Hispanic Heritage Month
Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period starting on September 15 and ending on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100-402.

The day of September 15 is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September18, respectively. Also, Columbus Day or Día de la Raza, which is October 12, falls within this 30 day period.
Mrs. Spradlin, our very own music teacher, has incorporated into her Hispanic Heritage music lessons some dances inspired by Latin America culture. In the Little Knights and Elementary classes, they learned about Mariachi and Banda music and discussed the similarities and differences between the two as far as costumes/clothing, instruments used, and general musical style elements are concerned. They also read a book called "The Best Mariachi In The World" by J.D. Smith--the book is about a boy named Gustavo who wants to be in the family mariachi band, but he cannot play the violins, trumpets or guitars. He finds his place in the band with his singing talent. The book’s message is about Gustavo finding his voice.

The students also learned "Los Machetes", a Mexican Folk Dance using rhythm sticks. Click in the link below to see our Pre-K, 3rd and 4th grade classes practicing and learning some of the dance moves.

La Señora Schmitt, our Spanish teacher, instructed her 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to complete a presentation on a Hispanic person that has made an impact in the world.
Shown above are a few 6th and 7th grade students presenting their research. Even our remote learning students were able to share their projects with their classmates!
Upcoming Dates
October 5 - October 16 - Iowa Assessments

Saturday, October 17 - Winter Uniforms Swap Shop from 10am-1pm @ school's parking lot.

Monday, October 12 - Blessed Sacrament Church-Little Portion Food Pantry Distribution @ 408 West Davis Street from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday, October 20 - National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony at 6pm @ Our Lady of Angels (408 W. Davis St) 

Friday, October 23 - Pink Out Day - Wear Pink from the head to toe!

Saturday, October 24 - Painted Grape FUNdraiser

Tuesday, October 27 - 8th Grade Athletic Recognition Ceremony from 1:20pm - 1:45pm @ Our Lady of Angels (408 W. Davis St)

Friday, October 30 - Halloween Celebration

Monday, November 2 - Winter Uniforms Begin
Iowa Assessments
After assessing the information and the impact of online testing it will have on the younger students, we have decided on the following schedule:

Remote 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students: Total of 5 students
Testing: Paper and Pencil
Dates: Wednesday, October 14, Thursday, October 15 and possibly Friday, October 16
Location: Library
Time: 8:00-11:00 with breaks in between
Proctors: Mrs. Kearney and Mrs. Schmitt

CLICK HERE for a letter for parents to SIGN REMOTE STUDENTS the Assessment Parent/Guardian Agreement
Remote students will enter the building via the library fire escape (behind the school). They will need to wear masks. Desks in the library are distanced apart and have a shield protector around the desk. They will need to bring a snack; have masks/ bathroom breaks; and not mix with in-school students.

Please let the school know by the end of this week if you choose this option.

Remote 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students
Testing: Online from Home
Dates Monday, October 12 and Tuesday October 13
Times: 8:00-11:00
Proctors: Mrs. Kearney and Mrs. Schmitt

Requirements for Online Testing
Device-desktop, laptop or chrome book with:
a) Microphone
b) Speakers
c) Working camera
d) Enough broadband
e) Once testing has begun, student will not be allowed to test, so being on time is essential!
f) Permission slip signed by parents It must have it before they can take the test online. It will be sent home on Friday, October 2

As of right now, the state has not waived the standardized testing requirements for students 3rd-8th for students who participate in the opportunity scholarship. It is very important that the students take the test as it may impact the award.
Work for the Weeks of October 5-October 16
Schedules will be different for these two weeks and homework/tests will be limited, especially the week of October 5.

Preschool-2nd Grade: Enrichments may be at different times.

3rd-8th Week of October 12-19
Remote students will be assessed and not be in class from 8:00-11:00. Teachers will communicate expectations for this week- work, time to join the class, and other information.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as this is brand new territory for all of us. Please know and understand that, the faculty/staff are working hard behind the scenes to make the Iowa Assessments as beneficial and smooth as possible.


Después de evaluar la información y el impacto de las pruebas en línea que tendrán en los estudiantes más jóvenes, hemos decidido el siguiente horario:

Estudiantes remotos de 3. °, 4. ° y 5. ° grado: total de 5 estudiantes
Prueba: papel y lápiz
Fechas: miércoles 14 de octubre, jueves 15 de octubre y posiblemente viernes 16 de octubre
Ubicación: Biblioteca
Hora: 8:00-11:00 con descansos intermedios
Vigilantes: Sra. Kearney y Sra. Schmitt

PRESIONE AQUI para una carta que deben firmar los padres de famila de los ESTUDIANTES REMOTOS.

