June 21, 2018
The Last Plastic Straw Challenge
This is an invitation to all bars and restaurants, to be part of the movement to eliminate plastic pollution from the source. By simply stating on menus “Straws available upon request”, bars and restaurants can be part of the solution.

Here’s How:
  • Provide a straw only when requested by a customer
  • Provide either compostable or reusable straws
  • Or get rid of straws completely
From London to Miami, restaurants, bars and cities are banning plastic straws voluntarily.

The Evolving Definition of Sexual Harassment
Part 3 of 3

Harassment Applies to Your Customers and Vendors Too

Protection from harassment provided by the California Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) applies to all sectors of those in the workplace, including independent contractors, interns, employees, job candidates and volunteers. Thus, employees and others must also be protected from harassment by those entering the workplace such as customers, vendors or other non-employees. An employer may be held responsible for harassment if the employer or its agents or supervisors knew of or should have known of the harassment and did not take appropriate action to stop it ( 2CCR sec 1103(f)(2)(C) .
Respond to Complaints No Matter How You Receive Them
A harassment complaint is not required to be presented using any particular protocol. A complaint can be oral or written and does not have to be presented only to the Human Resource Department or an immediate supervisor. A complaint can also be made anonymously or by co-workers or others who witnessed it. Managers must understand that they are required to respond to harassment that they are aware of, not just an incident that has been reported to them.
Confidentiality Cannot Be Guaranteed
Harassment Investigators might wish they can promise confidentiality to complainants, but in the effort to conduct a fair and thorough investigation that is impossible. An unbiased investigation gives the alleged perpetrator the chance to respond to the allegation. This usually requires the disclosure of the complainant’s name.
An investigator can tell the complainant that any information will be shared strictly on a need-to-know basis. Also the anti-retaliation policy should be explained to all parties involved and rigorously enforced.
Zero Tolerance Policy for Harassment
Every employer should have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, disrespectful and unprofessional conduct. This is the first step to prevent harassment and other claims.

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A Few Friendly Suggestions for Modern Hoteliers
By Colin Nagy, Skift
The state of hospitality is indeed strong, but there’s always room for a few nips, tucks, and optimization. Here are a few ideas that modern hoteliers can crib from.
— Colin Nagy
This columnist spends a lot of time on the road observing the a lot of the great, some of the good, and a few bits of bad and ugly in modern hospitality. For all of the trends and innovations going on in the space, there are some very simple basics that are frequently missed and can make the difference in making a stay great. Here are some of the commandments (er, friendly suggestions) that shouldn’t be overlooked:
Enough Instagram
Beware too much worshipping at the false idolatry of a social platform. Designing a space for the purposes of digital validation is going to look silly in a few years time.
There’s nothing sadder than a coffee robot when a barista could do. Also, every hotel needs to have a plan for early risers. Complimentary coffee in the lobby, before the breakfast service opens, is a nice touch as there’s nothing worse than the 5 a.m. search for a warm cup.
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