June 23, 2021
Building is Back!!!
Kisembo-Chirimwami wall build
For Patrick Kisembo and Rosette Chirimwami, Saturday, June 5 was not only a beautiful day, it was the next huge step forward in building their own home.

Patrick and Rosette are the Habitat McLean County 2021 Women Build partner family.
Although they have already put in some of their sweat equity hours at the ReStore and on other partner family homes, the Wall Build was the first time they put hammer to nail on their own house.

A team of Women Build members and volunteers from Epiphany Catholic Church constructed the first floor walls in one morning.
One wall finished
When Patrick reflected on the experience, he said, "I felt great joy. In my daily life, I like to give positive energy to the people around me. But that day, I received a lot of positive energy from the volunteers who were there."
Another wall done

"I am so impatient and excited that after the walls were built, I dreamed of my house that night," Patrick added.

This house is the 17th Women Build house! Our faithful Women Build committee has been a lead financial sponsor every year. Every year this house is also led by all women project directors.

Men, of course, are always welcome to come build with them.
Writing a message of joy and
love to the family
Look! It's going to be a house!
Thank you to the additional sponsors on this house: First Allied Securities, the Jan Elfline/Drake Zimmerman Donor Advised Fund, ISU Credit Union, Lowe's, and the students of Maine East High School, where a Geometry of Construction class builds one floor of walls, and Epiphany Church for hosting the wall build.
The walls were delivered to Patrick & Rosette's lot
Next step - the foundation work has begun
100 Women For Good
More good news for Women Build. They were selected by 100 Women For Good as this quarter's non profit to support, which could mean as much as $10,000 in contributions to pay for building materials on Patrick and Rosette's house.

100 Women For Good is a group of 100+ women committed to making a lasting difference in their community. Each quarter at their Membership Donation meeting, they hear presentations from local non-profits and choose one to support with their financial contributions.
Thank you!
Join a build
We expect on-site building to start in mid- to late July and will need many hands to make the work go smoothly.

We are filling volunteer slots now, so please check in with volunteer coordinator Lindsey Jarboe to find out how, when, and where you can join the construction. It will be one of the most meaningful experiences you've ever had!

She'll also have some opportunities to work on A Brush With Kindness projects. Email Lindsey now.