A Message from the Chairman
The Waffle House – there’s just something about those yellow signs. Their comfort food 24/7 with their staff who are pros at dispensing southern charm to customers sweeter than the sticky syrup bottles on your table draw us in their doors. You know the lingo: scattered, smothered, covered, chunked and over easy! However, for me, it’s the ordering process that holds my attention. 

How in the world does the staff yell out orders, the cooks hear it all while then delivering exactly what you ordered so quickly? What kind of super powers do they hold? 

I had no idea, until recently, that there is a system other than yelling out orders to people who have echoic memories. The company uses “visual cues” with their condiments and utensils arranged on a plate to signal the cook what the order is. According to Southern Magazine, “A jelly packet at the bottom of the plate signifies scrambled eggs. Raisin toast is signified by a packet of apple butter. A mustard packet facing up means a pork chop. Even a pat of butter is used as intel for kitchen staff: It represents a T-bone, and its placement on the plate tells the cook how well-done the customer wants their steak.”
The Waffle House "Cheat Sheet"
That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Through all of the noise, hustle and bustle behind the counters of what seems like organized chaos, the signals are firm and clear. 

America has also been very loud since 2016. Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide which has caused a three year long hissy fit by the Democrats. Their fury is signaling a surreal time in our nation – anger has swept them away from putting America first so they can destroy our president at any costs. It’s shameful. 

On the flip side, Americans are signaling back to liberals, the squads and the mobs fueled by anger. We are living in the best economic times of our nation smashing all records. Salaries and wages are up, consumer confidence is high, the stock market is soaring, the border wall is being built, conservative judicial appointees are being seated at a record pace, other countries are now pulling their financial weight on the world stage, our military is being strengthened, ISIS has been decimated- all in just over three years. 

The “deplorables”, the “dregs of society” and the “despicables”, as Trump supporters have been called by the 'left', signal right back – we are focused, determined and will continue to make America great. We will not back down from their noise or anger. 

On November 3, we plan to re-elect our president and beat Doug Jones. The signals Alabama will send will be loud and clear that will need no cues- we expect conservative policy and support for our state and nation. 

The Waffle House cues are an amazing feat of success in their business plan- so are America’s signals in what is best for our nation. If we keep ordering conservative principles through our election process, our nation will continue to prosper. So, get ready to smother, scatter and cover all of the liberal noise and actions with our votes by ordering up another four year term of KAG and ending Doug Jones’ tiny tenure for Alabama. 

Though I’m a bit disappointed that the cooks don’t have super powers working their magic, we know that America can unleash our strength at the ballot box. That’s an order we all look forward to in 2020. 

Mrs. Terry Lathan
Chairman, Alabama Republican Party
Thank-You to Alabama's Republican Members of the U.S. House of Representatives
While the U.S. House Democrats ran a one sided impeachment sham, we'd like to thank all of Alabama's Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives for staying strong throughout this entire process and voting NO. From the stand-off in the SCIF to the Judiciary Committee proceedings, our ALGOP U.S. Representatives did the right thing looking at a shallow and weak case for impeaching President Trump.
President Trump Qualifies for Re-Election
Governor Kay Ivey and members of #TeamTrump had the honor of qualifying President Donald Trump for re-election in the state of Alabama for the GOP primary ballot. 

Governor Ivey handed in the required signatures to gain ballot access to ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan.

The governor then held a widely covered press conference in support of the President.
Clockwise: Governor Ivey turns in President Trump's signature sheets to Chairman Lathan • Governor Ivey also held a news conference in support of President Trump • Special guests attending: (L to R) – Alabama State Representative Tim Wadsworth, Alabama State Treasurer John McMillian, Governor Ivey, Chairman Lathan, RNC Secretary and Alabama National Committeewoman Vickie Drummond, Alabama Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden, Alabama Committeeman Paul Reynolds, and Shelby County GOP Chairman Joan Reynolds.
President Trump Visits Alabama
The annual Alabama-LSU rivalry game was a lot more exciting with news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump would be among those attending the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa on November 9, 2019. 

The President and First Lady were greeted with loud cheers and a standing ovation by attendees. Alabama truly let them know this is Trump Country.

The Trumps were joined in their box by members of both states' Congressional delegations.
ALGOP Headquarters Named in Honor of
Former Chairman Bill Armistead
The ALGOP kicked off the Christmas season by celebrating with an Open House Christmas Reception along with a ceremony honoring former Chairman Bill Armistead (2011-2015). 

During his tenure, Chairman Armistead raised the funds to purchase the building where the ALGOP currently is located in Hoover. To thank him, the state Executive Committee voted to officially name it "The Bill Armistead Building".

Over 100 people turned out for the building dedication and Christmas Open House festivities including members of Chairman Armistead's family, elected officials, Party members and candidates.
Clockwise starting at top left: The big "reveal" • Family, friends and elected officials turned out for the ceremony • Current ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan (right), former ALGOP Chairman Bill Armistead (center) and the man who has served as both of their Chief of Staff, Harold Sachs • The Armistead Family - Ashley Armistead, Beau Armistead, Chairman Armistead, John Allred, Bentley King, Judah Armistead, Zoe Armistead, Lindsey Allred • Chairman Lathan presenting Chairman Armistead with the gavel they have both used to preside over the ALGOP • Chairman Armistead speaking to those assembled.
ALGOP in the News
At the Alabama 200 Birthday Celebration, Governor Kay Ivey highlighted great Alabama moments and ways to make our state even better in the future.
Senator Richard Shelby was the recipient of the President's Medal at the University of Alabama-Birmingham December commencement exercises.
Congressman Bradley Byrne met with President Trump in the Oval Office to discus the President's education bill, which Rep. Byrne sponsors. (Photo Credit: The White House)
With her son George sitting in her lap, U.S. Representative Martha Roby voted against proceeding with impeachment in the Judiciary Committee.
Congressman Mike Rogers was one of the panelists at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA,
Congressman Robert Aderholt spoke on the value of adoption in our society at a National Adoption Month event sponsored by the Heritage Foundation.
Congressman Mo Brooks appeared on Washington Journal to speak against the Democrats' articles of impeachment, saying they don't meet the Constitutional standard.
Congressman Gary Palmer had to display a LSU helmet in his office after losing a wager with Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson on the Alabama-LSU game.
Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh and House Speaker Mac McCutcheon sent Congressional leaders a letter supporting USMCA replacing NAFTA.
From Illinois to Alabama –
The Story Behind ALGOP Member
Paul Serwatka's Move to the Heart of Dixie
Paul Serwatka is one of the newest members of the ALGOP family. A State Executive Committee member representing Morgan County, Mr. Serwatka made headlines last year when he gave up his position as Mayor of Lakewood, Illinois to move his family to Decatur, Alabama, citing the better quality of life and lower cost of living. Click here to learn more about what went into the Serwatka family's decision.
Oh what a year!

2019 has been a huge year for the Alabama Republican Party. We are working hard to prepare for all that will come in 2020 and we need your continued help. Here are just a few of the things our state party did in 2019 preparing to RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP and BEAT DOUG JONES! THIS IS THE YEAR WE ROAR AGAIN!
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