Wastewater women pave the
way for progress
At West County Wastewater, inclusiveness and diversity drive our daily operations. We know diversity is vital to an innovative and resilient workplace and community. WCW embraces the ideas that each employee brings to the table and recognizes that diversity brings innovation. That’s why we are dedicated to advocating for empowerment and equality, including growing the number of women working in the water and wastewater world. 
Over the past few years, we have increased our own workforce of women significantly, with many filling leadership roles and plant operator positions. At WCW, we believe in extending opportunities to those who may face challenges and obstacles in success. By normalizing women in the wastewater industry, paving the way forward, advocating for inclusion and providing a family-friendly work environment, we open doors for those who may not otherwise pursue a wastewater career.

Supporting women in wastewater doesn’t just mean hiring women. WCW also encourages young girls in STEM studies, supports local education and training programs, and is redefining its hiring practices to provide opportunities for more people. Read profiles of WCW Women in Wastewater and learn more about careers at wcwd.org/women-in-wastewater.

We're hiring!
West County Wastewater is seeking qualified individuals to join our team as we expand our programs and services! We offer a positive work environment where innovative thinking, teamwork, and effective decision making are encouraged.

Check for open positions and apply at 

Learn more about working at WCW at wcwd.org/careers.
New way of doing business improves service and efficiency
West County Wastewater shifted the way it operates over the past year and a half, turning to modernization and process improvements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team effectively pivoted to continue providing uninterrupted, safe service while protecting the health and safety of our employees and the community.

As we worked to ensure our services remained available, the challenge of COVID-19 became an opportunity to advance new initiatives that were already underway, such as moving toward paperless and green processes, improving operations, offering 24-hour access to services, and providing more online options. We continuously strive to be an organization that adapts to become more responsive to the community, and these improvements will remain in place to increase efficiency and effectiveness and provide enhanced customer service.

Have you seen our new website? Check it out at www.wcwd.org to see the new, self-service options available, including online sewer permit applications and lateral inspection video submissions.

Fix broken sewer pipes
and get cash back!
Property owners with sewer connections in need of repair or replacement can take advantage of WCW’s Public Incentive Program for Efficiency of Sewers (PIPES). PIPES will reimburse eligible residential and commercial customers half of the cost to replace a failed lateral, up to $4,500. 

Sewer laterals are the pipes that connect homes and businesses to public sewer mains. Failing and broken laterals can leak sewage into the environment, allow excess water into pipes and overwhelm the treatment system.

Apply and learn more at wcwd.org/pipes.
Who is responsible for sewer upkeep and repairs?
There is often confusion around who is responsible for sewer maintenance and repairs. West County Wastewater maintains sewer mains in public streets and easements, as well as the pipes, pumps and other components of the sewage collection, treatment and disposal system. 

Property owners and customers are responsible for internal plumbing and sewer laterals up to the connection point with the public sewer main. This includes portions under the sidewalk and street. Learn more and view an illustration explaining who is responsible at wcwd.org/customers.

Clean and clear pipes
West County Wastewater is dedicated to helping customers and residents keep their pipes free of clogs, which can cause backups and spills. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and wipes are the leading causes of overflows. Get tips on how to properly dispose of FOG and wipes at www.wcwd.org/customers/sewer/#overflow-prevention and watch our social media for advice that will help you avoid expensive and hazardous sewer spills.

Selling your home?
Home sales are on the rise and WCW is reminding customers that a certificate of sewer lateral compliance is required to sell your house.

The certificate is issued after the dwelling's sewer laterals are cleaned, tested, inspected and, if needed, repaired. This ensures there are no defects, and that the property meets all codes and ordinances. Proper maintenance reduces the harmful effects of broken laterals, which can cause contamination issues that damage the environment and threaten public health.

Construction projects keep the community safe
At West County Wastewater, our job is to protect public health and the environment while providing safe, reliable wastewater service. Properly maintaining and upgrading the pipes, pumps and other system components that collect, treat and dispose of wastewater is a vital part of meeting our mission. WCW continuously evaluates and plans for improvements that will allow the system to continue to operate efficiently and effectively. Planning ahead helps reduce costly repairs and replacements and keeps our neighborhoods and natural surroundings healthy.

Here are some of the important projects WCW is working on or planning:
Comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Upgrades Project – This project will reduce energy consumption and expenses and improve operational efficiency by replacing and modernizing equipment and infrastructure at the WCW Water Quality Resource and Recovery Plant.
Lift Station Upgrades – WCW is performing upgrades at various lift stations throughout its service area that will increase reliability and provide more efficient transfer of wastewater. The improvements include civil, structural, electrical, pumps, instruments, and backup power.
Priority Pipes Project – Work is underway to fix 15,000 feet of sewers in the most deteriorated condition. These repairs will increase safety and reliability of wastewater service.

Force Mains – More than 30 percent of the pipelines that transport wastewater need to be repaired or replaced. Making these improvements reduces the risk of sewer spills, which would put the community and the environment at risk.
Learn more about how WCW plans for the future at wcwd.org/about-us/plans-documents and wcwd.org/about-us/#current-projects.

Board meetings -
now streaming online
Sign up to receive agenda notifications and join Board of Directors meetings via live stream on our website at https://wcwd.civicweb.net/Portal/.

We value community input! The Board meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently virtual only. Agendas are available 72 hours in advance.

Stay tuned for even more ways to participate virtually, coming soon! And, be sure to subscribe to the WCW YouTube channel!

Board Members
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Cesar Zepeda
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David Alvarado

Sherry Stanley
Harry Wiener

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