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The busy beavers at By George are very pleased to deliver the annual Canada Day Issue. 


Through the years of publishing our By George Journal, we have featured many Canuck articles (check out our tags for Canadian and Canada Day). This special e-newsletter offers a menu of links of our 10-most memorable posts on iconic Canadiana, facts, mottos and quotes (and, of course, beavers!!). 


Have a great long weekend - and Happy Canada Day to all! 


Canadiana for Your Holiday Celebrations




1.  By George's Top-10 Canadian Icons

So, the question was to think about 10 Canadian icons "that have been branded as our global symbols and that define our Canadian identity." By George took up this challenge. 


2.  Facts about Canada Day

Did you know that after the original declaration in 1867, there is no record of organized July 1st ceremonies until 1917 - the 50th anniversary of Confederation?  


3.  CANADIAN, eh!

Here is a list of inventions and happenings that Canucks can be proud to boast about.


4. Ten Fascinating Facts about Beavers

You might know that the modern beaver is the second-largest rodent in the world. Did you know that it is not factual that male beavers bite off their own testicles if provoked?  


5.  Our country's name?

Have you wondered where the name 'Canada' comes from? Can you believe that other names considered for our nation were Efisga and Hochelaga?  


6.  Canadian Mottos

Here are the top ten finalists' mottos in the National Post contest to define 'Canada' in six words or less. Go ahead, in just six words, can you define Canada?!


7. How does the rest of the world view Canada, eh?

Interested to know what the world thinks of Canadians? Here's the country's portrait as painted by the O.E.C.D. You may be surprised how others view us.


8. 10 Favourite Quotes on Canada

Here are our favourite quotes on Canada and Canucks (like the quip of Tommy Douglas about Canada as an old cow...) Cheers!  


9. A Mitt-full of Canadian Quotes

It all began with Voltaire's observation "Canada is a few acres of snow"?! Here's a long list of interesting quotes about our snow-capped country. 


10. Quotes on Hockey - from The Great One 

What is more Canadian than the sport of hockey? And, who personifies hockey more than The Great One. Here are 10 of Wayne Gretzky's most memorable quotes.

 Take the Canada Day Quiz 


This quiz is different in that there are no wrong answers... your goal is to get the most points in answering the question "What best defines Canada?"


We have weighted the findings and produced a points system from a Dominion Institute national poll, an Top-Ten Canadiana List and another list created by By George Journal. Once you (and your family and friends) have compiled your list(s) of ten Canadiana, mark the answers with our point system found within the comments section of this By George post. (BTW - the top possible score is 56.)


The Canada Day Quiz question is, Name 10 symbols of Canada that best define this country?


Your list of ten Canadiana can include symbols, icons, people, places, events, accomplishments and/or inventions. What best defines our country and being Canadian...

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