Fall 2019 | October 21, 2019
Weekly Newsletter
Honors Institute Workshop - How to Understand and Handle Stress
We are fast approaching the mid-quarter and stress is no doubt on many minds as midterms approach.If you're feeling that stress, we invite you to join us for our next Honors Institute Workshop.

Workshop Description: How do we glide through a world saturated with distress? On campus Dr. Clifton Der Bing from Psychological Services and Personal Counseling, will offer a workshop that focuses on the various forms of stress, how the body and mind are affected by them, and ways we can cope through life challenges.

When? Wednesday, November 6, 2019 from 2-3pm
Where? Room 2020
Winter Schedule is Now Available!

You can now search for Winter Quarter classes. Check out the class schedule link for more information and start planning your course load for next quarter.
Have you talked with your Honors Counselor yet?

Start the academic year off with a meeting with an Honors Counselor to ensure you are on track for transfer and following your educational plan. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to set up an appointment. Follow this link to contact a counselor today - Foothill College Counseling e Honors Counselors
Thinking Ahead: Research Symposium Opportunities
The Honors Institute is excited to offer you all the opportunity to present your work at two different symposiums this year. We encourage you to apply to both!
1. The Bay Honors Research Symposium.    This is an outstanding event that attracts honors students from the entire state of California and will be held at UC Berkeley in the spring.    We will provide more information on this particular symposium later this quarter.
2. The Foothill College Research and Service Leadership Symposium.    This is another excellent event held on campus week 6 of spring quarter.    Last year over 150 students presented work.    All the info you need is found on the website: Foothill College Symposium.
At the Foothill RSL Symposium, we accept the following types of projects:
  • Research Projects.  Any type of research project from any discipline.  Research with original data is welcome, as is research you did for a research paper in any of your classes.  You do NOT need to have original data to apply.
  • Service Leadership Projects. Service leadership, community engagement, political activism, or environmental justice projects are all welcome.  
  • Arts Projects. Paintings, photography, digital prints, ceramics, and poetry all welcome.
Check out this 3 min. promotional video to see what the Foothill symposium is like.
Heads up: Applications for both symposiums are due during winter quarter!
Questions about the Foothill College RSL Symposium? Contact  Ben   Stefonik at stefonikbenjamin@foothill.edu
Campus Event: Halloween Costume Contest and Climate Costume Drag Die-In

On Thursday Oct 31 from noon to 1pm in the Campus Center Dining Room, the FH Gender Support Alliance Club will sponsor a Halloween Costume Contest and Climate Costume Drag Die In hosted by professional SF Drag Queen performer Nikki. $100 prize for “Best Halloween Costume” and separate $100 prize for “Best Climate Costume”!

For more information on how to participate in this event, please contact Professor Scott Lankford at lankfordscott@fhda.edu
Community Campus Involvement Opportunities
We recognize that many honors students are currently involved with various campus activities or groups that may offer opportunities for service leadership experiences or contributions to the Foothill College community. If you are interested in recruiting students for your clubs, campus events, and/or other leadership opportunities that are available to your fellow students on campus, please send us information so we can feature your particular organization or event in our newsletter.