HealthSYNC of Louisiana Engaging Physicians and Hospitals in New Health Information Exchange
On January 27, 2018, the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS), in partnership with KaMMCO Health Solutions (KHS), launched HealthSYNC of Louisiana, which is the first and only physician-led health information exchange in the state. HealthSYNC has the products and services to connect every Louisiana physician and hospital across the state so they can share real-time patient data.

In addition to being able to share data, HealthSYNC has a unique and robust set of analytics and reporting tools to help physicians in today's ever-changing practice and regulatory environment. The HealthSYNC analytics tools allow us to support the physicians of Louisiana with cutting-edge benefits relevant to both patient care and the successful transition to alternative payment models. HealthSYNC will allow you to CONNECT, ANALYZE, ENGAGE, and TRANSFORM the healthcare industry.

Since late January, HealthSYNC has been active in Louisiana, meeting with multiple stakeholders and engaging both physicians and hospitals throughout the state regarding the importance participating in a health information exchange and sharing data. Throughout the remainder of 2018, LSMS Executive Vice President and CEO Jeff Williams will be the voice of HealthSYNC, traveling throughout the state to meet with physicians and other healthcare providers who are interested in learning more about the benefits of the proven HealthSYNC solution.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of how our health information exchange works, contact Jeff Williams at, or visit .

CMS Changes Name of the EHR Incentive Program and Advancing Care Information Performance Category
In late April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced proposed rule changes directly aimed at empowering patients and reducing administrative burden for physicians. These changes are tied to CMS’s ongoing commitment to interoperability, patient data access and system-wide health information exchange (HIE).

The meaningful use EHR Incentive Programs will now be known as “Promoting Interoperability”, and the Merit-based Incentive Payment Program (MIPS) Advancing Care Information performance category will be known as the “Promoting Interoperability performance category” to maintain alignment across both programs. 

The goal is to put patients first so they may access high quality care, benefit from more choices and enjoy better outcomes. In addition, the proposed rule prioritizes price transparency and interoperability while also allowing hospitals greater flexibility. CMS is updating its guidelines to specifically require hospitals to post their standard charges. CMS is seeking comment from the public on what price transparency information would be most useful and how best to help hospitals create patient-friendly interfaces. The goal is to make it easier to access relevant health care data and to compare providers.

As part of CMS’ commitment to reducing burden, it is proposing the removal of unnecessary, redundant, and process-driven quality measures from a number of quality reporting and pay-for-performance programs. A significant number of the measures acute care hospitals are currently required to report would be eliminated, and duplicative measures across the five hospital quality and value-based purchasing programs would be removed. This would remove a total of 19 measures from the programs and de-duplicate another 21 measures.

CMS is proposing other changes that reduce the number of hours providers spend on paperwork, so more time can be spent providing patient care. The elimination of 25 total measures across the 5 programs is estimated to reduce 2 million burden hours and save approximately $75 million.

The proposed rule reiterates the requirement for providers to use the 2015 edition of certified electronic health record technology in 2019 as part of demonstrating meaningful use to qualify for incentive payments and to avoid reductions to Medicare payments. Under Promoting Interoperability, updates to EHR and related technology includes the use of application programming interfaces, or APIs for patients to collect their health information from multiple providers, and to potentially incorporate all of their data into a single portal, application, program, or other software.

Just a reminder CMS reporting for the Quality Payment Programs can be simplified using the tools and resources of HealthSYNC of Louisiana. For more information on HealthSYNC, contact Jeff Williams, .

For a fact sheet on the proposed rule (CMS-1694-P), please visit: .

To comment on the proposed ruling, CMS-1694-P, visit: no later than 5 p.m. on June 25, 2018. Follow the “Submit a comment instructions.” 

Louisiana Physicians Connect Statewide Through HealthSYNC
HealthSYNC, in partnership with the Louisiana State Medical Society, is pleased to announce The Pathology Laboratory of Lake Charles has joined the newly formed, physician-led, statewide health information exchange (HIE). For more than 50 years, The Pathology Laboratory has provided a full range of quality pathology services in southwest Louisiana.

"We are excited to join HealthSYNC," said John VanHoose, MD and CEO of The Pathology Laboratory of Lake Charles. "Partnering with HealthSYNC across the state drives the common goal of delivering the best possible patient care and benefits the state's medical community."

"HealthSYNC is an important tool to help clinicians identify and treat at-risk patients, proactively engage patients sooner, understand the performance of health interventions on health outcomes and reduce costs, in particular cutting down on duplicate testing," Dr. VanHoose added.

Participation in the HIE can improve care coordination by allowing connected physicians, hospitals and other providers to share patient health information, including information from all providers and facilities from whom a patient has received care. Physicians can proactively manage their patients' care in ways that have never been possible before.

Through HealthSYNC, participating physicians have the tools necessary to:
  • access patient information in a timely, secure manner;
  • improve care coordination and patient safety;
  • increase physician/patient communication;
  • engage patients through an online patient portal; and
  • utilize patient panel and population health analytics in a meaningful way.

Jeff Williams, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Louisiana State Medical Society, said "We are thrilled to have The Pathology Laboratory join our effort to enhance care delivery and build bridges through increased connectivity across the state."

For more information on HealthSYNC of Louisiana, visit: or call 844.424.4371.

my LAHealtheRecords: a Smart Way to Manage Personal Healthcare Information
HealthSYNC of Louisiana reminds members of the online patient portal which provides a secure, one stop site of healthcare data. my LAHealtheRecords eliminates a patient's need to log into multiple portals, hand-carry their records, or rely on another physician's office sending information via fax.

"Now is the time to take charge of your healthcare," said Jeff Williams, Executive Vice President & CEO at Louisiana State Medical Society. " my LAHealtheRecords is a smart way for patients to manage medical information. Data from participating providers is in one location—records on medication, allergies, previous illnesses, injuries and more. Access is simple and secure at any time."

HealthSYNC of Louisiana supports and encourages patient engagement by electronically transmitting medical records available in the health information exchange to patients who have an established my LAHealtheRecords account. Information can be updated, organized and accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone. my LAHealtheRecords is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) and meets all of the Meaningful Use and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Requirements.

Individuals can securely share medical information with trusted healthcare providers who may have access to full patient records including diagnosis, treatment, lab results, medications, etc., in an effort to deliver the most efficient and thorough care possible. Participants may create an emergency wallet card and access code when, if activated, gives physicians or emergency responders read-only access to critical health information.

To learn more, visit or call 844.424.4371.

Learn More About HealthSYNC of Louisiana
Did you know that HealthSYNC of Louisiana offers an Online Learning Center? Multiple videos showcase features available to HealthSYNC of Louisiana providers. Visit the Online Learning Center, and view:

To request additional resources, contact Jeff Williams via email at or by phone at 225.200.8728.

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