Los estudiantes remotos ingresarán al edificio a través de la escalera de incendios de la biblioteca con máscaras (la parte de atras del edificio). Los escritorios de la biblioteca están separados y tienen un protector alrededor del escritorio.
Deberán traer una merienda. Tendrán descansos para ir al baño. No se mezclarán con los estudiantes de la escuela.

Estudiantes remotos de sexto, séptimo y octavo grado
Prueba: en línea desde casa
Fechas lunes 12 y martes 13 de octubre
Horarios: 8:00-11:00
Vigilantes: Sra. Kearney y Sra. Schmitt

Por favor, avísen a la escuela antes del final de esta semana si elige esta opción.

Requisitos para las pruebas en línea
Conputadora de escritorio, portátil o libro cromado con:
a) un micrófono
b) auriculares
c) Cámara
d) suficiente velocidad de internet
e) Una vez que las evaluaciones han comenzado, el estudiante no podrá realizar la evaluaciones, ¡así que llegar a tiempo es esencial!
f) Hoja de permiso firmada por los padres Debe tenerla antes de poder realizar el examen en línea. Se enviará a casa el viernes 2 de octubre.
En este momento, el estado no ha renunciado a los requisitos de las pruebas estandarizadas para los estudiantes del tercer al octavo lugar para los estudiantes que participan en la beca de oportunidad. Es muy importante que los estudiantes tomen la prueba, ya que puede afectar el premio.

Trabajo para las semanas del 5 de octubre al 16 de octubre 

Los horarios serán diferentes para estas dos semanas y las tareas/exámenes serán limitados. Preescolar-2do grado: los enriquecimientos pueden realizarse en diferentes momentos.

3er -8vo grado semana del 12 al 19 de octubre
Los estudiantes remotos serán evaluados y no estarán en clase de 8:00-11: 00. Los maestros comunicarán las expectativas para el trabajo de esta semana, tiempo para unirse a la clase y otra información.

Gracias por su paciencia y cooperación, ya que este es un territorio completamente nuevo para todos nosotros. Por favor, sepa y comprenda que la facultad / personal está trabajando arduamente entre bastidores para hacer que las Evaluaciones de Iowa sean lo más beneficiosas y sencillas posible.

Knight's News

As the change in weather is just around the corner, we will be switching to winter uniforms soon. Do not forget to review BSS uniform guidelines.

As of September 28, all remote students are required to wear uniforms while they are attending classes online. If you have not gotten yours, please reach out to the school to see if we have some on our Swap Shop. If you would like to donate your used uniforms, please bring them to the school.

Mrs. Beth Fitzgerald has scheduled our Winter Uniform Swap Shop for Saturday, October 17 from 10:00am - 1:00pm at the School's Parking Lot. Do not forget, Monday, November 2nd we transition to Winter Uniforms.

La Señora Beth Fitzgerald ha agendado nuestra Venta Annual de Uniformes de Invierno para el domingo, 17 de octubre de 10:00 am - 1:00 pm en el estacionamiento de la escuela. Que no se le olvide, el lunes 2 de noviembre vamos a empezar usar los uniformes de invierno.
8th Grade Athletic Recognition Ceremony

One of the BSS 8th grade traditions is when we recognize the 8th graders for the sports they have played at BSS. This is also the time they will get their 8th grade shirt. They will be able to wear this as a PE option.

In order to follow the CDC guidelines, we will have it at Our Lady of Angels (408 W. Davis St) on Tuesday, October 27th. (Rain date is Wednesday, October 28th)

Only 8th grade class and parents will be in attendance. Masks must be worn and social distance followed. It will begin at 1:20pm and should last about 20 minutes. This event will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. Eight grade in person and distant learners are invited to this special event.

Please let me know Mrs. Kearney know if you have any questions.

If your child is a distant learner, please RSVP to Mrs. Kearney by Wednesday, October 21st. You can contact Mrs. Kearny via email at ckearney@bssknights.org or call our school at 336-570-0019.

