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Hello Patriots!
We are only a few weeks away from a crucial mid-term election. All Patriots need to get out and vote because this mid-term is probably the most critical one in the past several decades. Pay close attention to your local and statewide elections. Vote wisely because reform that happens locally will affect you most immediately. 

National reform will take longer but is also vital to our long-term well-being. When you cast your vote for Senators and Representatives, it affects us for a long time. We must do everything in our power to stop this relentless march toward the destruction of the United States.

There is power in the ballot box, but only if the election is fair and without interference. I urge anyone who can to volunteer to be a poll watcher or an election judge. Yes, it’s an incredibly long day, but if you can put in the time to ensure that votes in your locality are cast legitimately, you will be helping to restore faith in our election system. It is a system that has fallen into a dark pool of suspicion to those of us whose eyes are open and who choose not to be deceived.

One more tip: the usual designations of D or R or I sometimes camouflage bad actors. If possible, review your candidate’s voting record, compare campaign speeches with performance, and judge by actions, not words. 

As an Independent who generally votes with Republicans, I admit I have been scammed by some of our current office-holders in Montana. I now seek out and support committed Constitutionalists, candidates who work for ALL citizens, not just those in favored groups, and people who consistently demonstrate good character. 

Republicans, in particular, are cursed with powerful incumbents who frequently betray the principles and platform of their party. Let’s vote them out! If a new betrayer sneaks in, don’t let them serve more than one term before being sent back home to find a real job.


by Linda Sauer
Documentary filmmaker launches ‘Brainwashed America II’ showing how to identify and disrupt globalists’ plan to bring down the U.S.
Have you ever wondered why so many Americans went along with the invasive “security” measures embedded in the USA Patriot Act, or why they dutifully put on their masks and submitted to lockdowns, business, and church closings in the face of what amounted to a cold virus?

They submitted to constant testing. Then they all lined up for experimental injections that the government and media said would “protect” them from sickness and death. They believed and obeyed.

A new documentary written and produced by Brannon Howse, Brainwashed America Part 2, provides answers as to why so many bowed to the authorities.
“Covid was the largest single psychological operation ever carried out in modern history,” he explains in his opening monologue.

