Need help creating partnerships and leveraging resources?
Can't-miss webinars and conferences on COVID, CoC grants, EHVs, HOME-ARP, affordable housing, youth homelessness, and eviction prevention.
Yesterday's ruling puts millions at risk of losing their homes. Share our comprehensive step-by-step guide for people at risk of eviction.
These CDC-informed recommendations should be implemented immediately to mitigate the rapidly-spreading variant among people experiencing homelessness.
A program-by-program overview of how much money is available, for how long – and how it can be used to prevent and end homelessness.
A few things are different about this year's Continuum of Care Program grants, which are the first since the start of the pandemic.
We're now accepting online comments about the direction of a new Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness.
Help students experiencing homelessness prepare for and transition to postsecondary education.
Tamara Wright has been working in public service, at the local and federal level, to end homelessness for more than a decade.

  • Landlords Are Jacking Up Rents at Record Speeds (Bloomberg)

  • Washington State’s Supreme Court Largely Upholds Ruling That Homeless Man’s Truck Is a Home (Seattle Times)

  • How Denver Tackled Homelessness While Saving Money (Stateline)

  • Study: Detroit Schools Dramatically Undercounting Homeless Students (Detroit Free Press)
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