors along with their teachers and parents help guide and motivate the TSIC scholars towards their dream of attending the Florida college, university, or technical college or their choice."
For more information, visit and select the Take Stock in Children tab. You may also contact Chuck Licis at 305-293-1546 or by email at to request an application.
TSIC scholarship applications for the current year are due Friday, September 21, 2018. Return completed applications to the front office of each middle or high school or mail to Chuck Licis, Take Stock in Children, 241 Trumbo Road, Key West, FL 33040.

WWW.TWKW.ORG 513 Truman Ave, 
NEW NUMBER 305-204-4527
Dennis Beaver Curator KWAHS@KWAHS.ORG


 The Artists of Guild Hall Gallery 
614 Duval St. 305-296-6076
Go to the April 16 Link for Part 1 :
April 23 Part 2 April 30 Part 3 
Pt 5 May 14 and Pt 6 The May 21st. Issue


WWW.KWLS.ORG 717 Love Lane 305-293-9291


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433


(Formerly Called FAVOR)



 Next Mixer is Sept. 12 Featuring the KW Film Festival at The Key West Theater 512 Eaton St.  .Next Luncheon is 9/5 at Marriott Beachside 38141 N. Roos. Blvd.
Hit LINK1 for Reservation  
: The Key West Film Festival WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM 




The April 30 Issue had a large Photo Feature on this Concert ; Hit Issue Link to see it

Important Note : Good Friend Gracy Lozano from Keys Lifestyle Marketing has this awesome Website that gives an Amazing and Extensive Listing of Events in Key West. Click the website below and check it out.

Here are just a few Categories; many way to look Up : Day, Month, Year, Category 305-440-059



Harrison Gallery
WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609   The Season Finale Exhibition "Springtime in Key West"


Our Last 26 Issues ; These Links Below are Created by my Production, Database Management & Delivery System : Constant Contact.  By Clicking any of them; you will Instantly see the Issue ; they don't get stored on your computer; Just put Temporarily in Memory

Fifth Special Summer Edition Issue Aug. 13 2018
Fourth Special Summer Edition Issue  July 30, 2018
Third Special Summer Edition Issue July 16
Second Special Summer Edition Issue  July 7,
First Special Summer Edition Issue June 21
May 28 SEASON FINALE ISSUE FOR 2017 / 2018
April 23  
April 9 :
                                   Feb 26 : p://

The nonprofit USCGC Ingham Museum at the Truman Annex Waterfront Park will be open for sunset each Wednesday at 5 p.m. with bingo onboard after dark. For information, call 305-292-5072 or email 


WWW.KEYWESTORTHOPEDICS.COM 305-295-9797 3485 N. Roosevelt Blvd. 

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM for Production, Database Management, and Delivery. They are GREAT. Their Customer Support and On-Line Q&A are Second to None. 781-482-8911
Also Here is my Facebook Page :


WWW.WESLEYHOUSE.ORG 305-809-5000  1304 Truman Ave.


712 Duval St. 305-440-2179 11A-11P
 "Best Hush Puppies & New England Clam Chowder in the South; & the Angle Hair Pasta with Lump Crab in a Cream Sauce is amazing; plus their Peel N Eat Shrimp are by far always the tastiest The Keys.  


305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Dr.


 1100 Simonton St.#3


5210 College Road 

Johnny White & Caroline are always so nice in sharing their Photo Galleries with Us.  Hit their Gallery Link to see many Photo Galleries




WWW.FKCC.EDU 5901 College Rd. 305-296-9081

With the acquisition of a 2.12-acre Key Largo property, Florida Keys Community College made an historic step in its goal to expand services to the residents and industries in northern Monroe County.  The College closed on the purchase of the property  on Tuesday and now owns the long-sought site of the future FKCC Upper Keys Center.
Many know the property as the northern "Shell World" location at Mile Marker 106.4 on the Overseas Highway, which greeted visitors entering the Keys for many years.  This highly-visible new location replaces the College's increasingly limited space held at Coral Shores High School and will allow the College to double its capacity to serve more than 300 students annually.
In the spirit of supporting higher education and workforce training in the Keys, the sellers, the Waterman family, reduced the $3 million price tag by $500,000.  The College will honor their generosity in the new facility.  "This is just the first step in a process that began too long ago for many to remember.  Nonetheless, it is a very important step as we acquire the title to this property that will become the higher education location for the Upper Keys," said Dr. Jonathan Gueverra, FKCC President. 
L to R: Stephanie Scuderi, FKCC Board of Trustees Chair; Jean Mauk, FKCC Vice President of Finance and Administration; Dr. Jonathan Gueverra, President; James Waterman, property seller.
"Residents in this area have been starved for a quality facility for far too long.  Working with everyone in our community, this Center will soon be a reality. The College will offer the much-needed programs to support the local economy while increasing access for local residents and keeping tuition at affordable rates."  The College plans to expand four existing programs in the Upper Keys: nursing, emergency medical technician, marine environmental technology, and public safety (law enforcement and corrections academies).  In addition, the College plans to develop new programs at the facility including: marine resource management, paramedic, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy, and construction technologies.
FKCC is exploring a variety of opportunities-public and private-to secure the estimated $20 million needed to construct the new facility.  Those interested in making a financial contribution to support FKCC's new Upper Keys Center are asked to contact Dr. Frank Wood, Vice President of Advancement and Executive Director of the FKCC Foundation, at 305-809-3287 or .


