We Remember 9/11
This morning, our students and staff dedicated today to remember in prayer those who lost their lives and still continue to suffer due to the events of September 11, 2001.

The entire student body, from preschoolers through grade 8 participated in a prayer service via google meet honoring the lives that were lost.
The 9/11 prayer service today was led by Student Council, Mrs. Gomez, Mrs. Kearney and Mr. James.

"We gather today as we remember that 19 years ago, many people were killed in 3 states: New York, Pennsylvanian and Virginia. Today we remember, all of those who died in the attacks, all those who were injured, and all the families we hold them in our hearts and we pray for them. We also remember all the police officers, firefighters, medics, and chaplains who were the first responders and we are grateful for their sacrifice...Let us never will never forget. Please keep those in our hearts all day."

-Mrs. Gomez

Upcoming Dates
Saturday & Sunday, September 12-13 - Second Collection for Blessed Sacrament School at Blessed Sacrament Church

Wednesday, September 23 - Out of Uniform - Happy 85th Birthday Blessed Sacrament School!! - Don't forget a birthday hat!

Friday, September 25 - Diocesan Professional Day - School Closed

Sunday, September 30 - Spirit Night - Texas Roadhouse

October 5 - October 16 - Iowa Assessments

Tuesday, October 13 - Spirit Night - Biscuitville After Dark *Event Cancelled
Knight's News
Day Camp Registration for Friday, September 25th

Friday, September 25 will be our Professional Day for Teachers and school will be closed, but there will be a camp available from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Please submit the form in the link below with payment to the office no later than Thursday, September 17th. We have printed copies at the office.

El viernes, 25 de septiembre se llevará acbo la Jornada Profesional para Maestros. La escuela estará cerrada, pero hay campamento disponible de 7:30 am - 6:00 pm.

Envíe el formulario que se encuntra en el enlace de abajo con el pago a la oficina a más tardar el jueves 17 de septiembre. Hay formularios impresos en la oficina.

Crossing Guard Needed

We are happy to see so many of our students walking and riding their bikes to school! Due to this, we would like to get one or two crossing guards to help our students and parents safely cross Hillcrest Ave. and Davis St. We have permission from the Burlington Police Department and ABSS for crossing guards to be in these areas.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please let us know! Hours we'd need someone are 7:15-8:00am and 2:50-3:15pm.

Contact Beth Fitzgerald if you'd like more information!
bfitzgerald@bssknights.org or (336)570-0019 x215
4th Grade STEM Project

All BSS students were given a summer reading assignments. Our fourth graders read the book "Moo" by Shannon Creech. The book is about one family’s momentous move from the city to rural Maine, an unexpected bond develops between twelve-year-old Reena and one very ornery cow.

When Reena, her little brother, Luke, and their parents first move to Maine, Reena doesn’t know what to expect. She’s ready for beaches, blueberries, and all the lobster she can eat. Instead, her parents “volunteer” Reena and Luke to work for an eccentric neighbor named Mrs. Falala, who has a pig named Paulie, a cat named China, a snake named Edna—and that stubborn cow, Zora.
This heartwarming story, told in a blend of poetry and prose, reveals the bonds that emerge when we let others into our lives.Our fourth graders' STEM Project with the book was to create a 3-D device that would make a farmer's job easier.

Their projects are out on display in the main hallway for students to see!
STREAM Speakers Wanted!

Our STREAM speakers share their experience of using any or all of the following: science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math in his or her career. The middle school students also enjoy hearing about the process the speaker went through to find a profession that he or she is passionate about.

Since our speakers can only be virtual, we would love to hear from family members or friends who live here in Burlington, in other parts of the state, or even across the country. If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of our STREAM speaker series please email Mrs. Tichy (etichy@bssknights.org) to schedule a date.
Iowa Assessments

Please mark your calendar as the Iowa Assessments dates has changed from October 5-October 16. On Sunday, remote learners’ parents will receive a letter on the testing protocols. 

Thank You Blessed Sacrament Church!

This weekend’s 2nd collection at Blessed Sacrament Church Masses are for the school. Mrs. Lee made thank you cards with students during Art class for our parishioners. Thank you Mrs. Lee and Art students!

If you would like to attend, the church is located at: 1620 Hanford Rd. Graham, NC 27253
We Have 3 New SMART Boards!