*All students need to follow BSS uniform dress code for the service*

National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

NJHS Induction will take place at the Our Lady of Angels (408 W Davis St) on Tuesday, October 20th at 6:00 pm. The service is for new and current NJHS members and their immediate families.

Contact Mrs. Bost at abost@bssknights.org with any questions!
Pets/Mascots Collage - Thank You Second Grade Class!!
Thank you to all the parents and students who sent in their pet's pictures to honor St. Francis Day last week. Our second grade class created a beautiful pet's collage and is currently on display on the first floor's hallway.

Blessings of Animals

Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures,
We ask you to bless all creatures f the world.

Bless the fishes in the world.

Bless the birds in the world.

Bless the insects of the world.

Bless the reptiles of the world.

Bless the amphibians of the world.

Bless all our pets.

By the power of your love, enable them to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures!
Sports Announcement by Coach Letvak

Dear Parents, 

I was recently informed by Mrs. Gomez and Father Paul that we will not be having a fall sports season this year. This was a decision made by our diocese. When the time comes for spring sports we will reevaluate our situation and see where things stand. I apologize to our students and families. This is very unfortunate, but we must keep the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff as our top priority.

Thank you for your understanding, 

Mrs. Marcie Letvak
Athletic Director
Physical Education
8th Grade Walks to the Bakery

On Tuesday, October 6, our eighth graders took a walking field trip to El Dorado Bakery after a long morning of testing for the Iowa’s. Today, the students walked to Paul's Pastry Shop. We are proud of our students for working so hard this week.

Students enjoyed the Out of Uniform today! You deserved it Knights!
Spirit Nights-Thank You for Your Support!

We would like to thank all of our local business for supporting our school and all of our families for supporting our Spirit Night fundraisers. Your support is greatly appreciated and the students loved the food!

We earned from our Texas Roadhouse fundraiser $186 at our event! That is 10% of our sales for that evening.

Also, Thank You Sunset Slush! They are sending us $140 check for our fundraiser! Our students loved the Classic Italian Ice and your ice cream! Thank you for your support!

We would also like to thank Biscuitville for their generosity-this year they had to cancel our fundraiser event, but will be sending us a matching donation from last year's event( approximately $150).


STREAM Speaker-Thank You Dr. Arcaro!!

On Friday, October 2 afternoon, our Middle School students had their first STREAM speaker of the year. Dr. Thomas Arcaro is a Professor of Sociology at Elon University. He has also been a BSS parent for 17 years! 

Dr. Arcaro sent students a survey that asked questions about their experience at Blessed Sacrament. Shown are the results to the question, “Do you usually turn in your homework on time?” 

During his virtual presentation, students were given the opportunity to guess the results. Our upstairs hallway was filled with cheers and laughter as they went over the survey. 

Thank you Dr. Arcaro for spending time with our students. They always look forward to your visit!
STREAM Speakers Wanted!

Our STREAM speakers share their experience of using any or all of the following: science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math in his or her career. The middle school students also enjoy hearing about the process the speaker went through to find a profession that he or she is passionate about.

Since our speakers can only be virtual, we would love to hear from family members or friends who live here in Burlington, in other parts of the state, or even across the country. If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of our STREAM speaker series please email Mrs. Tichy (etichy@bssknights.org) to schedule a date.
Thank You Cards & Thinking of You Cards

Mrs. Lee’s Art students have been working on placemats, Thank You cards and Thinking of You cards.
Placemats were made by our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. They were given to the residents at Oak Creek Independent Living. Their meals are now delivered to their apartments instead of eating in the dining hall.

Our students hope these new placemats bring them a smile with their next meal delivery. Shown is Mrs. Mary Alice Madden with her new placemat made by 4th grader, Danna. 

The cards were made by our Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 8th grade students. They were delivered to White Oak of Burlington for the health care workers and residents.
Kindergarten and 7th Grade Immunizations

We want to let parents know of the required vaccinations and proof for students in Kindergarten and 7th grade. Please understand that state law states that if a school does not have the appropriate documentation after October 31, students will not be allowed to return to school (in-person and remote learning) until families have met the requirements.