Before they can take over, revolutionaries typically use a series of crises to create fear and confusion in the targeted population, separating them from their culture’s foundational values.
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No Time to Bury
Your Head in the Sand
We live in a time where not knowing the truth WILL hurt you. Our nation is plummeting to Third World status so fast you may miss it. In Kalispell, my wife and I went out one-afternoon last weekend to pick up a sandwich. It was quite an adventure.
We'd seen Jersey Mike's advertised, so we stopped by, and it had yet to open. We tried Taco Bell. It was closed due to staffing issues. No worries, we drove to Chipotle, closed. The sign read 'out of food.' We then tried Qdoba. Although we were standing inside, they were only taking online orders. And Burger King was closed due to staffing issues.
Is this the America people used to die getting into? My granddaughter needed an electric switch for her car. Took over six months to get the part. It takes us a month to get our sick dog to the vet. It took three months for me to get into the VA clinic, yet my Doctor went down to 3 days a week from 5. I was in CVS Pharmacy the other day, shelves nearly empty. Why? They told me no one to unload the trucks. What I described could be any one of your towns. What gives?
My brother in Ohio told me his 9-year-old grandson came over. He asked him to play a game. The kid said sure, he played a game with Alexa. The game was to see if Alexa could discover which ‘Anime’ he had on his phone. After a series of questions, she did. It was as Alexa asked, ‘Is it a communist leader?’ It was. My brother asked his grandson what a communist leader was … he had no idea.
A close friend of mine is a pilot. He was in LA recently, and his phone went off with an alert. He looked at it. It was the CA Governor’s alert to cut back your electricity and don’t charge your e-cars. His phone is from MT? I was on the phone following up on a credit card charge last week. The outfit happened to be in Vegas. We got to talking. He told me that by 2024 the only lawn you can have in Vegas is astroturf. That’s right, fake lawns. His neighbor opened up a little fountain in front of his house that hadn’t been working. The city came, shut it off, and fined him $1,100. Think you still have rights?
Understand something … it is all part of the plan. The Great Reset. Those who have taken over our government want it this way. And it has only just begun. This week, the Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserve) put out a press release on its efforts to reduce inflation. The plan? Reduce demand by reducing the number of people employed. Destroying our nation is the plan.
Everything I mentioned above is a symptom of the evil plan being shoved down our throats. Biden is no more a President than I am a Prince. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is calling the shots as directed by the globalist elite. That is our reality. We no longer live in a Republic, and no longer live by our Constitution. Think not?
The FBI, you know, raided a former President's home under false pretenses. They still have 300 of our fellow citizens behind bars for over a year with no charges filed. This week they SWAT teamed the home of a woman Pro-Life advocate with six small children inside.
In Canada, we all saw their government put the truckers' convoy in digital prison and their leaders in real jail for exercising what they thought were their rights. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you can see a video clip out of England where the police arrested and carted off a citizen from his own home for 'swearing at the police. This week, the Prime Minister of New Zealand spoke to the United Nations and demanded they begin worldwide censorship of opposing views.
You've probably heard of TikTok, an app that is all the rage in America with your and old. It mesmerizes our youth with stupid challenges and other nonsense. You may know it is the product of the Chinese communist party. But did you know that TikTok in China is not used as it is in the US; instead, it sends government messages to the youth and requires them to read and complete studies or be docked on their social score?
You've undoubtedly heard of the massive spike in drug deaths amongst the young and old from the drug fentanyl. That drug is manufactured and distributed to the western world exclusively by the Chinese communist party in partnership with the drug cartels. Fentanyl is more deadly than any previous drug on the market.
America is at war, and 95% of Americans don't know it. We are involved in a 5th generation war, which is a war without direct fighting. A war we have never fought before. Today's battle is being fought with biological weapons, think COVID and Fentanyl. With financial weapons, consider massive wealth transfers to Ukraine, Black Lives Matter, and student loan debt. It is being fought on the web with data manipulation, cyber attacks, and social media companies aiming algorithms to their advantage.
The vitriol aimed at Donald Trump has little to do with him. It has everything to do with the fact that he is the lightning rod that brings together freedom-loving Americans, and it scares our many enemies to death. Our posterity's lives are at stake, and if we do nothing, their future is one like our ancestors in the dark ages.
The only fight left is local. The only way to stop the onslaught of identity politics and racial divide is local. People need to stand up now and take back the school boards, city councils, and county commissioner seats, make a stand for the Constitution and reject the globalist top-down totalitarian takeover already well underway.
It is not time to be a Republican, Democrat, black or white, Baptist or Mormon or Evangelical, or positive or negative. It is time to get real. Be a realist, be in the fight together, be a God-fearing, freedom-loving American, and start a liberty group in your county. The war can now only be won at the county level.
The choice is yours. If we do nothing in a year or two, we will have no choice. If you keep your head in the sand, just know your ass is in the air, and it belongs to them.
Choose wisely.
by Ed Kugler
For swearing at a police officer?
Tyranny Is Here
When you start talking tyranny to the average Montanan, their eyes glaze over, and they immediately think, 'conspiracy theorist.' You may want to think twice before dismissing the blanket of tyranny covering our lives today.

The Sierra Club and 12 of its minions petitioned the EPA to stop using natural gas for heating and cooking. As Montana's, this should hit close to home. In 1960 Montana ranked 7th in per capita income in the United States. Today, Montana ranks 47th. Thank an environmentalist.

In CA, Chief Madman Governor Newsome is pushing a bill that will punish Doctors for COVID misinformation. In Ireland, a teacher is jailed for refusing to use proper pronouns. In September, it was reported that 50 Trump supporters have had their homes raided by the FBI. Do you think you're exempt?

In Switzerland, citizens are being threatened with three years in jail if they overheat their homes this winter. In Ottawa, CN, the police are prosecuting a fellow officer for donation to the Freedom Convoy. The US Air Force Academy has advised cadets not to use names like Mom, Dad, or Brother and Sister.

And in one of the more egregious examples of tyranny, America's pork farmers are defending themselves at the Supreme Court over their farming practices.

Don't you wish we were making this stuff up?
Assault on America's Kids
Our children are facing propaganda that would make Mao proud. Disney has a new cartoon about the anti-Christ. A WI school district is openly training teachers to bypass parents and encourage gender transition. And Peppa Pig, a popular ages 2-5 cartoon, goes gay.

An elementary school in MN, Somaliland, is offering 'spirit hijabs' to wear. CA is now moving to take custody of students who proclaim they are transgender. What could possibly go wrong? In MI, the Department of Education is telling teachers to keep information on LGBTQ students from their parents.

The National Education Association, which would be your corrupt teacher's union, is providing QR code badges to teachers in one OH district. When scanned by students, they go direct to the LGBTQ+ website, where they can get a how-to guide for 'anal sex,' 'bondage,' 'sadomasochism,' and 'fisting.' Isn't that special?