Did you know our teachers are doing live instruction in the classroom AND students at home? Some of our teachers have been doing that without a SMART board! Our teachers are amazing!

On Thursday, we had three new SMART Boards installed in our 7th, 8th and Kindergarten classrooms! The use of technology is both beneficial for students and teachers. Some benefits of SMART Boards include the increase in interactive instructional tools, create more interest and motivation among students, display attractive graphics, improve lectures with audio-visual tools, provide better instructional materials, and can also cater to all learning styles--this new technology enables a quality learning environment.
The goal of integrating a SMART Board into the classroom is to improve student achievement and increase their technology literacy and here at BSS we are very happy to introduce them.

It was an exciting day seeing these arrive and hopefully the entire school will be fully equipped soon!
BSS Pre-Kindergarten Newsletter

Mrs. Glenn and Mrs. Kelso will be sharing with parents their Pre-Kindergarten Newsletter! Parents of Pre-K program students will be able to find out important information about what's going on in the classroom. Stay connected!

There is a link to the school application on our From the Office of Admissions Section below.
What if My Child Gets Sick in School/Home?

Please, review the What if My Child Gets Sick in School/Home? For information about school guidelines in case your child gets sick.

Presione aqui para que revise los procedimientos a seguir si su hijo se enferma en la escuela o en su casa:¿Que Pasa si Mi Niño se Enferma en la Escuela/Casa?
Face Masks

Thank you very much Mrs. Jennie Spear! She is the grandmother of our students Shannon (3rd) and Caroline (K). We appreciate our families and BSS community for donating masks to the staff and teachers! We love them!

Just a friendly reminder that masks must be worn correctly for all students and teachers. It should be over the nose and mouth and securely under your chin.

Thank you parents who have donated supplies; like water bottles, used uniforms and hand sanitizers. We really appreciate your support!

This year, we are required by the NC Department of Health & Human Services and the Diocese that for each student coming into our building, we need to have an attestation sheet signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please, do not forget it! We will be sending home every other Thursday 10 attestation sheets with your student's yellow folder communicator. You can print extra here:
You can find all forms in our school's website, under PARENTS

It is critically important to fill out the emergency contact forms on file in order for students to be at school. Here is a link: Emergency Contact Form.
Order Your Yearbook!

There's nothing else like BSS yearbook. Get your hands on the limited edition collection of our stories from the year. Share it with your friends today and hang on to it for years to come!

Presione en el enlace de arriba para que ordene El Yearbook Escolar para su niño.
Procedures for Late Arrivals or Leaving Early/Procedimientos a Seguir si Su Hijo Llega Tarde o Si lo Va Recoger Temprano

Procedures If Your Child Comes Late to School Due 
If your child comes late to school after 8:00, you will need to walk your child to the front door. The late arrival book is on the table. Sign in and ring the bell. The office will come to the door and take your attestation form and your child’s temperature. Once cleared, your child will be allowed to go to class.

Procedures If Your Child Needs to Leave Early
If your child needs to leave school for a doctor, dentist, appointments etc., please send a note to the teacher /email to the office with the time you need your child. We will have your child ready. If it is before dismissal, you make park across the street. Ring the bell and sign the early dismissal book. We will walk your child to the door. Please remember that no one should park across the street during dismissal pick-up. It is not fair to the parents who are patiently waiting in line. Thank you.

Procedimientos si su hijo llega tarde a la escuela
Si su hijo llega tarde a la escuela después de las 8:00, deberá acompañarlo hasta la puerta principal. El libro de llegadas tardías está sobre la mesa. Inicie sesión y toque el timbre. La oficina vendrá a la puerta y tomará su formulario de certificación y la temperatura de su hijo. Una vez autorizado, su hijo podrá ir a clase.

