Important Dates
Friday, November 8th though Sunday, November 10th
Renegar Basketball Tournament

Monday, November 11th
School Closed for Veteran's Day - No After School Care

Tuesday, November 12th
Winter Uniform Begins
4:00 PM - Parent Conferences

Wednesday, November 13th
Dress Down Day - Bring Thanksgiving Items for the food pantry

Thursday, November 14th
2:00 PM - MS Parent Conferences
3:30 PM - Elementary Parent Conferences

Friday, November 15th
8:45 AM - Mass
2:40 PM - Mini Prep Rally
4:00 PM - JV Girls Bball vs SPX-B @ SPX
5:00 PM - JV Boys Bball vs SPX-B @ SPX
6:15 PM - Varsity Boys Bball vs SPX-B @ SPX

Saturday, November 16th
9:30 AM - JV Girls Bbal vs IHM @ BSS
10:40 AM - JV Boys Bbal vs IHM @ BSS
11:50 AM - Varsity Girls Bbal vs IHM @ BSS
1:00 PM - Varsity Boys Bbal vs IHM @ BSS

Tuesday, November 19th
5:00 PM - JV Girls Bbal vs SLS @ SLS
6:10 PM - Varsity Girls Bbal vs SLS @ SLS

Wednesday, November 20th
Fall Picture Day - All K-8th Students are to wear Winter Uniform
5:30 PM - Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Thursday, November 21st
5:00 PM - JV Boys Bbal vs SLS @ SLS
6:10 PM - Varsity Boys Bbal vs SLS @ SLs

Friday, November 22nd
8:45 AM - Mass

Saturday, November 23rd
Burlington Christmas Parade
9:30 AM - JV Girls Bbal vs OLM @ OLM
10:40 AM - JV Boys Bbal vs OLM @ OLM
11:50 AM - Varsity Girls Bbal vs OLM @ OLM
1:00 PM - Varsity Boysls Bbal vs OLM @ OLM
Knight's News
Knights Honor Cross Awards

The Knights Honor Cross is awarded to those students who perform acts of extreme kindness and generosity without an expectation of recognition, but simply because it is the right thing to do. Our latest recipient is:

Miguel DeJesus 

His actions exemplify the core values of Blessed Sacrament School.
I Will Survive 5K

Jaime Troxler and Jennifer Klein, coordinators of the I Will Survive 5K, presented Mrs. Gomez with a plaque honoring BSS's sponsorship and as the largest team in the race with 50 participants.
Essay Contest Winners

Juliette Onder won second place, and Aileen Huang won first place in the recent Veteran's of Foreign Wars essay contest. The topic was, "What Makes America Great". Juliette and Aileen will be honored atv a special dinner for them and their families
A Musical Message from Mrs. Spradlin

Does your student take private instrument lessons outside of school? Are they working on a song for Christmas? If so, we would like to invite them to perform their piece at the All School Sing-Along on Wednesday, December 18. Please contact Mrs.Spradlin at by December 1 to express interest and get more information!
Can You Help?

Niki Cosgrove, mother of Cooper Nenadal - 2nd Grade is looking for occasional before school care (6:00 AM to 7:15 AM). If you can help, please contact her at 336-552-2391 or
Fairy Tales with a Twist!

8th Grade students performed various fairy tales, but not your typical yarn. 3rd through 7th were treated to some funny and talented acting.
The My Energy Kit Challenge

In October, students were treated to a performance of Energy Endgame sponsored by Duke Energy. As part of the program, information was sent home on how families can participate in the My Energy Kit Challenge and receive a free energy kit.

Remember to go to or call 1-855-386-9548 to request a FREE Energy Kit and credit our school. We’re participating in the My Energy Kit Challenge through Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children.

The goal of the program is to save energy by giving our families the opportunity to request a FREE Energy Kit full of items that can be used to save energy around the home. If our school reaches 100 sign-ups for the FREE kit from our families and staff, we’ll automatically win $250. Right now, we have 12 sign-ups. Please help us make a difference.
Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-ups

Sign-ups are ready for parent teacher conferences on Tuesday, November 12th and Thursday, November 14th. Middle school parents should sign up with their child’s middle school home room teachers which are listed below.
Below are the links to each teacher's sign-up forms (click on the teacher's name).
1 st
2 nd
3 rd
4 th
5 th
6 th
7 th
8 th

These years are the cutest, silliest, and all-around most adorable. Remember them forever with a yearbook for. Order today for $40.00.