WWW.LKMC.COM 5900 College Rd. 305-294-5531


We are one of many 'pods' across the globe, 
part of a grassroots movement started by 
PlantPure Communities, a non-profit. 

The  'Whole Plant Lifestyle in Key West' pod,
is a local non-profit independent group, that
advocates whole plant nutrition for all these reasons:
health, the environment, sustainability,
animal welfare, and food inequities.

Free, open to the public. Free raffles! Free prizes!
Free whole plant nutrition information sessions.
Find us at the Key West Library:
During the month of September 5,12, 19 & 26, Wednesdays, 5-7pm




Neil Chamberlain and Staff Send Greetings

WWW.SANCTUARYFRIEDNS.ORG  55500 Overseas Hwy. Marathon 305-289-2288



WWW.CFFK.ORG 305-292-1502
300 Southard St. #201


Michael and Heather Barnes at Manga-Manga send regards
900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Sit Inside Or Sit Outside on their Spacious Patio
Editor's Note : I look forward to taking some new Pics of some of the Chef's Creations as they come out of the Kitchen; and insert them shortly in their ad.. ALSO
Every Year Michael and Heather help out many of the Non-Profit Organizations by Hosting Dinner Parties. These Dinner Parties are Promoted by Mangia-Mangia and the Different Non-Profit Groups.  Michael and Heather wIll GIVE BACK 20% of the Bill to the Non-Profit Organization.  ALSO you don't have to be a member of the organization to attend; simply show up and sit with the Members; and once again 20% of your Bill will be GIVEN BACK to the Non-Profit Organization. Right now there are Evening Dates still available ; Call Heather at Mangia-Mangia
These are the non-prof's we are hosting 20% so far, and want any interested to email us at
Aug 31 May Sands Montessori School
Sept 10 KW Winter Baseball League
Sept 12 Zonta
Sept 18 Domestic Abuse Shelter
Sept 19 Monroe County Animal Farm
Sept 21 May Sands Montessori School
Sept 26 Habitat for Humanity


WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 1801 White St. 305-292-1008 

Thanks Tom, Peggy and Staff / Supporters /Board for the Amazing Job you do in Helping our Wild Friends.


WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 512 Eaton St. 305-985-0433
 Sept 30 : Louie Anderson, Oct. 14 :Who's Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience, Nov. 7 : Ottmar Lieberft, Nov. 15 : Thunder From Down Under, Nov. 16 : Livingston Taylor, Nov. 28th. : Kingston Trio Legacy Tour, Dec 7th. : Paula Poundstone, Dec, 16th. A John Waters Christmas, 2/2/2019 : Beginnings A Tribute to the Music of Chicago.
Nov. 15 Thunder from Down Under
Nov 28
Kingston Trio Legacy Tour

August 18 Havana Nights
John Waters December 16

Dec 7th: Paula Poundstone
With smart, observational humor and a legendary spontaneous interaction with the crowd, Paula Poundstone is one of our country's pre-eminent comedians. She improvises with a crowd like a Jazz musician, swinging in...

For additional Info on their concerts & events ; Click Link here for their Latest E-Newsletter with Updated Info. Click TWT7


Nov. 16 Livingston Taylor

Nov. 7 : Ottmar Liebert

TICKETS ON SALE and can be purchased at the Key West Theater box office at 512 Eaton St or online at
Key West Theater presents

  For More Info WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 305-985-0433



Their Monthly E-Mailer & Feature on their website "Keys Traveler" has a Tremendous Amount of Information.
"Keys Traveler" E-Newsletter Link ; Hit
September 2018 Issue Just Out
Includes a Feature on the new addition to Fantasy Fest "Games We Play" Oct. 19-28
& Featured Video of the Month : Discover the Seven Mile Bridge

Arts & Culture


Diving and Fishing



ALSO : "Carmen by Request : A Musical Journey" 11/16 & 17
"Adventures in Burlesqueland : A KW Burlesque Production" 11/18-26
WWW.REDBARNTHEATRE.COM  305-296-9911 319 Duval Street

