The Lady in White
April Blessings & Light to you!

The desert has begun to bloom and life is everywhere!  
This time of year is so beautiful, in Sedona!
March's Spirit Communication Weekend was an incredible success and I thought for this month's message, I would share a special reminder of
Spirit's message of Trust.
During the Spirit Communication Weekend vortex tour we encountered a Mule deer, tons of butterflies, and saw the buds coming out on the prickly pear cactus.  (These buds will bloom later on in the month, either a red, yellow, or vibrant purple!)
We experienced a purification & healing ceremony with the Vortex energies, but
 the most incredible moment of our walk, was what I'm calling 
"The lady in White". 
It sounds a bit like a ghost story, right?  Far from it!

One of the intents of Spirit Communication Weekend is learning effective techniques for increasing communication with Spirit Guides and developing trust.
One of these practices is to listen to the Guides in the morning to receive messages about upcoming energies and information for the day ahead.
During this practice, a participant received a message from Spirit for the  day, "Mountain" and "White Dress".  While in the moment, this didn't make sense to her, she recorded this in her communication journal, as we discussed.
As we began the walk later during the day, the participants stopped for a picturesque photo op of Cathedral Rock.  As, we turned from discussing the mountain to continue the hike, we yield to a woman in a flowing white dress (clearly from a wedding photo shoot) passing by us on the trail.  
Overcome with excitement and joy, the woman who received the message from Spirit about "Mountain" and "White Dress" as part of her messages for the day, shares her message with us from earlier. 
This simple message became a profound message of validation, trust, and healing for her.
In fact, we also ran into the same woman in the flowing, white dress, exactly where we were planned to stop for our healing meditation and ceremony!
This is just one example of a powerful and transformative weekend with Sprit. 

When you are sincere in your desires to communicate and create a deeper harmony in your life, Spirit is there reaching out to help ~ always!

Thanks for those that dove in Heart first, with Spirit!  You can see some selects below, including a one of the "lady in white" :)
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Many Blessings & Light, 
Christina Wooten

 Spirit Communication Weekend

  Joy, Healing, Connection, Fun!

   "Lady in White" :)

Spirit affirms a participant's connection and perception with an experience that validates and encourages.
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