May 13, 2021*
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*The editors of this newsletter clearly have no idea what day it is, but then... neither do you? Correction: We had the wrong date every day this week. We really do regret the error.
Journalists believe that more facts get us closer to the truth, and that the way to make society stronger is by spotlighting what’s wrong. Many Americans disagree. New research shows us how to adjust our mix of stories, reframe our coverage, and write headlines to reach people who don’t fully embrace journalism values.

Join us Tuesday, May 25 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET for a National Press Club Headliners virtual event to learn new ways to build trust with the communities your journalism is failing to reach. 

Speakers include:
  • Jennifer Benz, vice president, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • Tom Huang, assistant managing editor for journalism initiatives, The Dallas Morning News
  • Tom Rosenstiel, executive director, American Press Institute
  • Emily Swanson, director of public opinion research, The Associated Press

Lisa Nicole Matthews, assignment manager of U.S. video for the Associated Press and the 114th president of the National Press Club, will moderate the panel.

Registration is open for this one-hour program, jointly produced by the National Press Club Journalism Institute and the National Press Club. The program will stream live on the websites of the Institute and Press Club, and on the Press Club’s YouTube Channel. It is accessible to the press and public at no cost, but registration is required.

Viewers can email their questions in advance or during the live program to, with “Trust” in the subject line.
Advice from Jill Geisler, Bill Plante Chair in Leadership & Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago, Freedom Forum Fellow in Women’s Leadership

You'll get tips on:

  • Energizing tired writing
  • Structuring stories that center inclusivity
  • Crafting irresistible headlines

Teachers include Steve Padilla, Column One editor at Los Angeles Times. Register now for this program, which will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. ET Friday, June 4, on Zoom. Tickets are $50 for general registration and $40 for National Press Club members.
Fri, Jun 4, 2021 1:00 PM EST
Pro Tips: Writing refresh
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