In a UT school district, a new teacher posted on social media that she had built a 'non-white' classroom. Parents complained, but the Board did nothing. In Katy, TX, the First Christian Church introduced a drag queen to usher in their 'trans closet' for youth who need to change. A drag bingo event followed.

The countries of Qatar, United Arab Emeritus, and Saudi Arabia have demanded Netflix remove child grooming content or be banned. If you think these things or a variation of them aren't happening in your school, you're deep in denial. And if you haven't taken Netflix, FX, Disney, et al. out of your house, you're part of the problem.

We are at war. Educate yourself to recognize it and then do something.
Madness Under the Big Sky
For those who think it can't happen here, it already is! Here are a few signs of turbulence under the Big Sky. You may have heard the Chinese Communist government is buying up land near military installations in ND. Well, seems they are also investing under the Big Sky near our missile silos.

Do you live in one of Montana's most dangerous cities? Click here and find out.

The MT Supreme Court recently ruled that our legislators were wrong, and we must have same-day voter registration. I wonder where that is in the MT Constitution. A Bozeman Judge recently lifted the ban on men competing in women's sports. A Billings Judge recently ruled that MT must allow the alphabet people to change their gender on our drivers' licenses. So much for that conservative judiciary under the Big Sky.

In some good MT news for a change, Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter on Saturday broke up an investigation carried out in apparent coordination between federal and Canadian authorities at a Great Falls gun show, saying those agencies had not contacted his office beforehand. WE NEED MORE SHERIFFS LIKE SHERIFF SLAUGHTER! Sheriff Heino in Flathead County should learn a lesson here.
Montana's Big Jon Tester
You'll recall last month we reported Big Jon returned our 2000 Mules DVD because, well, it was against his 'ethics' to accept even a small gift.

It is with great pleasure we share this article, THE STORY THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU ABOUT SENATOR TESTER. Please take the time to read about the integrity of Mr. Montana. Keep in mind, his net worth is up 400% since his first election. CLICK HERE TO READ
The End of My Rope
I have had enough of the crazies trying to convince us that being confused about one's gender is just another shade of "normal." We started down this slippery slope years ago and are now cascading into a cesspool of depravity.

'Live and let live' and 'Don't ask, don't tell' have expanded to 'Look at me, look at me! I'm so special and I need to be recognized and appreciated and blessed with special privileges because of my specialness.' I'm calling BS!

There was a time when we had institutions that housed people who were too mentally unstable to function in a civilized society. Today, society is expected to accept those who cannot act as normal adults and are not fully capable of conducting themselves appropriately in a well-functioning, independent manner. But that's not enough. We're supposed to fully embrace their chosen lifestyles, no matter how abhorrent or insane they might be.

Furthermore, we are expected to demonstrate our buy-in to the craziness by using the insane words that have been made up to describe all the variations of "gender fluidity", including labeling ourselves with preferred pronouns in business and professional correspondence. Sorry, my pronouns are normal and female, and my children had better never call me anything other than Mom!

We now have a Supreme Court Justice who cannot define 'woman.' She is someone whom I would not trust to decide the merits of a complicated legal issue because she is clearly a person of such weak character that she is unable to withstand the current trend of popularizing perversion and mental aberration.

Our American military now focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion rather than defending our country against enemies. The enemy is clearly entrenched in military leadership!

Public schools have strayed far off course from teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic while interfering with parental rights by surreptitiously helping confused kids to 'transition.'

Several previously well-respected medical institutions are now castrating and mutilating children whose parents have abandoned common sense. Where will it end?

We are being played and manipulated slowly into accepting what we all know is wrong. Whether you believe it is morally wrong, scientifically false, or just plain WRONG, this perversion and obsession with erasing all semblance of logic regarding gender and sexuality is a societal upheaval with no precedence.

In my opinion, it is being forced upon us by those who want to cause such instability in the world that it will reduce most of humankind to blithering but useful idiots.

We can stop this descent into Hell. DO NOT comply with the bastardization of language: no more made-up words to define genders that do not exist, no nonsensical pronoun fixations. DO NOT support television stations, movies, or music that promote and romanticize sexual deviation.

Remove your kids from schools that fail to teach your children academics or that push early sexuality upon your children.

This whole movement is driven by a tiny percentage of the population. We cannot allow the fringe to ruin us. Most people have common sense, wisdom, morals, and faith and can prevail to save our civilization if they unite in opposition.

If not NOW, then WHEN?

By Linda Sauer
Bill Maher (of all people)
Along for the Pride
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We include this column to share the bizarre nature of what our politicians have created in America. The inmates, indeed, are running the asylum.

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