Add personalization to the Blessed Sacrament School yearbook to make it even more unique. Upgrade for $6.00 and add your student’s name, a crest or monogram to the cover.

Classroom Connection
Little Knight Pumpkin Candy Engineers
Kindergarten and 6th Visit the Fire Station
8th Grade Dissects Owl Pellets with Mrs. Gomez
Parents in Partnership
Teacher Luncheon

Our next staff meal will be Thursday, November 14th. Teachers will be at school until at least 7:00 for conferences that day. All staff will be able to enjoy this meal during their normal lunch. Fresh food will be set up in the afternoon for teachers staying late for conferences. This way all employees will be able to enjoy at least one meal. 

Let Beth Fitzgerald know if you have any questions!

In order to keep our tuition rates low while still delivering a quality education to our students, we depend upon an incredible level of assistance from our parent volunteers. We need your help.

In an effort to engage more families in volunteerism at BSS, we are requesting that each family with a child or children in grades K thru 8th provide a minimum of 20 hours of service to Blessed Sacrament School. Any adult family members qualify for service hours.

Please prayerfully consider signing up for one or more of the volunteer opportunities we have available. For a description of the volunteer positions, and to sign up, CLICK HERE .

Thank you for your support!
Athletic News
The Renegar Tournament is this weekend. This is a double elimination tournament, which means we are guaranteed TWO games.
Here is what the GIRLS schedule looks like:
Friday 5:10p at OLM vs Sacred Heart. If we WIN we will play on Saturday at 11:30a at OLM. If we LOSE we will play Saturday at 9:10a at OLM. Let's plan for a WIN!!!!
Our boys will be playing their first game on SATURDAY at 8:00a at OLM vs St. Mark's 7. If we WIN they will play again at 1:50p at OLM. If they LOSE they will play at 11:30a at St. Leo's. Let's plan to WIN so we can stay at OLM for the day!!!
**Sidenote: There are some players who will need rides to these games. Please contact your child's coach or myelf if you are willing to provide rides to other players. 
In other news: 
PEP SQUAD will be practicing tomorrow and practice will be held in the Elementary Library. This is located across from the first grade classroom and down the stairs. 
**Just a heads up we have TWO games next week. Nov 15th, SPX B. This is an away game and all teams EXCEPT varsity girls will play. Followed by our first HOME game Saturday!

Please remember to sign up to help out at the game. It takes a village!! CLICK HERE to sign up.
Prayer Requests
Please pray for:

Mrs. Semidey, mother of Itzayana (1st), Anne Maguire great grandmother of A'leah (2nd) who are having health issues.

The Otero Family, (Ethan 6th), as they mourn the passing of Ethan’s grandmother and mother of Mr. Otero, Georgie Otero.  
From the Principal's Desk
Dear BSS Community,

Yesterday, the 8th grade did a great job as actors. This trimester they wrote their version of “A Fairy Tale with a Twist.” They took a traditional fairy and gave it a special twist. For example, in Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf was grandma’s pet and friend. In addition, all the masks used were made by the 8th grade, which will be on display at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair. What a wonderful display of creativity and there are some future actors in the making. Great work, 8th grade!
Winter Uniforms
Do not forget that winter uniforms begin on Tuesday, November 12.

Uniform Policies
Parents must be the first arbitrators and enforcers of the BSS dress code. Please take a moment to review your child’s uniform before you leave for school and throughout the year. At all times, we expect that uniforms fit properly (are not overly tight and without it be oversized) as determined by school personnel), are the proper length, and do not appear so worn out that logos are worn away or hems are tattered. Skirts and skorts for girls no shorter than three inches above the knee. Shirttails must be tucked in at all times. Substitutions in style and/or color are not acceptable.  Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a call to parents to bring appropriate clothing to school before the student can attend class and students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy will lose the privilege of dress down at BSS.

Elementary Girl Winter Uniform
The girl’s winter uniform is a white short or long sleeve button down short or a white turtleneck worn with the plaid jumper, navy knee socks or white or navy tights, and shoes that are white, black or black & white. A navy blue fleece jacket with the school logo, a navy blue fleece vest with the school logo, a navy blue performance zip front cardigan with the school logo, or a navy blue button down cardigan with the school logo may also be worn.

