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• Got Sensor Referencing on Your    Mind?

• PolySync Lochsa 2.0 Release     

• NASA Competition WINNERS

• February Events

• We Love this Product!

• Demo Day in Spain

• This Month's Favorite: Holly           Tatum

Got Sensor Referencing on Your Mind?  

Did you know that we offer ibeo’s Sensor Evaluation Suite for sensor referencing? If you did, that’s awesome! If you didn’t, here’s how it works: you collect data using the ibeo LUX Fusion System in real-time while also collecting data from your device under test (DUT). Once you’ve collected your data you take the recorded data file and run it through ibeo’s post processing software. The results are like magic!

PolySync Lochsa 2.0 Release 

We are excited to announce the pre-release of PolySync Lochsa 2.0! 

Harbrick is proud to release an all new C++ API, built for quick start up and intuitive use, along with a new GUI-based installer package that really simplifies installation. They've also redesigned the SDF Configurator and SDF API to take full advantage of the SDF as a true relational database which is more intuitive, easier to access through the API and enables complex configurations for PolySync Runtimes. 

NASA Competition WINNERS

At AutonomouStuff we love to support the next generation of roboticists and engineers. One of the teams we support is the Mountaineers, a team from West Virginia University.

NASA has awarded $100,000 in prize money to the Mountaineers for successfully completing Level 2 of the Sample Return Robot Challenge, part of the agency's Centennial Challenges prize program. We're very proud to have been able to provide them support!
February Events

We've been very busy at AutonomouStuff over the last month. Everyone here is working extremely hard (as always) and to top it off, we attended two trade shows at the same time!

One was the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver and the other was Autonomous Cars Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Both shows were a success! We had a lot of fun and connected with a lot of great people in the industry. 

We Love this Product!

Since we announced our partnership with Real Earth we've had a little time to play around with their 3D Stencil product. Check out this awesome 3D mapping of Lombard Street that we took while we were in San Francisco at Autonomous Cars Silicon Valley. 

We are so excited to be able to provide this product. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, make sure you do. Hurry, go!
Demo Day in Spain

Our CEO, Bobby, was in Madrid, Spain last week for a demo day at AIRBUS. Our sales partner, Track Surveying Solutions, organized over 40 AIRBUS participants to join. 

Bobby spoke about the power of development platforms and how they can significantly reduce time to develop applications. Afterwards, he provided a live demonstration of PolySync- a Harbrick product. 

Want us to visit you for a demo day? Contact us today!

This Month's Favorite:
Holly Tatum

Here at AutonomouStuff we take pride in our employees. This month we'd like to introduce you to our Director of Marketing, Holly Tatum.

Holly joined our team two and a half years ago and immediately made a great impression on everyone. She started making positive changes in the company and has since continued to do so. She makes AutonomouStuff a wonderful place to work. We love you, Holly! Thanks for everything you do!

The MultiSense SL is a tri-modal (laser, 3D stereo and video), high-resolution, high-data-rate and high-accuracy 3D range sensor.

Contact Us to learn more about this product!

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