Quarterly Partners Report
August 2017   AV 5777

Summer Yarchei Kallah...
A Sizzling Hot Success!
Once again the Nine Days were filled with incredible spiritual growth for men, women and teens. With Rabbi Avrohom  Krohn for the men and Mrs. Sara Aliza Sheinberg for the women, participants  walked away uplifted and energized.  Thank you to the Fredman Family Foundation for their generous sponsorship.

Community Torah Leaders
On The Rise...
We congratulate Rabbi Moshe Glazer on his appointment as 3rd grade Rebbe at Epstein Hebrew Academy and Rabbi Yitzchak Kowalsky who has assumed a new part-time position at the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis as Senior Rabbinic Coordinator.
We wish them both continued Hatzlacha.

Welcome To The Newest Members Of The Kollel Family...
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Rabbi Shlomo and Liba Eisenberg to the Kollel Family. Rabbi Eisenberg will be learning full-time, and teaching in the evening, and Liba will be working at Esther Miller Bais Yaakov.

Eishes Chayil News
In July, Mrs. Julie Lurie, marriage counselor and therapist from Chicago, visited as a guest lecturer and shared  guidance for healthier relationships, building a home full
of love, insuring a strong Jewish family, with
multiple groups of enthusiastic women throughout
the community.

Thank You Mrs. Kowalsky
After four incredible years of devotion to the women of our community Mrs. Kowalsky will be returning to the blessing of full time motherhood. Words alone cannot express the Kollel's feelings of gratitude for the fantastic work Shoshana has done to build a beautiful program enhancing the lives of so  many in our community. We are excited to announce that Mrs. Chana Bregman will be the new Director of Eishes Chayil and we look forward to her building on the strong foundation built by Shoshana.  

Raffle Sweepstakes Triple your $!
This year's Kollel Raffle sweepstakes begins this month. Last year we raised 104K. Each new ticket sold will be matched 3X! Please help us reach our new goal of $125K! 

Amud-A-Week APP!
The all-new Amud-a-Week APP is just about ready to be rolled out! We look forward to launching the APP by Rosh Hashana, and this will allow members of the program to stream or download the week's shiurim, and browse archived shiurim. If you would like to donate towards the APP please  contact Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz

Groundbreaking Efforts From Our Torah & Turf Division 
Torah & Turf has reached 6 teams locally and 15 cities nationally! The national tournament will be held here in St. Louis over the weekend of December 8-10th. Mark your calendars and don't miss the action! 

Senior Kollel Success Stories 
This past season saw the Senior Kollel present Wellness programs on Nutrition, Vision, Hearing, Mindfulness and Heart Disease. Rabbi Nitsun's tuesday afternoon "What If" class is bringing in a number of inspired devotees, along with a core group of retirees who gather each weekday morning to study under Rabbi Gidon Nitsun's loving guidance and direction.
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