Queremos que todos los padres de familia sepan sobre las vacunas requeridas y comprobantes para los estudiantes de kinder al séptimo grado. Por favor, comprenda que la ley estatal establece que, si la escuela no tiene la documentación apropiada después del 31 de octubre, los estudiantes no podrán regresar a la escuela (aprendizaje en persona y remoto) hasta que las familias cumplan con los requisitos.
Remote Learners/Estudiantes Aprendiendo Remotamente

Drop-off and Pick-Up for remote learners in grades K through 8th, will begin Friday after 4:00, October 9 - October 11. Little Knights drop-off and pick-up is every other week. Families work will be clipped together and will be in the crate of the oldest child.

Es la hora de recoger y dejar el trabajo de su hijo, estudiantes de aprendizaje remote. Las mesas estarán al aire libre y el trabajo se colocará en contenedores. Coloque el trabajo de su hijo en una carpeta / sobre de papel manila etiquetado con el nombre de su hijo. Puede dejar / recoger a partir de las 4:00 del viernes. Los contenedores estarán afuera desde el sábado y domingo, 9 de Octuber - 11 de octubre. El trabajo de los Little Knights se dejara y recogera cada otra semana. El trabajo por familia se colocara engrapado junto en el contenedor del hijo mayor.

CLICK HERE to access a reminder presentation for remote learners
What if My Child Gets Sick in School/Home?

Please, review the What if My Child Gets Sick in School/Home? For information about school guidelines in case your child gets sick.

Presione aqui para que revise los procedimientos a seguir si su hijo se enferma en la escuela o en su casa:¿Que Pasa si Mi Niño se Enferma en la Escuela/Casa?
Order Your Yearbook!

There's nothing else like BSS yearbook. Get your hands on the limited edition collection of our stories from the year. Share it with your friends today and hang on to it for years to come!

Presione en el enlace de arriba para que ordene El Yearbook Escolar para su niño.
Lunch Information

My Hot Lunchbox is excited to be partnering with Blessed Sacrament School again this year as the hot lunch provider. To begin ordering lunches, click the link below to log in or follow the instructions on the attached registration letter to create your free account!

Important Note: You will need to Update Your Profile with the student's correct teacher to view the meal calendar.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (888) 894-8295 or email us at info@myhotlunchbox.com. We are looking forward to serving your school!
If you are bringing lunch to your child, please make sure it is labeled with your student's name and grade level and leave it on the table just outside the front door of the school--Do not forget to buzz the office to let us know you dropped by.
Teacher's Spotlight
Since we are unable to do many activities inside the school where parents can meet and get to know Blessed Sacrament School's teachers or staff members, we are going to bring them to you through our Teacher's Spotlight Section here!

Each week, we will feature a teacher or staff member and they will share a little about themselves. This week, we will have Mr. Zach Champion!
Mr. Zack Champion-MS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Champion graduated from Appalachian State University in 2015. He received a BS in International and Comparative Politics with a double Minor in History and Judaic/Holocaust Studies. He completed the teacher licensure program at ECU.

Before teaching, he worked as a Deputy Clerk of Superior Court in Guilford County and also taught Snowboarding/Skiing at Appalachian Ski Mountain. He has travelled to Europe on several occasions and lived in Breckenridge, Colorado for a year after graduating college where he worked for Vail Resorts

Mr. Champion has 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, a 2.5 year old niece and a 8 week old nephew. He also has a Boxer dog named Bruce that keeps him busy. In his free time, Mr. Champion enjoys playing Golf, snowboarding, camping, and to cook. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast and loves the Carolina Panthers!
Birthday: August 6 1991
My favorite places to eat: Prego's, Zack's, Blue Ribbon
My favorite place to get coffee: Dunkin
My coffee order is: Large Cappuccino
When I go to Biscuitville, I order: Sausage biscuit
I love to shop at: Golf Galaxy, Dicks, Walmart, PetSmart
My favorite colors are: Black and Blue
My favorite sports team is: Carolina Panthers, Appalachian State, Carolina Hurricanes
My favorite candy/snack is: Andes Mints
My favorite drink is: Coke or Bourbon
Other information: Not a fan of Starbucks
T-shirt size: XXL
monogram (first, middle, last) ZCC
Hobbies: Golf, Camping, Cooking
Classroom/Office Wishlist: Wireless Headset for virtual learning

CLICK HERE to find out about other teachers and school staff.
Prayer Requests
Please pray for:

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana as Hurricane Delta starts lashing out the area.

Please pray for a school friend, Keith Holland, as he is battling serious health issues.

We pray for those affected by this pandemic. We pray for our school, students, teachers, staff and families.