Elementary Boy Winter Uniform
The boy’s winter uniform is a white short or long sleeve dress shirt with the BSS logo worn with the plaid tie. Elementary boys wear navy blue pants, a belt, (not for Kindergarten) white ankle socks, and tennis shoes that are white, black or black & white. Boys may also wear a navy blue sweater vest with the school logo, a navy blue zip front performance cardigan with the school logo, a navy blue fleece vest with the school logo, or a navy blue fleece jacket with the school logo.

Middle School Girl Winter Uniform
The winter uniform is a plaid skirt, white short or long sleeve oxford shirt, a cardigan or sweater vest with school logo, navy knee socks or navy tights, and shoes that are white, black or black & white. No fleece sleeveless vest will be part of the winter uniform for the girls. 

Middle School Boy Winter Uniform
The boy’s winter uniform is a white short or long sleeve dress shirt with the BSS logo worn with the plaid tie. Middle school boys wear khaki pants, a belt, brown or/black socks, and tennis shoes that are white, black or black & white. Boys may also wear a sweater vest with the school logo, a navy blue zip front performance cardigan with the school logo, or a navy blue fleece jacket with the school logo.

Hair, Nails, Accessories
  • All students’ hair should be neat with bangs above the eyebrows. Boys' hair is to be neatly trimmed above and not touching the shirt collar, trimmed around the ears, and above the eyebrows in front. No facial hair or sideburns for young men. Hair must be kept out of face to avoid distraction during school. Scrunchies, hair clips, rubber bands, ponytail holders, etc. must be in the hair, not worn on wrists. 

  • For health, safety, and uniformity, dangling earrings are not permitted. Hoop earrings are classified as dangling. Only small post earrings (1 per earlobe) may be worn by girls.  

  • No bracelets/wristbands/friendship bands, etc. of any kind may not be worn for both boys and girls. A Fitbit and analog/digital watch are allowed. All other jewelry including, necklaces, rings, ear cuffs, ankle bracelets, nose rings, body piercing, tattoos, bandanas, and pocket chains are all unacceptable for both boys and girls. Nonstandard contact lenses (hologram, colored, etc.) are not allowed. A small necklace with one cross or religious medal or scapular is allowed

  • Hair coloring, highlights and bleaching is not permitted for boys or girls. If hair has been highlighted, dyed or bleached over summer vacation, it must be removed before the first day of school. Dye, coloring, and other changes to a student’s NATURAL hair color are not allowed during the school year. Hair art, designs created by shaving the scalp is not permitted. Students will be permitted to return to school until the hair dye or designs are removed.

  • Girls' hair should be kept in neat and modest styles. Hair wraps and beads are not permitted.

  • No cosmetics, mascara, lip gloss, colored lipstick, nail polish, artificial nails, or hair extensions (such as glittery) is not permitted for boys and girls, No tattoos real or fake of any kind. No body piercing except pierced ears. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings to school at any time including “Out of Uniform Day.” Hair Clips, “man-buns” and other hair accessories are not permitted for boys.  

Mrs. Gomez
Alumni News
Brennan Lagana

Recently, BSS graduate Brennan Lagana was featured in the Times-News article regarding the Williams High School soccer team, Brennan's athleticism and leadership. CLICK HERE to read this impressive article. Way to go Brennan!
From the Office of Advancement
Annual Fund for the Knights

You recently received a letter from BSS regarding our Annual Fund. Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial donation by completing the commitment form. You have the option of making a one-time gift, or spread your gifts out monthly throughout the school year. Completed forms can be dropped off at the school office. You can also donate on-line (CLICK HERE!)
Link your Lowes Card

With Cart to Class, Lowes Foods will give up to a quarter of a million dollars to local schools this year. To participate, just enroll Blessed Sacrament School on your Fresh Rewards card, and start earning for our school.  Click Here
Link your Harris Teeter VIC Card

When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your purchase is donated to Blessed Sacrament School if your VIC card is linked.
You link your card online ( CLICK HERE), or you can ask your cashier to link your VIC card by providing our TIE code 1704.
Community News

Scouts of Troop 9, Burlington, recently earned 3rd place in Scouting competition at the Cherokee Council held at Scout Camp Cherokee, Yanceyville.  Competitive events included, Archery, Hatchet and Knife Throwing, Sling Shot Shooting, Javelin Throwing, and Dutch Oven Cooking.  Scouts had a great time camping and competing in the outdoors.