Anita Avedian, LMFT,
Executive Director

It is Fall! It would be risky to call it winter, given we are in Los Angeles. The pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes, oranges and dark, rich leaves are in season. It is also the time in the year when we encourage a spirit of gratitude. It is easier to complain, to be distraught with all that is not going well and according to plan. Regardless, congratulations!! You, my friend, have made it this far in the year! Those decisions we felt too difficult to make, we have made. Those obstacles and anxiety provoking situations we did not think we would pull through, we have, victoriously. Hang tight, let's continue to thrive. 

In this 5th edition I am excited to equip us with on how to exercise benevolent assumptions- AKA "giving the benefit of doubt". Although it takes effort to apply this tip, we should endeavor to continuously work on ourselves by challenging us to be better, challenging us to grow, challenging us not to survive, but thrive. We also have an amazing piece done by Mishka Kimball, M.S, AMFT, one of my staff members on Depression and Suicide - heavy, but real stuff - Keep scrolling friends..... 

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Anger Management 818 has a team of knowledgeable professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. 
Most of our classes are either facilitated by licensed clinicians, or Master's level pre-licensed clinicians. Click here to learn more about them!

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