With Bells On 12/11-1/5, Short Attention Span Theatre 1/15-2/9, Tenderly The Rosemary Clooney Musical 2/19-3/16, Meteor Shower 3/23-4/20

Our "Theatre Section" Continues with Coffee Mill Dance Studio
(Due to Space Constraints the Feature we have been running on this is now greatly edited. For add. Info. go to their website / FB and Click the Last Issue Link here
CoffeeMill Dance Studio Fall 2018 Semester Starts To Begin Tuesday, September 4th
CoffeeMill Dance Studio, Key West's premier instructional dance studio for over 35 years, kicks off their Fall 2018 semester on September 4 with a full roster of children and adult dance and fitness classes at their two locations at 'The Annex' at 605a Simonton Street and 'By the Bay' at 3340 North Roosevelt Blvd. #2. 
For more information, call the CoffeeMill Dance Studio at 305-296-9982, email, or visit for a full schedule.  

 WWW.TSKW.ORG 533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458 


 Click LINK1 For more details


"Hampton's Art & Culture" in the Next few Issues will be back to Peak Season Information; Featuring Greater Information from Below Venues..Of course ; click any of the Links and you'll be at their sites.

Iris Ornig on Monday Nights Hosting Jazz at Kitano 8-11pm  66 Park Ave. at 38th. St. NYC.. Thanks Iris for Keeping your Key West and Southampton Fans Up to Date. Check her Facebook Page

GUILD HALL 158 Main St. East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0806 WWW.GUILDHALL.ORG
SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER 25 Jobs Ln Southampton, NY, 11968 631-283-0967


PARRISH ART MUSEUM 279 Montauk Hwy. Water Mill, NY, 11976
37A Main Street  East Hampton NY 631-329-4516.  

 Photo & Art Galleries from Lucille Khornak


281 Front St. 305-295-6616

KWAHS Celebrates Lower Keys electricity and it's History 
"Powering Paradise: 75th Anniversary of Keys Energy" Exhibit
Friday, July 27- Monday, November 26
Custom House Museum
Contact: Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305.295.6616 x 112
 Key West Art & Historical Society's Parent & Me Fort Adventures for children resume at Fort East Martello on September 4 

Registration is now open for this fall's Parent & Me Fort Adventure classes at Fort East Martello, an education program offered by Key West Art & Historical Society that celebrates hands-on, inquiry-based learning while inviting children and parents to explore the Fort and its artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibits. 

Image Below Left by Carol Tedesco : Kearney Gieda, left, and Kobe Green craft a structure from oversized building blocks that offer experiential learning and open-ended play. The blocks are just one of many activities available at the ongoing Key West Art & Historical Society  Fort Adventures 'Parent and Me'  class at Fort East Martello from 10:00AM to 11:30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 4. 

Parent & Me Fort Adventures are open to children aged 0-5 and run from 10:00AM to 11:30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 4 through May and is $5 per family. For more information visit or call Adele Williams at 305.295.6616 extension 115. Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island.  

Key West Art & Historical Society Curator offers "Happy Hour with the Historian" lecture at Waterfront Brewery
Curious about Key West cigar making or the island's quick rise and fall of sponging? Raise a toast to Key West history with Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., during Key West Art & Historical Society's "Happy Hour with the Historian" program, a series of fun, historical lectures held from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on select dates each month at the Waterfront Brewery located at  201 William St in Key West.  This month's event on Tuesday, September 18 spotlights the development of the "Industries of Key West."

Visit and click 'tickets'- $8 for KWAHS members, $10 for non-members.   Sponsored in part by The Waterfront Brewery.   For more information, contact Cori Convertito, Ph.D. at 305.295.6616 x112. Your Museums.  Your Community.  It takes an Island. 
Image: Above Right
Raise a glass to Key West history with Curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at the next Key West Art & Historical Society "Happy Hour with the Historian," event, "Industries of Key West" happening from 4:30-5:30pm, September 18 at the Waterfront Brewery, 201 William St. in Key West. (Image of Eduardo H. Gato label from a Progressive Proof Book in the Key West Art & Historical Society collection.)

