FGL fourth graders recently had the opportunity to learn about the American Revolution during an in-school “field trip” experience, presented by Boscobel House and Gardens Museum. The students had been studying the American Revolution in their classes, and the program, called "Patriots & Loyalists,” helped bring that period in history to life.

The program was centered around an 80-square foot map laid on the ground outside the school, upon which students engaged in interdisciplinary, role-playing activities. Boscobel museum educator Lisa Di Marzo led the students in recreating military battles and strategies from the Revolutionary War.

“The map helped showed us how the loyalists were able to sneak up and attack the patriots,” said Arabella Booth, a student Kristy Aversano's fourth-grade class. “It was easier to see on the large map, and everyone got to play a part.”

Helen Picker, a student in Dana Duffy’s class, said that the best part of the activity was “being able to role-play as one of the people from the American Revolution and re-enacting the war.”

Alessando Mecarini of Alexis Albano's class really enjoyed learning about how troops moved around during Revolutionary battles.

“The students just loved this amazing, hands-on experience,” said Duffy, who added that she hopes the "field trip" becomes a regular event at the school.