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"The Largest Generation in the Workforce Today?"
Hint: It's not Boomers
Simon Sinek " The Millennial Question"
If you have to make a choice between watching the video that this article summarizes or reading my response, please watch the video above.
Our Millennial on Millennials: Review of Simon Sinek's "The Millennial Question"
by Hope Sonam, TLG VP Talent Solutions

When asked to write an article for this month’s newsletter which focuses on my generation, the millennial generation, I had a harder time than usual deciding on a direction for the piece. Admittedly, I know that when speaking about millennials, I can get a bit defensive and passive aggressive because it is no secret that folks love to throw shade (a bit of millennial lingo for you) at us when it comes to how we operate in the workplace. When I hear the term ‘millennial’, I know that what is soon to follow in the majority of conversations is related to the labels that have been so lovingly bestowed upon us such as entitled, lazy, self-interested, tough to manage, unmotivated, non-committal and the list goes on.

But what people rarely consider or discuss is the WHY behind what shaped this generation and the circumstances under which we developed… and here comes the passive aggressiveness… the circumstances that were in fact created by previous generations. 
Tino's Corner

Seek to Understand
by Tino Mantella, President & CEO TLG

This month’s theme is not the easiest for me. First, I don’t like labels and between my team here at TLG and my Millennial son it’s clear that Millennials, in general, don’t like to be labeled either. And, before I go further allow me to make a blanket statement – every person is unique and each of us have developed as a creature of our environment. Family structure, region of the world, income status, friends, teachers, mentors, and many other factors contribute to what we become. There are Boomers that I know that fit the stereotype of Millennials and vice-versa.
Millennials- What do YOU Think?
The Truth about Generational Differences
by Anne Quiello, Senior Consultant TLG

My husband, who is a leader from the Boomer generation, was asked to sit on a panel representing various generations to discuss generational differences in the workplace. A Millennial panel member challenged my husband as being unwilling and unable to adapt. 

“Your generation won’t adapt to the way we want to work. Why should we come in and work from 8-5, Mon-Fri, as long as we get our work done?”

My husband’s response went something like this:
What We are Reading at TLG

A report on the survey suggests it’s no surprise millennials and Gen Z are the most coveted pools of job candidates since they “make up roughly half of the world’s population” and are “the newest generations on the scene.” READ MORE T ext Link
Over the past 50 years – from the Silent Generation’s young adulthood to that of Millennials today – the United States has undergone large cultural and societal shifts. Now that the youngest Millennials are adults, how do they compare with those who were their age in the generations that came before them?
It's time to end the negative "millennial vs. baby boomer" narrative.
This is AMAZING and invaluable information. Tim Elmore is brilliantly anointed to minister to Generations X, Y & Z! Tim's my Hero!
Millennials are job market darlings
by Andrew Seaman LinkedIn
Millennials will likely have the best luck in the job market over the next few years,  according to new LinkedIn data . Nearly three-quarters of 2,406 U.S. hiring managers surveyed said they plan to focus recruiting efforts on millennials over the next five years. The younger Gen Z and the older Gen X were the second and third priorities for respondents. The move makes sense since millennials and Gen Zers make up roughly half the world’s population and 10,000 baby boomers retire each day,  reports USA Today .
Podcasts More Than Worth a Listen
Amanda Hammett
Amanda Hammett is a local podcaster right
here in Atlanta. She hosts a podcast called ‘Next Generation Rockstars’ and has interviewed a lot of people you probably know … ext Link

“Educating the Next Generation of Leaders: Women Presidents Share their Vision” 
featuring Dr. Philomena Mantella, President of Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI and Leocadia Zak, President of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA.

Two powerhouse leaders!

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Dr. Philomena Mantella, President of Grand Valley State University , Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Mantella (Philly) joined GVSU in 2019,the 5 th president and 1 st woman president. She has 30+ years in higher education, is nationally recognized in her field, and has held leadership positions in institutions in NY, NJ, MI, & MA.
Leocadia Zak, President of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA.

Coming to ASC in 2018, President Zak (Lee) is the college’s 9 th president and is a non-traditional leader in her role. She was Phi Beta Kappa at Mt. Holyoke, a women’s college and received her law degree from Northeastern University. Her impressive career includes attorney, professor, global economic advisor, and director of a U.S. government agency.
Still glowing from 200th Women in Leadership Seminar on 1-24-2020
What an extraordinary gathering of Leaders for this celebration!

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