Procedimientos si su hijo necesita salir temprano
Si su hijo necesita salir de la escuela para ir al médico, dentista, citas, etc., envíe una nota al maestro / correo electrónico a la oficina con la hora que necesita su hijo. Tendremos a su hijo listo. Si es antes de la salida de 2:50, usted puede estacionar se al otro lado de la calle. Toque el timbre y firme el libro. Llevaremos a su hijo a la puerta. Por favor recuerde que nadie debe estacionarse al otro lado de la calle durante la hora de salida. No es justo para los padres que esperan pacientemente en la fila. Gracias.
School Office Hours

In order to limit the number of people in the office, the school office hours to conduct business with parents are Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 AM and 2:45-4:00 PM. If these hours are not suitable, please call the office at 336-570-0019 for an appointment.
After School Hours and Homework

If your child forgets their homework after school, please do not come back to school and ask the after school personnel if they can take your child to the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation.
Remote Learners/Estudiantes Aprendiendo Remotamente
Drop-off and Pick-Up for remote learners in grades K through 8th, will begin tomorrow after 4:00, September 12 - September 13. Little Knights drop-off and pick-up is every other week. Families work will be clipped together and will be in the crate of the oldest child.

Es la hora de recoger y dejar el trabajo de su hijo, estudiantes de aprendizaje remote. Las mesas estarán al aire libre y el trabajo se colocará en contenedores. Coloque el trabajo de su hijo en una carpeta / sobre de papel manila etiquetado con el nombre de su hijo. Puede dejar / recoger a partir de las 4:00 del viernes. Los contenedores estarán afuera desde el sábado y domingo. 12 de septiembre-13 de septiembre. El trabajo de los Little Knights se dejara y recogera cada otra semana. El trabajo por familia se colocara engrapado junto en el contenedor del hijo mayor.

The Parent/Student Handbook reflects the policies of Blessed Sacrament School(BSS) for the 2020-2021 school year. Those items in red have been added to the handbook. Please know that this year, we are following the protocols/procedures set forth by the BSS, Diocese of Raleigh, CDC and NCHHS. They can be found on our school's website. The last page of the handbook must be signed by all parents/students enrolled at BSS.

The Middle School Handbook was reviewed with your child. The last page of the handbook, you will find the parent signature sheet and on the other side is the cell phone permission signature page (if applicable). Please sign and please return if you have not done so already.

El Manual de Middle School (Secundaria) se revisó con su hijo. En la ultima pagina del manual, encontrará la hoja de firmas de los padres y en el otro lado está la página de firmas de permisos del teléfono celular(si es aplicable). Por favor firme y regrese si no lo ha hecho. Gracias.

Lunch Information

My Hot Lunchbox is excited to be partnering with Blessed Sacrament School again this year as the hot lunch provider. To begin ordering lunches, click the link below to log in or follow the instructions on the attached registration letter to create your free account!

Important Note: You will need to Update Your Profile with the student's correct teacher to view the meal calendar.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (888) 894-8295 or email us at info@myhotlunchbox.com. We are looking forward to serving your school!
If you are bringing lunch to your child, please make sure it is labeled with your student's name and grade level and leave it on the table just outside the front door of the school--Do not forget to buzz the office to let us know you dropped by.
Teacher's Spotlight
Since we are unable to do many activities inside the school where parents can meet and get to know Blessed Sacrament School's teachers or staff members, we are going to bring them to you through our Teacher's Spotlight Section here!

Each week, we will feature a teacher or staff member and they will share a little about themselves. This week, we will have Mrs. Joy Bolen!
A note from Mrs. Joy Bolen:

My name is Joy Bolen and I currently teach third grade. For my undergraduate degree I attended North Carolina State University ('09), where I earned a B.S. in middle grades education with a concentration in Language Arts and Social Studies. Later, I received my Master's of Education in K-12 Reading (Reading Specialist) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('14). I am currency finishing up my Principal's Licensure from Appalachian State University ('21). I hold teaching licensure in K-12 Reading, Language Arts 6-9, and Social Studies 6-12

I began my teaching career in 2009 with Wake County School System where I taught 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. Upon moving to the Burlington Area in the middle of the school year, I began working at Dudley High School in Guilford County to finish out the 2011 school year. In 2012 I began working at Western Middle School in ABSS. While at Western I taught mostly 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies, but also conducted reading and language interventions with 6-8 grades. After many years at Western I eventually followed my daughter, Reagan, to BSS.