Principal's Message
Dear Parents,

Our Iowa Assessments are completed for this year. Your children did their best. Scores will back in early November. It is back to normal schedules for in-person students next week.  

Mrs. Gomez
From the Office of Admissions
Office Hours

We are limiting the number of people inside our building this year. If you would like to schedule a tour, please contact Mr. Rico--We are allowing tours in a limited capacity after school hours.

If you have not received tuition payment request, have not been charged for after school care or if you have any questions in regards to admissions/enrollment please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rico.

Si no se le ha cobrado la matrícula de su hijo o no se le ha cobrado el programa extracurricular o si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud con respecto a la admisión, comuníquese con el Sr. Rico.

Mr. Rico will be available at the office Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for any questions or concerns related to admissions. You can reach Mr. Rico at 336-570-0019 ext. 212 or by email at jricobenavides@bssknights.org Hablamos Español!

Here is a link to our admissions page: https://www.bssknights.org/admissions
From the Office of Advancement
A note from Mrs. Fitzgerald:

October is going to be an exciting month at BSS! Let your class captains or me know if you have any questions about these events. Class Captains should be sending out sign ups for class party snacks soon.

We've had several questions about sending in donuts or cupcakes for birthdays and class parties. If you are able to purchase them individually wrapped, they are safe to send in to school! Paul's Pastry Shop in downtown Burlington, said they are able to put donuts and/or cookies in individual bags. This way, teachers can safely pass them out to their students. I am sure other businesses in our community are also able to accommodate this request!

Here is the link for the October 24th-Painted Grape Event:
You can reach Mrs. Fitzgerald at 336-570-0019 ext. 215 or by email at bfitzgerald@bssknights.org 
Link your AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support Blessed Sacrament School every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at smile.amazon.com on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to BSS. Just make sure you choose Blessed Sacrament Church/School as the charity organization you select.

Remember, only purchases made at smile.amazon.com, (not www.amazon.com or the mobile app,) generate AmazonSmile donations.

CLICK HERE to find out more about AmazonSmile
Box Tops For Education

No more clipping. No more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the ALL-NEW Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then simply scan your store receipts to find participating products. The app will automatically credit Blessed Sacrament School's Box Tops earnings online. Click here for a video of how it works.

Twice a year, your school will receive a check and can use that cash to buy whatever it needs! If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for your school. CLICK HERE
Link your Lowes Card

With Cart to Class, Lowes Foods will give up to a quarter of a million dollars to local schools this year. To participate, just enroll Blessed Sacrament School on your Fresh Rewards card, and start earning for our school. Click Here
Link your Harris Teeter VIC Card

When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your purchase is donated to Blessed Sacrament School if your VIC card is linked.
You link your card online (CLICK HERE), or you can ask your cashier to link your VIC card by providing our TIE code 1704.
Community Announcements
Blessed Sacrament Church-Little Portion Food Pantry Distribution Scheduled!

The next food pantry distribution will take place on Monday, October 12th at "Knights Castle" or gym at 408 West Davis Street from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

The distribution is open to anyone regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation. There is no proselytizing of any sort permitted.

Volunteers to help with the distribution efforts are always welcome! We need all the help we can receive!

Pax et bonum….

Fr. Paul

Cristo Ray Research Catholic High School

The Cristo Rey Network is an entrepreneurial network of Catholic high schools that uniquely integrates four years of rigorous academic curricula, four years of professional work experience, and robust support to and through college. Comprised of career focus, college preparatory schools serving students from families of limited financial means, the Cristo Rey Network’s formational model opens doors to fulfill dreams.


October 20, 2020
7:00 PM
October 22, 2020
7:00 PM

Parents and Students of the Class of 2025

Click here for details on upcoming events
to learn more about the Bishop Experience!

Wednesday Villain Walks
October 7, 14, 21, 28
November 4, 18
9am welcome in the courtyard followed by a tour
                            RSVP for your Villain Walk
or call the Admissions Office for your personal appointment
336.564.1011 or kknox@bmhs.us

"Ask a Villain"
Middle School Students, please join us for a 
Virtual meeting with Bishop Students Past and Present
Wednesday, October 21st at 6pm

“Ask our College Counselors”
The Benefits of a College Prep High School
The Advantages of the Bishop Experience 
Parents please join us for a 
Virtual meeting with the Bishop College Counselors
Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30pm