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June 2019
Learn More About CTHealthLink
The Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) and CTHealthLink will co-host multiple opportunities to learn more about CTHealthLink, the physician-led health information network delivered in partnership with CSMS and KAMMCO.

Join your fellow physicians for CSMS Happy Hour on June 5, from 6 - 8 P.M. at Barcelona Wine Bar in Fairfield. These events are sponsored in part by CTHealthLink.

Live Demo & Dinner to discover the benefits of CTHealthLink event is scheduled for June 20 at 6 P.M. The dinner event will be held at the CSMS offices in North Haven.

To register for these events call, 203.865.0287 ext. 122 or email .
CTHealthLink Sharing Data
 to Improve Outcomes
The Connecticut State Medical Society Joins Fund to Improve Health Information Exchange
The Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) in association with five other state medical societies and The Physicians Foundation, today announced the formation of the first of its kind $500,000 interoperability fund, known as The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund , which will assist medical practices in effectively sharing clinical information with other physicians and hospitals through health information exchanges (HIE). Funding is available for physicians in participating states with an electronic health record system (EHR) and will be allocated to practices on a first come basis.

“We are thrilled that The Physicians Foundation will be providing financial assistance to medical practices who need access to shared clinical data to provide quality patient care, but who lack the funds to connect,” states CSMS president Claudia Gruss, MD.

Sharing timely clinical patient information among physicians and hospitals with disparate EHRs relies upon a connection to an HIE. Through The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund, HIE participants can access patient data regardless of where the patient received care. Sharing of this timely information will improve clinical outcomes, reduce inefficiencies, and improve patient safety when fully implemented.

Jeffrey Gordon, MD, Chair of the CTHealthLink Governance Committee, stated, “CTHealthLink was designed by physicians as a way of sharing important patient information with healthcare professionals, patients, health systems, payors, and state agencies. The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund will enable practices to connect to this powerful and effective exchange that will help improve patient care and experience.

Other medical societies participating in the fund include the Medical Association of Georgia, Louisiana State Medical Society, the Missouri State Medical Association, the Medical Society of New Jersey and the South Carolina Medical Association.

“EHRs continue to be a major source of burden for physicians across the country. In conjunction with these state medical societies, The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund will provide resources for improving information exchange across participating states,” said Gary Price, M.D., president of The Physicians Foundation. “Our hope is that this initial Fund can be scaled nationwide to ensure physicians can effectively share timely and critical health information to ultimately improve health outcomes and care quality for their patients.”

Physicians in Connecticut seeking more information about The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund or about CTHealthLink should contact CSMS CEO/EVP Matthew Katz at .
Taking Health Information Exchange to the Next Level
Staying true to the scope of health information exchange, CTHealthLink offers a suite of health information technology tools that allows for healthcare providers, patients, and families to share clinical data electronically in a timely and secure manner. 

In addition to the health information exchange service, CTHealthLink can provide participants with access to secure analytic dashboard and report services, hospitalization and discharge alerts, secure direct messaging, and an HIE-connected patient portal.

Secure Analytic Dashboard & Report Services
The CTHealthLink data warehouse stores and aggregates clinical data from all CTHealthLink members' EHR systems as well as any other connected HINs. This data is normalized and populated into a standard data architecture which is then delivered in the form of custom developed, web-based dashboard reports. 

Click HERE to view demonstration.

Hospitalization and Discharge Alerts
Supported by the CTHealthLink technology vendor, SSI, SmartAlerts uses clinical analytics to provide timely notifications to physicians and care coordinators regarding high risk patients when they are hospitalized or discharged from the hospital.

Direct Messaging
Allows you to securely email patient health information. Click HERE to view demonstration.

Patient Portal
ONC certified personal health record with secure messaging, patient education and the ability to view, download, and transmit health information.

Contact CTHealthLink to schedule a demonstration and learn how participating in CTHealthLink can benefit your practice and your patients. Call 844.424.4368 or visit for more information.
Get Connected with CTHealthLink
"Connecticut physicians have been waiting for some time to have a functioning interoperable system. We know the electronic exchange of medical information improves health outcomes by giving physicians the right information at the right time. Care is better when we are connected." - Jeffrey A. Gordon, MD , CTHealthLink Advisory Committee Chair
Secure Exchange of PHI
Digital transfer of personal health information is secure.
More Complete Patient Records
Helps improve patient encounters and health outcomes while avoiding duplication of labs and tests.
Provides participants access to secure analytic dashboard and report services to support improved outcomes, quality reporting, and reimbursements.
Direct Messaging
Secure messaging between physicians and between physicians and their patients.
Timely & Efficient
Efficiencies of scale - information goes into the HIE once and is universally available to participating members of the healthcare team.
Patient Engagement
Meets the requirement to provide patients an ONC-certified patient portal that offers 24/7 access to their longitudinal health record.

Matthew Katz
Connecticut State Medical Society