My husband, Jason, and I have two children. Reagan is currently in second grade and Archie is 16 months old. Reagan started at BSS in preschool and we fell in love with the school and community. We knew this was the place that we wanted our family to be involved with. We also have three dogs. Auggie is a 2 year old golden retriever who is afraid of everything! We foster Autumn, also a golden retriever, who is also 2 but is a true sweetheart. Daisy is our old Dachshund. She is 16 and runs the household. Needless to say, we love dogs!
Birthday: June 4
My favorite places to eat: Chick-Fil-A
My favorite place to get coffee: I like to brew my own.
When I go to Biscuitville, I order: Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit
I love to shop at: Target
My favorite colors are: Rainbow
My favorite sports team is: NC State
My favorite candy/snack is: Sour jelly beans, sour gummy bears
My favorite drink is: Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper
T-shirt size: M
monogram (first, middle, last) J K B
Classroom/Office Wish-list: Voice amplifier

CLICK HERE to find out about other teachers and school staff.
Prayer Requests
Please pray for:

We pray for families and friends whose loved ones lost their lives in 9/11.

We pray for those affected by this pandemic. We pray for our school, students, teachers, staff and families.
Principal's Message
Dear Parents,

Another wonderful week at BSS! I have been in the classrooms and great learning is taking place every day. Our teachers are doing a wonderful job. Keep them in your prayers.

Mrs. Gomez
From the Office of Admissions
Office Hours

Mr. Rico will be available at the office Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for any questions or concerns related to admissions. You can reach Mr. Rico at 336-570-0019 ext. 212 or by email at jricobenavides@bssknights.org Hablamos Español!

We are limiting the number of people inside our building this year. If you would like to schedule a tour, please contact Mr. Rico--We are allowing tours in a limited capacity after school hours.

Here is a link to our admissions page: https://www.bssknights.org/admissions
From the Office of Advancement
Spirit Nights Are Scheduled!

A message from Mrs. Fitzgerald:

Unfortunately, Biscuitville made the tough decision to cancel their After Dark event this year. They sent a message saying, " Given the ongoing pandemic, we’ve decided that a drive-thru-only event simply wouldn’t live up to the standards we’ve set for this community fundraiser in years past. Please know that no one is more disappointed than we are!"

They are very graciously matching the donation amount that all schools received last year at the event! We'd like to show them our appreciation for their generosity! If you were planning to attend the October 13th event, please stop by sometime over the next month or so and support their business!

Our next event will be Wednesday, September 30th at Texas Roadhouse. Make plans to pick up dinner on your way home from work! 

We are in the process of planning more spirit events. If you own a business and would like to participate, let us know!
Our 85th birthday celebration is less than 2 weeks away! On September 23rd, students are invited to dress out of uniform for the celebration! We'd like for all students and staff to wear some sort of birthday hat! We'll have some extras at school for anyone that forgets! Several fun and safe things are planned for our school that day. We can't wait to celebrate!

More news to follow, so stay tuned and remember to use our hashtag this month: #85yearsandstillKNIGHTstrong
You can reach Mrs. Fitzgerald at 336-570-0019 ext. 215 or by email at bfitzgerald@bssknights.org 
Link your AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support Blessed Sacrament School every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at smile.amazon.com on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to BSS. Just make sure you choose Blessed Sacrament Church/School as the charity organization you select.

Remember, only purchases made at smile.amazon.com, (not www.amazon.com or the mobile app,) generate AmazonSmile donations.

CLICK HERE to find out more about AmazonSmile
Box Tops For Education

No more clipping. No more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the ALL-NEW Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then simply scan your store receipts to find participating products. The app will automatically credit Blessed Sacrament School's Box Tops earnings online. Click here for a video of how it works.

Twice a year, your school will receive a check and can use that cash to buy whatever it needs! If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for your school. CLICK HERE
Link your Lowes Card

With Cart to Class, Lowes Foods will give up to a quarter of a million dollars to local schools this year. To participate, just enroll Blessed Sacrament School on your Fresh Rewards card, and start earning for our school. Click Here
Link your Harris Teeter VIC Card

When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your purchase is donated to Blessed Sacrament School if your VIC card is linked.
You link your card online (CLICK HERE), or you can ask your cashier to link your VIC card by providing our TIE code 1704.
Community Announcements
Little Portion Food Pantry Scheduled

The next food pantry distribution will take place on Monday, September 21st at "Knights Castle" or gym at 408 West Davis Street from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.

-Fr. Paul