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June 2020 | Number 2
When paths cross along the journey . . .
How I met Kimberly Camp, the Artist
How often have you proclaimed, “it seems like only yesterday. . .? We just picked up where we left off!” The phrase has become a familiar reiteration for many who have maintained a lasting friendship along life’s path. I am very honored to share the life and creative gifts of Kimberly Camp with you. 

While working with a start-up event planning company, not only did I serve as the Vice President of Operations, but my skill sets as an event planner and producer were also anticipated. Never in a million years did I envision that I would cut my teeth to help produce a three-day outdoor festival for up to 1 million people! 

At the time, Kimberly was serving as the President and CEO of the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, MI. Under her leadership, in 1998, Kimberly was responsible of producing a major signature event, the African World Festival, a significant endeavor, as it was one of many projects in position to raise funds to build the new Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. What a way to learn new skills! I was in awe of Kimberly’s professionalism and true leadership. Without her willingness, I would not be able to add to my list of skills that I possess the capacity to produce festivals! 

I welcome you to explore and enjoy Kimberly’s journey in the arts and please share with your connections! Every moment will be worth your time.
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