Spotlight on marine wildlife artist and conservationist Guy Harvey's artworks at Custom House Museum

Visitors to Key West Art & Historical Society's Custom House Museum can walk up the museum's grand staircase and enjoy  59 exquisitely detailed pen-and-ink illustrations created by marine wildlife artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey in the exhibit  "Depicting Hemingway: Guy Harvey Sketches 'The Old Man and the Sea.' "


Info. & Photos from Alyson Crean
Editor's Note : This was sent over a few weeks ago. During our Recent Summer Hiatus I Published a few Less Issues; so this was the first time I had a Chance to Insert this..
More than 3,000 students will be returning to schools in the Key West area next Wednesday. Sadly, the Key West Police Department is adding a vital message to the reminders surrounding back to school: If you see something, say something. Law enforcement and the school district are working to ensure that our kids remain safe in these increasingly difficult times. Remind your children to tell a teacher or a school resource officer if they see something that doesn't seem quite right.
Some of the things that kids should be alert for are: Bragging about Weapons, Bullying or threatening behavior, The Sudden Withdrawal of an Individual from their normal Social Circles, Talk of Suicide.
Whether you have kids in school or not, be ready to adjust your schedule to accommodate the traffic slowdowns that occur when school is in session. Patience is the most important thing that every motorist can bring to the table. It's worth allowing a little more time to get around to be sure that all Key West kids are safe on their way to and from school.  Here are some child safety tips for parents to keep in mind:     If your child is walking to or from school, walk the route with them beforehand. Choose the most direct way, and be sure the route has sufficient sidewalks, lighting and crossing guards. If a crossing guard is absent, be sure your child knows when it is safe to cross the street.    Make sure your child walks to and from school with other trusted schoolmates and follows the tried and true axiom, "Never talk to strangers."          Teach your kids to obey all traffic signals when walking or biking to school.   When biking, be sure your child has a helmet.   When waiting for the school bus always stand on the sidewalk, away from the roadway. Always remain seated while on the bus.      Be sure your child knows a phone number where you can be reached in case of an emergency. Being hit by a car poses the greatest threat to any child walking or riding a bicycle to school. As drivers, it is our responsibility to avoid dangerous distractions behind the wheel. Pay particular attention near crosswalks and areas around schools where children could potentially run into the roadway. Don't text or talk on the phone, it's not worth the risk of a potential tragedy.
This is a good time to take a look at your own driving habits and review the rules of the road. Florida law prohibits passing a school bus in either direction when it is stopped with red lights flashing. Drivers must also remember to slow down to the posted speed limit in school zones. The Key West Police Department does not tolerate negligent actions that could harm our community's children. Anyone caught passing a stopped school bus or speeding in a school zone can expect to be stopped and cited accordingly.  
It is up to each one of us to ensure that our school children are safe. Please do your part and be aware as you drive.


Good afternoon Isle Cook Key West Foodies, it is time for an update!

We have posted the 4 dinners on our website and are they available for immediate booking through ticketleap. 
Also available now are our wine tastings at The Roost every Saturday afternoon from 2-4 pm.
I will be putting together 4 different wines for all of us to learn about and taste.
Martha will be pairing different bites to accentuate the flavors of these selected wines.
September 1st I will be contrasting old world and new world wines,
Sancerre vs. new world Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir from Burgundy vs. New World Pinot Noir. 
The week of Fantasy Fest we will be presenting a Dinner Thursday evening, (Menu and pricing to be posted soon) 
We will also be doing an event the next day for the locals parade, see menu below. ( Tickets available now through our website

Oct. 26th: Late Luncheon on The Orient Express 

Wear your costume and join us on this culinary journey while we people watch at Key West's craziest event, The Locals Parade. 
$100 includes appetizers and drinks and unbeatable viewing of The Locals Parade/Masquerade March
723 Fleming Street 

 5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504

Sept 3
rd (Mon) - Master Gardener Plant Clinic
9am-Noon: The Monroe County Master Gardeners is holding plant clinics this spring to help with plant problems or insect identification.  In Key West, clinics will be held on Mondays, Sept 3 & 17 at the Gato Building, 1100 Simonton St., Suite 2-260.

Sept 7-10th (Fri-Mon) - King Tide Alert and Photo Op
From  Sept - Nov, the regular high tides in the Keys will reach new heights.  Normal, cyclical events called King Tides will add to current Sea level rise and flood areas within ~2.5 feet of sea level.    Via smartphones and social media, the public is invited to document these King Tides which will be the average water levels of the future.  The pictures that you take help plan for future flood risks and let you participate directly in the science that will drive decisions in your community. 

Sept 15th (Sat) - Native Plant Sale
9am to Noon: the Nursery in the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be offering native trees, shrubs and vines for sale Choose from over 1,500 plants and 150 species of butterfly and bird attracting plants propagated by volunteers in sizes from one-gallon to 30-gallon pots.  The Garden is at 5210 College Road, Stock Island.  
Due to Space Constraints go to their Facebook Page for Additional Calendar Events


WWW.REEFRELIEF.ORG 305-294-3100 631 Greene St.

Reef Relief is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem.



WWW.KEYSSO.NET 305-293-7300
Monroe County Animal Farm in Key West 5501 College Rd. 305-293-7300 . Open the 2nd & 4th Sunday each month (1-3p) , Under the Brilliant Direction of Officer/Farmer Jeanne Selander.   Next Two Openings are Sept. 9 and 23



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