Hello Intellivision Fans!

Announcing a very special new product in our webstore... THE LAST 79 BUNDLE! Why is it called that, you ask? The answer is twofold! One, these really and truly are the last 79 Flashback consoles we have in stock and no one has any more, anywhere! And second, the original Intellivision debuted in 1979 so we are paying tribute to that great year!

Don't miss out on this VERY LIMITED EDITION item....look at the long list of items that are included!:
  1. Intellivision Flashback console (made in 2014). Includes 60 games, 2 handcontrollers, 10 sets of overlays, power supply, instruction manual (for console only). Game list can be seen here.
  2. Supplemental Overlays Pack, for the remaining 50 games! So ALL games have a pair of corresponding overlays.
  3. Limited Edition Numbered Sleeve - Autographed by 9 Blue Sky Rangers (list below) and handnumbered by Blue Sky Ranger Stephen Roney. Numbers are from 2 to 79 (we will be auctioning #1 soon). Order early if you want a low number! Sleeve designed by  Joshua Ballze.
  4. Intellivision Hi-Fi CD - A full hour of all your favorite Intellivision music and sounds! Complete track list here.
  5. Twin Galaxies/The Walter Day Collection Trading Cards - Set of 22 cards featuring bestselling Intellivision games + bonus Keith Robinson card! Full list of cards here. NOTE: We only have 30 sets of these trading cards, so order early to be sure to get them!
  6. Intellivision Game Club Membership card - personalize with your name!
  7. FREE ADMISSION Ticket for one to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas. No expiration date!
  8. Three different Intellivision pins
  9. Two MAKING IT Comic Books - written and illustrated by the late and great Keith Robinson (founder of Intellivision Productions and Blue Sky Ranger).
  10. Last but not least...FREE U.S. SHIPPING!
List of Blue Sky Rangers autographs on the sleeve:
  • Stephen Roney
  • William "Bill" Fisher
  • Bob Newstadt
  • John P. Sohl
  • David Warhol
  • Mark Kennedy
  • Peter Kaminski
  • Julie Hoshizaki
  • Connie Goldman

This is Blue Sky Ranger Stephen Roney personally numbering each of the sleeves!   
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