May 7, 2021
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“Career Connection: Defining your digital footprint” is a weeklong series of hands-on workshops to help you create and maintain the professional identity you want to showcase to sources, employers, and publishers. The series will meet from noon to 1 p.m. ET daily, from Monday, May 10 to Friday, May 14.

Last call to register for: How to rev up your resume for today's job market

A resume is more than your work history; it’s a window into your accomplishments, skills and path. How you frame your experiences can give a recruiter or potential employer a glimpse into how you’d fit with their organization – or send you to the “no” file.

Join “How to rev up your resume for today’s market” to learn how to catch a recruiter’s eye by reframing your experiences. Instructor Bailey O’Connell, lead recruiter for Creative Circle’s Washington, D.C., office, will share practical tips for writing and organizing resumes that make it easy for employers to see your unique attributes.

Follow along to edit your own resume as Ms. O’Connell covers:
  • Framing your experiences for new opportunities
  • Resume dos and don’ts for 2021
  • Design and organization tips
  • Examples of what works (and what doesn’t)

Register here for one program in the series or all of them, which are available at no cost. Registration includes access to the video recordings and resources referenced in all sessions.

Change is a challenge, and it requires consistent focus at all levels to shift habits and hearts. It may be complicated to re-imagine newsroom structures you helped create. But for cultural change to stick, it must be systemic, not symbolic. Change encompasses values, skills, tools, assumptions, and systems, so prepare to provide clarity and support to help people learn, innovate, collaborate, communicate, and stay motivated.  

Advice from Jill Geisler, Bill Plante Chair in Leadership & Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago, Freedom Forum Fellow in Women’s Leadership

Get more career advice: Read Jill's columns | Watch Manager's Minute

You'll get tips on:

  • Energizing tired writing
  • Structuring stories that center inclusivity
  • Crafting irresistible headlines

Teachers include Steve Padilla, Column One editor at Los Angeles Times. Register now for this program, which will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. ET Friday, June 4, on Zoom. Tickets are $50 for general registration and $40 for National Press Club members.
Fri, Jun 4, 2021 1:00 PM EST
Pro Tips: Writing refresh
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